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#3 - The Script

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Artist: The Script / Audio CD released 2012-09-10 at Epic

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    2 Reviews
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      04.03.2014 13:15
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      Disappointing album from The Script

      I loved the song Hall of Fame when I first heard it, but I couldn't listen to it for a long time, as it reminded me of my ex.  Now that I am feeling more myself again, I decided to get the album, as I had liked all the singles that I had heard from it.
      1. Good Ol' Days  4:23
      From the first few bars of this track, it is unmistakably The Script. This is a feel good track, with a huge dose of nostalgia thrown in.  It reminds me of something you'd start singing in the pub after a few drinks and it is a good start to the album.  I do like the idea behind the track, building up memories for the future, as it is those small moments that you remember, the moments that you think are normal can turn out to be life changing. When the cheering starts towards the end, I find that it kind of takes away from the track, and the ooohh, oohh that is repeated does get annoying after a few minutes, but apart from those small niggles of mine, it is a great start to the album.
      2. Six Degrees of Separation  3:52
      This was another single release from the band.  This is a track about breakups and dealing with them.  It is a slower track, which sees the band returning to their signature sound.  While there is nothing wrong with the track, I find it slightly boring compared to the tracks on either side of it. I can really agree with the message of the track though, when you are dealing with a break up, you will do anything that will help a little.
      3. Hall of Fame  3:22
      In case you weren't aware, Danny and Will.I.Am met when they were both judges on the TV show The Voice.  Danny played a demo version of this track to William, who wanted it for his own album.  Not wanting to lose the track, Danny suggested a duet, and the rest is history.  This is one of those songs that I loved from the first time I heard it.  I normally don't like Will.I.Am, but his presence on this song adds to it rather than detracts.  This is a piano heavy track, with a strong rousing chorus.  It is a very empowering and positive song and a firm favourite of mine.  It was also the first UK number one for the band, hitting the top spot in September 2012 for two weeks. 
      4. If You Could See Me Now  3:39
      This is one of my favourite songs.  It is quite similar in composition to Hall of Fame, but it shows real emotion.  This song is about the deaths of Mark's parents and Danny's father. The two sat down one day to write the song, sat at opposites of the room and wrote from the heart - and this was the result. I think it is a fantastic song, and I'm sure their parents are proud of them.
      5. Glowing  4:46

      Glowing starts with a positive beat, but while I keep expecting it to explode into something special, it just plods along. This is a track I usually skip, there's nothing new here. It's not that it's an awful song, it's just got nothing special to offer me.

      6. Give the Love Around  4:24
      This track has a rap and a slight reggae influence, and while I do like some of the rap influenced tracks from The Script, this one is slow and monotone, and doesn't seem to go anywhere. It needed a strong chorus to break up the monotony, but it didn't seem to happen. Another track on my 'to skip' pile. Shame, as the lyrics are meaningful, but not enough that I want to continue to listen to the song over and over again.
      7. Broken Arrow  4:34
      Mark seems to take the lead with the rap in this track, and it makes a nice change to hear his vocals at the forefront of a track. This is another rap influenced track, and while it succeeds where the previous track fell down, I do find the do-do-doo bits off putting and the slightly off key singing a distraction though. An okay track, apart from these niggles though.
      8. Kaleidoscope  3:41
      The band do state that U2 are an influence on their music, and this track wouldn't seem out of place on a U2 album; Danny's vocals even seem to echo Bono's style of delivery in the chorus.  This is a highlight among the slower, blander tracks that populate the second half of the album. 
      9. No Words  4:05
      This one starts very slowly, but builds in time. This is probably as close to a ballad as this track comes, and sounds like it has a very theatrical backing track with lots of strings accompanying the rap.
      10. Millionaires  3:11
      This track seems to channel Danny's inner Bruno Mars, with a high chorus and rap inspired verses.  It has a strong chorus, with some impressive high notes from Danny, and is an okay end to the album, but again, nothing new with this track.
      To give the band credit though - they are fantastic storytellers. So many of the tracks have their own story to tell, and it each track tells an individual story and conveniently wraps up the story in the same track, Some of the tracks such as Millionaires and Good Ol' Days, you can imagine the band sitting in some old pub in Dublin singing along with some traditional Irish bands, though considering their fame across the world, seems unlikely now, but it is interesting to see that the band have their roots in tradition and seem to be keeping their feet firmly on the ground.
      This album had real potential - the three of the first four tracks were great, but it seems that the band can't seem to keep up the momentum with the rest of the album.  While Hall of Fame and If you could see me now are stand out tracks, the rest of the album sounded quite similar.  The boys have hit upon a mix that really works for them, and stuck with this for most of the album.  This is great news if you are a big fan of that style of music, but for me, who likes a little variety, the album does err towards the side of boring in the latter tracks. 

      I wanted to like this album, especially considering Hall of Fame is one of my favourite songs, and I also liked the raw emotion shown in If you could see me now.  The second half of the album was very disappointing though in my opinion, and I would hesitate to recommend purchasing this album. 

      I'm guessing if you are a fan of the band, you may think this album is fantastic, whereas someone like myself who is more a casual fan of the band and went to listen to the album on the strength of one track, it was a slight disappointment. It offered nothing really new from the band, but they have stuck with what has worked for them in the past. It just seemed like too little effort after they showed what they are capable of achieving musically to have an album that is full of bland, similar sounding tracks.

      This album has only a rating of 38 on Metacritic, which means reviews are generally unfavourable. I think that is slightly unfair, but I do understand, when this album is good, it is very good, but the rest of the album can't quite stand up against tracks like Hall of Fame and If you could see me now (in my opinion anyways). I also wanted to write more about the individual tracks but I did struggle in places, as there's only so many times I can repeat the same things in a review.

      If you are still interested in buying this album, it is available on Amazon for £4.19 for the album and £5.49 for the mp3 version.


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        16.05.2013 20:57
        Very helpful



        The Script - #3

        The Script are an Irish Rock band who have been around since 2001 although their debut album did not come out until 2008. They are one of my favourite bands to listen to, in no small part due to the very cute singer and lead vocalist, Danny O'Donoghue.

        The band is made up of three members, Danny and then two other guys, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power. They really brought me to their attention when they brought out the song, The Man Who Can't be Moved and what I liked about them was that they are quite a soft rock band who are great story tellers. Their songs always feature a song and a theme, generally boy/girl stuff which I like when it comes to songs.

        The album is the third album released by The Script as is rather unimaginatively entitled #3! You could either say that this is a very clever title or like I've said above a bit unimaginative but anyway, it's their third and was released in the UK on 10 September 2012 and in the United States on 9 October 2012. This album was a Christmas present from my husband who knows how much I like them, very sweet of him.

        I like this album and I like most of the songs but I don't feel its as good as their other two albums, I can't really put my finger on it, there's nothing bad actually but apart from If You Could See Me Now which I think is outstanding, there is nothing that really stands out in my mind.

        If You Could See Me Now is track number four on this album and I really like it because it works itself up into a big finish at the end. It actually has a really nice meaning and thought behind the song. The song is an emotional tribute to O'Donoghue's late father - and to guitarist Mark Sheehan's parents, who died within months of each other when he was just 12 years old. Its such a sad thing to have happened to them but they use it and turn their pain into good music and say that their parents would be really proud of the people they have become and it makes me quite emotional as that's all we ever want for our kids in my opinion.

        Danny is now a judge on the UK version of the television show The Voice and maybe he has been spending to much of his time taking part in this as I felt this album is not as good as their other two. Saying that, I do think Hall of Fame is a great song too so maybe there are two outstanding tracks on this album! The track is a collaboration with the fabulous or should I say dope, Will.i.am who stars with Danny on the Voice. He's got a really cool vibe about him and adds some serious coolness to this track. The song is about following your dreams and making an impact on the world which is what both of them are doing and so its a very fitting track I think.

        What I like about The Script is that they actually write all their songs themselves so this makes them relevant and authentic to me and better than a manufactured pop band any day. They've written all the songs on this album which can be commended. The rest of the tracks are as follows:

        1. "Good Ol' Days"

        2. "Six Degrees of Separation"

        3. "Hall of Fame" (with will.i.am)

        4. "If You Could See Me Now"

        5. "Glowing"

        6. "Give the Love Around"

        7. "Broken Arrow"

        8. "Kaleidoscope"

        9. "No Words"

        10. "Millionaires"

        I felt a bit cheated with the length of this album but I'm not exactly sure why. Yes, there are 10 tracks on her but it just seems a bit short to me, I could have done with a few more tracks as it seems as if the album was a bit rushed but that's just my opinion.

        The artwork front of the album features qutie a weird but cool mash up of their faces where you see an image of all three of them but only part of their face and profile is shown, weird but cool.

        In conclusion an ok but not brilliant album from The Script although I am looking forward to the next one.


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