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The Black Eyed Peas Experience (Wii)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-11-11 / Published by Ubisoft

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2013 16:24
      1 Comment



      Recommened to familes.

      I bought this product a few weeks ago as it was on offer and here are my thoughts on it .Personally, i think this game is fantastic . It does what it says on the packaging. Great and entertaining and get the family off their feet. There's a variety of song choices from the black eyed peas. However, i found that some dance moves were quite repetitve in all the songs. This meant that it wasnt that challenging as soon as you get the hang of it. After you recieve a high score in a specific song you recieve a message from each member. But, i was disappointed that all the messages were close enough to be excatly the same .Overall the game is repetitive but a good way to entertain the family and i think this game deserves a good 3 out of a possible 5 on my charts.


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        06.03.2012 20:50
        Very helpful



        Challenging dance game in the vein of the Just Dance series for BEP fans

        I'm rather a fan of the Just Dance series on the Wii, but when I try to get my partner to join in he tends to claim the dances are too "girly", which he says is backed up by the fact that in the vast majority of the tracks the on-screen dancers are female. So in an attempt to get him up and dancing with me, we bought "The Black Eyed Peas Experience", a dance game featuring tracks solely performed by The Black Eyed Peas themselves. Before I go any further, I will point out that if you are not a fan of The Black Eyed Peas themselves then this game really isn't for you as it really does help to actually "know" the songs when it comes to dancing along.

        From the Ubisoft, the software company that brought us the Just Dance series, The Black Eyed Peas Experience follows a similar format, with the Black Eyed twist. Load up time is reasonably quick and it doesn't take more than a couple of clicks to get dancing. The graphics throughout are a definite step up from Just Dance with the on-screen dancers being recognisable, digitised versions of the band members, Fergie, Apl.de.app, will.I.am and Taboo. In some tracks the actual music video is playing on a screen in the background and with all the lyrics are shown in the bottom left. As each dance progresses a pictogram is displayed in the bottom right, which gives an idea of which move is coming next.

        The audio is pretty good, as is to be expected for this style of game, but definitely benefits from being played through a home cinema system to gain full advantage of the banging beats. There's a fair range of tracks available, 25 in total, from their earlier albums through to their latest. Among the available tracks are many of their most popular including The Time (Dirty Bit), I Gotta Feeling, Shut Up, Let's Get It Started and Hey Mama, but there are also some less popular and well known tracks, plus there are some omissions, most notably Where Is The Love. All of the available tracks are played by The Black Eyed Peas rather than being "in the style of" which adds to the authenticity.

        Before I go into the actual gameplay, I guess it would be helpful if I told you a bit about myself, as whether you will enjoy this game and how easy you will find it depends very much on who you are as a person. So I'm a 40 year old, rather overweight, unfit Mum, who does love listening to the Black Eyed Peas (especially their earlier albums) and uses the Wii dancing games as a way of burning calories. To say I have two left feet is an understatement, it's probably fair to say I also have two left-hands or in other words, I'm very uncoordinated, but I am enthusiastic. I'm not the most social person, so this game is never played with any more than just myself and my partner and I therefore cannot comment on the multi player aspect any more than to say you will need lots of space if the maximum of four are joining in.

        From switch on to dancing takes no more than a couple of minutes, there are very few menu options, just dancing and options. I would have liked to have seen a sweat option that would allow me to track my progress, but it's not really a problem, as such. Choosing which track to dance to is simple enough via the rotating track list. Each track is graded as to difficulty and effort required, with a scale of one to three and a small clip is played in the background to help you choose. What I will say is that even the supposedly easiest of the tracks is a lot more difficult than the majority of the tracks on the Just Dance games, as I found out after attempting The Time (Dirty Bit) on my first try only to collapse in hysterics halfway through.

        Even by picking the supposedly easiest tracks I found it hard to keep up and this isn't really helped by the fact that the on-screen dancer has a habit of changing part way through a song or that the pictogram is a little on the vague side. Even so, with practise I've started to pick up some of the dances and can now almost keep up, with this game it really is practise makes perfect. As well as different difficulties of play there are also different styles, with some tracks being solo, some duet and the others group. This doesn't mean that if you are playing by yourself you are limited to the solo tracks, or if you're playing in a group of four you are limited to the group tracks. But it does mean that there are a varying number of dancers on-screen at once and players are split between those dancers. So with a solo track everyone does the same moves, while in duet they'll be split into two groups and in group up to four players each have their own moves. One aspect of this group play that I do not like is that I cannot choose which part I am going to dance meaning more often than not I have to follow a male's moves.

        Scoring in The Blacked Eyed Peas Experience following the same format as the Just Dance games in that your movements are tracked and depending on how closely they match the choreography you get points. Movements are only tracked using the WiiMote in the right hand though, which means that it cannot track your legs and it is possible to cheat by just waving the WiiMote around. I have to say I do not cheat and I struggle my way through the tracks throwing my whole body into it and I find that generally movements are picked up quite well. I can't say that I'm ever completely in step so I don't know if they are completely accurately picked up. There are three levels of points to be picked up by each player ranging from almost there to spot on and then extra points can be gained in multi-player mode when group moves are performed correctly. There are also lots of points to be had, even barely being able to keep up I can earn 20-30 thousand points, so goodness knows what I will earn when I can keep up.

        The duets are great fun to perform with a partner, with lots of slightly sexy, interactive moves that my partner enjoy performing. Never having played with three more players I cannot comment on this aspect, but from how much room we need as a duet I would say a large, clear space is required. As much fun as it is to perform the dances, it's almost as much fun to watch, as the dances are so difficult, learning them involves throwing yourself around a great deal (or it does in my partner's case), and I must burn nearly as many calories watching him as I do dancing. While I would never perform a complete routine on the dance floor, I have to admit that my partner and I do have a few favourite moves that we've practised in clubs. One slightly disappointing aspect is that there is nothing to unlock, but as with all of this type, this is a game where you compete to beat your high score rather than complete.

        All-in-all The Black Eyed Experience for the Wii is a challenging dance game that takes a long time to master. The moves are fast and complex even on the easier tracks and extremely challenging on the harder tracks. While there are no swear words throughout the tracks (only the clean version) some of the dance moves are overtly sexual and so I wouldn't recommend this game for children or younger children (even the 12 year olds it is certificated for). But for older teenagers and even old fogies like me, it is an ultimately fun game for those who want to get up and groove and of course enjoy listening to The Black Eyed Peas. As to stars out of five I would probably have to give it four as it is quite difficult to master and a bit of a niche product.

        *Favourite track for solo : I Gotta Feeling
        *Favourite track for duet : Shut Up


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          26.02.2012 20:29
          Very helpful



          2 stars

          A couple of weeks ago we were given some Wii games by a friend who no longer played with them. Some of the selections were great but others were a little strange. Like this one! I had new heard of the Black Eyed Peas Experience before and thought it almost seemed like someone had decided after a few too many drinks that they were going to make a Black Eyed Peas game. Unfortunately for me, that is exactly what the whole game feels like! It doesn't feel very well thought through and most of the game and the dance moves are far too fast, unless you've got moves like Jagger of course!

          The game promises to get the party started right in your living room with the world's 'hottest group'. Don't get me wrong, it is really good fun, but unlike the variety you have with other dance games such as Just Dance, this game has only Black Eyed Peas songs (obviously) and for me it seems too much to play for a long period as it just gets a little tiresome listening to the same band. Unless you are an absolute diehard fan I just can't see people wanting to play this for a long time or more than a couple of songs. The Black Eyed Peas Experience features 25 tracks from the band, and the aim of the game is to perform dance moves alongside apl.de.ap, Fergie, Taboo and will.i.am with professional choreography designed exclusively for the group. The game has a party style theme with the player being able to follow the group on tour and go to venues inspired by the music videos and shows.

          The dance moves have been developed in collaboration with a professional choreographer, Fatima Robinson, and you can really feel this in the game, but some of the moves were just too complex for me and my children and we often ended up just doing our own dance moves and going along with the song rather than trying to follow some of the moves.

          The game allows you to play alongside 4 friends at the same time and you can play as a team and get a group score or against each other in a competitive dance battle. One screen lyrics allow you to sing along as well but I found if you were dancing, there was too much going on to take my concentration away from the dance moves and so this is more suitable for an observer of the game.

          The game explains that the dance movements are easy to follow and compares to Just Dance, but I have to disagree as I think there is just too much going on on screen for a person like me who isn't the world's best dancer!

          The song list is as follows:

          Boom Boom Pow

          Disco Club

          Don't Lie

          Don't Phunk With My Heart

          Don't Stop The Party

          Dum Diddly

          Everything Wonderful (BEP & David Guetta)

          Fashion Beats

          Hey Mama

          I Gotta Feeling

          Imma Be

          Just Can't Get Enough

          Let's Get It Started (Spike mix)

          Meet Me Halfway

          My Humps

          My Style (feat. Justin Timberlake)

          Pump It

          Shut Up

          Rock That Body

          Take It Off

          The Best One (The Boy)

          They Don't Want Music (feat. James Brown) - This is only on the Wii edition of the game.

          The Time (Dirty Bit)


          I find that the dance moves move on too quickly in the instructions and by the time you have figured out what you need to do the next move is upon you and so the execution can be messy and out of time. I spent most of my time playing catch up with the moves. The demonstration that flows along the screen is small and the choreography is too complicated for the small size of the dancers.

          I didn't know quite a few of the songs and felt like a lot of the songs were fillers. Obviously there are quite a few well known songs on the game, but some of them (as far as I'm aware) haven't even been released.
          PEGI rating: 12 and over.

          We got this game for free (thank god!) but if you really want to you can pay £14.59 for it from Amazon!


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            04.02.2012 16:45



            Great game to play with friends

            As mentioned in previous reviews me and some girlfriends have a regular Wii night and with all the Dance games out at the moment we don't stop dancing all night!

            The BEP Experience has been added to our repertoire now after it was received as a Christmas present. Some us love it more than others, and you really need to like the BEP's songs to enjoy the game.

            There is a lot of choice of routines and just some of them are ; Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, Don't Stop the Party, Meet Me Halfway, and Where is the Love. There are 30 tracks in total so plenty to keep you going! On other dance games you can usually download some extra tracks from the Wii store which this game doesn't have, this is a little disappointing.

            If you have played any of the 'Just Dance' games then be warned the routines on here are much much harder. The Dance moves are faster and more varied and it is more difficult to follow. But there is a step by step coaching section where you can learn some before you jump into the song, but I am too impatient to do this. I go straight in and then get confused. But despite the routines being more difficult, it still is a great laugh! You'll be singing while your dancing and working up at sweat.

            You can have up to four people on the multi-player option and even create your own choreography!

            It is at a price of £14.99 on Play.com with free delivery so if you like the BEP, then give it a try with some friends


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