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  • -never received my order
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    4 Reviews
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      28.05.2015 13:41



      • "-never received my order"

      Cute website, horrible customer service. I felt cheated!

      I never received my order and had to chase them up about it. months later I received a reply and they claimed they could not refund me my money. It was only 40 pounds but what a disappointment!


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      04.03.2010 10:42
      Very helpful



      A great little shop/website

      I'm going to write this review about the store, as well as the website.

      I discovered artbox in London on a recent visit. They have 3 stores
      and we went to the Covent Garden store, they also have one in Camden and Kensington (I think). You can also buy on the website at www.artbox.co.uk

      Artbox is a little shop specialising in funky stationery, stickers and
      cuteness! They stock a huge range of hello kitty goodies, along with
      other kawaii style characters. In everything from pens and pads to
      bags and socks and sweets.

      The website is neat and well laid out, and postage and packing isn't too pricey, £1.75 for £20 spend if you get it second class. It is full of adorable pictures and really makes me want to buy everything! It is divided by type of product (homewares, stickers, travel etc) and also by brand available, so you can find exactly what you are looking for, or just browse by your favourite character.

      I was impressed with the prices. Nothing seemed to be vastly
      expensive, well, I didn't think so. And I could have spent a large
      amount of time just wandering around the shop.

      The staff were very friendly and I was really impressed, I definately
      want to go back there and will be browsing the website at the next


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      15.01.2010 22:09
      Very helpful



      If you like Japanese and Kawaii stuff visit this site

      My name is Jade, I am 27 years old and I have an addiction to Stickers! Sad but I don't care! I have loads of packs of the things all over the place, I hardly ever even use them as I cannot bring myself to ruin how nice and cute they look in the packs together!

      The website responsible for most of my crazy sticker collection is www.artbox.co.uk. Me and my sister discovered it a few years back when we were searching for cute, kawaii bits and bobs which were thought were only available from overseas. Now every Christmas and Birthday she gets me something from them and I do the same for her!

      They sell a big variety of of all things pretty, cute and kawaii... not just stickers!

      The website is very easy to look around and is well set out with a menu down the left side which currently has the following categories:


      When you click on a category further sub categories become available to look under and you can choose how many items you would like to view per page, either 20, 60 or all items.

      I cannot comment on the quality of everything artbox sell but I have purchased a fair few things from them and have never been disappointed with any of their products.

      I have 4 of the artbox canvas tote bags which you will find on the site for just £5. I absolutley love these bags, they are roomy and very strong plus extremly eye catching and so affordable. I would have paid more for them if I didn't know about the wonderful site and I had seen them somewhere else.

      Artbox's socks are very good quality and cheap at just £2 a pair. I got a couple of pairs for Christmas this year and they are so nice I haven't worn them yet as I dont want to ruin them!

      I have also purchased or recieved as gifts LOADS of the stickers and stationary they sell, in my opinion its just as good as paperchase stuff but without the big prices. It is all brightly coloured, fun and usually featuring something kawaii or cute.

      I was really excited to see that artbox have now started selling a new line in Moomin items (who remembers them?) which is totally wonderful. I am a big moomin fan and have a little collection of ornaments which I had to get from Japan a few years ago as nowhere in this country sold anything Moomin. Artbox now have various little Moomin bits like handbag mirrors, keyrings, purses and bags so guess what I will be asking for on my birthday this year!

      Speaking of pressies if you have a partner that is useless at buying gifts like mine there is a very handy wishlist option you can use on the site. You simply sign into your account and then when you view the items an option comes up to 'add to wishlist'. When you have finished picking things you like you can email the list to whoever you want.

      Artbox sells a good variety of branded items, most notably Hello Kitty which they have a huge stock of as it is very popular at the moment. The cheapest Kitty item being a badge for 61p and the most expensive a large plush doll for £190.00!

      Other brands which Artbox stock and sell are:
      Ddung Dolls
      Hello Kitty
      Miffy & Friends
      Pocky Glico
      Prime Nakamura
      Sugar Hotel

      My favorite brands are the Artbox own brand and Crux, they are both cheap, cheerful and good quality, mostly featuring cute little characters such as little cake people and various animals.

      Ordering is very easy, just add what you want to your shopping cart, then when you are ready to pay you need to create an account and can pay securely by debit/credit card or paypal. When creating an account you can sign up for the newsletter if you want to.

      Postage is very reasonable with prices starting at £1.75 for 2nd class recorded. If you spend over £20 2nd class recorded is free and if you spend over £30 1st class recorded is free. There is also an option for next day delivery at £5.50, I have never used this service as I have found my deliveries usually arrive next day anyway.

      I must add that I have placed well over 10 orders and I have never had any problems with anything and neither has my sister who probably uses artbox even more than me.

      Overall www.artbox.co.uk is a fantastic site if you like Kawaii stuff, if not you may think its a bit silly but I love it!


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        10.12.2009 18:59
        Very helpful



        Check it out if you like cuteness

        I first came across www.artbox.co.uk when I was searching for some Kawaii (Japanese for cute) bits and bobs online, I'd found a few other sites but they were mainly from the USA or I was put off by their P&P charges, eventually I stumbled upon Artbox and after a look round the site I was very impressed.

        When you first click on to the main page you are greeted by a photo of some of their products, this changes quite regularly but today's is a photo of a plush Hello Kitty toy and a cute elf in a wintery snow scene.

        On the left hand side is a menu with a list of the various departments of the store and also the brands they stock.

        If you have a specific item in mind you there is a search box at the top of the screen and to the right of this are the 'My Wishlist' 'Login' and 'Checkout' tabs.

        I find the site is very easy to navigate and when you click onto a department for example "Cute Stickers" which brings up 196 results you have the option of viewing 20, 60 or All per page, you can also select which brand you want to look at or filter the results by product name or price. In other departments you can also filter by sub categories too. This makes finding what you are looking for an easy task despite the fact you might have hundreds of results to look through.

        One of my best friends absolutely adores Hello Kitty things so Artbox is an ideal place for me to check for gift ideas, there is currently almost 300 hundred results coming up when I click on Hello Kitty in the brand list. The lowest priced item coming up is just 60 pence for a pin badge or at the other end of the scale there is an extra large plush Hello Kitty doll for £199!! The prices are clearly shown without the need to click onto an item to find it out. So I should be able to find something suitable in that selection.

        I love the stationery section of the store, there are so many different things in there such as cute little notebooks (so handy for keeping in my handbag!!) pretty letter sets and funny pens (light up bread stick shaped!!). There are just so many things that you don't find in WH Smith.

        Making an order is a straightforward process. Under each item beneath the description and the price is a buy now button, you just click this and the item is added to your shopping basket. At the top of the page there is an icon for your shopping cart which tells you how many items are in your basket and what the total cost before postage is. When you have finished shopping you can click onto the shopping cart item if you want to change anything or you can click the checkout button if you are happy and are ready to pay.

        In order to complete your order you are required to create an account, you have to provide your name, date of birth, telephone number and email address. You will also need to choose a password for your account. There is a check box which you will need to tick if you don't want to receive the monthly newsletter.
        Once this is done you will be asked to add your billing address to the address book, you can also add other addresses should you wish to have your order sent to another address or are sending someone a present.

        To complete your order you choose your delivery address, and postage method. You then pick your payment choice. Currently the postage options are (less than 2kgs):
        2nd Class Recorded (2-4 days) - £1.75
        1st Class Recorded (1-2 days) - £2.50 or
        Next Working Day guaranteed - from £5.50 (orders placed before 16:00)

        2nd class is free on orders over £20 and 1st is free on orders over £30.

        If your order is over 2kgs it is £12 <10kgs or £15 <20kgs

        It's then on to payment, you can pay securely by Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Solo, Maestro, Visa Delta, Electron or PayPal.

        And that's your order placed, you receive an email shortly after confirming your order has been placed and then another once it has been despatched.

        Looking at my order history since May I have made 8 orders and I can honestly say that I have not had a single problem with any of them.
        I have never used the express delivery option and all the orders I have placed using 1st class delivery have arrived the next working day. The 2nd class option has only been introduced recently, so I chose this for my last order and that came after 2 working days.
        I really cannot fault their postage, and would say that the next day delivery isn't worth the extra cash unless you really really need to have your order with you the next day.

        If you want to create a wishlist you need to log into your account, then when you see an item you like you need to click onto it where you can add it to your shopping basket or your wish list. You can then save it for future shopping reference or send it to your friends or family, with the messages "Birthday prezzies.... please", "Awww these are soooo cute... Need em quick!" or you can write your own message.

        My only real criticism with the store is that although you can have your orders sent to another address there is no way of sending it as a gift, so the recipient will get a copy with the invoice with their parcel - perhaps best not to use this option if you're sending something as a birthday present. It would be nice if they did a gift wrap option as well.

        The only other negative I have is that some stock turns around quickly. This means that if I have added something to my wishlist while I've waited for payday, I've gone back to buy it to find that it's no longer available. This is only a very minor issue though and doesn't stop me using the site or adding things to my wishlist. I just know now that if I really want something to buy it there and then.

        Overall I highly recommend taking a look at this site, there are so many different items available if you know someone who likes cute things.

        Unit 7 Harp Business Park
        Apsley Way
        NW2 7LW
        United Kingdom

        Customer Support Tel:
        +44 (0)20 8452 7694 (GMT 10am-5pm)

        Thanks for reading.


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