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Mindstorm (DS)

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Genre: Strategy / Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: 505 Games

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2011 20:57
      Very helpful



      A game which could be better for what it offers

      I recently was given a game named Mindstorm for the Nintendo DS console and at first I had no idea what to expect but the game proved to be a big hit and miss.

      Your first task is to fill in your name and date of birth and then the game begins by asking you to take part in mini games.

      Your aim is to take part in some training which is meant to increase your overall skill in a few different areas. At the bottom of the screen you have some different titles and topics and one of those is named Scene.

      The scene topic takes you to a list of various settings you might encounter. One of those is At Home and when you click on that you get told to click on normal or hard as the type of questions you want to face.

      This gives you various questions and some of these might be a maze and you have to try and get this tiny ball through a maze to the end before the end of the time is up. You might encounter some building blocks and you have to try and put them together to form a perfect shape and again your aim is to this within the time frame given.

      The timer is at the top screen throughout all the games and you need to use the stylus in order to complete the various games you are presented with.

      Some other games are images which have been scrambled and you have to rearrange the pieces so that the image is back to normal and all pieces are in the correct positions. You also have other types of jigsaw games which require you to put pieces of the jigsaw into a picture board.

      At the end of a set of questions you are given a total in the various brain areas the game wants you to work on. These are reason, endure, analyse, intuition and observation.

      You are given a level meter and they basically fill up and once they have you are given a new level and this gives you tougher questions when you play again.

      There is a free mode also on the game when you can sort of train and learn how to play the various games and understand how to complete them. The games are usually pretty easy to understand you just have to try and make sure you complete them within the time frame given.

      You can choose whether you want normal or difficult and again that is options only you as a player can choose. The game also has riddles which pop up for you to try and answer. They are pretty tough at times so you need to take your time in order to find the correct answer.

      If you're stuck on any of the games you can give up to advance further on with the rest of the questions. I have played this game quite regularly recently and found no improvement in my own knowledge and this might be because I have found the game very easy to complete.

      This game is definitely aimed towards younger children as the theme and backgrounds are always done in a cartoon style why in my view to make kids want to play more.

      The graphics for the game are decent enough but not the best because this game was created a long time ago so the graphics for the games have increased quite a lot recently. I think the game also has problems with the speed.

      The game at times can be very slow and you are trying to make a move and it just seems to stutter overall. I think the game also has problems when it comes to the controls as well. You can tap the ball in the maze game and nothing happens at all and then other times the direction you are taking the ball go the opposite to the way you are going.

      I appreciate the game because it does offer a few challenges and there is a goal to the game overall. I just think the game could be quicker and more reliable overall.

      I rate this game just 6 out of 10 and in terms of availability I am not sure how easy it might be to find this game.


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  • Product Details

    A brain training game for the Nintendo DS, each challenge in this game is designed to focus on enhancing the player's reasoning, endurance, analysis, intuition, or observation. Play includes general knowledge and geography-based challenges, in addition to the more classic memory and observation-based puzzles. The game is designed to conform to the local surroundings by omitting challenges that would be more difficult to perform because of environmental factors.

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