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Lost Season 4 - Michael Giacchino - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Michael Giacchino / CD / Audio CD released 2009-05-18 at ADA label group: Varese Sarabande / Colosseum Music

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2010 18:11
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      A brilliant soundtrack that I wouldn't be without.

      Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino was so important to the TV series Lost that his musical themes were written into the script notes. Since season 1 Giacchino crafted a host of extremely familiar and haunting orchestral melodies around the characters and adventure. Each character has their own musical theme and some of them have been given several themes with mood changes. As well as the character themes Giacchino marks drama and poignant moments with his uplifting and heartbreaking scores.

      I purchased the season 1 soundtrack a while ago and was not really interested in the subsequent season 2 and 3 soundtracks. Season 4, however, cultivated my interest once again. There is some amazing musical moments this season and many of the tracks from this season top the mp3 download charts in their category on online digital stores.

      Fans of the show will recognise some of the most dramatic tunes on the album mark some of the highlights of the entire series. 'The Constant', for instant, is a spine chilling and beautiful reminder of the Desmond and Penny love story. The episode 'The Constant', incidentally, is generally considered by fans to be the best ever episode of Lost and the music plays a huge part in this rating. 'Ji Yeon' marks another profound moment in the show and helps to explain the tragedy and beauty of the Jin and Sun romance. 'Of Mice and Ben' has a thundering drama which encapsulates the significance of the mind-blowing actions of the character Ben in this season.

      The album has 26 tracks in all with the majority of them being fairly short in length. There are a few longer tracks (four to seven minutes) but most of them are under three minutes and some are just a couple of minutes long. I have to say though that when I'm listening to this even the short tracks have a big impact on me and seem much longer because of their emotional impact.

      Highlights of the album for me are the excrutiatingly gorgeous "Landing Party" and "There's no place like home". Identical in melody but performed on different instruments and to slightly different tempos these melodies make me feel like crying and laughing at the same time. The tunes totally sum up the meaning of the Lost story in season 4. They are musical heaven - stunning in every way. The tentative piano melody against triumphant violins is almost too much to take!

      Tunes like 'Lockeing Hornes' and 'Giving up the Ghost' have a sad and nostalgic feel, bringing back memories of season 1 and really returning the roots of who the characters are. Giacchino can really tap into what it means to be human and to experience human emotion and these tunes signify that magic and miracle.

      Some of the racier melodies which mark the more fast paced moments in the show I don't find to be as easy to listen to but they really make me remember how the action played out on screen. I would say that the tunes such as 'Maternity Hell' and 'Bodies and Bungalows' can only be appreciated by dedicated Lost fans and even then they might find them tricky to listen to without any visual media. They are also not really ideal for ipod listening as there are lots of ear popping moments that I find to be too startling! 'Locke of The Island' is an expception to this in that it begins with a racy, blaring horns section and goes through serveral quieter and calmer dis-associated themes (such as the Locke being hunter of jungle theme) before ending on a brilliant and startling section that marked the moment where character Ben 'moves' the island through time. It's sad, scary and invigoating all at once and really captures the suspense of the on screen moment.

      Overall this is certainly one of the best seasons of Lost, musically, since the first season and I would absolutely recommend this to any Lost fan and even to those who've never seen the show. For those looking for a taster listen to 'Landing Party' to get a general idea of what you'd be hearing.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Giving Up the Ghost
      2 Locke'ing Horns
      3 Lost Away - Or Is It?
      4 Backgammon Gambit
      5 Time and Time Again
      6 The Constant
      7 Maternity Hell
      8 Karma Jin-itiative
      9 Ji Yeon
      10 Michael's Right To Remain Wrong
      11 Bodies and Bungalows
      12 Benundrum
      13 Hostile Negotiations
      14 Locke-about
      15 There's No Place Like Home
      16 Nadia On Your Life
      17 C4-titude
      18 Of Mice and Ben
      19 Keamy Away From Him
      20 Timecrunch
      21 Can't Kill Keamy
      22 Bobbing For Freighters
      23 Locke of the Island
      24 Lying For the Island
      25 Landing Party
      26 Hoffs-Drawle

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