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My Worlds - Justin Bieber

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Justin Bieber / Audio CD released 2010-03-22 at Mercury

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    4 Reviews
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      19.12.2011 18:42
      Very helpful




      If dire songs from High School Musical, Kidz Bop, Hannah Montanna and any of that false Disney crap didn't slaughter Teen Pop, then there's one person who's burned it's grave and killed all the credibility it once had. That person is none other than the most overrated vocalists in the history of music: Justin Bieber. He was discovered on YouTube and quickly became a hit on the internet with his generic music and demented fanbase that ruined Teen Pop forever. He now spends his time as a Bruno Mars sound a like tackling paternity tests.

      My Worlds is an indescribable terror disguised as a collection commercial songs that will try and devour your children in the night and give them vicious nightmares and delusions. This is an album I've been aiming to avoid for a long time, but with close friends enjoying his music, I have a hard time staying away from his music. Fortunately for me my friends at my college class enjoy Ed Sheeran who doesn't suck.

      But the poor music is only a slice of my problems with this album and artist. I hate how he's become a world phenomenal and I hate what his popularity has done to YouTube. Everybody feels the need to mention his name in every video, especially in music videos. People are trying to avoid his hype and some people are just painting the hype and using their opinion on him to get more respect.

      Justin Bieber is held solely responsible for poor taste on YouTube. It's annoying, do you really have to mention him on every music video? The passionate haters are just as annoying as the hardcore fans. That is how bad his music is, it's influenced pointless comments and petty fights on youtube, which hinders my YouTube experience.

      The music video to Baby is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, but I don't see anything special on either the song or the video. I know the chorus is meant to be catchy and addictive, but in my opinion it's so cringe-worthy and too sweet. Ludacris' rap is dreadful on the song because his cameo is so pointless and adds nothing to the song but make the song sound even more disgusting than it actually is.

      For all I know, Bieber could be one of the nicest guys around, but as a singer I think his vocals are completely lifeless and generic. His lyrics are silly and cheesy and with even bigger cheesy production makes this album along with other releases by him almost unplayable for me. This is the first time I've listened to this album by him in full without skipping or muting. I hope it will be the very last time. Eighteen tracks... of absolute rubbish. I'm not going to go through them all. It will be too violent, your eyes will burn from the mere descriptions and anyway, all the songs sound the same and uses the same stale formula.

      This release does include those disgusting songs like Baby, One Time, One Less Lonely Girl and U Smile. The rest of the songs are no better of course. Eenie Meenie is even worse which includes a portion of ear bleeding auto-tune and shitty lyrics. And don't get me started on those mushy ballads that have no depth and emotional attachments to them.

      Somebody To Love is the best song on the album because I think this is the song that has the most depth in it, but I still struggle to listen to it because I find it lacks in so many departments. I feel like the melody is almost non existent.

      I'm pretty speechless. I'm amazed at how shockingly dire and how over-hyped the album is. It's inconsistent with it's track listing. I don't really have anything else to say about this album. This album sucks, all the tracks suck, everything about this album sucks and I will quickly forget about this album as soon as I published this review. Not only does this album suck, it opens the door for crappy musicians who will get shoved down our throats because they get robots to buy their music. It's already happening already with Rebecca Black who released an awful song called Friday and has since released two more singles and might stay around for an album or two.

      The most tragic thing about this album is how it's killed Teen Pop and the public's current perception of popular and contemporary music. When people think of Pop, R&B, Dance and Hip Hop they think of plastic rubbish polished by auto-tune with senseless lyrics. Teen Pop is far from the best genre but there are plenty of good teen pop albums out there, but there hasn't been an excellent one in years.

      The last thing I would tell you to do would be to buy this plastic garbage. If you ever see a copy of this album I would advise that you do either three things:
      1) Burn it.
      2) Run away from it and deny it's existence.
      3) Break it apart and recycle it's remains.


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        06.12.2011 16:15
        Very helpful



        No from me!

        My Worlds is the debut album from Canadian teen-pop-star Justin Beiber. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2010. The album is currently available for sale from Amazon for a price of £6.29 which I think is ok value for money.

        ~ * Track Listing * ~

        1) Baby (featuring Ludacris) 2) Somebody To Love 3) Stuck In The Moment 4) U Smile 5) Runaway Love 6) Never Let You Go 7) Overboard (featuring Jessica Jarrell) 8) Eenie Meenie (featuring Sean Kingston) 9) Up 10) That Should Be Me

        First of all, be warned! This guy is a bit cheesy...ok a lot...and very soppy, so if you don't like that kind of stuff, then you won't like this CD. If I am honest, I bought this CD out of curiosity and I just don't get what the fuss is about; I think it's his 'cute looks' that are selling his Cds and not his music.

        The music is mainly teen pop and dance pop, with a little bit of R n B thrown in.

        I think that a lot of teenagers will like these CD as they will be able to relate to the 'puppy love' songs that Justin seems to love singing. The lyrics are very cheesy and seem 'too grown' up for him.

        One thing which I hate about this album is the over-use of auto-tune! I mean nobody sounds that good and his voice has been 'played about with' far too much which is annoying; as I would much rather hear his real voice rather than a computerised version.

        All of the songs sound the same; it's really confusing. A lot of them are more about the music and the 'beat' rather than his voice. The songs aren't very nice; there aren't any nice melodies and the lyrics are cheesy.

        The only song which I like (to some extent) is 'Baby' although after a while it gets extremely annoying as it is quite cheesy. This album isn't original; it could be anyone in the charts right now. It is just a copycat and I think that he is trying to be like Justin Timberlake and Usher, but just isn't good enough (sorry to sound harsh!).

        I wouldn't recommend this CD!

        Thanks for reading!
        December 2011
        Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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          29.04.2010 13:07
          Very helpful



          A compilation of Justin Bieber's first two releases

          "My Worlds" came towards the beginning of 2010 as the debut album from Justin Bieber. So-called because it brings together two individual pieces, it is a compilation of both his first EP (from late in 2009) and his first full-length album (which dropped alongside this). It has the Canadian Pop R&B singer showing what he's about and what potential the 16-year-old has to offer the game.

          1. "One Time"

          The release gets underway in a strong fashion as we see that me comes and breaks out with the tune that set up his career. His debut single, it does a lot to show the sort of sound that he's imaing to deliver whilst backed-up by writing from the duo of Tricky Stewart and The-Dream (the latter being a Pop R&B singer who's style reflects Bieber's perfectly as we get something quite straight-forward here.

          **Four Stars**

          2. "Favorite Girl"

          Pushing the music on, we find that we're presented with more bright and inviting music from the artist and a little something that will appeal directly towards the teeny-boppers as we find that he gets a slightly R&B edge in what's given in the production and he uses it to launch his strong vocals and get the most out of them. It's not my thing, but I can see how more naive listeners can get into it.

          **Two Stars**

          3. "Down to Earth"

          You get a bit of a shift to the music here as you find that he takes it to a ballad here and escapes the light and energetic music that all are able to get down with. Moving on to more emotive themese, here we get the opportunity to see just how well he's able to work with with cheesy stuff. It really wasn't my sort of thing at all and I felt that it didn't really go anywhere for me, but others may see more in it.

          **Two Stars**

          4. "Bigger"

          The Canadian singer comes to get things back to the sort of place where they were a while ago as we're taken to more of the fun stuff and something that you'd expect a wide-range of listeners to really have a nice time with. This tune is amongst the best here and its injections of Hip Hop and contemporary R&B are what makes the tune as strong as it is (although he sings about things which don't quite seem relevant yet for a 15-year-old).

          **Four Stars**

          5. "One Less Lonely Girl"

          To support his light vocals you get a mix of an acoustic guitar and then more invited synth work that seems make for something presented extremely well, however the standard of the music doesn't appear to be quite as strong and doesn't really go anywhere all that significant. It shows how inconsistent he is as the standard drops once more and holds him back after it seemed that he was going in the right direction.

          **Two Stars**

          6. "First Dance"

          You get things pulled up a bit as you find that Usher joins him and lends a little helping hand for Bieber as he comes to do a nice song which speaks on his first dance with a girl. I enjoyed it, but felt that some of the lyrics were a bit too much and were hinting on other things that teeny-bopper shouldn't be getting into however this tune (done in the style of a late eighties to early nineties slow jam) was done well.

          **Four Stars**

          7. "Love Me"

          I really wasn't impressed by the way that this ended the EP when it dropped the first time and as it is here as the midpoint to the album, we find that DJ Frank E takes over the thing and he takes things in a direction I wasn't keen on at all. Sounding almost exactly the same as Flo-Rida's "Right Round" (which he also made the beats for) this is nothing but a straight-forward Dance-Pop tune which essentially covers The Cardigan's "Lovefool", but in a very unimpressive way.

          **One Star**

          8. "Common Denominator"

          Here's a tune used as a bit of a transition between the sort of things heard on the EP and then what came on "My World 2.0" and you find that with it you don't really get anything all that special. The thing is quite plain and has him singer more about love and how it's affected him. I thought it to be quite average here and didn't really seem to make much of difference as a 'bus' inclusion to the record.

          **Two Stars**

          9. "Baby"

          He powers through with what became his biggest single. Used originally as the opening to "My World "2.0", it features Atlanta's Ludacris on rap vocals, it's a very catchy tune and the sort that you're unlikely to be able to get out of your head after hearing it as he comes out with a bright and uplifting cut that gets you in the mood to hear what else he's got to say later on down the course of the release.

          **Four Stars**

          10. "Somebody to Love"

          The Stereotypes gets on the beats for this one and come up with an impressive tune to fit in with the sorts of sounds that have made for the best result in the commercial Hip Hop-edge music scene over the couple of years leading up to this release. Here you have a tune which really pushes heavily with its House sounds to give it a very European feel that I'm sure people from around this way will be able to connect easily to.

          **Four Stars**

          11. "Stuck in the Moment"

          Although this tune can be said to be quite strong, I wasn't to my tastes at all and so I saw it as a move in the wrong direction for him as he gets into an emotive ballad. I thought that the things was really far too predictable and has him playing up to all the expectations of such a young performer and it doesn't really seem to help the album along in any way whatsoever as a rather bland cut from him.

          **Two Stars**

          12. "U Smile"

          Here we get a track that Bieber had a hand in co-writing and one that gets him sticking to the same sort of place that we were at with the last one. Here he's joined by a piano and a few extra electronic instruments to guide him through as he tries out a little something different. He goes for a little Soul on this one and although it was received well, I can't say I thought that it was anything special here at all.

          **Two Stars**

          13. "Runaway Love"

          This is a nice tune and one that appears to pull things back after two tunes designed to slow the pce of the record up. I felt as though what you get from this piece is memorable and stands out as something you should be looking forward to when listening to the album as it sounds quite refreshing by taking you back towards a time long before he was actually born and is pulled off well.

          **Four Stars**

          14. "Never Let You Go"

          Johnta Austin and Bryan-Michel Cox take over this one with their signature sound and so give this one much more of a soft R&B feel to it. It seemed that Biber was able to work with the material well and he did a nice job at ensuring that he could pull people in with his strong vocals, but I have to say that the way it was done wasn't all that to my tastes and so was nothing more than average for me.

          **Three Stars**

          15. "Overboard"

          Here you have Bieber linking up with the fellow 15-year-old Jessica Jarrell and together they come to show what potential they have as young musicians with the chance to change the music game as they grow and get more backing along the way. I thought that this was a nice tune, but another cut that didn't really have any stand-out moments to make it a tune that you'd get excited over hearing here.

          **Three Stars**

          16. "Eenie Meenie"

          In knowledge of Sean Kingston's presence on this tune, I knew that I wouldn't like it and when I actually heard it, it affirmed all my expectations as we get another tune that sound like all the others that Kingston's done. The featured artist takes this one over and brings the standard right down by making things extremely annoying and forcing an approach by Bieber that simply doesn't suit what he's really about.

          **One Star**

          17. "Up"

          After going into a deep and dark place with the last one, it appears that things are brought right back here as we see that he comes to bring out a tube that teeny-boppers will appreciate as he offers a light and refreshing love song. I can't say that it was really my thing, but it wasn't directed towards me and so I can appreciate this and I thought that it was good that he kept things running well.

          **Three Stars**

          18. "That Should Be"

          Topping the album off as the final track on it, we see that here we're given a tune that draws things to a close and has him singing the sort of thing that you'd expect of him. Here he sings towards a girl about all the sorts of things he wishes he was doing with her, when in fact she's with another person. It does well for what it is, but again wasn't the sort of thing that I'd tend to get down with really.

          **Three Stars**

          This is quite an inconsistent piece for a debut album so although it may offer quite a few big tunes, the weaker ones prevent you from enjoying it in the way that you'd perhaps wish to. If you're really a fan of what he does then you're likely to enjoy much of what he offers here, however quite a bit was far too predictable and lacked the sincerity needed if it was to be a strong release.


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            04.04.2010 19:49
            Very helpful



            everyone loves justin bieber!

            Ok I admit it, I love Justin Bieber. Wrong? Maybe just a little bit. He is a Canadian singer who was discovered on Youtue by Scooter Braun who became his manager. His Genre is kind of like Pop/RnB and he vocally reminds me of a young Chris Brown.

            I first heard of Justin Bieber on Facebook, there were a lot of groups I initially being the Facebook addict I am joined a group 'who the hell is Justin Bieber' for fun. I had no intention to google him, I wasn't really bothered. All I knew was I could not escape the name. I thought he was some sort of 'Facebook celeb'. Until I was in bed one night and woke up to my sister playing 'One less lonely girl' I woke up, instantly fell in love with the song and asked my sister 'WHO IS THAT!?!?!' so I could download the song. She replied 'Justin Bieber' it suddenly all made sense!

            I am not the only one in my age group who loves Justin Bieber, all my friends are a fan too, my friends are in the 17-19 category. But I do think he is mainly targetted at younger girls such as 12 year olds. But you will always get a few older ones who enjoy his music whether they admit it or not. This is why he has became so popular and number one. The album has only 10 tracks. And this is his second album. His last album was targetted at very young people mostly but with a few great songs that I love. The new album is still suitable for children but is now targetting at a more grown up audience too.

            Track one - Baby feat Ludacris.
            Justins album kicks off with the hit single Baby. It has a pop feel with a slight tint of rnb from Ludacris. Justins voice sounds great and he glides effortlessly. It is an extremely catchy song and you will find yourself singing it in your head all day long whether you like it or not. This is one of my favourites.

            Track two - Somebody to Love.
            This song is more of a dancey tune. It is also very catchy and is about him wanting somebody to love, but is all rather innocent and this track is certainly suitable for younger children. He is showing his strength in his vocals and is all round a decent tune.

            Track Three - Stuck in the Moment.
            This is more of a ballad love song with a popish feel to it. With mentions of Romeo and Juliet and Bonnie and Clyde. It is a sweet song and some of his vocals are flawless, even if his voice has not broke yet, lol. It's not his best song but it definitely isn't bad.

            Track Four - U Smile.
            I actually quite like this song. It's either a hit or miss and is not for everyone. It has a pop feel to it. He is holding back on his vocal talent and the song is quite simple with a lot of repeated words.

            Track Fiver - Runaway Love.
            In this song he reminds me of a young Michael Jackson. It has a funky beat to it. Also similar to Justin Timberlake. He has definitely grown up since his last album but it is still very much suitable for children. I am not too keen on this song though, maybe it'll grow on me.

            Track Six - Never Let you Go.
            This song is one of the singles. It's a teen love song which is really innocent and sweet. It is more of a pop slowish song and is not very catchy. No idea why this is a single as I didn't take to it. You keep thinking when is it gonna kick in? But Justin's voice is a treat to listen to even if he is not showing his full potential.

            Track Seven - Overboard feat Jessica Carrel.
            This is a love song featuring Jessica Carrel, it is a very sweet ballad song. And their vocal performances show strength. It reminds me a little bit of a younger Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks - No air. I really like this song. Bieber does not step out of his comfort zone and this song is still completely innocent.

            Track Eight - Eenie Meenie (with Sean Kingston).
            The song starts off with an RnB feel from Sean Kingston. And is another catchy song and will have you singing along for sure. Bieber is more in the background of this song but Kingston is very energetic and steals the whole song. Justins vocals arent at their best but it is not needed for this catchy tune that will have you bopping your head, lol.

            Track Nine - Up.
            A pop song with a tint of rnb. It has slow parts but not too slow. I personally love this song and is yet another song I would title as 'sweet' it has a great tune and flatters Justins beautiful voice.

            Track Ten - That should be me.
            And the album ends with this beautiful song Justins voice has a tint of soul in it and here he is showing better range in his voice than his previous album. He is not holding back and this is a great tune.

            Overall this is definitely suitable album to buy as a present for a young person you know. It is about innocent teen love. And most of the songs can appeal to older people aswell, it is definitely an improvement on his last. Here are the list of songs I like from the Album.
            Eenie Meenie
            That should be me


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