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Happy Mount Park (Morecambe)

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2 Reviews

Address: Marine Road East / Morecambe / LA4 5AQ / Lancaster / Lancashire / England

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    2 Reviews
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      26.07.2012 10:56



      A very good park!

      I've visited Happy Mount Park a few times but most recently just last weekend. There always seems to be plenty of things happening at the park. On Saturday it was a lovely sunny day so of course it is going to be a more pleasant experience. There was a brass band playing as we entered the park which made it feel like a lively and fun place as soon as we arrived. The flowers near the park entrance were blooming really well and so created a good impression. The park was busy and lively but also had some quiet spaces to escape to. In summer there is usually at least one ice cream van in the park to keep kids and adults alike happy.


      The park has a wide selection of play equipment for children including an obstacle course. The equipment is unusual and has large climbing frames, a small zip line and different types of swings.
      There is also an aqua play area which was really busy and the kids seemed to be loving it. Basically it's a large area with water jets and fountains for kids to run around in their swimming cosies and throw water at each other.

      There's also a miniature train, bowling greens and tennis courts.

      There are some woodland trails signposted but if you're someone who does a fair amount of walking like us, then you may soon bore of this because it isn't a big woodland.

      *Overall opinion*

      For families with children I would say that there's enough in the park to keep you busy all day!


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      02.08.2009 14:22
      Very helpful
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      A great day out!!!

      I have been going to Happy Mount Park since I was a very little girl, so I
      have seen it change alot over the 20 years I have been visiting the park.

      Happy Mount Park is situated on Marine Road East Morecambe, it's very easy to find, if your coming out of Morecambe, towards Carnforth, and go along the main road out of Morecambe, you will see it on your right not far after the Gala Bingo hall! The only issue we ever find is parking, especially as the car park which always was there, has now been changed into flats...so if they're planning on making a new car park I don't know, but at the minute you may find it easier to either take a bus from the town centre to Happy Mount Park, or walking...its around 1.5-2miles from the town centre, and a nice walk along the front!!

      When I first went to Happy Mount Park when I was a little-un, it was great, there was a paddling pool, which was great as it was only around a foot deep, so was perfect for kids, a miniture village, a play area with a small train going around it which was around 50p a go, trampolines, a little cafe, mini golf, a big golf course for the adults, swing boats (you know the ones I mean, old fashioned ride where two people sit in a wooden "boat" which you move by alternately pulling ropes), there was also a "mr Blobby House", you must remember Mr Blobby....!!!! It was a great day out for all the family, and at certain times of the year there was a special light show, like Blackpool, but smaller in Morecambe, and Happy Mount park made a display for this and this was turned on by a "celebrity" and it made for good watching.

      But sadly, a few years later it all went downhill, the mr Blobby thing all went, when Blobby went out of fashion completely. The paddling pool went dirty and manky, the prices of everything went up, you started to have to pay for the play area, which was no more than a couple of slides and swings, and everything started closing down. We stopped going much at all, as you just couldn't spend the day there anymore, the light display stopped coming around as Morecambe lost its popularity, and with it, Happy Mount Park just went completely rubbish! It was sad as it was somewhere which held alot of memories for me as a child.

      But, a couple of years ago, we had my nephew who was only about 5, and took him to the park so he could go on the little train and the carousell which were still there, and found that they were doing alot of work, the place was looking a little tidier, with flowers in the pots, and paint work on the golf etc, but we noticed the pool had been filled in, which made us a little sad as it was somewhere to go in the summer, but everywhere else was starting to look a bit better, so for the next year we would go every now and again to see what else had happened, and now you wouldn't believe the state it had been in a few years ago!

      Where the pool has been there is now a fabulous "splash park" as it's called, where instead of a pool, there are lots of little things which spray water out at different angles and strengh, like a small water park, it's all been landscaped around it too, so you can sit around in the sun and have a picnic or just sunbathe, there is a small take away place there where you can buy coffees and teas and small snacks and pop, this isn't particularly cheap at around £1 for a cup of instant coffee with no milk or sugar, but they have to make a profit somewhere...

      The place is much tidier, the cafe has been done up and sells lovely food and drinks. You can once again go to Happy Mount Park and spend the day there, whether your going to play in he splash park for the day, or just going round there for a nice walk, going there to take the kids on the train, the trampolines, to play on the park (which you still pay for but which is much better now....and there is a free park now too!!!) to go on the swing boats, etc.

      Now one thing which I hate about Happy Mount Park is that the toilets there used to be free, they're the only ones which are there, there are no toilets in the cafe, or anywhere else in the park, but now you have to pay 20p everytime you want to use the bathroom which can get expensive when you have few people with you, especially kids, and last time we were there, the cafe didn't have any 20p's :-S So we only had 3 toilet trips in a whole day...!!!!! Very annoying to have to pay to wee!!!

      But all in all the place is great! If you went a couple of years ago and thought it was a tip, and there was nothing there, I would definitely suggest going again now, it really has improved and it's great fun!!! :-D


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