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Blood Bowl (DS)

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Genre: Sports for Nintendo DS / Published by Focus Interactive

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2009 14:20
      Very helpful



      A good video game for Blood Bowl fans & newbies.

      Blood Bowl is a table game produced by Games Workshop & based on the Sport of American Football being played in the fictional Warhammer world. This is a Video Game adaptation.

      The game is a faithful adaptation of the Blood Bowl Board Game (although not the Dungeon Bowl add on; more on that later). You play the game against the computer or a Human opponent. Each player then takes it in turns to move his players. The point of the game is to get the ball & move it up the pitch to score a touchdown. This can be done by a player carrying the ball up the pitch. A player throwing the ball to another player or any mixture of the two. The game consists of 2 halves, each half with 8 turns for each player. You control the players using the stylus. For instance, tapping the player to select him, then tapping the squars you want him to move to.

      There are 8 different races in the game. Some are fast & week. Some are slow & strong. Every race has a strength & a weakness & there is a team to suit most styles of play. Board game players - some races are missing. High Elves, Undead, Halfling.

      Because the game is based on a board game, anything you do is based on a dice roll. Picking up the ball, tackling an opponent, throwing the ball, catching the ball sometimes even moving on the pitch. Whenever you lose a dice roll, this normally results in a "Turnover". When one of these happens your turn is over.

      For those of you who have played the board game before, you won't be dissapointed. It plays just as the board game does. The same strategies that worked before will on here. Most of the rules still apply here. Dungeon Bowl rules don't appear to be in place though. No Dungeons to play in. No special Ball rules. No Wizards.

      The game plays well. At first, the computer seemed to get every dice roll in their favour, although it did even itself out. It's fun to play & easy to get the gist of the general rules (although the full rulebook is massive & covers loads of different things). You can play against a friend too on the same console in "hotseat" mode. There are two save slots & lots of different league & championship modes to keep you going.

      There are some downsides. Because the pieces in the boardgame come un-painted, you can make up your own colour scheme. You can't do that here. You will be allocated Red or Blue depending on home or away. Just cosmetics really but a colour editor would have been nice. There is no single card download play. Also there is no online multiplayer option. Other Games Workshop video game adaptations have had this & it would've been good here too. Last one being the the rule book is not included. Would'e been good for new players.

      In all I would recommend the game. Board game players won't be too dissapointed & it certainly beats carrying the board & 32 minatures everywhere you go. People new to the game should enjoy it too. There is room for players to grow & develop (or devolve or even be killed off). Lots of teams to play as & also making up your own team. A good adaptation. Wonder if they'll make Dungeon Bowl the game.


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