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Nothing Personal - All Time Low

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9 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: All Time Low / Audio CD released 2009-07-07 at Hopeless

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    9 Reviews
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      28.05.2012 19:46
      Very helpful



      A brilliant album, go buy it and have a listen!

      All Time Low a pop-punk band from Maryland, Baltimore, is comprised of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Jack Barakat, bassist and backing vocalist Zachary Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson they have been in the music industry since 2003, this certain album 'Nothing Personal' was released in 2009.
      Nothing Personal debuted at number 4 on the Billboard chart and sold 63,000 copies, making it the band's highest charting album to date.

      Nothing Personal features 12 songs, with top chart hit Weightless and Lost In Stereo, Nothing Personal shows perfectly All Time Low's poppy style but also there romantic and serious side, Nothing Personal is quite different from the bands previous albums.

      This album is most definitely my favourite out of all All Time Lows work, many of the songs are relatable and show a softer side of the seemingly wild quartet, 'Hello, Brooklyn' and 'Too Much' are my personal favourites and while they may not be as popular as some of the others, they are definetly they best!

      All Time Low have had several record deals but this album was produced when they were with 'Hopeless Records'.

      This album is available from Amazon at the price of £5.42 + shipping and from other good music stores like HMV for slightly more.

      Track List:

      Weightless- Quite techno-pop, same beat throughout, catchy and clear lyrics, awesome guitar rifts!
      Break Your Little Heart- Heavy rock-pop, lots of drum included, memorable chorus, a heartbreak song.
      Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)- Catchy beat, with an awesome guitar sound at the beginning, about mistakes in a relationship.
      Lost in Stereo- Epic beginning, all of their voices fade into eachother, good use of effects, awesome chorus.
      Stella- Very poppy, seemingly about a girl but I just think it's about alcohol and the effects, epic!
      Sick Little Games- Rock-Pop, but softer than their usual music, about missing people from home and how people are fakes.
      Hello Brooklyn-Very catchy and poppy, a great song about partying and travelling around the world.
      Walls- Great song, awesome guitar solo. About a relationship that a member of the band was unable to keep due to a lack of maturity and how he's changed.
      Too Much- Softer/calmer song, still awesome very drum based, this song is about having love in your life and taking it for granted so much that you eventually lose it.
      Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal-Involves a lot of guitar, quite rock-pop, about a girl who messed up a guys chances with her friend because she 'loved' him.
      A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)- Quite techno-pop, about a guy liking a girl, having a one night stand, this ends in him really liking her, but she doesn't feel the same.
      Therapy- Beautiful and heartful tune, beautiful lyrics which basically sum up bullying or anyone who has ever felt left out.


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        25.07.2011 19:02



        Overall I do like this album and I think its definitely worth a listen.

        I do like the album 'Nothing Personal', which is the third album released by American Pop Punk band All Time Low and which was released in 2009.
        The most well known song from this album, and perhaps the one that put All Time Low as a band more on the map is 'Weightless' which very soon after it was released in the UK, seemed to be played on every radio station, pretty much all the time.
        I really like this album as it contains a while different mixture of songs, there are really inspirational ones, but also ones which have a pretty sad side to them. All of the songs on this album (of which there are 12 not including bonus or hidden tracks) have a different meaning behind it and they are all written to get a message across. However even though the lyrics and meaning behind the songs are very different, some of the tunes of the songs on this album do sound pretty similar to each other as they are all very poppy. They also sound very similar to the album which was released before this one 'So Wrong Its Right'.
        Over all its a pretty good album though.


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        18.02.2010 14:12
        Very helpful



        Great CD overall


        All Time Low is an American Pop Punk group, formed in 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland. The band consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alexander Gaskarth, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Jack Barakat, bassist Zachary Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson. They formed their name from a song lyrics from the band New Found Glory, (Head On Collision). All Time Low was formed in high school and started to cover Pop Punk bands like Greenday.

        I love their acoustic CD. All Time Low is like the perfect band for me. I love Pop Punk and Acousitc music. They have great voices, powerful lyrics and amazing music. So if you have my music taste, you will LOVE All Time Low!

        On their Unplugged cd, they have the audiene in the background, this can be a good thing because it makes you want to sing along and it makes everything happy, but it can also be a bad thing because you might want to listen to just the band and their music, so you can look at it either way.

        Also, for every song the band plays, it gets introduced and thats quite nice. And for one song, they have a guest singer, I think her name is Kate. She has a very good voice and she sings some of the song called Remembering Sunday.

        Another bonus feature with this CD is that you get a DVD along with it! That means twice as much All Time Low! On the DVD you can see the band sing their songs with the audience, the out takes, you can select a song to listen too and there is even an interview. It's rated at a 15 because of strong language though so it limits who can buy this CD/DVD but I would recomend buying it if you are over the age of 15.

        The songs which are on the CD are:

        Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
        Coffee Shop Soundtrack
        Remembering Sunday
        Jasey Rae
        Dear Maria, Count Me In

        Each of these songs are all availible in their normal Pop Punk sounds, instead of acoustic, but not on this CD. They are just covers of their own songs.

        Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't); This song is about giving up everything for a girl and that he didn't know that she was over him. The boy really wants to leave her but he just feels that he can't. The song makes you think it's like a little teenage crush thing because the music pitch is quite him and happy.

        Coffee Shop Soundtrack; This song is about a boy waiting for a girl to notice him I think. I do not know this song very well but that is what I think. It also sounds like a very happy song and makes you wants to dance and clap along.

        Remembering Sunday; A bit of a sad song. It's about a boy losing the love of his life on a "sunday". She left him and he is trying to find her so he can marry him. The only thing is that the girl doesn;t want anything to do with him anymore. So after all the boy has done to find her and how much he loves her, she just told him to go so he says "I guess I'll go home now". I have to say, this has to be one of my favourite songs on the CD. It might take a while to get into it, but once you listen to the lyrics you find out what it's about and then you start liking it more. This is the song with the girl, Kate Voegele, singing. She has a very good voice and makes his song even better. I like songs with boys and girls singing from different view points, and this is just what this song does. Just an amazing song.

        Jasey Rae; This is the song that got me into All Time Low. It was one of their first songs I had ever heard from them and I loved it! It was also the acoustic version. It has to be one of their most famous songs. The song is about a girl using a boy to try and make herself better and her life better, but the boys knows what she is doing. The girl is also horrible to the boy and he does not want her to waste her time on him. I love the third verse because the lyrics are just so clever and amazing. I think most people love this song, for obvious reasons.

        Weightless; Another famous song with amazing lyrics. The song is about how not everything is how it seems and things will get better even if things aren't going your way right now. At the beginning of the song, they made a mistake about when to come in to singing but they re do it. Also, this song will make you want to sing and dance, it's a very upbeat song.

        Dear Maria, Count Me In; A very good, jumpy song. It's a happy why to end the CD. The song is about how amazing this girl, Maria, is and how he will do anything for the girl, like making her a star. He also sings about how good their lives could be together. I love it when CDs end on a high, with a happy song. When you hear this song, don't be afraid to sing and clap along!

        The CD case opens into three sections, one section is for the CD, the second is for the information booklet. This booklet is slightly different to others because on each page of the booklet it has the "best" lyrics of each song, well, I think they are the best, you might not. The third section is for the DVD.

        Overall, this is a great CD and I would definatly recomend you buying it. It would also make the perfect gift for someone!


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          18.02.2010 12:56
          Very helpful



          Average album

          This is the third and latest album from All Time Low, and my favourite so far.

          All Time Low are a pop-punk band from America, consisting of...

          Alex Gaskarth - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
          Jack Barakat - lead guitar, backing vocals
          Zack Merrick - bass, backing vocals
          Rian Dawson - drums, percussion

          They were formed in 2003, and 'Nothing Personal' was released in 2009. It's got a few good songs, and a few bad ones too...

          1. Weightless

          Definitely the catchiest song on the album. It hasn't got the best intro to a song ever, but it's the chorus that makes this song so catchy, with a good guitar riff. The vocals are pretty good too. The guitar sound when Gaskarth sings "and I'm so sick of" is one of the best things about the song.

          2. Break Your Little Heart

          A better intro this time, with a good riff from the start. I also prefer the vocals in this song, but the chorus isn't quite as catchy. It's more emotional than the last song, which is good for some. It's a good song, but I don't like it as much as the last song.

          3. Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don't

          Another catchy, slightly cheesy riff from the start, but some people like cheesy guitar. I personally don't, so I don't particularly like this song. Elements of it are good, like the vocals and drumming, and a little bit the chorus, but besides that it's not great

          4. Lost In Stereo

          This song starts with drumming, which is good, and is one of the reasons this is one of my favourite songs of the album. Before the first verse, the music is very good, with good backing vocals and guitar. This song has a very good chorus, and I really like this song. It may well be my favourite on the album, worth listening too.

          5. Stella

          This song is OK. The guitar intro is nothing special, and the vocals are alright, but not great. It's not a bad song, but there are easily better songs on the album. The chorus is a bit cheesy again, and I don't really like it.

          6. Sick Little Games

          Another average guitar intro. This song has a better verse though, with better vocals, but the drums and guitar still aren't great though. It's a nice tune, with a good chorus, but not the best.

          7. Hello, Brooklyn

          A cheesy guitar intro, but the vocals make up for it. The vocal tune is much better than the guitar tune, and the drumming is better again. A slightly cheesy chorus, but not bad though. Again, not my favourite song, but not too bad.

          8. Walls

          A sort of 'Amy Can Flyy' "scene" song, with almost 8-bit music at the beginning, followed by the normal All Time Low pop-punk style. This song is a bit different to the rest of the songs, so you don't get bored, which is good. I wouldn't like it if it was this kind of music through the whole album, as the 8-bit would get on my nerves after a while

          (8 bit is the style of music found on old Gameboy games, like Mario music)

          9. Too Much

          A much slower start, too slow in my opinion. Some people I know like this song, but I personally don't, as it's too slow and boring. There is hardly any guitar at all, and the drums only come in in the middle. The vocal style is slightly whiney and annoying, and I don't like this song. As it starts to pick up, it gets slightly better, and the chorus is actually pretty good, but the song isn't good overall.

          10. Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal

          Back to the original pop-punk high pitched guitars again, which is pretty good. This song isn't bad overall, good guitar sound, drumming, vocals, catchy chorus, good song all round.

          11. A Party Song, The Walk Of Shame

          A guitar intro similar to that of Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy, followed by not great backing vocals. This another slightly boring song that sounds too similar to the rest of them

          12. Therapy

          The final song of the album, and it's another slow one. It's not bad, but it's not the best way for the album to go out. It picks up near the end, and I quite like it overall, not bad, but not amazing.


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            24.12.2009 22:30
            Very helpful



            All time low Nothing Personal CD.Pop-punk band

            Nothing Personal is a Great New Album By The Pop-Punk Band All time low.
            Vocals and guitar done by Alex Gaskarth.
            Guitar and Backing Vocals By Jack Barakat.
            Bass and Backing Vocals by Zack Merrick
            and Drums by Rian Dawson.
            The CD features Great Songs and Bonus Tracks and are great to Dance and sing along too.
            It has a selection of 18 tracks,mostly New and also Remixes of Their older songs including,

            Weightless-[Maybe its not my weekend,buts its gonna be my year]-
            A Great song to sing along too and one of the most popular :)

            Break your little heart-[Im gonna break your little heart,watch you take the fall,laughing all the way to the hospital]-A Cheeky Fun song :) I think he wanted his revenge in this one :P

            Damned If i do ya(Damned if i don't)-[I think that i should go,somethings telling me to leave,but i won't,cause im damned if i do ya,damned if i dont!]-A Great sing-along song,puts a smile on your face :)

            Lost in Stereo-[Shes Dancing alone,im ready to go.but shes so lost in the stereo]-Makes you want to get up and dance! I Guess its all about that girl that all the guys are after :P But shes so lost in the stereo! :P

            Stella-[Your only happy when im wasted,i point my finger but i just can't place it]-You have to feel sorry for him in this one :P,But over all its an awesome Sing-along and Good track.

            Sick little games-[Im a sucker for their gossip man,i take it too far,i bottle up my hollywood and watch them name their kids after cars]-One of my all time favourites,a very catchy song,one of the tracks you could play over and over again and not get fed up :)

            Hello,Brooklyn-[Hello brooklyn,Hey LA,take the streets all night cause we sleep all day]-A bubbly song with fun lyrics.Another about a girl.Also describing the Cities that are all alive Night and day.Guys and their girls these days Tut tut. :P

            Walls-[Im gonna break down these walls,i built around myself,i wanna fall so in love with you]-A cheeky fun song to do with Falling in love when we were young,pretty much about what most of us all once felt like in our lifes :D

            Too much-[I admit,im still watching the days go by,and sleeping alone is starting to break me down]-The song is a Break to all of their Fun,Louder,exciting songs still being a great song to sing to and keeping a smile on our faces.

            Keep the change,you filthy animal-[I trust your good intentions,that your watching over friends,but you must think that im crazy,if i dont see through that grin]-Another Cheeky,Bubbly song :) The Good thing about their songs is that they manage to turn Glum,Usual situations into a Fun,Singable song.There is never one that puts your spirits down. :D

            A party song(The walk of shame)-[I took a walk for the very first time on the dark side of the dancefloor,lit a match just to heat things up,but i got more than i bargained for]-Pretty much about a One night of falling in love :P Or a one night sensation as the song says and in the end its all forgotten :P Again another awesome catchy track on the CD.

            Therapy-[A handful of moments,i wished i could change,and a tongue like a nightmare,that cut like a blade] I would say its one of The slowest but sweetest songs on the CD.Another break of the Bubbly,Cheeky songs.
            I would say its a great track to lie and listen to even sing along to.
            A very Cute,sweet song before the Bonus tracks :)

            Plus bonus tracks
            Weightless(The secret handshake remix)
            Lost in stereo(Cobra starship Suave suarez Remix)
            Dear Maria Count me in(Connect sets Acoustic)
            Coffee shop soundtrack(Acoustic remix)

            The CD also Features a Video of Weightless(on the road version),that is watchable on your PC and possibly your DVD player.

            All fantastic Songs :)

            I would Definitely say that it is a great buy and anybody who is into All time low or Similar bands would be satisfied with the product.

            I think their songs always put a smile on your face and are great to get up and sing to.I love playing the songs over and singing along most of the time,you end up getting up and dancing like an idiot too i guess :P
            My favourite songs are weightless,Lost in stereo, sick little games and Hello brooklyn but i guess it depends what suits your taste :)
            But overall, Good Priced,good quality and a talented band. :D


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              13.09.2009 14:43
              Very helpful



              worth getting

              ==All Time Low: Nothing Personal==

              All Time Low are a Pop Punk band that formed during their high school days, landing a record deal on their EP (The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End) with Emerald moon and in 2006 landing a deal with Hopeless Records. They are from Baltimore, Maryland USA. The Band consists of 4 members.

              Alex Gaskarth
              Jack Barakat
              Zack Merrick
              Rian Dawson

              Nothing Personal is the follow up from ATL's 2007 album So Wrong, Its Right.
              The singles for the album are Weightless and Damned If I Do ya (Damned If I Don't)

              They began recording the album during January and February '09, it was released July 7th 2009. The title Nothing Personal was lyrics taken from the second track on the album Break Your Little Heart. It has sold more than 63,000 copies and became number 4 in the charts in the US.

              Track Listing is as follows

              1. Weightless - 3:18
              5/5 Because:
              This track is great; it starts off with a slow-ish tempo and picks up as the seconds tick by. It has a good chorus, well catches the listeners attention. It has a great music video to it, played some days on Kerrang! The music channel

              2. Break Your Little Heart - 2:52
              5/5 Because:
              I love this song, its just got that real catchy rhythm to it, Great vocals and as said by many, including Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) All Time Low are a lot like Fall Out Boy and Blink 182, most people don't like that, but its just one band looking up to another, for inspiration. I think that this song is great and is totally a recommendation if you want to see what they are like.

              3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) - 3:07
              5/5 Because:
              This track has brilliant lyrics, and the beat to it gets your foot tapping. I listen to this track a lot mainly because of the vocals, they are just immense. I think altogether it is a really good track and you can say that this track is deffinatley All Time Low material.
              4. Lost in Stereo - 3:48
              5/5 Because:
              So far I have not found a fault with this album and this track again does not have a single fault with it, it has everything brilliant tempo, lyrics, vocals, drums, rhythm, lead and Bass. I think this is one track I would love to hear live. Backing vocals really give it that touch that it needs. You can tell by the accents of the vocals that they are a typical American pop punk band, but they have added their own little touch to their stuff and I think that's what sets them apart from most bands.

              5. Stella - 3:24
              5/5 Because:
              Now I really do like this track and I don't know whether it is the vocals or the bass or the rhythm of the vocals and lyrics that pulls me in, I just couldn't tell you. It has that beat that gives the track a strong pulse and makes it so you cannot get bored of this track, and I have listened to this track about a million times and I'm still not bored of it.

              6. Sick Little Games - 3:36
              5/5 Because:
              Its got a slow tempo to it but its one of those that gets stuck in your head and the lyrics are the type that you will find yourself thinking an it will bug you because you cant remember the name of the song...that's what happens to me with this one. It is honestly one of the best tracks on the album, the bass line is nice and sturdy and the beat tops it off like icing on a cake.

              7. Hello, Brooklyn - 3:30
              5/5 Because:
              This is the type of song you just want to jump around to, especially if you have had an energy drink a few minuets before. Vocals are excellent as are the backing vocals they set the track perfectly and the rhythm guitar is amazing, im currently trying to learn this track just for the fun of it.
              This track also reminds me a little of Yellowcard...without the electric violins.

              8. Walls - 3:11
              5/5 Because:
              This track has an extremely catchy start. The lyrics are like the typical words to come from a teenage boys mouth, research the lyrics an you'll know what I mean, not so much the 'I wanna feel so in love' part I mean there's a specific line which I prefer not to write.

              9. Too Much - 4:15
              5/5 Because:
              Theres a great tempo to this track, they kind of take on a metro station/Go Audio for this one, but add their own personal touch. The vocals for this track are awesome and the lyrics are amazing.

              10. Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal - 3:20
              5/5 Because:
              Now everyone has heard the saying 'Keep the change you filthy animal' before at some point in their lives, I heard it on Home Alone. So I thought it rather amusing when I read this track title, this track as nothing to do with giving money and keeping change , its about a girl knowing her best friends secret and her boyfriend wants to know because she has been saying stuff about him to her. The beat to this track is amazing and I would love to be able to have the time to learn this one but I cant get to the schools band room, The rhythm is great and blend well with the vocals.

              11. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) - 2:59
              5/5 Because:
              [Still haven't found a fault!] This track is amazing, I love it to bits, listen to it everyday, know every word and note to the vocals. This would be great if they also had an acoustic version. The rhythm is pretty easy to learn, I got it in 2 weeks, would have been earlier but one of my strings broke. The lyrics are really amazing, I love them, they are the type of lyrics I write all over my school books when I'm bored.

              12. Therapy - 3:44
              5/5 Because:
              This track has a brilliant acoustic rhythm that sounds great with the vocals, this band are [I am admitting willingly here, so don't laugh] a band that I do look up to in the way of vocals because Alex Gaskarth has an amazing voice and as backing vocals go so does Jack Barakat. This track has an awesome beat to it, it tops it off nicely. The bass lie when played on its own is a great tune. Deffinatley a recommended track.

              Overall this album is deffinatley worth getting, I have given all tracks a 5/5 but that's just my opinion, you could think different, you may not like the band, the style they are, the vocals but you will never know if you don't give them a chance, so youtube them.
              I think that this album was well worth the money, I bought it off amazon for £7.98 and I don't regret spending the money at all, but I do regret lending the CD to one of my friends, huge mistake, im getting it back but im having withdrawral symptoms o.o

              Also posted on Ciao under


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                21.08.2009 21:45
                Very helpful



                Go buy it, you'll like it! ;-p

                All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Maryland (somewhere in the USA I'm guessing); the band's name is lyrics taken from the song 'Head On Collision' by New Found Glory.

                They formed in high school and started out covering bands such as Green Day and Blink-182. They signed their first record deal with Emerald Moon Records in 2004 but before graduating high school in 2006, they signed a new record deal with Hopeless Records.

                Band Members:
                Alex Gaskarth - vocals & guitar
                Jack Barakat - guitar & backing vocals
                Rian Dawson - drums
                Zack Merrick - bass & backing vocals

                'Nothing Personal' is All Time Low's third album; it was released through Hopeless Records on 7 July 2009.The title for the album comes from a lyric in the second song on the album 'Break Your Little Heart'. I haven't been listening to All Time Low for that long, but for the time I have I would say that their third album is my favourite (:

                Track Listing:

                The first single off the album is very upbeat (and catchy as many ATL songs are) and describes the feeling of being fed up with a monotonous life and wanting to do something about it; wanting to feel 'weightless'. The singer Alex said in an interview with MTV that "the whole mentality of the song is like, you feel like you're stuck in this like, negative space and you just want to get out." and in the album trailer Jack said that the song is about not wanting to grow up and just wanting to be a kid. This is probably one of the more famous songs on the album and one of the best (:

                "If I could just find the time, then I would never let another day go by ,I'm over, getting old"

                *Break Your Little Heart*:

                My friend showed me this song and after already hearing 'Weightless' and liking it; this song is where I decided to check the whole album out! This song seems to be about getting revenge on someone or teaching them a lesson by purposely breaking their heart, which does seem a bit harsh.. But the tune doesn't sound malicious, more melodic.
                The song could also show how some people don't take love seriously, but more as a game and despite having a slightly darker meaning it's still a song that can be danced to and is more upbeat than the lyrics might imply it would be (:

                "I'm gonna break your little heart, Watch you take the fall, Laughing all the way to the hospital, 'Cause there's nothing surgery can do"

                *Damned If I do Ya, Damned If I Don't*:

                I would say that this is my favourite track on the album, at least at the moment, where I have it on repeat on my ipod ;) It's the second single released off the album and is of course, extremely upbeat! (Sorry for using this word so often but it seems the best fitting...) The lyrics reflect the feeling that no matter what you choose to do you'll be 'damned' and so you might as well do the thing you want the most. Also the classic story (well maybe not classic as in Charles Dickens...) that you still love someone who is over you and you've been trying to ignore the signs but you realise that it's hard to leave because they mean a lot to you. Classic unrequited love story then, and of course ATL manage to make the song so that if it is something you relate to at least the song that describes your feelings is a happy one! :)

                "How was I supposed to know that you were oh, oh, over me?
                I think that I should go, something's telling me to leave but I won't
                'Cause I'm damned if I do ya, damned if I don't"

                *Lost In Stereo*:

                A track about how a girl doesn't notice someone's feeling or even that person because she's so lost in music; he's intrigued by her but she's just dancing alone enjoying the music that she's listening to and can't be distracted and this is frustrating. He's obviously trying and failing to get her attention, I'd call it more of a lust song than a love song... The song has a echo-y feel and has one of those quiet moments before the final chorus that so many songs love to use (:

                "She's dancing alone, I'm ready to go but she's so
                (Lost in stereo, lost in stereo)"


                I'm guessing 'Stella' refers to the drink as the song is about drinking and how someone only likes you when you're drunk (and probably they are too), however Stella could also be a girl's name and how he knows he shouldn't be doing this, he should get home... A very cheerful song about binge drinking I must say, with a crowd of singers joining
                in with the chorus at the end :)

                "You're only happy when I'm wasted, I point the finger but I just can't place it
                It feels like I'm falling in love when I'm falling to the bathroom floor"

                *Sick Little Games*:

                A song about Hollywood, and how people thrive on gossip until they realise they've become part of it and need to escape; a product of being famous. Also about how people lose themselves when they're constantly watched and being
                famous isn't all it's cracked up to be; starting off doing something you love and then you end up thinking how did it happen to you. Perhaps a little more melancholy than other songs with Alex's voice sounding softer and the tune being simpler (:

                "If I play my cards right I can make the big time,
                I could be a reason to stare.
                Caught up in the spotlight, shaking from the stage fright,
                How did I end up here?"

                *Hello, Brooklyn*:

                A song that seems to be about how Brooklyn (and L.A) remind someone of someone they knew and how they want to escape in the city when they remember them, and when the world has ended (maybe just to one person) they can
                party it away in the type of city it is.. The chorus seems more cheerful (as in the singing style) than the verses but the song is designed as a more anthemic song with the ending seeming like a sing-along (although only one person seems to be singing...)

                "This city, so pretty, all the moon-lit skies will be hanging like a cigarette
                So stunning, start running,
                Tonight's like a knife which she cut me with her kiss"


                It's about metaphorical not real ones ;) About someone building a wall around them to keep someone away but now they want to break it down and are no longer scared to fall in love; they've changed and realised how stupid they used to be and how this person makes them want to change. Uplifting as ever and an unconventional love song :)

                "Cause I could break down these walls I built around myself,
                I wanna fall so in love with you and no one else"

                *Too Much*:

                It may sound insane, but too much of a good thing can simply be too much.. This track tells another classic story, the one where a couple don't give each other space because they're so in love and then soon enough resent each other and it all falls apart :'( This person is now lonely on their own and realises their mistakes, perhaps a little
                lesson for the lovers out there? This is actually almost a slow song, with a heavy baseline... Alex's voice sounds pretty different on this one (:

                "Too much of anything is too much,
                Too much love can be too much,
                We had too much time, too much us,
                So we fought like tomorrow was promised"

                *Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal*:

                A song about being fed up with someone being fake with you and keeping things from you that they'll share with others and then constantly put you down when all you want to do is know the real them so now you want to call them out. A dancy, shouty song for a girl's night in I think (:

                "So vindictive, you'll say anything you like.
                The smile you fake, the steps you take, you know you never could get it right.
                And talk is cheap so make believe, your secrets find the grave"

                *A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame)*:
                A song for a party or about a party? Both probably... So, you're at a party, you're having fun until you see your ex and things become tense, but then (by the end of the song) you're tempted and you're in love again, if just for one night. And that is the story of this song! (I love when songs tells stories...) Again a crowd sings and
                lots of 'Oh oh'-ing makes it easy to remember and enjoy (:

                "I make you come just to watch you leave,
                You walk around with my heart on your sleeve
                Don't sweat it, it's over now"


                The last song on the album (unless you have a version with bonus tracks...) is a nice slow song about therapy and how and how it may be needed but doesn't help... and how you may think that no one needs you. Do you need experts to tell you how you feel when you're so good at faking your feelings? The guitar is softer and drums calmer than other songs and Alex's voice is more shouty towards the end, perhaps a slightly depressing end to an otherwise upbeat album?

                Oh well, I still like it! (:

                "Arrogant boy,
                Love yourself so no one has to, they're better off without you"

                All Time Low's third album shows how they progress but still keep the same positive attitude in their songs (Or even a positive tune for a not so positive storyline...)

                In my opinion this album is their best up to date but their previous other two albums are also great so if you like this one you should check those out too - five stars from me its awesome!!

                A couple of the songs do contain a smattering of swearing but it's not too excessive and blends in well (for those easily offended) but I wouldn't necessarily advise parental supervision...

                If you like pop punk or just pop, All Time Low are definitely worth listening to and their popularity is ever increasing!

                And yes, there is a picture of them in their underwear ;)


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                  26.07.2009 14:38
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                  Below average

                  So, here we are. June 2009. The summer is here. Time again for more of the annual onslaught of pop-punk releases to provide the soundtrack for those long nights and lazy days.

                  Maryland four-piece, All Time Low, are first in line with the release of their third studio album and follow up to 2007's So Wrong, It's Right . Perhaps the best pun to sum up this album would be to say there is far more wrong than there is right on Nothing Personal. It seems they have tripped and fallen backwards into the pit that is mediocrity, (over)producing an album with far too much sugar and not enough sweat.

                  This comes as a shame, because All Time Low has shown in the past they are talented and capable of producing very good pop-punk that stands out from the crowd. It may seem odd bemoaning the pop sensibilities of a pop-punk record, after all the genre really doesn't have much in common with actual "punk" apart from the music's backbone. This type of genre is all about blending a pop song's harmonious simplicity with the energy of punk rock and its frantic tempos. When this formula is perfected and delivered, pop-punk can be a mighty pleasure on the ear drums. Unfortunately, All Time Low appears to have missed the mark by some way.

                  My main problem with Nothing Personal is the super slick, over the top production. Too many times vocals are over done with "whoa's" and double tracked echo effects. All too often simple synth lines are blended with electronic drum sections to make the sound feel too branded and fake. This is the kind of production you'd expect from Metro Station, and the songs suffer because of it.

                  Many songs feel like an extention of eachother, even when a couple of slow ballads are thrown in to attempt some variety. The band had always managed to provide enough punch and memorable hooks that made certain songs stand out on their own merit on each previous releases. But on Nothing Personal, I rarely got that impression.

                  Despite the many flaws, there are some moments of promise. Towards the end of the record, back-to-back tracks, "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" and "A Party Song" provide minor highlights. The former feels like a throw back to early New Found Glory with its breezy guitar tempos and memorable hook-laden chorus. The latter has a slightly harder and distorted riff to accompany the building rhythm section prior to a very catchy chorus, proving the boys can write a mean hook. It's a shame these moments are few and far between.

                  Opener and lead single, "Weightless" is nearly ruined with its super clean electro vibe before being rescued by the albums finest chorus, assisted with driving guitars and a bouncy post-chorus riff. "Hello, Brooklyn" is arguably the best example of the many failings on this album. Again, another electronic drum riff is joined by a stale and repetitive guitar line that would almost make you believe you were in fact accidently listening to Metro Station. It gets worse too, synth effects drive the cringe worthy chorus of "Hello Brooklyn, hello life, take the streets all night, cause we sleep all day". Need I say more? Lyrically, Gaskarth is capable of much better than this. Although never previously straying from the normal pop-punk themes, his lines had far more charm and sarcasm, rather than pure cheese.

                  Overall, this comes across as a big disappointment and vastly average. The days of ATL staples like "I Can't Do The One Two Step", "Hit The Lights" and "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" seem a distant memory. The band seems to have been caught up in confusion about what they actually wanted to achieve here. Despite the issues I've highlighted, I still have no doubts many ATL followers will still enjoy this release as their poppy moments have always shone through. But as for producing another stellar pop-punk release, this album has far too much studio shine, over used clichés and not enough raw punch.

                  If you're looking for a quality summer pop-punk fix, stick to old school Green Day, Blink 182 or New Found Glory.



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                    11.07.2009 14:31
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                    Slightly disappointing following 'So Wrong. Its Right'

                    Just in time for a slice of summer pop-punk action, All Time Low release their second album 'Nothing Personal'. Hyped up on certain blogs around the internet and by fans who loved 'So Wrong, Its Right', you would think there would be pressure on the band to deliver. In truth though, the younger generation of music fans are were likely to lay praise on this album whether it was good, bad or indifferent. In reality it is all of those things mixed together to produce an album of some good songs, some alright ones and some terrible ones.

                    Labelled as a pop-punk band, All Time Low veer way over into pop territory with 'Nothing Personal' and leave all of their 'punk' behind them. Although they were labelled as the 'new Blink-182′ of the pop punk scene, it seemed a bit unfair to burden them with such a heavy tag as many older Blink fans may have a preconceived negative view of the band thinking that no one could live up to the legacy of Blink 182. This album will probably cause a divide of people who either love ATL or hate them.

                    First single from the album 'Weightless' does not sound promising when led in by a tinny sounding electronic drum introduction. Thankfully, this is the worst part of the song, as an irresistably catchy chorus blows away any debris of the intro left hanging around. This is actually the highlight of the album for me, as it is everything that a pop-punk band should be rolled into one song and polished off with the perfect chorus.

                    'Lost in Stereo' is another good track, very much in the same mould as 'Weightless'. When All Time Low retain their rock edge with guitar-based choruses and catchy melodies, they are really good. But when they ditch guitars for electronic samples such as those in 'Walls', the songs are automatically ruined and all the catchy choruses in the world could not save songs such as those.

                    'Break Your Little Heart' plays like an homage to the pop punk of five years or so ago when The All American Rejects wrote memorable pop-punk songs and the likes of Sugarcult were still around making a decent career from the genre. The last three songs on the album do recover some sense of credibility for 'Nothing Personal', sounding like they could have fit perfectly on the debut album. Maybe this is the problem, pop-punk is a fairly one dimensional music genre and the fans of it know this. If All Time Low had stuck to the formula which worked successfully on 'So Wrong, Its Right', the album would have been much more solid than this release.

                    There is no doubt that this album will be successful, but after hearing 'Weightless' as a preview a couple of months ago, I had hoped for more from All Time Low with this release. Maybe they're just holding back for the return of Blink-182 and their next album...hopefully.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Weightless
                    2 Break Your Little Heart
                    3 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
                    4 Lost in Stereo
                    5 Stella
                    6 Sick Little Games
                    7 Hello, Brooklyn
                    8 Walls
                    9 Too Much
                    10 Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal
                    11 Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
                    12 Therapy

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