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Millie & Boris Cot Mobile

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Brand: Mamas and Papas / Type: Mobile

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2012 10:31
      Very helpful



      Great mobile

      This is a review of the Millie and Boris cot mobile we bought when we were expecting our baby. As it fitted in with the rest of the nursery theme, I wanted to get the mobile that matched and we have had fun and games with this item over the short time it was actually in use!

      The mobile is all soft with a ring that has six padded items hanging off it. Namely Millie the rabbit and Boris the bear ( I think that is the right way round!) and then other items like stars and moon shapes, all in the tasteful cream and beige colour that the M&B range all consists of. These all hang from a big padded star then above this is a decorated piece of material that hides the mechanics of the mobile. There is a round plastic piece with a turning screw on it to wind up the mobile. This then hangs off a hook which goes to the arm of the mobile (this separates into two pieces and the base is a circular screw that clamps on to the side of the cot. The plastic part is a universal cot mobile piece I later found out.

      In use
      The mobile looked lovely over the cot and when wound up played 'twinkle twinkle little star' - at first. I will explain later why it played a different tune! Our baby seemed to enjoy looking at the toys and later used her feet to kick it when she thought we weren't watching (we were on a TV baby monitor!) so that it swung around. When she got older, she used it to pull herself up in the cot and sadly this was when we had to remove the mobile as it could be dangerous if she dislodged it from the hook.

      The cot mobile retails at £30 brand new on the M&P website. It can be picked up a little cheaper in the sales but not much. There are older versions of the range available on ebay though so it may be worth looking there if you don't mind not having the latest design. They are all the same colour scheme anyway.

      Fun and games
      I mentioned earlier that this mobile had to be revived during its time with us. It was entirely my own fault as I must have leaned on it a little when winding up the mechanism and the hook just snapped off the arm. I didn't need the dangly bit replacing, just the plastic hook. I was looking into finding a replacement part when my husband sheepishly admitted a few days later that he had over wound the mechanism in the part that plays the tune and it had also broken! I didn't want to pay another £30 so I found another theme that is less popular on the website and bought a whole new mobile (in a white theme) for £10. We just replaced the plastic arm, and mechanism which had a full hook on it and our original was good to go. This time it played rock a bye baby instead !!

      My thoughts
      This mobile is great and looks really nice. That we needed to replace a part was only due to both mine and my husband's heavy handedness. I was surprised at how little time we got out of the mobile before it had to be removed though, although it was up for a while before our daughter was born so it got a few extra weeks there. I do think £30 is plenty to pay for a cot mobile but you can get carried away when following a theme in your baby's nursery. I have had to resist some of the blankets that I wanted in the M&B theme as they were just too expensive.

      Final word
      It is worth noting that there are plenty of mobiles available on ebay second hand, and also that the plastic part is universal. If I had more time I may have tried to find one at a car boot sale but I thought the sale price for the alternative was good enough although I didn't really find a use for the spare decorations that came with it! I am pleased with the quality and performance of this mobile and would recommend it to other Millie and Boris fans.


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