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Littlelamb Organic Cotton Nappy

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Brand: Littlelamb / Type: Nappy / Quality: Organic

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2013 15:28
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars

      Little Lamb's Organic cotton nappy with cotton insert and fleece liner

      I have been using cloth nappies for about 6 months now and I really love them. But I do understand that jumping in and using them might seem a little daunting at first, especially if like me you are a new mum and didn't know anyone in real life that had used them. But when I first started researching the possibility I came across lots of positive reviews and although I didn't know anyone that had used them after having a browse around online I found that those who did use them tended to love them. So I jumped straight in and bought a few different types of nappy not knowing what I would like best or what would suit my little one the best and since then I have never looked back.

      However, now after months of use and trying a good few different varieties of nappies there are some I love more than others and I LOVE the Little Lamb's Organic cotton nappy complete with cotton insert and fleecy liner. It has become my go to day time nappy of choice.

      ---Little Lamb organic cotton nappy with cotton booster---

      In my opinion no nappy stash would also be complete without a hefty supply of cotton nappies, in fact I would go as far to say that the organic cotton nappy is probably my favourite day time nappy. It's a great all rounder, because in my experience the cotton nappy is a great nappy at compromise. It is very absorbent, but it is also relatively quick to dry (about 12 hours or so or even sooner if it's sunny or the heating is on). And finding a nappy with a decent absorption to time needed for drying ratio is crucial.

      For example my nappy stash is mainly made up of bamboo, cotton and microfiber nappies.
      Bamboo nappies are by far the most absorbent nappy I have used and they make a great bedtime nappy, but they take a good full day to dry once washed.Then at the other end of the spectrum is the microfiber nappy which is by far the least absorbent nappy I own and also needs to be changed far more regularly, but it comes out of the washing machine almost dry and is ready to use after no time whatsoever.

      The cotton nappies fit somewhere in the middle and that's why I have chosen them as the backbone of my nappy collection or else I would need a lot more nappies than I own. How many you need comes down to a lot of personal factors, I like to have more than enough to make sure that I am never in the situation of panic washing so I probably have about 20 or 25 in each size. And I almost always wait to bulk buy in the sale so my nappy stash is a huge bargain.

      The Little Lamb Organic cotton nappies come in a size 1 ( 7lbs - 20lbs (3kgs - 9kgs)), size 2 (20lbs-38lbs (9kgs -17kgs)) and size 3 (fits from 35lbs/16kgs). I found that around about six months old I needed to move up from the size 1 to size 2, but then my daughter is a lovely chubby cutie. The only real difference apart from the obvious increase in size of the nappy is that the size 2 nappy comes with a sewn in booster because when they are little and first in a size 1 nappy it won't always be necessary to boost the nappy. I will explain that better in the next section below.

      The nappy itself is a very simple design and are surprisingly easy to use as they are shaped very similarly to a typical disposable nappy but just with Velcro wings (and they do require an additional separate waterproof wrap). Depending upon the deal or special offer available will depend on how many wraps you will get, but if you just want to purchase one Little Lamb organic nappy (for £12) you will get a wrap of your choosing. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the Little Lamb wraps because I do plan on reviewing them separately but they are great and really keep all the liquid and even the poop firmly where it is meant to be. I have never had a poop explosion using one of the Little Lamb wraps and so far I have been really pleased with them and I love the choice of colours available.

      The Organic cotton nappy is made from 90 % organic cotton and 10 % microfiber.

      Also the nappies have also be designed with laundry Velcro tabs to make sure that when washed the Velcro doesn't pull at the nappy - a clever extra feature.

      --- The organic cotton booster ---

      With the Size 1 nappy the booster is separate and with size 2 and 3 the booster is sewn in.

      So what is a booster? It is essentially just another swatch of organic cotton material that when placed inside the nappy increases the absorption and extends the intervals between requiring changing the nappy. It just means that the nappy is capable of holding more liquid.

      Personally, I do like the cotton boosters but I much prefer the bamboo boosters and you can purchase these in large packs separately. I have a heavy wetter and at night time when she isn't moving about I do add in two extra boosters, which gives her a huge bum but then means that her nappy easily lasts her the night without complaint.

      --- Fleecy liner ---

      So far every nappy that I have received from Little Lamb (despite the size) comes with its own separate fleece liner. And they are great. Initially when my little one seemed to be pooping around the clock and almost hourly (maybe a slight exaggeration) I wanted to use paper liners that I could just throw down the toilet making less fuss. But now that she only poops once or twice a day and usually around the same time I only use the occasional paper liner and the fleece liners the rest of the time. The fleece liner is exactly what it sounds like a small insert of thin, soft fleece that catches any solids while allowing liquid to pass through to be absorbed by the nappy. It also stops any bum creams or nappy rash creams from clogging up the nappy material.

      I have bought quite a few of the Little Lamb fleece liners to be used as makeshift bum wipes (along with my own lovely lavender and tea tree infused water) and also to use as bath flannels. The fleece liners really make great bath flannels and because they aren't overly heavy even when wet they are ideal for my little one to play around with. I just make sure I keep my bath fleece liners separate from the bum ones.

      --- If you do decide to use cloth nappies here are just a few extra tips ---

      1) Buy and use some tea tree oil when washing the nappies. All I do is add a few drops of tea tree oil in with the washing powder and the nappies come out smelling fresh and really nice. Also tea tree has some natural anti-bacterial properties. I also add some tea tree to my nappy buckets to keep them smelling fresher and cleaner, especially with the weather getting warmer. You also don't need to wash the nappies any higher than 40 degrees, but I do give my nappies the occasional hotter wash.

      2) Buy a nappy bucket and more importantly a mesh laundry bag that fits inside it - all I do is then take the mesh laundry bag from the bucket and put the whole thing in the washing machine it means that you don't have to touch the individual nappies. The nappies also don't need to be soaked when dirty, just leave them to accumulate until you have enough for a full load then wash.

      3) Wash all the nappies at least three or four times before you use them to help get their absorbency up, but you don't need to dry them in between, just throw them all in and keep rewashing them time after time. Personally, I have found that my nappies did take about 6 or so washes before they started being at their peak. If you do notice that they aren't as absorbent as they once where it is worth doing a strip wash, which just entails washing the nappies in water alone to remove any detergent build up.

      4) As much as possible hang up your nappies (inside or out) in direct sunlight. I was amazed by how much the sun can bleach any poop stains from even the whitest of nappies. You would be amazed that from my stash of nappies how few of them look like they have any sort of stain and they have to deal daily with a breastfed babies korma like poop - hopefully no-one's currently tucking into a lovely curry korma delight right now.

      I have recently put away my size 1 nappies that where used on a daily basis for 6 months and they are still in excellent condition, I completely see why people believe that they would easily get four or more babies all nappied with one good set of cloth.

      Also pre- loved nappies have quite a good resale value or you can donate them to a nappy library or charity after you've finished with them for the benefit of others.

      --- Overall ---

      If I am honest, in my experience of using cloth nappies the hardest aspect has to be the negative comments from other people who don't use them. Well before my baby was here I was so sick of hearing how much more difficult the reusable nappies where going to be, how much more work and washing I would have to do, etc, etc. I really haven't found that the case, they are simple, straightforward and I never worry about running out and really I only do around three extra loads of washing a week. So far I have found that I tend to wash nappies every second or third day at 40 degrees, I hang them up to dry beside a radiator if it's miserable out or out on the line if the sun is shining. Plus personally, I just feel better about using something soft and natural next to my baby's bum and not adding years worth of disposable nappies to the landfill is yet just another bonus. Also I would like to have more children in the future and the nappies should be fine to reuse with another baby so that means any additional Inchy babies should be nappied for a much reduced cost.

      I really like the Little Lamb Organic cotton nappies and from me they get the full five out of five stars and come highly recommend for anyone thinking of starting using cloth or anyone who may need a good all round day time nappy.


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