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Survivor - Destiny's Child

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    45 Reviews
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      04.04.2012 02:05
      Very helpful



      Pop/R&B record.

      Destiny's Child released 'Survivor' in 2001. It was this album, and era, that propelled them into fame in the UK. Sure, they had a few hits previous to this album (Bills Bills Bills, Jumpin Jumpin, Say My Name), but this album got them their first number 1 single and made Beyonce, Kelly and probably lesser Michelle, household names.

      Out of their 4 albums, this one is probably their most pop. It mixes pop with R&B to make it a catchy, uplifting and popular record.

      'Independent Woman (Part 1)' - This was the first single from the album, taken from the Charlie's Angels film. It's a fiesty girl power anthem of the early 00's. This became their first UK number 1 single in the UK. I'm sure you've all heard it so I guess that's all there is to say. 9/10.

      'Survivor' - Single #2 and their second #1 single. It's more pop than their other singles and has a more 'anthemic' chorus. Needless to say, this is where they became huge pop stars and swerved them away from R&B to R&B/Pop. One of their biggest hits. 8/10.

      'Bootylicious' - "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" they sing. When I first heard this I thought it was a bit bland and couldn't believe it was their 3rd single. However, I learned to appreciate it and how like the other singles delivered a positive theme in the song. The video for this song is fantastic too. 8/10.

      'Nasty Girl' - The girls are hitting on some nasty girl now who seems to be showing too much flesh. This is another sassy song with a bit of attitude. Not as good as the previous 3 songs, but I do believe this was being touted as a single at some point but it didn't happen. 7/10.

      'Fancy' - Now this is starting to sound like a great album. Fancy mixes pop with subtle R&B tones. It's a mid-toned number which is about not fancying this guy too much. 10/10.

      'Apple Pie A La Mode' - I was always curious about the title of this song. Surely it's not about Apple Pie? Well no, still I don't know the story behind this track but what I do know is that its a sultry number. This is a more mellow track, but not in a bland way. The song is very sexy sounding with a great chorus. 8/10.

      'Sexy Daddy' - Things are more upbeat on this track. Sexy Daddy is fiesty, sexy and cool. I can't find a single fault with this song and it is one of the standouts (there are a lot of standouts on here!) on the album. Sassy and sexy. 9/10.

      'Perfect Man' - I have to say that this is one of the weaker songs, I wouldn't say weaker actually, but one of the songs I listen to less. It's by no means a bad song but most of the other songs on here outshine it. It's another sultry song. 7/10.

      'Independent Woman (Part 2)' - This is noting like IW P1. It's more poppy and more 'messy'. The intro reminds me of a Cat/Mouse cartoon feeling if you know what I mean, fast paced and funky. Great song. 8/10.

      'Happy Face' - DC3 have definatly moved to more poppy territory on this record and this is the poppiest of the lost. This is completely different to anything else on the album as it's a pure pop song. Wouldn't work as a single but its pleasureable. 8/10.

      'Dance With Me' - I feel that this is a bit of a filler song. It's similar to 'Perfect Man' in which I don't hate it, and its a good song but compared to everything else on the album it's pretty forgettable. This song is only on the International Edition of the album and not the American Version. 7/10

      'My Heart Still Beats' - This song is also credited as 'featuring Beyonce' so ultimately she is the only singer on this track. It's the first real ballad on the album and is a very powerful song, showing off Bey's fantastic vocals. 8/10.

      'Emotion' - The fourth and final single from the album and this is a cover of the Bee Gee's classic hit. Emotion is a sultry ballad filled with pure emotion (no pun intended). 9/10.

      'Brown Eyes' - Wow, three ballads in a row now. It seems like they've clustered them together on this album. 'Brown Eyes' is probably my favourite so far in the way it builds up into such an epic song. It's one of those ballads that Whitney could sing. 10/10.

      'Dangerously In Love' - The fourth ballad, and Beyonce reworked this song for the debut solo album, but I have to say this version is much better. It's edgy and heartfelt. I love it! 10/10.

      'The Story Of Beauty' - I loved this song when I first heard the album and this song stuck out straight away. It's about learning to love yourself and follows the story of a girl called Beauty. 9/10.

      'Gospel Medley' - As the title says, a Gospel Medly. Not really my thing. 3/10.

      'Outro DC3' - This is a thank you song where all 3 girls thank each other and everyone involved in creating the global moster that was Destiny's Child. It's a weird kind of song and just added on to give closure to the album 4/10.


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      26.11.2009 17:20
      Very helpful



      Destiny's Child's third album

      "Survivor" dropped in 2001 as the third Destiny's Child album. This was really the worldwide breakthrough for the group, although they were able to come with come big hits with the two albums prior to this, and it is also significant in tha it features the core line-up and the one that would last until they decided to end things as a group with Beyoncé, Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (the latter of which was included during the video to "Say My Name" - and replaced two former members). It features some of the R&B trio's most successful singles as they turned more towards the Pop end of things as the worked with different producers this time around.

      1. "Independent Woman" (Part 1)

      They kick things off with a song that was included to the soundtrack to the 'Charlie's Angels' film. Personally, I wasn't all that into it, but with its massive popularity you can't really hate on it all that much with it being played so often. It finds them dropping an empowering effort to set the mood to the piece well, but really it isn't particularly that impressive (especially when compared to what came on the album prior to his one).

      **Two Stars**

      2. "Survivor"

      They carry through with another big single and I felt that in this case they were moving further into thing as they get down to their titular track and perform a tune which plays on the same sorts of themes that came with the opening track in that they are showing how capable they are of doing things themselves (even when times get hard for them. Personally, I felt it was another that doesn't really compare to early joints, but is decent.

      **Three Stars**

      3. "Bootylicious"

      Finally they get their party on with the music as you find that they drop something funky and appeal to the men (after giving something for the girls in the first couple) as they drop one that was seen to popularise a fad culture during this late nineties to early '00s period successfully with this dance R&B tune which livens up the atmosphere and shows the range of tunes they intend to bring this time around.

      **Four Stars**

      4. "Nasty Girl"

      They come with another single here and you find that in this case they drop one that didn't see the same success as the three that led up to it here as it has them returning to the pure R&B where they were at before this point and they make for a banger of a tune that really just killed off all their watered-down material that came before it as hey bring in lots of what was seen from earlier in the beats and the overall composition.

      **Five Stars**

      5. "Fancy"

      Here they appear to carry on with the same sort of format with this one as they come through with one that will really appeal to those who like the material which enables them to make the most out of the great vocals which they have the potential to deliver (especially with Beyoncé's lead). However, you still get to see how well they are able to bring in the Pop through the way that the song itself is constructed.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "Apple Pie a la Mode"

      Here you finally get some of the raw Hip Hop influence coming through in the beats (as was found on tracks from the first two albums that they brought -and would continue later in their career too) you see that they do it all in an on-beat fashion to mean that it really needs some time to really appreciate it for all it has to offer, but I felt that it stood as one of their biggest tunes and it stands out massively as a result.

      **Five Stars**

      7. "Sexy Daddy"

      As they keep it flowing, you see that they are able to carry through the added genre that was brought into through the last one in order to some out with an up-tempo dance number and a bit of a surprise one (as it didn't drop as a single and they were able to build up hype through these on other releases). It is a nice tune and one that seems to do a lot to prop up the album as they get down to it.

      **Four Stars**

      8. "Independent Women" (Part II)

      This is the sequel to the popular joint hat begun the album and you find hat here they are able to do well to transform the concept from that one and also from "Bills, Bills, Bills" on the album prior to this one) in order to do a fresh R&B joint that only takes the lyrics from the hook of the original along the way to make a killer joint that really breaks down the first version with Beyoncé's hardcore delivery leading the pack and giving them what is needed to make the most out of it.

      **Five Stars**

      9. "Happy Face"

      Here you see that there is a massive change to the music as they open p the thing with some uplifting beats, but personally the style that they came out was a bit too full-on as they show how they are down to do the whole bright Pop material where they are just about that feel-good material, and it sounded rather corny as a result and prevented me from really enjoying it that much.

      **Two Stars**

      10. "Emotion"

      Here you get them showing how well they are able to do things as they try out new approaches to bringing the music and in this case it comes as they do an acoustic set and manage to do extremely successfully with a soulful effort. I thing that without it being released as a single, thus getting more play, it wouldn't be as impressive, but it still stands as a powerful oen from them and shows how Beyoncé completely took over.

      **Five Stars**

      11. "Dangerously In Love"

      They come off the last one into a tune that seems to bring in a bit more of this softer side of their music. Personally I wasn't really into this end of their music, and although they may have really been able to do big things as they sung with such emotive lyrical delivery, with what you get here it just doesn't seem to do enough to actually take much notice and so it seems to be lost as an unmemorable offering.

      **Two Stars**

      12. "Brown Eyes"

      The style of the production in the opening to this one indicated the inevitable direction of the music here and it was bound to stick tot he same sort of level as what came with this last one (which it was) in this case I felt that the thing was a bt more engaging in the composition of the synth work, but aside from this it is all very plain as they deliver a standard Pop ballad from this time and once again Beyoncé doesn't give anyone else any really say on the thing.

      **Two Stars**

      13. "The Story Of Beauty"

      They appear to have a go at pulling it back with this one as they come out with more of the R&B work where they get the cluttered, and often clumsy production style that was popular at this time. I felt that it seemed a bit desperate at this point, with the last couple not really being that impressive, and so from here it makes for a tune that you can't help but feel does nothing but disappoint (based on where they have come).

      **Two Stars**

      14. "Gospel Melody"

      Here they come out with a nice little a cappela medley of a variety of popular Gospel songs. I felt that It was a nice added touch and allows them to reconnect with the soulful end of their music again here. it also gives you a chance to feel the strengths of all of the singers and how well they come together with this soothing vocals to make for a good ending tune to leave it on a high from all the inconsistencies within the release.

      **Four Stars**

      15. "Thank You" (Outro)

      This is a massively inconsistent album from them and although many may get quite a lot from it as they feel the liveliness of some of their most successful singles, but as they go up and down with the approach of the music with some pure Pop songs added to the mix, it seems to bring it down quite a bit and holds back its successes.


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        16.06.2009 19:55
        Very helpful



        Great album

        Survivor was Destinys Childs first album after they split up and lost two members LeToya and LaTavia, they were replaced with Michelle, and afterwards they made this album. This album was released in 2001 and was very popular at the time, most songs that were released did very well in the charts and this is a great buy for any Destinys Child fans.

        You can buy Survivor in most good music shops, it shouldnt cost any more than £5 to £7 and I am sure if you shopped about it would be even cheaper, I think that this album is worth every penny I paid for it, being a big Destinys Child fan, and is great to listen to when you are having a bad day and need cheered up.
        The track listing for Survivor is:
        1.) Independant Woman -Part 1
        2.) Survivor
        3.) Bootylicious
        4.) Nasty Girl
        5.) Fancy
        6.) Apple Pie A La Mode
        7.) Sexy Daddy
        8.) Perfect Man
        9.) Independant Woman -Part 2
        10.) Happy Face
        11.) Dance With Me
        12.) My Heart Still Beats
        13.) Emotion
        14.) Brown Eyes
        15.) Dangerously In Love
        16.) The Story Of Beauty
        17.) Gospel Medley
        18.) Outro- Thankyou

        As you can see there are 18 great tracks on this album, though my favourites are as follows:
        This song is said to be a little dig at the previous band members who left the group, its a song about being a survivor and rising above all, its a really confident and fun song and is well worth a listen, this song did really well in the charts when it was released.

        This is another song that done well in the charts and is just a great fun, sexy, girly song, about being too 'bootylicious' for someone, its a great song for putting you in the mood to go out and a real classic Destinys Child song in my opinion.

        Nasty Girl
        This is a song about having respect for youself and keeping your clothes on when you leave the house instead of running around looking easy. It was released as a single, though it didnt do too well over here, I still tink its a great song and my favourite on the album.

        Happy Face
        This is a very happy upbeat song that is perfect for making you feel good about yourself, its just about forgetting everything negotive in your life and remembering things are better than you think.

        There arent any songs that I dislike as such on this album, though I think Independant Women-Part 1 is a bit played out and always find myself skipping it because of this. Overall though this is a great album and is a must have for any Destinys Child fan and 100% recommended.


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        23.02.2009 13:09
        Very helpful




        One of the top rated female vocal acts from the last few years. These girls always deliver. Vocally competent and easy on the eye, they command an audience at every turn.

        Who are they:

        Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly make up the group. They have worked with producers such as Darkchild and Wyclef Jean.

        On this album:

        Gets off to a feisty start with the rousing and overtly sexual 'Independent Women.' This harks back to the bold disco strops of the late seventies and makes me think of days in Harlem. The vocals are strong and brassy and Beyonce commands the track with a stealth like presence.


        'Survivor' is one of those songs which is all about female empowerment and girls doing it for themselves. They sound like they are having a bit of a strop on this song and this gives it some real attitude and style. I also rate the naughty sounding 'Bootylicious' which is a call for all women to feel good about their bodies and to show what they've got and flaunt it! Again, the vocal are full of gusto and they just work their way through it with such ease.

        I rather like 'Apple Pie' which is perhaps not as sweet as it sounds, but allows the girls to push their vocals to exciting new heights. They sound more refined here.


        'Gospel Melody' seems out of place and an excuse to parade a fine set of vocals and show off for the sake of it. It might be a pleasant song to air round the Christmas period but does not sit well here.


        18 tracks, classy artwork, a bold album if you like urban music with soul


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        08.02.2009 15:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A Great Album

        Destiny's Child were an American girl group consisting of Beyonce Knowles , Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.They were an RnB/Pop group. The girls are from Houston , Texas , United States. The group "ran" from 1997-2005 however some of the original members left and were replaced in between that time. Beyonce and Kelly have remained original members. To date the girls have released seven albums ; Destiny's Child, The writings on The Wall , Survivor , 8 days of Christmas , Destiny Fulfilled , #1. My favourite Destiny's Child Album is the one I am reviewing ; Survivor , as it includes some of my favourite Destiny's Child Songs. Songs on the album which were released as singles were : Independent Women Part 1 , Survivor , Bootylicious , Emotion and Nasty Girl.
        The cover consists of the three girls sitting facing the camera. Beyonce is at the front and Kelly and Michelle are sitting behind her. The background is white. I like this cover because it feels like the girls are 'communicating' with you. The CD itself is black along with a song list printed on it. I find it useful when the song list is printed on CD's because I often have my CD's in the car without the cases , so the song listing on the CD tells me which songs are on the CD.

        Survivor is the third album from Destiny's Child. The album was released in 2001. There are eighteen tracks on the album :
        1.Independent Women Part 1 (3:41)
        2.Survivor (4:14)
        3.Bootylicious (3:27)
        4.Nasty Girl (4.17)
        5. Fancy (4:12)
        6.Apple Pie A La Mode (2:58)
        7.Sexy Daddy (4:07)
        8.Perfect Man (3:45)
        9. Independent Women Part 2 (3:45)
        10.Happy Face (4:30)
        11.Dance With Me
        12.My heart still beats
        13.Emotion (3:56)
        14.Brown Eyes (4:47)
        15.Dangerously In Love (5:06)
        16.The Story Of Beauty (3:30)
        17. Gospel Medley (3:26)
        18.Outro (DC-3) Thank you (4:01)

        Songs - Here I will review some of the tracks on the album.
        Survivor is a song with a strong message. The song begins with a violin playing as well as a beat from a drum called a 'hi-hat' (that's what I think it sounds like. The song is about surviving which the title suggests. The girls are celebrating the fact that they've come out on top ; they appear to be shouting throughout the song , although it still sounds really good. It is obvious that the girls have put a lot of energy into this song and it really shows. I love this song , it has great vocals , great backing track. This song is good to listen to if your going through a hard time as it looks on the positive side , that you will survive it.

        *Emotion *
        This is a remake of the song 'Emotion' by the Australian singer Samantha Sang. This is a beautiful ballad, with a relaxed feeling to it. The backing track is a guitar , it begins slowly then as the song builds up the chorus it gets faster and the beats get closer together. In the chorus , the girls are joined by a chorus.
        * Independent Women*
        Another positive song from the girls. It's about Women being independent as the title suggests. This song has a really funky beat. I used to have this as one of my songs on my dance mat ; it's a great song to dance to. Once again , there's strong vocals. The girls are shouting out to women to be independent. This song reached number 1 in the UK single chart in 2001.

        *My Opinion*
        I love this album! It's so positive about life and is about persuading women to be proud of themselves. There's some great tracks on this album ; ones you can dance to , ones you can relax to ...there's something for everyone. If you're a fan of Destiny's Child or RnB music then you'll love life! I think this is the best album so far!
        I bought this CD from my local charity shop for £2.99 a couple of years ago. However you can buy it from online stores such as play.com for £7.99.

        Thanks For Reading!


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          10.06.2008 23:04
          Very helpful



          'SURVIVOR' has too many cheap, formulaic pop tracks that R'n'b fans won't be enthusiastic about.



          _The Destiny's Child album Collection - Part I_

          Author: Blackman_Isaac

          '''Published by Blackman_Isaac for DIJEH inc. / Works of Art'''


          (Note: I originally posted this review on www.ciao.co.uk in my ID name - DJ_primo ©.

          This review may be subject to FURTHER re-editing.)


          Once upon a time, in Houston, city of Texas there lived three glamorous, Black American girls with aspirations to become songwriters and receive public recognition as singers. Their determination to succeed to fame in the '''Rhythm and Blues''' (R'n'B) genre of the music industry was their DESTINY and singing together like a band was their prosperity. The three songwriters go by the names of '''Beyonce Knowles''', '''Kelly Rowland''' and '''Michelle Williams''' and together, the trio currently form the legendary band, '''Destiny's Child'''.

          Okay so originally, Destiny's Child actually comprised '''four female singers''' but if I reveal the background history of this female group in depth, the theory becomes exceedingly complex. That's another story that we shall learn together in another review of Destiny's Child's record to be published later.

          In 2001, Destiny's Child was cut down from a quartet to a trio of R'n'b singers, namely Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle. This reduction follows Farrah Destiny Franklin's departure from Destiny's Child, after the singer revealed her lack of passion to be part of the group. Inevitably, the three ladies, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were now the remaining SURVIVORS of Destiny's Child.

          Now the question is '''will I survive''' the whole of the ''''Survivor'''' album without being fatally injured by the lethal sound of bad tracks along the way? Well, for the attention of all you Dooyoo readers, I must reveal this information in the next section, '''WHAT I EXPERIENCED'''. This is where I will give an honest account of what I was '''destined''' to hear with respect to lyrics, subject matter and production.

          '''WHAT I EXPERIENCED'''

          In July 2001, I spun the '''Survivor''' CD to determine my Destiny with respect to the effect the album's songs will have on me. I was likely to meet music tracks as being classic equipped with aesthetic lyrical concepts and artistic soulful singing. I was bound to come around songs as being tragic with pathetic subject matter along with catastrophic, lyrical performances. Some tracks were likely to sound emphatic to my eardrums, others were bound to sound lethargic. Ladies and gentlemen, whatever the outcome about to unfold before me, here my STORY OF the 'SURVIVOR' over a MEDLEY of songs described in track-by-track format....

          1. INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART I (3:41 min)

          Production-wise, '''Independent Women Part I''', was quite appealing to me when I first heard it in '''2001''' and still is up to this current day in 2008. The production for this commercial song, is derived from a combination of musical ideas from Beyonce Knowles, '''Cory Rooney''' (for Cory Rooney Entertainment) and Poke & Tone ( '''real name: Jean Claude Oliver & Samuel Barnes''' for Trackmasters Entertainment). None of these producers, especially Beyonce and Poke & Tone are consistently competent at constructing excellent beats, particularly by themselves. But when all three beat-makers contribute their different selection of instrumentals and complement them together within a track, the outcome of the finished production is a magnificent. This was precisely the case as I listened to the musical sound of INDEPENPENT WOMEN PART I and it exemplifies good quality, commercial beats with a soulful edge.

          The commercial production begins with a combination of electronic keyboard bass, percussion claps and background pellet drums that signal the introduction to '''Independent Women Part I'''. The relaxing composition of bass and drums and makes its transition into a lively collection of bass lines and drum claps, moving at a steady pace.

          However, the main drawback of the '''Independent Women Part I''' track is Destiny's Child's lyrics focuses on a subject matter that is cliche and uninteresting. The R'n'b singers, most notably Beyonce, boast about owning cars, diamonds, houses, money and shoes and other materialistic possessions making themselves sound egotistic.

          [Beyonce Knowles (Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams)]
          '_....The shoes on my feet_
          _I've bought it_
          _The clothes I'm wearing_
          _I've bought it_
          _The rock I'm rockin'...._'

          _....The house I live in_
          _I've bought it_
          _The car I'm driving_
          _I've bought it_....'

          One word - yawwwwn.....

          Beyonce's lyrics displayed above, are WHACK due to the presence of uncreative topics about luxury items and at times throughout '''Independent Women Part I''', her rhymes become repetitive.

          Moreover, Beyonce being the lead singer sinks her fellow Destiny's Child members down with her into the '''Atlantic Ocean''' of materialistic crap and bland braggadocio. Kelly and Michelle follow the same lyrical path as Beyonce as they sing the chorus, sadly making Destiny's Child rhyme badly as a whole. Thus, Destiny's Child's ideas of being INDEPENDENT WOMEN are formulaic, being based on materialistic bragging that send the wrong message to music fans, particularly young girls.

          Nevertheless, from my own perspective of INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART I, the positive elements outweigh the negative aspects of this song. I was between '''6/10''' and '''7/10''' for this track but eventually settled for a '''6/10''' rating. If it was not for the pleasant production inolving fine execution of the musical instrumentation, the redundant subject matter leaves A LOT to be desired!

          '''Rating: 6/10'''

          2. SURVIVOR (4:14 min)

          SURVIVOR was the '''second single''' that the three '''independent women''' (i.e. Destiny's Child), released in '''February 2001''' from their third album with the same title. Like the '''first single''' or first track off ''''Survivor'''' (independent Women Part I), '''Survivor''' reached the number one position in the UK Single Chart, receiving public recognition by mainstream fans.

          The music video for this track displays footages of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle aiming to become SURVIVORS, lying rough on an island '''"somewhere in the South Pacific...."'''

          Right, its time for me to carry out an inspection of the standards of the rhymes and production to determine whether SURVIVOR was written to perfection....

          To begin with, the SURVIVOR song is '''extremely overrated''' in my opinion, despite the fact that it received recognition as a hugely popular track approximately seven years ago. Beyonce is incredibly repetitive as she double rhymes profusely in all of her verses and lyrically she is also uncreative due to the high incidence of '''monosyllables'''. The monosyllabic rhymes make SURVIVOR among the most catastrophic and simplistic song to condemn human eardrums, at least mine. Some of the lines that Beyonce utters in her verses are especially lame........ and shallow. I mean.... what kind of rubbish braggadocio is '_....you thought I wouldn't sell without ya, sold nine million...._'? Kelly Rowland and Michelle are no better either as they exhaust their vocals, simply by screaming filler lines like '...._Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)Oh(Oh)_....'.

          The condition of SURVIVOR is made even worse by the coalition of Beyonce Knowles for Music World Productions Inc. and '''Anthony Dent''' for Chaze Music. Both producers construct a cluttered production that has too many different music instruments playing simultaneously. Not suprisingly it is very untidy and sounds way too busy for my liking. The production uses a heavy dose of LOUD synthesisers, including synthesised drum snares fused with keyboard percussion kicks that are very poorly defined. According to my eardrums, the synthesisers were flying all over the place like crazy seagulls fighting in the sky, surrounding an '''island''' where Destiny's Child reside. Furthermore, I can also detect male vocals in the background that are as annoying as the terrifying sound of raging thunder. Overall, this horribly synthesised beat brutally shocked my eardrums like a lightning strike!

          '''Rating: 2/10'''

          '''**Transition from SURVIVOR to BOOTYLICIOUS**'''

          As I investigate more of 'SURVIVOR' going from one track to another, my experience of hearing his album continues to deteroriate. Beyonce spits some meaningless garbage right after SURVIVOR and right before BOOTYLCIOUS using a strange accent that I find pointless:

          '_...I will survive being fine_
          '_...I will survive being sexy_
          '_...I will survive being booty-licious!...._'


          '''**End of transition from SURVIVOR to BOOTYLICIOUS**'''

          3. BOOTYLICIOUS (3:27 min)

          BOOTYLICIOUS was the third consecutive track off the album that Destiny's Child selected as their third single to follow their previous single, SURVIVOR. Like its predecessor,'''Survivor''', '''Bootylicious''' was a major success as a single in the US and UK charts.

          Similarly to the atrocious '''Survivor''', BOOTYLICIOUS is a hideous song with incoherent lyrics that I hated the first moment I heard it in June 2001. The dreadful video for BOOTYLICIOUS that I watched on TV, didn't help either as the audition of singing, execution of lyrics and condition of the production were all messy. How this song managed to enter the top 20 on the US and UK charts with its AWFUL production is beyond my comprehension. In the official UK singles chart, it peaked at '''number two''' while in the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs, it also reached the same position.

          Beyonce Knowles works along side '''Rob Fusari''' who plays his role as a co-producer for White Chocolate Productions. The beat that these two producers provide for BOOTYLICIOUS is far too busy, confusing and heavily seasoned with synthesisers to be delicious for my eardrums. The synthesisers have the composition of pop-influenced, electronic bass lines and percussion claps that are cluttered and throw my mind into a state of confusion. This musical instrumentation that Beyonce and Rob string together, exemplifies commercial, bubblegum production that fails to hold my attention.

          The lyrics that Beyonce, Kelly and even Michelle sing for '''Bootylicious''', are so ludicrous, I refuse to talk about them in detail. Destiny's Child's rhymes are sloppy as they contain filler lines that make no sense whatsoever even when pieced together to form a verse. They mean practically nothing other than the fact that Destiny's Child '_....don't think you're ready for this jelly ..,._' that I think just sounds silly. The fact that this line is sung three times to represent the hook for '''Bootylicious''' is especially ridiculous as it makes the three Destiny singers sound monotonous.

          I honestly can't believe that Destiny's Child singers who impressed me with the innovative '''Writings On The Wall''', deliver incredibly shallow, uncreative rhymes like:

          '_...Lookin' sexy_
          _Lookin' fly_
          _Baddest chick_
          _Chick inside_

          Where's the heart and soul in these lyrics? The sh*t doesn't even rhyme properly!

          Overall, the musical taste of '''Bootylicious''' is obnoxious and tedious, almost like licking the sole of '''women's black, leather boots'''. Not that I would know the taste of women's BOOTS but man...., these footwear have got to be more delicious and luscious than experiencing the taste of '''Bootylicious'''.

          '''Rating: 1/10'''

          4. NASTY GIRL (4:17 min)

          After approximately 11 minutes and 22 seconds ('''11:22 min''') of my wasted journey from an average to a poor track, via a medicore one ( '''tracks 1 - 3''' ), I finally encountered a great track....

          The quality of my travel through this album finally picks up as I meet a NASTY GIRL at track 4. '''Nasty Girl''' was the '''fifth''' and '''final single''' from 'SURVIVOR' and Destiny's Child released this song in '''April 2002'''. On this track, Destiny's Child express their views on certain young women who dress in sleazy, vulgar clothing such as revealing pantyhose stockings. The message behind Destiny's Child's lyrics is that females going out in public, wearing '''erotic clothing''' place themselves in dangerous situations of men have bad anticipations of women. Thus, Beyonce takes on the role as a spokeslady to urge women to stop appearing physically '''freaky''', '''nasty''' and '''trashy''' as this affects the '''dignity''' of other, respectable women. Beyonce's lyrics also targets women who have NASTY habits of having affairs with various men as ways of desperately trying to treat their insecurity.

          As far as this subject matter goes, Beyonce takes the general lead as the frontlne singer while her fellow band members are confined to ad-libbing. Beyonce gets NASTY as she sings critically against poorly, dressed girls with lines like:

          [Beyonce Knowles]
          '_....Hard...for women like me who try to have some intergrity...._
          _You make it hard...for girls like myself who respect themselves and have dignity_
          _You nasty girl, you nasty, you trashy_
          _You classless girl, you sleazy, you freaky_

          This is arguably the Beyonce's BEST lyrical performance that I have encountered so far as I progress along 'SURVIVOR' via the NASTY GIRL song. I will even go as far to say that the creative lyrics above, make Beyonce sound '''superlative'''.

          I actually like Destiny's Child's performance on '''Nasty Girl''' because it reminds me of the quality of their second album that made them so great. Beyonce makes full use of her distinctive voice to bring out a creative flow of singing that I find interesting to listen to ---- '''check'''. Beyonce rhyming better, bringing intelligent subject matter, singing boldly and gracefully at the same time ---- '''check'''. Kelly and Michelle singing beautifully in the background, providing urban vocals with R'n'b flavour that taste like '''American apple pie''' to my ears ---- '''check'''. Beyonce's catchy chorus deliciously served like sugary smarties on my tongue ---- '''check'''. Wonderful music production that contributed to my experience of connecting with NASTY GIRL through my mind in soulful fashion ---- '''check'''. '''Nasty Girl''' is one of the outstanding tracks of 'SURVIVOR' that carries intelligence, magnificence and substance and that Ciao readers is what Destiny's Child is really about!

          Lastly '''four''' is my lucky number so it was a pleasure of me to accomplish my '''destiny''' in encountering an impressive song like NASTY GIRL at track 4.

          '''Rating: 9/10'''

          5. FANCY (4:12 min)

          After my pleasure of meeting '''Nasty Girl''', I came across another nice R'n'b track that I was destined to FANCY with regards to fine beats and lyrics. This song that I am fancying and feeling reasonably passionate about goes by the name '''Fancy'''. It represents the fifth track on the album and so I guess '''five''' must be my lucky number as well.

          Production-wise, FANCY welcomes me into the heaven of Charlie's Angels with classic '''Bartok violins''' and faint background claps that send my spirits flying over the ocean. This magnificent combination of instrumentals, represent the introductory phase for the first 17 seconds into the track. After seventeen seconds, the initial production theme explodes into a refreshing melody of soothing keyboard bass, relaxing background violin notes and percussion snares.

          I have to admit, Beyonce really does an aesthetic job with the musical elements of her production scheme when she sticks to her original R'n'b vibe. But when she goes for pop synthesisers just for the greedy sake of making '''cake''', her heart and soul in being a good producer goes flying outside the window!

          Lyrically, the subject matter of '''Fancy''' revolves around a certain kind of female or girl that the Destiny's Child singers dislike. Beyonce goes into profundity to describe the girl's jealousy saying to the girl '_....you wanna use me for what I got...._'. She raises this issue for all the times she and her group have '_....always been so nice...._' to the girl. Yet according to the rhymes, the female takes Destiny's Child singers' '_....kindness for weakness...._' too many times.

          One thing that I personally enjoyed about the lyrics is that all three members of Destiny's Child engage in the subject matter . In short, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle sing together like a team of R'n'b singers, not Beyonce monopolising the vocals like she did on '''Survivor'''.

          Destiny's Child's lyricism is well written too as I observed on the '''Internet''' and I also find it entertaining to listen to on wax, as their delivery is quite scintillating. The charismatic delivery of the R'n'b singers lyricism and vocals blend with the musical rhythm of the instrumental perfectly. In short, the lyrics are captivating for my eyesight.

          Overall, Destiny's Child's FANCY never once cheated on me and I really enjoyed my fantastic relationship with this majestic, female R'n'b song from Destiny's Child. I also FANCY this track to the extent that it harvests repeated listens from me.

          '''Rating: 10/10'''

          6. APPLE PIE A LA MODE (2:58 min)

          My magnificent experience and predicament of listening to 'SURVIVOR' through tracks 4 and 5, vanishes as I enter APPLE PIE LA MODE. All of a sudden, the musical environment around me changed quickly. I felt like I was in sitting at a table in an American diner, with an unappetising mess of APPLE PIE '''slammed''' right in front of me.

          The first thing that came to my mind as I listened to the Destiny's Child singers perform on '''Apple Pie La Mode''' is filler. Initially I did not like this song at all owing to the boring production combined with the fact that it is very short. However ever since I started examining Destiny's Child's lyricism more closely, the song has grown on me and it has become a bit more, tasty to my eardrums.

          Beyonce's lyrics are nicely written upon my visual examination. Beyonce Knowles showcases her '''in-rhyming skills''' and '''wordplay''', enclosing a surprisingly adequate number of pollysyllables, especially for the first verse.

          [Beyonce - 1st verse]
          '_....Are you married cause your very very exordinary, kinda scary_
          _I want your name in my vocabulary_

          The aspect of Beyonce's lyrical performance that I find genuinely special is how she adopts a '''third person''' approach to describe a man '_....entering the club with love in his eyes...._'. And she questions the man about his goals and motivations for the future in the form of singing '_....tell me your dreams and your aspirations_....'. These lyrics carry a conversational tone that reflects the social life of a relationship between a man and a woman in the real world. Kelly and Michelle are confined to the hook where they sing '_....your chocolate covered, strawberry, apple pie a la mode_....' to metaphorically describe their '_....lullaby love...._' of a man.

          Inevitably the intelligent subject matter that Beyonce portrays should make '''Applie Pie La Mode''' an excellent song, but the lame production prevents that. This is where Beyonce and Rob take the criticism for their role in supplying the beat. The beat sounds rather exhausting and simplistic with its sleep-inducing bass decorated with digital alarm loops that feel pessimistic to say the least. In short, the production tastes like a mutilated '''Applie Pie''' that was previously '''half-eaten by a dog''' and made soggy by rainwater from the sky.

          I would rather have a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with '''HP barbecue sauce''' and '''Heinz tomato ketchup''' than listen to the dull instrumental again. If it was not for this bad standard of production, I probably could have awarded '''Applie Pie La Mode''' an '''8/10'''.

          '''Rating: 5/10'''

          7. SEXY DADDY (4:06 min)

          The pattern of my destiny in meeting filler tracks with appalling lyrical content continues as I meet SEXY DADDY.

          Beyonce and '''Damon Elliott''' (for Elliott Entertainment) lace an experimental production that is quite unique to the collection of musical elements throughout the 'SURVIVOR' album. Their production carries an alternation of fast-moving techno, reggae bass lines and slow-moving, soft-toned drum machines..... and I HATE IT!

          The subject matter that Destiny's Child delivers is obviously about '''Sexy Daddy''' to whom they say '_...I think it's your lucky night...._'. But the subject matter is very poorly executed due to lazily written rhymes that are COMPLETELY repetitive for the whole of the track.

          It's pretty clear from my thoughts about SEXY DADDY that I obviously don't FANCY this track.

          '''Rating: 0/10'''

          8. PERFECT MAN (3:41 min)

          Produced by Rapture Stewart and Eric Seats for Key Beats Inc.

          Beyonce Knowles sings about a PERFECT MAN that she met '....at the restaurant the other day....' after spotting '....him walking in the doorway....'. The production possesses a PERFECT execution of drum snares and refreshing raindrops of xylophone notes that are appealing to my eardrums.

          Although '''Perfect Man''' was not released as a single, it was originally a soundtrack for the Romeo Must Die movie (featuring '''Aaliyah Haughton''' and '''Jet Li'').

          '''Rating: 8/10'''

          9. INDEPENDENT WOMAN PART II (3:45 min)

          Now INDEPENDANT WOMAN PART II is just another very horrible song by Beyonce and her so called Charlie's Angels friends, Kelly and Michelle. I found this song so disgraceful from a lyrical and instrumental standpoint that it makes me think of '''Independent Women Part I''' as being 100 per cent beautiful. '''Independent Women Part II''' is a very foul remix of the original prequel version that was released as a single.

          Destiny's Child's topics about '_....drive my own car and spend my own money_....' is so stupid, I feel reticent to talk about it. But one statement that I think is pertinent enough to describe these lyrics is that they are arrogant and cliche, exemplifying crap commercial music.

          Beyonce lures Kelly and Michelle into the death trap of sounding egotistic, singing crap like '_....if you pimp him ( '''male''' ) I congratulate you...._' in profundity. Her uncanny habit of using monosyllables to write her repetitive rhymes, as I observed on an '''Internet site''' is funny in a bad way too. Her rhyming as usual is simplistic and is sorely lacking in '''clever similes''' or '''metaphoric wordplay''' to make her materialistic verses sound reasonably good.

          Beyonce's attempts at being a producer for this particular track is laughable with all those terrible, cartoonish bass lines hopping all over the place like Bugs Bunny. The cartoonish bass lines move awkwardly with claps of cymbals that may I mention, sound like someone is '''farting through constipation'''. Keeping that in mind, Beyonce tops her whack production with animated cracks of cartoon flutes that make the track sound even more, corny on my eardrums. In addition, the production as a whole sound like Destiny's Child recorded this track with '''Daffy Duck''' and '''Porky Pig''' in '''Warner Brother's Looney Tunes Studio'''. Or as a matter fact, make that '''Animaniacs''' and '''Tiny Toons'''!

          I would rather receive a nice, strong kick up the a*s by an INDEPENDANT WOMAN wearing knee-high, sharp pointy boots than hear this awful track again.

          '''Rating: 0/10'''

          10. HAPPY FACE (4:19 min)

          Produced by Beyonce Knowles for Music World Productions Inc.

          Rob Fusari for White Chocolate Productions

          A pleasant song with personal lyrics that bring sunshine, putting a HAPPY FACE on me.

          '''Rating: 7/10'''

          11. DANCE WITH ME (3:43 min)

          This is a tedious track with yet more repetitive lyrics and lame electronic, bass-driven tempo that puts ME to sleep.

          The track doesn't give me the inspiration to want to DANCE any part of my body to it as the production is too uninspiring to keep me at attention. Beyonce with '''Soulshock & Karlin''' for Soulpower Productions lace pop-influenced, deep bass lines that lack creativity or any kind of variety to them.

          Beyonce's delivery is also uninteresting, making '''Dance With Me''' rather boring. For me to enjoy this track is like trying to DANCE in clogs to that '''Crocodile Shoes''' single by '''Jimmy Nail'''. Beyonce writes a song about a man asking to DANCE with her, but her rhyming skills is mediocre on numerous occasions. All in all, I'm not feelin' this DANCE track.

          '''Rating: 4/10'''


          Produced & Arranged by Walter Afanaiseff

          Co-Produced by Beyonce Knowles for Music World Productions

          This is a soppy ballad song where I am more than likely to hit the SKIP button. The instrumental and vocal by Beyonce are too dull to be of any interest to me. The absence of Michelle and Kelly so that Beyonce can monopolise the vocals also contributes to the low overall score.

          '''Rating: 2/10'''

          13. EMOTION (3:56 min)

          Produced by Beyonce Knowles for Music World Production Inc. and Mark Fiest for the real MF Productions

          Co-Produced by Matthew Knowles for Music World Productions

          '''Rating: 7/10'''

          14. BROWN EYES (4:36 min)

          Produced & Arranged by Walter Afanaiseff

          Co-Produced by Beyonce Knowles for Music World Productions

          The production is an absolute disaster and diverts my attention away from Destiny's Childs subject matter. It is so hideous, it is indescrible even for a detailed reviewer like me, but ironically it saves me from actually hearing Beyonce's terrible lyrics. Kelly and Michelle's voices are completely masked by Beyonce's forced vocal delivery and squalid ballad-like production.

          I would rather get slapped in the face and booted up the butt*cks by an angry women with BROWN EYES than listen to this track in general.

          '''Rating: 1/10'''

          15. DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE (5:06 min)

          The classic moment of the 'SURVIVOR' album arrives as I become DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE with track 15, a fantastic moment of my jouney.

          Beyonce Knowles and Errol "Poppi" McCalla Jr. for Music World productions team up together, to craft the most dangerously excellent beat of their career! Their production is absolutely astounding due to a beautiful harmony of '''Latin American''' guitar strings that rage DANGEROUSLY through the song. I can hear various guitar strings playing at different levels, but the arrangement is so discrete and professionally done it magically fascinates me as an R'n'b listener.

          Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams provide the background vocals to complement Beyonce's and Errol's instrumentals, making up for a magnificent sounding song. However, acclamation must especially go to Beyonce because she really surprised the HELL out of me with this production effort. I wished I could listen to Beyonce lace a fantastic instrumental like this for many other tracks like Bootylicious to make 'SURVIVOR' a classic, magical experience for me.

          As Beyonce sings along the guitar riffs, she delivers a truly passionate subject matter about her LOVE of a man in this wonderful song. I can sense the genuine emotion in her voice and she carries out the execution of her rhymes with perfection. Even her hook is more than amazing enough to grab my attention instantly as she switches up the flow of her vocals to stressfully admit:

          '_....I am in love with you (in love), you set me free_....'

          '''Dangerously In Love''' is the best piece of music on the otherwise non-classic ''''Survivor''' album and that is no question. Destiny's Child should have released '''Dangerously In Love''' as a single and arranged a video for it, not that atrocious, worthless '''Bootylicious''' bullsh*t.

          '''Rating: ++10/10'''

          16. THE STORY OF A BEAUTY (3:31 min)

          Produced by Beyonce for Music World Productions, Inc.

          The band of Destiny's Child singers try to get introspective as they tell THE STORY OF A BEAUTY who was raped by a man but their rhyming is uncreative.

          The track also registers as boring and rather uninteresting due to a garbage '''fairy tale''' instrumental that doesn't fit with the overall concepts of the song. The standard of rhyming and singing is mediocre too.

          '''Rating: 4/10'''

          17. GOSPEL MEDLEY (Dedicated to Andretta Tillman) (3:24 min)

          Produced an arranged by Beyonce Knowles for Music World Productions Inc.

          '''Rating: 9/10'''

          18. OUTRO (DC-3) THANK YOU (4:04 min)

          Produced an arranged by Beyonce Knowles for Music World Productions Inc.

          '''Rating: 3/10'''


          'SURVIVOR' appears to be the worst record in Destiny's discography, standing at just two stars compared to all of their other albums that I would rate '''5 stars'''.

          Too many of the album's tracks are either poorly designed club tracks, trying too hard to make Destiny's Child act like POP singers or are just simply fillers. In this context, its mostly the case of bad songs being infested with self-centered subject matter or lazily written lyrics, sung over squalid beats. '''Bootylicious''' and '''Sexy Daddy''' are the songs that mostly enter the equation of clumsy club tracks written to a very lazy standard. '''Fancy''', '''Happy Face''', '''Dangerously In Love''' and '''Gospel Medley''' on the other hand, are some good songs that shine through most of the nonsense on ''''Survivor'''' album.

          I will admit, Beyonce does have her good moments as a beat-maker when she concentrates more on R'n'b vibe and I give her credit for that. But for much of the ''''Survivor'''' album, she gets over excited with her instrumentation, resorting to repetitive pop synthesisers that render her songs an abomination. If I put this into perspective, ''''Survivor'''' could have been a creative R'n'b album if other tracks followed the formula of those '''amazing four''', productive tunes.

          Granted that Beyonce would love to blossom as a producer in addition to being an established singer. But next time I pick up a new Destiny's Child album, I'd prefer to hear the instrumentals from '''experienced producers''' like Dwayne Higgins, Kevin Briggs and Wycleff Jean. These qualified beat-makers have the class and innovation to match the vocals of the three Destiny's Childs singers with heart-warming R'n'b production at its finest. This was precisely the case on ''''Writings On The Wall''''.

          '''Yo peace I'm out. Respect.'''

          '''FOR THA RECORD'''

          In summer 2001, I bought the 'SURVIVOR' album on an isolated island while I was on holiday in the South Pacific. I traded 11 coconuts and 99 palm dates in exchange for Destiny's Child's ''''Survivor'''' album priced at £11.99 pence.


          Best beats: DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE, NASTY GIRL - the only track whose classic beats is a true survivor!

          Best video: EMOTION
          Worst video: BOOTYLICIOUS - '''Man, I really HATE that stupid video single!'''

          Overall rating for album: 8/10

          Total marks = 89, 18 music tracks * 10 = 180

          88/180 = 4.9/10 = 2.45/5 = 2/5 = 2 stars


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            02.11.2006 01:29



            Hi! My name is Dado. I,m music produser end I play piano JAZZ end R&B. I respect your music.I have a song for you.Where i have to send my song for you to liste it. My e-mail ETROM@ON.NET.MK


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            27.06.2002 18:20



            Fab album - gotta buy it - Advantages: Best Album by far, Makes you wanna sing!!!, Great party album, unwind with the last tracks - Disadvantages: Beyonce does her Oooohhh.... and moaning too much


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            21.06.2002 18:05



            I like it. This album is thankfully not all about men, like their last two have been. It makes you want to dance, and promotes self-confidence and independence, especially in the songs 'Survivor' and 'independent women'. The ballads are sometimes similar to those that are on 'The writing's on the wall', but overall, are generally good songs. The best of the slow songs has to be the powerful song 'dangerously in love'. I loved it. Other than 'Dangerously in love', my favourite song has to be 'Perfect man'. One of the few songs about men, it delivers a message about not letting perfect opportunities pass you by.


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            02.06.2002 17:12
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Survivor is the first album I got by Destiny’s Child. I aren’t much of a R&B fan – but the likes of Jennifer Lopez I quite like – so pop/r&b lite is fine with me. Loving the singles from the album, I took the dive and got it. It starts happily with Independent Women, Survivor and Bootylicious. All three good tracks, but Bootylicious has tired (maybe the fact the chorus is played about four times at the end!). The other two are “shout-y, anthem” r&b, and two of my favourites on the album. Nasty Girl and Fancy are next. Two songs bashing about women who are being “trashy” or trying to “steal my shine”. Both are catchy, carefree songs that don’t break and kind of new ground. Which is good. The first five tracks of the album is the best portion. The next five sees some rather forgettable tracks. Perfect Man and Sexy Daddy are just like Nasty Girl and Fancy, but less interesting and less catchy. Happy Face and Independent Women Part 2 bring some smiles to my face with their cherry sounds. Both aren’t amazing, but are different, or unique, to the rest of the album. The other tune that gets lost in this part is Apple Pie A La Mode. Rather weird! “Cooky”, for lack of other word. Well at least the girls are having fun. The second half of the album, is “nice”. I haven’t listened to it too much. Soppy ballads aren’t high on my list of songs – although some I find brilliant. In the case of this album – the best ballad and top tune of the whole she-bang is Emotion. A cover, which the Bee Gees wrote/sang. Sung wonderfully, with a catchy bridge/chorus. Overall – it’s a good album. With six stand outs (Independent Women, Survivor, Bootylicious, Nasty Girl, Fancy and Emotion), plus three or four other “good” or “nice” tunes – it’s a nice one to have in your collection. But don’t expect anyt
            hing better than the singles – as its as good as it gets on this album.


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              29.04.2002 01:53
              Very helpful



              • "Most Material Heard Before Release of CD"

              Summary You know - I'm all about saving your time and mine. I put the summary at the top so you don't have to be subjected to my long winded analysis :). I received an advanced copy of this cd. As I opened the case, I rolled my eyes. No way in hell was I going to like this. In the back of my mind, I was thinking of all of the scathing titles I could use for my review (Destiny's Child - Destined For Failure, Survivor Is Just The Name Of A Television Show). After playing this over and over for a week, I have to confess, it's an okay cd. It's not rocket science however, if you enjoyed The Writing's On The Wall, chances are, you'll like this cd too. Who Is Destiny's Child? You've been living under a rock for the past two years? Here, let me lift that off of your head. Destiny's Child used to be a four member group of girls. Their names - not important. Just know that when they were pups (a mere 10 years old), the four of them came together in the big city of Houston, TX and decided that they were going to be a group. Under the guidance of Matthew Knowles (father to one of them, uncle to another), they studied voice and choreography like it was more important than readin', writin' and 'rithmetic. Oh and the origination of their name? From the Book of Isaiah. In 1997, they were signed by Columbia Records. In 1998, they released their first cd, Destiny's Child. The only single that you may have heard from that release was called No, No, No. At this point in time, they were still not known to the MTV generation. It wasn't until the release of The Writing's On The Wall, that Destiny's Child came to be known in the TRL circles. During the Summer of 1999, there seemed to be a resurgence of black girl groups on the MTV video turntable. 702 asked, Where My Girls At? and Destiny's Child sang about Bills, Bills, Bills. We were all missing En Vogue and
              The Spice Girls were just a little too sugary. When Destiny's Child placed their foot into the mainstream wading pool, we were eager to have a group that laid a little funk atop the usual pop harmonies. In March of 2000, scandal erupted and two of the girls were given the boot. I guess they just weren't "hungry" enough. Enter two replacements (i.e. backup singers). They were a part of the Say My Name video and really at that time, no one cared. Destiny's Child was a name, but the individual girls were not recognizable alone. Just as their popularity was going to the next level, another girl got the boot, reportedly because she was unable to keep up with the fast pace of the road. And now, there are three - Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams. Things To Know About Survivor As I said before, if you liked, The Writing's On The Wall, this cd will be comfortable to you. There's no extreme differences - you still get the harmonies, extra layer of funk, and commercial playability. What most of the cd is missing, is a feeling. Most of the tracks are just assembly line material. Take a cup of sassy lyrics, add a tablespoon of sexuality, a dash of funk, a pinch of commercial appeal, and stir. No doubt you are familiar with two of the #1 hits already released - Independent Women, Part I and Survivor. Independent Women, Part I, that huge hit from the Charlie's Angel movie soundtrack, and Survivor are both strong for their anthemic lyrics. You know the story - I am woman, hear me roar. Two of their other songs - Fancy, and Independent Women, Part II, follow in the same footsteps. Bootylicious, touted as their third single release, samples from Stevie Nicks, Edge of Seventeen. It's not that different from the two already released singles. Strong lyrics, lots of dancin' going on. I'm sure it will do well, especially the dance re
              mix that is sure to hit the clubs. The lyrics, like is the case for most of their songs, are lost in the overproduction. Instead of being in your face with men for all of their tracks, they make a slight detour and attack a female in Nasty Girl. You nasty girl, you're trashy, you classless girl, you sleazy girl, you freaky. What is a little strange is their outtake Tarzan impression taken from one hit 80's wonder, Baltimoral. Apple Pie A La Mode is slightly fascinating. There's a lot of talk/whispering in the beginning and the sexuality is laid on thick. Maybe I'm on a Sheila E. kick, but the first time I heard it, I thought of her song, Strawberry Shortcake. It is used as a filler much like Sexy Daddy is. The ballads and toned down songs, (Dangerously In Love, Brown Eyes, and The Story of Beauty) scream Monica material. It's a nice diversification from their in your face, anthem lyrics however, I doubt any of these songs will get airplay. Happy Face is a techno song that could have well come from a Madonna cd. It's actually my second favorite song from this cd. Although the lyrics seem to say, count your blessings, I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining, I put on my happy face. I'm living, I'm able, I'm breathing, I'm grateful, put on my happy face, I can find a deeper, second meaning in all of it. I won't bore you with that however. :) Many times in the past, Destiny's Child has been compared to one of my favorite groups, En Vogue. I've never agreed with the comparisons but here is where I will take back one of them. On the track Gospel Medley the girls voices are allowed to shine through. They sing with (in some cases) no instrumentation. Although I don't love what they're singing, I think it's something to give them kudos for. The only stand out track on this cd is the remake of the Bee Gees hit, Emotion. Usually, I cannot stand r
              emakes and please - of the Bee Gees? Slap me down, and change my mind. The production is stripped away and we are blessed to hear each girl sing a verse. Here's the track that proves that yes, they can sing and harmonize and yes, they may actually be talented. Sadly, I doubt that it will ever see commercial release. Not enough bouncing in it to appeal to the MTV/TRL audience. Some After Thoughts Beyonce Knowles could someday, be a force to be reckoned with. She had her fingers in all 14 of the tracks. Either she produced or co-wrote the songs. Even though we should all tip our hats her way for doing all of this work, we need to slap her down and say, "Beyonce, this ain't it." She tried to shove too many thoughts into a small space and she lacks the absolute pop hook with each song. While I'm a little more critical than you might think I need to be, I say this with a lot of love :). With the right influences and coaching, Beyonce has the potential to combine the dance thought processes of Madonna and the funk of Lauryn Hill. I'm not sure the machine can stop long enough though for her to do the maturing that she needs to get to that next level.


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                12.02.2002 00:12



                The destinys child girls have recently struck back with another album following up The Writings On The Wall. This album is called Survivor and I am sure now with the three members this is the final number and members now. Beyonce Knowles, Kelle Rowland, and Michelle Williams all make up this very talented r'n'b trio. They are classy girls with one hell of a superb album it's definitely great, I will take you through track by track to tell you a bit about them. TRACKLISTING ____________ 1.Independent Women Part 1 2.Survivor 3.Bootylicious 4.Nasty Girl 5.Fancy 6.Apple Pie A La Mode 7.Sexy Daddy 8.Perfect Man 9.Independent Women Part 2 10.Happy Face 11.Dance With Me 12.My Heart Still Beats 13.Emotion 14.Brown Eyes 15.Dangerously In Love 16.The Story Of Beauty 17.Gospel Medley 18.Outro (DC-3) Thank You TRACK SUMMARY _____________ 1.INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART 1-This is the fabulous song the girls did for the film Charlie's Angels, a song which got destiny's child even more famous with the great video and catchy chorus. 'Throw your hands up at me' were what the girls shouted if women were independent. Beyonce wrote this song herself very talented and it's a great song for women. A number 1 hit. 2.SURVIVOR-This was the second song released from the album in 2001, apparently this song was meant for the girls that left the group with lines like "thought i couldnt sell without you sold 9 million" quite bitchy but I suspect it was probably true. This video was good set with the girls on an island and having to live there. This again was another number 1 hit. 3.BOOTYLICIOUS-This song is very catchy and I love it, makes you want to get shaking your hips and dance. This is definitely a disco song and the words are weird though, "I dont think your read for this jelly?" bizarre. This was released in 2001 and was in c
                ompetition with Atomic Kitten and lost but still got into the top 3 (no2), still excellent. 4.NASTY GIRL-This is my favourite song on the album it's about a girl that is quite tarty and makes women seem like a low class and destinys child are the ones singing how she should give women dignity andpride. It's a different theme for a song but still great. This song has a sample, as does Bootylicious. It's a great song and some lyrics make you laugh such as "cleavage from here to Mexico". Hopefully a future single. 5.FANCY-I like the introduction to this song but then it turns different. I like this song it's quite good and not the best of the album but bearable to listen to while relaxing. 6.APPLE PIE A LA MODE-I find this song quite weird, it's ok but again not that brilliant, the singing isn't that good in it. It's to me not like destinys child thats why I don't really like it. 7.SEXY DADDY-This song is very irritating the introduction is very annoying. This is one of my worst tracks on the album. It is a very mixed song with a good beat just not very goo singing and music. 8.PERFECT MAN-I LVOE THIS! This is another favourite of mine, it was done for the soundtrack of the film Romeo Must Die and I heard it before and I have loved it since then. It's got an excellent beat, sound and also a nice theme. It's just excellent. 9.INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART 2-This is a terrible second version of independent women and it really shouldn't have been put on the album even if it was just to make it longer. 10.HAPPY FACE-This is a very cheery song and a great beat to dance to and it's a nice song. I like it because it isn't about love or anything just about everything looking bautiful and a happy world, nice to see a change of theme. 11.DANCE WITH ME-This has a nice slow beat to it, great for a slow dance. The singing is nice in this song to and everyt
                hing blends in well together. I think this would be a good future single to it's another favourite of mine on the album. 12.MY HEART STILL BEATS-This is a ballad sung beautifully by Beyonce. It's a bit slow for me but still great and a nice melody. 13.EMOTION-This was the last single released from this album, this got to something like no3 in the charts. I personally think they could have released a better single because this is a slow song and nice just not single material. This has a nice beat to it and singing again is realy nice. 14.BROWN EYES-This is a lovely song, a ballad but not a terribly slow one. Beyonce does most singing in this song, her voice fits the music well. I love the chorus it's romantic this song and happy. 15.DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE-This is an ok song, ver r'n'b, great singing, not my favourite song of the album but my friend adores it. The chorus is the best bit really sometimes Beyonce warbles too much and she can be annoying this song is proof of that. 16.THE STORY OF BEAUTY-This is quite a nice upbeat song, I never really listen to it but it's ok. It has good singing in it and is quite good 17.GOSPEL MEDLEY-This is dedicated to Andreta Tillman, this song is ok but quite annoying as I am not into gospel music but it's nice to have it dedicated to someone. 18.OUTRO-This is an outro of words they want to say made in a song. It's clever to do it that way and it's catchy.


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                  10.11.2001 23:12
                  Very helpful



                  At 15 I have to say that I have a small but very varied music collection. If I want to be relaxed and chilled Dido - No Angel does the trick ( Read my op about it ) and if I want to get up prance about like a Kangaroo on acid then I'll head straight to my Daft Punk - Discovery CD ( I've also written an op about that too ). But what If I want a mix of the 2? What if I want to be chilled and what if I want to dance to music on the same album? Well, why not the fantastic Destiny's Child third album, Surivor. I am not a massive R'n'B fan but my brother is so I have listened to half of his stuff. None of them really stood out apart from one band - Destiny's Child. This 4 piece American band may have 4 girls in it but forget girl power. These wern't your average girl band - they could sing, shock horror!!!! Despite this advantage they settled by having a couple of mediocre chart entries with No, No, No being their biggest at 9. But the girls, Beyonce, Kelly and the other two ( they never sang so how am I supposed to remember their names ) plugged on and they got their first ever big hit. Called Bills, Bills, Bills it had witty lyrics and one of the most addicrive tunes of the year. A no.4 hit beckoned. That was then followed up by the number 3 smash Say My Name which thanks to its fantastic melody as well as powerful singing by Beyonce is one of my favourite songs of all time. These hits were enough for me to buy their second album 'The writings on the wall'. The blend of soulful ballads and addictive melodies ensured it had a place in my CD collection. After 3 years of being together the musical chairs started and the 2 who never spoke went and in came equally quiet - but fantastic - Michelle. It seemed ironnic then that the new trio scored their first ever number 1 smash not long after with the theme tune to the new 'Charlies Angels' movie. The memorable lyrics of Independant Women part 1 as well
                  as 3 gorgeous girls ensured it was more successful than the rather lame movie. Who cant admit to maybe 'putting their hands up in the air' when the song came on the radio. Indeed it was the biggest selling song in the US in 2000 while we had to put up with Bob The Builder - Grrrrr!! Their next hit would come out at the same time as the album and also share the same name. Thanks to the catchy lyrics and an equally addictive video - mmmmmmm skimpy, sorry did I say that? - Survivor stormed to the top of the charts. Unsurprisingly the album of the same name did the also topped the album charts. And it was me adding to the sales because I armed with my money bought the album and eagarly anticipated the result. The first few tracks are great. Independnt Women part 1 is of course one of the best tracks, as is Survivor - you know what I think. Then comes Bootylicious which went on to become the next single. Even before I heard it on the radio I loved it and it soon beacame my favourite track. ' I dont think your ready for this jelly' are odd but equally great lyrics and I've never got tired of hearing them - Atomic Kitten and their boring attempt at Eternal Flame should have been way down the pecking order not at number 1. The rest of the album continues to be great. Tracks like 'Apple Pie La Mode' is a very catchy tune and should be released soon. Other tracks like 'Happy Face' and 'Independant Women part 2' are very upbeat while I think the latter is funny - The beggining to the track is great. I have to admit that the standard drops slightly as the soppy ballads begin to set in. Beyonce's solo is fine just not really very original. However, there are 2 songs which I like in the second half of the album and they are 'Emotion' and 'Dangerously in Love'. Emotion is their next single and it has grown on me like a rash, for the better though because I am now finding my self unconscio
                  usly singing along to it. Its the same for the latter track as I find it catchy and the songwriting is expert. I am not great at reviewing music as I am not sure what the adjectives are called - thankyou very much Ms Marsh. But anyway here is my definitive guide to each song and its rating... 1 INDEPENDANT WOMEN PART I * * * * * 2 SURVIVOR * * * * AND A HALF 3 BOOTYLICIOUS * * * * * 4 NASTY GIRL * * * * 5 FANCY * * * * 6 APPLE PIE LA MODE * * * * 7 SEXY DADDY * * * * 8 PERFECT MAN * * * * 9 INDEPENDANT WOMEN PART II * * * * 10 HAPPY FACE * * * * 11 DANCE WITH ME * * * 12 MY HEART STILL BEATS * * 13 EMOTION * * * * 14 BROWN EYES * * * 15 DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE * * * * 16 THE STORY OF BEAUTY * * * * 17 GOSPEL MEDLEY * * * * 18 OUTRO (DC-3) THANKYOU * * * * Oh yeah I forgot to mention about the cover. If you like the trio you wont be dissapointed although Beyonce ones again takes centre stage - not sure about the boots though, Beyonce. If you bought the previous album and you are expecting the same from this album you maybe a little dissapointed. The R'n'B flavour of the first two albums have been lost a little in favour of more poular pop. However, if you percivere you will begin to like it. Overall I actually prefer 'The Wrtings on the wall' to 'Survivor'. But if I could take tracks from the former and add it to the latter it would be my favourite overall album.


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                    16.09.2001 19:35
                    1 Comment



                    I didn't think it was possible but Destiny's Child have managed to produce a worthy follow up to The Writing's on The Wall. It kicks off with the anthem 'Independant Women Part 1' and moves onto a more dramatic version of 'Survivor'. The rest of the album is a more mature affair, with the saucy 'Bootylicious,' 'Sexy Daddy' & 'Apple Pie A La Mode.' Destiny's Child have moved on from talking about those destined to fail relationships on TWONTW, to talking about Friendships (Fancy), Self Esteem (Happy Face) and Abuse (The Story Of Beauty). Ballads make up a lot of the album 'Dangerously In Love' and 'Brown Eyes' give us the dramatic romance normally seen in the likes of Mariah and Whitney. The Bee Gees written 'Emotion' is reminescent of 'Sail On' (Destiny's Child 1997) and 'Sweet Sixteen' (The Writing's On The Wall 1999). The album also contains a solo effort from Beyonce, 'My Heart Still Beats' and 'Perfect Man' from Romeo Must Die. The album is definetly for those who love R N B/ Pop. Standout Tracks are Survivor, Independent Women Part 1, Nasty Girl, Happy Face, Dance With Me (very similar to Kelis' Gameshow) & The Story of Beauty. That's not to say the other tracks are terrible. All the other tracks are still worth of single release except may be Independant Women Part 2 which in my opinion is the worst track on the album.


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                      15.09.2001 03:48
                      1 Comment



                      Ten million records and one of the quieter pop-music overthrows later, no (independent) woman's an island in the Destiny's Child camp. But here comes the mid-life immunity challenge: Are they a group of occasional and accidental dancefloor geniuses, or the emperor's new bubble gum -- 21st-century shiny, but ultimately transparent? On third album Survivor, the DC coming-out party, the song kind of remains the same: When the girls are on, this is the kind of surreally and subversively brilliant top 40 music even the most jaded roll their windows up and blast; when they're not, it's a pretty bad day at the girl-band factory. Good thing Survivor doesn't tinker with the formula of 1999's breakthrough, The Writing's on the Wall. There's more bounce to the ounce on the 15 tracks than any R&B disc in ages, avoiding at almost every cost the kind of slow-burners which expose the band's weaknesses as a vocal group, or tempers its MTV-style attitude (the plodding, prom-style ballad "Brown Eyes" suggests the decision was again a wise one). Lead singer/ringmaster Beyonce Knowles even has the hubris to take control of the songwriting/production effort herself, ditching the high-cost talent of Kandi Briggs (who wrote "Bills, Bills, Bills") and über-producer Rodney Jerkins (who provided the beats on "Say My Name") for her own collage of dancefloor cut-ups ("Bootylicious", "Sexydaddy"), done-me-wrong shout-outs ("Happy Face," the bouncy title track), and all the sass you can buy. Being plastic has its perks, though -- one of them being that for every pedestrian R&B cliché that "Nasty," the record's token "Bug a Boo" (this time the gripes are with the ladies), or "Story of Beauty" offers, there's that moment of grand absurdity; like the "Outro," whose stuttering breakbeat and Lord-praisings might be
                      the world's first known attempt at gospel jungle; or the killer cover of Samantha Sang's 1977 disco hit "Emotion" that makes the Houston trio's slick commercial sheen infinitely more interesting than 99 percent of what's currently "pop." Most tellingly, there's an alternate-universe flip of the Charlie's Angels soundtrack hit "Independent Women" (here called "Independent Women, Part II"), whose new-jacked, jittery rhythms are straight R&B weirdness – Prince, if he had had diva training. Leave it to these Survivors to create the album's most transcendent moment from its most ironic.


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                    • Product Details

                      Disc #1 Tracklisting
                      1 Independent Women Part 1
                      2 Survivor
                      3 Bootylicious
                      4 Nasty Girl
                      5 Fancy
                      6 Apple Pie A La Mode
                      7 Sexy Daddy
                      8 Perfect Man
                      9 Independent Women Part 2
                      10 Happy Face
                      11 Dance With Me
                      12 My Heart Still Beats
                      13 Emotion
                      14 Brown Eyes
                      15 Dangerously In Love
                      16 The Story Of Beauty
                      17 Gospel Medley
                      18 Outro (DC-3) Thank You

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