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Insatiable - Nadine Coyle

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2 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Nadine Coyle / Audio CD

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2011 21:29
      Very helpful



      Hot Mess Of An Album

      Nadine Coyle was considered the best singer of Girls Aloud for her sultry belting. After struggling to find a suitable label, Nadine made her own label called Black Pen Records where her debut releases would only be available by Tesco. Even though Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole gained huge commercial success from their music. Unfortunately for Nadine not many wanted to buy her solo music because people where worried that it would be just awful as Cheryl's solo albums. The people who did want to buy the album couldn't because they don't have a Tesco in their country or they can't find it on iTunes.

      Technically it's a good pop album although a little too on the generic side for me. The singing is good, the production is decent and the lyrics aren't bad. The motown influences may make the album come across as dated because it's a back to basics album. If you compare Nadine in Girls Aloud and compare Nadine as a solo artist you can hear that in Insatiable there is barely any use of electronic sounds which makes it sound really clean whilst in Girls Aloud it was shameless in the uses and some of Girls Aloud's songs are quite dirty like: Sound Of The Underground, No Good Advice, Sexy No No No and Something Kind Of Ooh!

      In Insatiable I think Nadine is trying to appeal to a more mature audience. It doesn't work for me because I think she was trying too hard to sound sexy when she already is pretty attractive. Take the title track and lead single of the album. She holds on to her notes for longer than she should and her vocals don't sound quite right.

      The album begins with two tracks called Runnin' and Put Your Hands Up. By radio standards they're both very nice because they're up-tempo and upbeat but they fail to leave an impact because they're forgettable. Insatiable would have been a better album starter because it's feisty and has the punch that Runnin' and Put Your Hands Up lacked. I don't mind Insatiable but the poor music video puts me off the song. Chained is a lot more lighter and pleasant. The lyrics have an urban vibe to it but I find the musical arrangements to the song really tediious because the light synths sound completely out of place.

      The piano synths are put in better use in Sexy Love Affair. I find the song a lot catchier and superior to a lot of the tracks on the first half of the album but it makes me want to switch the album off and listen to Mariah Carey. The song is so similar to Fantasy by Mariah Carey. She uses a breathy falsetto style than the deeper style we're used to.

      Lullaby and Rumours are the best songs on the album in my opinion because they're both polished and relevant. Unbroken is also a nice song but for something produced by William Orbit I would have expected something with a lot more atmosphere going on because William Orbit did wonders for Madonna and All Saints. The vocals sound really strained around the second verse and I think she's singing in a higher style to make the song sound a lot more intimate but she sounds like Cheryl Cole on helium.

      The album draws to a close with a deep ballad called I'll Make A Man Out Of You Yet which has a pretty simple layout with the piano and eventual strings. It's the typical huge ballad slapped on the end of a pop album to give it an epic last impressions. I'm not really that keen on it because it reminds me of an X Factor Winner's Song with the cheesy lyrics and piano intro. And what's point with the Yet at the end? It sounds like a yeah.

      "I'll make a man out of you yet
      Teach you a lesson that you won't forget
      First you gotta give before you get
      And learn to say the things you won't regret
      And you gotta hold me till I feel it
      Show me the meaning of the word respect
      It's gonna take a real woman, baby
      To make a man out of you yet."

      Seriously, what a cheap way to end an album. I don't like the album but I don't hate it either. It could have been worse and could have been a lot better. I think she's a good singer but in this album she wasn't really being herself. I think the only song where she actually sounded like Nadine was You Are The One because the acoustic setting encourages her natural sultry voice and she sounded quite husky in the song which made it pleasant to listen to.

      I don't think I'm in a position to recommend it because I still don't get the point of this album and I don't understand some parts. The major disappointment for me is the lack of exciting sounds. Nadine came across as enthusiastic when talking about her solo career but I couldn't feel the joy when I was listening to album.


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        27.06.2011 17:59
        Very helpful



        A great first album - not what I expected!

        Nadine Coyle was never my favourite member of Girls Aloud, although it was obvious that she was the best singer. So when all this so-called rivalry came about between her and the rest of Girls Aloud, I ended up going off her quite a bit.

        My friend likes Girls Aloud and has all of their albums as well as their solo albums, so I asked her if I could borrow this one.

        Insatiable is the debut solo album from Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2011 and so it is very recent. You can buy your copy of this album from Amazon for a price of £14.99 which I do think is very expensive considering that you can get more recent albums for a cheaper prices.

        ~ * Songlist * ~

        1) Running 2) Put Your Hands Up 3) Chained 4) Insatiable 5) Red Light 6) Sexy Love Affair 7) Lullaby 8) You Are The One 9) Natural 10) Raw 11) Rumours 12) Unbroken 13) I'll Make A Man Out Of You 14)

        I was actually suprised at how good this album is. I thought that judging by the media's response, that this album was really bad, but no it is actually quite good!

        There are lots of different songs on here; songs which will suit every mood. I like that there are some great party songs on here, as well as some 'easy-listening' songs. There is somewhat of a 'girl power' element to this album, which is great as it means that it is the kind of album which will give you confidence when listening to it.

        Songs which stand out the most for me are:

        Running - I love it's 80's sound!
        Chain - a great catchy song!
        I'll Make A Man Out Of You - great power ballad!

        When I first heard the debut single 'Insatiable', I thought that Nadine was trying to be something that she was not. Also, having heard the rest of the album, I think that there are better songs on here than the song 'Insatiable'.

        Nadine has great vocal ability. I feel that the songs on this album actually show off her voice much better than the Girls Aloud songs do. I didn't realise that she had such a powerful voice!

        A great pop album. Whatsmore a great first album too! This is much better than Cheryl's album....and Nadine even wrote the songs on here which is just even better!

        This is a bit different to the usual Girls Aloud stuff, and is totally opposite to Cheryl's sound, although give it a go, you may even suprise yourself, like I did!

        Thanks for reading!
        June 2011
        xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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