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It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5

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12 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Maroon 5 / Audio CD released 2007-05-21 at Polydor

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    12 Reviews
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      22.03.2013 16:35
      Very helpful



      Thanks for Reading :)


      Maroon 5 are an American rock pop band that have been around for quite a few years. The Band consists of five male members; Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Adam Levine, Ryan Dusick and James Valentine; each contributing to the band musically by playing instruments, but the most famous and most well-known member is the lead singer Adam Levine. The band originally got together in 1997 during their high school years; but it was not until 2001-2 when James later joined the band; that the band became more well-known under the name Maroon 5.

      Their debut album 'Songs About Jane' was released in 2002, and was the starting ground of the bands many up coming hits. It saw the release of 'she will be loved' which was the first song I had heard from the band and made me instantly think that this band had the potential to be a huge global success. The song was a huge worldwide hit; and catapulted the band into the spot light.


      This album was Maroon 5's second album and was released in 2007, and in my opinion the album definitely shows growth and welcoming changes to the band's sound and musical direction. It is still very much a rock pop album; but also has hints of jazz and blues and soul intertwined into the album.


      1) If I Never See Your Face Again:

      The track starts off with a jazzy feel, with the guitar riffs playing out well. The drum beat blends in well with the guitar and electric guitar sounds. The song tells a story about seeing a girl on the dance floor and Adam sings that he wants to rendezvous with her before she leaves. The vocals by Adam reminds me of a little of Prince and adds a nice sexy tone to the hook and verses.
      The electric guitar sounds can be heard now and again throughout the track, gives the song a 80's feel, which in my opinion is not a bad thing at all; as some of the best music came from the 80's. The song was one of the tracks released from the album, but unlike the older album version the track was released as a duet with Rihanna; which I think added a more pop element to the track to help it hit the main stream charts.

      Rating: 6/10

      2) Makes Me Wonder:

      The song is another soft rock track, which features more acoustic guitar sounds. The vocals are more classically Maroon 5, with Adam Levine singing about his thoughts of ending a relationship. The hooks and chorus are very catchy and has more of a pop element than a rocky feel. Piano chords are heard in the track, but the dominate sounds of drum and bass take over the track. The track has a nice emotional feel that is communicated well through the lyrics.

      Rating: 8/10

      3) Little of Your Time:

      This track is an up-tempo hip moving track. It incorporates modern electro pop sounds into the beat well, mixing the drum beat and guitar riffs into a fast moving track. The vocals are sung at a fast rate, almost speaking the words; but Adam does this quite well to match the bars and timing of the beat well. The track for me is a bit too fast and it almost feels like it is rushed through. I had to hear it a few times before I got the vibe of the track, and it did start to grow on after a couple of listens. I feel the track had great potential, but unfortunately it seems a bit rushed.

      Rating: 6/10

      4) Wake Up Call:

      This song goes back to the Maroon 5 I am use to hearing. It has a great catchy chorus that had me singing along almost instantly. The story of the track is basically Adam Levine finding another man in his bed with his girlfriend. The sounds the classic yet simple drum beats plays effectively, and suits the tone of the song. The vocals are again top notch making the song that much more catchier and infectious.

      Rating: 8/10

      5) Won't Go Home Without You:

      This is my favourite track on the album; it has a U2 'with or without you' and Sting 'Missing you' feel to it. The drum beat at the start takes over my heart strings straight away. The best parts of the track are during the verses where the drum beat and guitar riffs can be heard. The chorus is also nice, but the added guitar volume and the electric guitar takes away the best simpler elements of the track. Still it is an overall brilliant track that is essentially a love song, that also takes me back to their first big hit 'she will be loved'. The vocals by Adam are great, not too over used but instead uses the low key ranges well to communicate the lyrics well throughout the song.

      Rating: 9/10

      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ==


      1."If I Never See Your Face Again" (Levine, James Valentine) Length: 3:21

      2."Makes Me Wonder" (Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Michael Madden) Length: 3:31

      3."Little of Your Time" L: 2:17

      4."Wake Up Call" (Levine, Valentine) L: 3:21

      5."Won't Go Home Without You" 3:51

      6."Nothing Lasts Forever" 3:07

      7."Can't Stop" (Levine, Valentine) 2:32

      8."Goodnight Goodnight" 4:03

      9."Not Falling Apart" 4:03

      10."Kiwi" (Levine, Valentine)3:34

      11."Better That We Break" 3:06

      12."Back at Your Door" (Levine, Carmichael) 3:47

      = = = = = = = = = ==== = = = == = == = = == = = = = = = = = = == = = == = == = = = = =


      Overall this is a great album; it has a great mixture of funky, rocky, jazzy and poppy elements that will appeal to all music lovers. The album production is top notch, along side great vocals and musicians the album is a great triumph that should keep the original fans happy and help win the attention of critics.

      Overall Rating for this album: 8/10


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        18.10.2011 12:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A thought-provoking, magnificent album.

        Maroon 5

        Maroon 5 are without a doubt my favourite band. I love how consistently good and catchy their music is, album after album. There is not one Maroon 5 song which I would skip, I love how every song on each album is of the same high standard, each being individual to the next. I heard Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, say in an interview that the band write all their music with the intention of it being suitable for the radio however after seeing them play live I can say that their music has so much more capability than just sounding good on the radio. As a band they are solid and despite having one hit album after another they are humble about their success.

        I would describe Maroon 5's genre of music as pop/rock. Adam Levine's voice is so distinctive and unique that their music is instantly recognisable. I love how they have evolved musically from their first album 'Songs about Jane'. Maroon 5 really do 'move with the times' and their music is always current yet different to anything else out there. I have heard Maroon 5 cover an Alicia Keys song and they did it incredibly, putting their own stamp on it, as they do every piece of music they make.

        I have decided to review the bands second album 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long'. The overall subject of the album is definitely heartbreak, however each song has a different perspective on heartbreak. I will give a brief description of each track and why I like it.

        It Won't Be Soon Before Long.

        1. If I Never See Your Face Again

        The first time I heard the catchy guitar intro to this song I was immediately hooked. Maroon 5 later on made this song into a duet with Rihanna which just improved it further.
        The song is upbeat and definitely has that Maroon 5 pop edge. I like it this because the chorus is so catchy and you just have to sing along. There is a jazz vibe to this song which makes it a great song to dance to.
        The song is about meeting somebody , hitting it off and then thinking well if I never see them again it doesn't matter because I never expected to get this far with them.

        2. Makes Me Wonder

        This song was released as a single by Maroon 5, it also has a catchy intro. It is a fast beat song about losing faith in someone and then wondering if you ever really cared about them at all. This is another song which is really easy to dance and sing along to.
        The bridge is so catchy and Adam's voice sounds great on the track, especially on the chorus when he goes into a higher pitch.

        3. Little Of Your Time

        This song seems a little rushed when you first listen to it as the instrumentals seem to be moving faster than the vocals. However once you listen to it a few times you get the impression that the rushed feel is intentional to fit in with the lyrics.
        The song is about needing a little of your time to explain things that have never been said. I like this song because it cleverly combines rock and pop to perfection.

        4. Wake Up Call

        This song tells a great story, Adam Levine sings about catching his girlfriend in bed with another man and then shooting him dead. Even though the subject might sound a bit severe, the song is really light hearted and fun to listen to. It is not quite as intense as Rihanna's song on a similar subject 'Man Down'.
        The song is really upbeat and I like it because it has a 'boppy' beat to it which is really easy to get into.

        5. Won't Go Home Without You

        I love this song, it was released as a single and the music video is great too. The song is about hoping that a relationship isn't in fact over and that there is a chance you can home together. Despite the title, the song makes it clear that the relationship is over. The lyrics in this song are vulnerable as Adam Levine is begging for another chance to make things right.
        This song is one that you can listen to over and over, the chorus is catchy and the sing along aspect is definitely there.

        6. Nothing Lasts Forever

        It is sad but its true, nothing lasts forever, well according to this song anyway. I don't agree that nothing can last forever but I do like this song. It is one of the slower paced songs on the album and it is about yet more heartbreak.
        This song is a beautiful interpretation of letting go of a relationship. It is covers all the emotions and thoughts of letting go of someone and it is quite an emotional song.

        7. Can't Stop

        This song is so uplifting and has such a great guitar instrumental behind it. Adam Levine's voice really suits this kind of upbeat tune. The lyrics are about not being able to stop thinking about someone and their love.
        I like this song because out of all the songs on the album, this is one which you can listen to and it really makes you feel good.

        8. Goodnight Goodnight

        The guitar intro of this song reminds me of a Daughtry song almost. It isn't a ballad yet it isn't fast paced at all and the lyrics are very apologetic. On the lyric where Goodnight is repeated 4 times, a heavy electric guitar comes in and makes it sound incredible.
        The song is about breaking up with someone 'Goodnight Goodnight' and hoping that things turn out okay for them. All the songs on this album are on this similar subject so it is a good break up album to listen to, just with a Maroon 5 edge.

        9. Not Falling Apart

        This song starts off with a strong drum beat and a 'wooooo'. This 'wooooo' is used quite a bit throughout the song and I like it but I think the song would work just as well without it.
        The verses are quite subdued and then the in the chorus they really go for it with the vocals and the instrumentals.
        The song is about not falling apart after someone has walked out even though it is hard to walk and talk without them, the lyrics are really lovely and heartfelt.

        10. Kiwi

        This song is very passionate and the lyrics are rather suggestive. The beat to the song is great and there is some kind of electric guitar jam session towards the end of the song which is insanely good.
        I love the pitch of Adam Levine's voice in this song, it really shows off his vocal capability. This is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album just for the feel good factor.

        11. Better That We Break

        This is an Adam Levine ballad at its finest. I say ballad but in Maroon 5 terms this still has a rock edge to it. Adam sings about being in pain and how things are harder every day but maybe it is better that we break.
        I love listening to this song when I am driving as it is one that you can really listen to over and over. It tells a story of heartbreak, as do a lot of Maroon 5's songs, however this song is memorable mainly due to Adam's amazing vocals.

        12. Back At Your Door

        The final song has a jazz ballad feel to it. You can imagine Maroon 5 performing this live when you hear it with a big band. Adam Levine's voice sounds divine as he sings about not being able to stay away and winding up back at your door.
        This song is a perfect way to end the album, I like it because it is relaxed and chilled yet there is a lot of emotion in the song which can be felt through the big notes and dramatic instrumentals.

        I just wish there were more tracks!

        Overall Opinion

        I love this album. I can listen to it no matter what mood I am in or what time of day it is and it will always brighten me up. I love how Maroon 5 write all of their own songs and you can really tell through the passion in their lyrics. The songs are so polished and as a fan I feel like so much effort has been put into making this album what it is.

        I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of good music. When I went to see them in concert recently there was such a range of people there, from children to grandparents. This just shows that their music reaches out to so many people and anyone can like it.

        You can download the album from iTunes and other music download stores for no more than £10. Alternatively you can pick a copy of the CD up in a supermarket or music store for around the same price.

        Thank you for reading!

        Review also on Ciao under luceey.


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          04.07.2011 13:22



          Not my favourite

          I had bought the previous album- songs for Jane - and really liked it so when this album came out I bought it before hearing more than the first released song.

          The type of music is a faster pace in this one and slightly less indie really. It is more on the rock side.
          There are some very good songs but then in contrast their are some very poor songs.

          I can't listen to the whole album in one sitting as it tends to be a bit samey and gets boring after the first three songs!

          This is a disappointment as the previous album was so good and there are some good songs. to overcome this I have imported the songs to my iTunes account and just put the songs I like on my iPhone.
          These ones including wake up call and won't go home without you.
          It is a shame that the album isn't as good but it would take a lot of beating. Maybe the future of Maroon 5 will be better and we can look forward to better songs then.


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          21.09.2010 18:56



          Great album, great songs, buy it!

          Maroon 5 are, and have been one of my favourite bands for quite a while now. I first began to like them because of the album "songs about Jane", and I couldn't wait for this album. I wasn't let down. I know that this album is a good few years old now, but I can't help but review it, I love it and even if I only persuade 1 person to buy it because of this, it will have been a success.
          One of my favourite aspects of the album is the way that there is such a diverse mix of songs to choose from. There are more slow, reflectful ones, like goodnight goodnight, and then a fantastic one to give you an adrenaline boost comes out of nowhere (Can't stop!). I think that the band really got the right mix of the right types of songs in here, and the right amounts too.
          Then there is the feelings which the album as a whole gives you. Any album can make you think, but only the special ones, this one included, have the ability to completely change your mood, even hours after listening to the last song from it. The lyrics are superb and the theme and tune of the song seems to fit in with them perfectly, creating a very catchy but clever bunch of songs, all throw in there together.
          To end on then, this album may be old now, but my god it's worth a listen in you can spare just a few pounds on it now (can't be much) and it will provide hours of listening, even if you are not someone who would regard themselves as a fan. But this album, you will not be disappointed!


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          25.08.2009 13:14
          Very helpful



          Good pop/rock music that is not bland like music from many similar artists.

          Having been very impressed with "Songs About Jane" there was never much doubt that I would purchase "It Won't Be Soon Before Long".

          I have to say that whilst this album does not quite reach the highs of the previous album it is still packed with good songs. There are few weak links if any. There are not as many stand out tracks this time around. The big hit "Makes Me Wonder" is the best track in my opinion. The other UK hit singles "If I Never See Your Face Again" and "Wake Up Call" are perhaps not quite on a par with the first single but are still good enough to have achieved higher chart positions than they did, especially the latter track.

          "Won't Go Home Without You" surprisingly failed to make the Top 40 in either the UK or US but is also a quality track. I also like the rockier edge of "Can't Stop" and would like to see them come up with more tracks like this.

          If you prefer something a little slower or more mellow then "Goodnight Goodnight" is the track for you although I wouldn't quite describe it as a ballad. That description would perhaps be more appropriate for the soothing "Better That We Break" or "Back At Your Door".

          It would be easy to dismiss this album as bland simply because there are many bands around who aim their product at a similar market, but there is a consistency throughout this album that others will find difficult to match.

          The number of tracks and length of the album is just about right. I often find myself pressing the fast forward button on the latter tracks of many albums but that is not the case with this one. Often bonus tracks are poor but "Until You're Over Me" in particular is actually quite good. There may even be a brief hint of Prince in Levine's vocals on that track.

          I expect Maroon 5 to be around as a successful act for some time to come if they can continue to produce music of this standard.

          Overall this is an album well worth buying. If you like "Songs About Jane" you will like this.


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          29.06.2009 20:56



          A perfect blend of pop and rock, edgy dancier numbers and chilled out ballads.

          Following the success and critical acclaim of their first album, Songs about Jane, Maroon 5's follow up, It wont be soon before too long, was sure to come under scrutiny. However, the band delivered, what I believe to be, an even better album. Each song could be a single in it's own right and shows how the band have developed and matured in the couple of years they were absent from the charts. Lead singer Adam Levine's vocals are pleasing to the ear and can dictate both anger on 'Wake up call' seemingly about a cheating partner, and an emotional poignancy on the aptly-named break up song 'Better that we break'. The album features 4 top 10 singles and was number 1 in the UK album chart and the American billboard top 100. With a cross-over rock/pop sound and a consistency of great songs, Maroon 5 perhaps don't get the credit they deserve as one of the greatest bands of this generation.


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          04.06.2009 10:14
          Very helpful



          Maroon 5's second album

          Headed by Adam Levine as the lead vocalist, Maroon 5 released their second album in 2007. "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" follows on from the Alternative Rock band's impressive debut with "Songs About Jane", which had them show how they could bring in elements of Funk, Soul and Pop to make something which will literally appeal to all audiences.

          1. "If I Never See Your Face Again"

          To get this album under way you have them getting funky with it to remind you of why you probably liked them when they broke through into the game back in 2002 (as Maroon 5 - as opposed to when they were known as Kara's Flowers). It is a big tune to get thing going, and you are bound to like it if you were into the up-tempo tracks from their debut.

          **Four Stars**

          2. "Makes Me Wonder"

          This was the lead single from the album, and this, more than many other song by them finds them getting down with Funk. They go right back to the seventies style of the genre and even push a little Disco into things to make you feel as though you have been taken into this decade. It is a killer song, and had them return back to top form after waiting a good five years for new material.

          **Five Stars**

          3. "Little Of Your Time"

          This song is a short one, yet in just over two minutes you are drawn in by the catchiness of this song immediately. This one has them showing how well-developed their skills at constructing songs is, to a degree where they know exactly what they need to do to excite the listeners and get you grooving with them.

          **Four Stars**

          4. "Wake Up Call"

          This was one of the key singles from the album, and a tune which shows them at their absolute top standard with them doing a funky tune which has Adam Levine do song about finding his girl with another man. It is incredible how they come up with such a banger out of the content of the lyrics. I don't know where anyone could possibly pick up on a fault in this.

          **Five Stars**

          5. "Won't Go Home Without You"

          Honestly, I really wasn't into this song as I thought that it sounded like such a generic song in the album and as we get to around the mid-point in the release it seems that they are just going for the straight-forward work. It doesn't show enough of their originality, and I felt as though I lots them as they performed this song.

          **Two Stars**

          6. "Nothing Lasts Forever"

          If you recognise much of the song, but can't quite place it, this is because the hook of it was adapted from a track which had Adam Levine collaborate with Kanye West. I have to say that I wasn't really that keen on "Heard 'Em Say", however I would have to say that as it wasn't too far from it (obviously with just the absence of the rap), butt was an improvement upon the tune off Kanye's "Late Registration" album.

          **Three Stars**

          7. "Can't Stop"

          This is a big track on the album and really stands out when it comes directly off the back of the low-tempo tunes prior to it. T one is quite clearly based in the Funk Rock style, and it appears that they have chosen to go back to the type of thing which made them appeal to such a wide range of listeners. If you liked the lead single, "Makes Me Wonder", then this is for you too.

          **Four Stars**

          8. Goodnight Goodnight"

          You have hem return to the samey things which you got a couple of tracks prior to it, it wasn't really saying a lot and I would have to say that really it wasn't something I was likely to remember after having heard it through, even n a few occasions. There isn't a lot to make it stand out, and it suffers greatly as a result.

          **Two Stars**

          9. "Not Falling Apart"

          The pace is increased slightly on this one and it appears that they are attempting to show how free the labelled as an Alternative Rock band gives them, as this lack of restriction gives them the chance to do something experimental as this is. I wouldn't say that it is something which I would necessary listen to, but it is a decent one, and a gentle, one to act as a short breather.

          **Three Stars**

          10. "Kiwi"

          This is a freaky little tune from them which has them showing how diverse they can be with their jazzy Funk side of their material as they bring much of it in to the modern day with their original way of manipulating it with lots of electronic elements. It reminds me of the original take on Funk which Jamiroquai brought to us in the nineties.

          **Four Stars**

          11. "Better That We Break"

          As we get towards the end of the album we have a song which has the band do a little something different, yet again, as they try out one which uses their typical instruments, but just using them in a way which they don't tend to on the normal tracks from them. I would have to say that this backing made it a pretty straightforward one, but the song was powerful.

          **Three Stars**

          12. "Back At Your Door"

          To end it all off we have a track which reminds me a lot of the type of thing which was found on their debut, in terms of the lyrical content). It is a slower one and it seems to contrast from a lot of the other tunes on the album. This ne has you swaying along to the emotive song from Levine, and it is guaranteed to bring you right into, but it wasn't really my type of thing.

          **Three Stars**

          I saw this as a good follow-up from their debut release, and I thought that it had similar qualities to "Song About Jane" in that it is highly diverse and the variation allows them to bring in a variety of differing styles to drive the music within the album. It is fairly inconsistent, but you can excuse this with the good ones all killers.


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            24.07.2008 11:55
            Very helpful



            A nice sophomore album from Maroon 5

            I feel this was a good follow up to songs about jane.Even though songs about jane had a lot more catchier songs and sounds on it I dont think this new album of maroon 5 disappoints. My favourite track on the album is back at your door,i think this is just one of the tracks that shows and highlights how maroon 5 have progressed both lyrically and musically.
            Everyone knows Maroon 5 are distinctive and instantaneously recognisible,and I feel this album just raised there game even more,it showed you a more mature side to the group.
            The album is good and enjoyable to listen to,but as usual there is always a song that you dont like and for me I felt it was makes me wonder - track 2,I felt this song was a bit too mainstream and I honestly felt it was a poor display of maroon 5 trying to produe a top ten pop song. Apart from a couple of minor glitches though the album is good and worth listening to. Thereds bound to be a song on there that you love and one that you just cant stand


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              23.07.2008 07:44



              An excellent listen with not many low points

              Although their first album, "Songs about Jane", seemed to be catchier sounding in a lot of respects, their second - "It Won't be soon before Long" (which is a bizarrely appealing title but still seems wrong to me somehow) captured me more. I think that they were a little ballsier about their lyrics this time. Whereas there was a handful of tracks in Songs About Jane that I loved, I have to say there were more that I grew to loathe. This hasn't really happened to me here with this one and while nothing has dazzled me to quite the same extent as some of the better tracks from the first album, I can safely say there isn't a track here that has downright irritated me. The first track on the album, "If I never see your face again", may be my favourite track and it just reels me right into the album, setting me up for the entire listen. I don't have to cherry pick the songs I like on this one... it's just a start to finish job, which is becoming increasingly rare for me with albums these days.


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              16.05.2008 12:49



              A decent effort from the American lads, worth a listen

              Soft Rock seems to be back In fashion nowadays and no-one embodies this as much for me as Maroon 5, Having heard their first album and thinking it was ok, I was intrigued to see in what way they would follow it up with their second studio album. So here it is, with the cleverly titled "It won't be soon before long".

              Released on May 22 2007, The bands second effort hit number one with a bullet in the United States Billboard chart selling almost 500,00 copies in it's first week.

              The first single that was brought out from the album was "makes me wonder", not my favourite track on the album but the type of track that was always going to be the first single released and most noticeable for it's heavy bassline.

              They have been known somewhat as Americas version of Keane as their not you're typical Rock and Roll band. They're well educated well to do folk but with their second album they have tried to add some grit and determination into their songs compared to the middle of the road sound they produced in their first album.

              Other good tracks include the almost ballsy "Wake up Call" and the fresh although very poppy "Not falling Apart".

              For me they still aren't breaking any walls down musically but this is inoffensive soft pop-rock that most will probably enjoy even if it can become a little tiresome.


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              22.11.2007 13:18



              overall a great follow up to songs about jane, totally different feel to it but in its own way fab!

              I think its a really great pop/rock album,great to listen to. to be honest i would say there is only 2 bad songs on the album and thats track 1 and 2! they are not really bad i just wasn't as keen on them.
              Very different to there first album but in a good way, i personly found that it had a sound of the police in certain tracks alot of it is very 80's IMO but in a good modern way.
              All in all a great album with a really good feel to it, a little better than there first album songs about jane.
              The added plus of the bonus tracks is great and again they are really great songs. New album for the band and a new image all in all i give it the thumbs up!

              Track list...
              1. "If I Never See Your Face Again" (Adam Levine/James Valentine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5, additional production by Mark Endert) - 3:21
              2. "Makes Me Wonder" (Adam Levine/Jesse Carmichael/Mickey Madden) (Produced by Mark Endert and Maroon 5) - 3:31
              3. "Little of Your Time" (Adam Levine) (Produced by Eric Valentine and Maroon 5) - 2:17
              4. "Wake Up Call" (Adam Levine/James Valentine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent, Sam Farrar and Maroon 5, co-produced by Mark Endert) - 3:21
              5. "Won't Go Home Without You" (Adam Levine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5) - 3:51
              6. "Nothing Lasts Forever" (Adam Levine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5) - 3:07
              7. "Can't Stop" (Adam Levine/James Valentine) (Produced by Eric Valentine and Maroon 5) - 2:32
              8. "Goodnight Goodnight" (Adam Levine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5) - 4:03
              9. "Not Falling Apart" (Adam Levine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5) - 4:03
              10. "Kiwi" (Adam Levine/Jesse Carmichael) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5) - 3:34
              11. "Better That We Break" (Adam Levine) (Produced by Mike Elizondo, Mark "Spike" Stent and Maroon 5) - 3:06
              12. "Back at Your Door" (Adam Levine/Jesse Carmichael) (Produced by Mark Endert and Maroon 5) - 3:47
              You can buy this item from most places i found the cheapest to be...

              * Play.com £6.99 RRP £15.99 A saving of £9.00 Free delivery
              * Amazon.co.uk £5.99 RRP £15.99 A saving of £10 Free delivery
              * Ebay Prices vary depending on seller and weather the condition is new or used but normally pretty cheap


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                28.10.2007 15:00
                Very helpful



                A disappointing second album from the band; somewhat of a sophomore slump.

                Maroon 5 are a five-piece soul influenced band hailing from Los Angeles, California. The band have been together in their current form since 2001, however from 1995 to 1999 four of the five current band members formed the band Kara's Flowers. Kara's Flowers were signed to Reprise Records, however parted company with their label in 1999. After the split with their label, the four band members were all at separate colleges across the USA, however they all remained in touch throughout this time. During their time at college, all four members would broaden their musical horizons and gain an appreciation for a wide array of musical genres; something they would later incorporate into their sound when they reformed. It was in 2001 that the four finally got back together as a band once more and started to play again, bringing new member James Valentine into the band and changing their name to Maroon 5.

                Maroon 5 released their debut 'Songs About Jane' back in 2002, however it wasn't until 2004 that the album really started to take off. 5 years on from the release of their album of break up anthems and their sound has developed to be a Jamiroquai meets Justin Timberlake affair. Done well and this would probably be a brilliant mix, however the band never quite manage to match the flair of either and have instead come up with an album of competent yet unmemorable offerings. Although at times an enjoyable listen, 'It Wont Be Soon Before Long' leaves you empty of any real lasting memories; and half hour on from listening to the album the chances are that you'll have forgotten the majority of what you've just heard.

                Although not the most memorable of albums, for the duration of the album it is predominantly a fairly enjoyable listen. In my eyes however; the definition of a great album is one that leaves a lasting impression on you, which of course this doesn't. Having said this I mustn't be too negative as the album does provide some entertainment and enjoyment, albeit soon forgotten. 'Won't Go Home Without You' is reminiscent of 'She Will Be Loved' in its intro, but other than this initial buzz is devoid of what made that track such a standout single. 'Can't Stop' and first single 'Makes Me Wonder' are promising tracks, however there is nothing particularly special about them. They are semi-catchy tracks that with time stop being catchy and in turn just become plain irritating. There is a distinct lack of imagination shown in this release with many of the tracks sounding identical to one another as is true of many bands of this sort.

                With 'Songs About Jane', and in particular 'She Will Be Loved' the band stood out from the pack, however there is nothing that really does this for them here. Sure the album is enjoyable and to an extent it is interesting, but the interest provided here is not enough to make you keep wanting to go back to the album meaning it will soon be neglected to a life of acquiring dust. I fear that 'It Wont Be Soon Before Long' shows a strong sign of sophomore slump syndrome, with their second release showing a distinct lack of musical progression.

                Having taken 5 years to release another album, you'd have thought that the band would have come up with something a little better than this, however the fact that they haven't seems to suggest that their multi-platinum selling debut was more a fluke than talent and judgement. A gap of 2 years between albums and you have the understanding that the aim of the band is to better themselves and come up with an album to the best of their ability. A gap of 5 years and you just assume the band are either lazy, incompetent or both. It would seem that Maroon 5 got lucky last time round, and the old cliché 'Lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice' springs to mind here.

                Label: Octoscope Music
                Release Date: 21st May 2007

                Originally posted by me on my website Alt-UK.com
                Source: http://www.alt-uk.com/modules.php?name=Reviews&rop=showcontent&id=409


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 If I Never See Your Face Again
                2 Makes Me Wonder
                3 Little Of Your Time
                4 Wake Up Call
                5 Won't Go Home Without You
                6 Nothing Lasts Forever
                7 Can't Stop
                8 Goodnight Goodnight
                9 Not Falling Apart
                10 Kiwi
                11 Better That We Break
                12 Back At Your Door
                13 Until You're Over Me
                14 Infatuation

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