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Reach Junior Mouthwash Yum Flavour

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Brand: Reach / Type: Mouthwash / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2009 17:56
      Very helpful



      A great way for kids to further safeguard their teeth from cavities

      Trying to get my kids to clean their teeth usually involves lots of shouting, twice a day. Unless I constantly harp on at them to clean their teeth, they simply won't bother. It doesn't seem to matter how much I tell them that if they look after their teeth now, they won't end up with a mouth full of metal, like their Mum and Dad. And not only that, they'll save themselves a small fortune on dentistry work later in life.

      Still, I remember when I was young, long ago as it was, how I detested cleaning my teeth. And, unfortunately for me, my mum rarely reminded me. I never realised how important it was until I had to start paying to visit the dentist. Teeth cleaning just seemed to be another annoying task to take me away from whatever unimportant thing I was doing at the time.

      Another problem with kids cleaning their teeth, when they actually do, is they're often not particularly good at it. This should be something that improves with age, but I recently watched my 12 year old's tooth cleaning technique and was sad to see that it really wasn't much better than my 5 year old was managing.

      Even when they do manage to clean their teeth properly, with a little help from me, I know they're not cleaning the whole tooth, ie they can't get in between the teeth and there's no way they could cope with flossing. So I was very interested to read about some new mouth washes that have been recently launched on the market that are specifically targeted at children.

      Mouthwashes are designed not only to freshen your breath, but they can also provide greater protection against cavities, particularly the areas that children are likely to miss cleaning on a daily basis. It's just a little bit of extra reassurance for the health of their teeth.

      One such mouthwash is this offering from Reach. It's called Reach Junior and comes in a clear bottle with a bright pink liquid inside. Something that's bound to appeal to kids is the flavour, simply called 'Yum'. Not knowing exactly what yum tastes like, I purchased this assuming it would be acceptable to my kids.

      The bottle itself has a special lid so that when you gently squeeze it, the applicator dispenses the mouthwash into the special cap and holds it there. Then the child can just tip it into their mouth, swish it around and spit.
      The correct way to use this mouthwash is just once a day after cleaning their teeth. On the bottle it says it's suitable for children aged 6 and above but I have let my 5 year old use it on occasion.

      The kids love it. In fact, they love it so much that I'm getting through a bottle in a week which is getting quite ridiculous. After investigating why the mouthwash is disappearing so fast, I discovered two things. One, hubby is also using it and two, when they're squeezing the bottle, if they squeeze just a bit too hard, the liquid fills the top too quickly and pours out. I've since had to provide some instruction in measuring out the mouthwash so it doesn't end up down the sink before it's even seen the inside of their mouths.

      And yes, I have tried this out myself. It's hard to describe the taste, certainly not like any adult mouthwash I've tried. It's not a minty flavour. The closest flavour I can compare is probably that pink mouthwash they give you in the dentist to rinse out your mouth after you've had a filling etc. You're left with a nice, fresh tingly feeling that's really quite pleasant.

      It contains fluoride but no alcohol. The bottle comes in a 300ml size which should be enough for 30 uses. It cost me £1.89 in Sainsbury and is widely available.

      You may have noticed a major recall of many children's mouthwashes sometime in April 2009. However, the Reach Junior mouthwash wasn't included, thankfully. The recall occurred after a major manufacturer of mouthwashes, Robert McBride Ltd, noticed higher levels of the bacteria aerobic mesophile. This is harmless to healthy people but can cause infections in people with a susceptibility to chest or lung infections.


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