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Idos! - Green Day

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Green Day / Audio CD released 2012-11-12 at Warner Bros

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2012 01:11
      Very helpful



      Amazing and Epic

      When it was revealed earlier in 2012 that Green Day would be brining out 3 studio albums in 2012 I'm sure most people would be wary about the quality of material that would appear on the albums. 36 songs in total would make it on all three albums. Usually a good album is more about quality than quantity so it would be interesting to see what would happen with this trilogy set. The band themselves said that they were in a good place with their music and wrote over 70 songs in total for this album and picked the best 36 to release as a part of a trilogy. Their previous album '21st Century Breakdown' was a double album and that itself was full of epic Green Day tracks so we shouldn't be too worried should we?

      'Dos' is the second album in the trilogy to be released. It follows on from 'Uno' which was released two months prior to this album. I gave that album a 3 out of 5 due to the fact that it was indeed a very good album, but there was something missing. It was a case of being Green Day from the early 90's whereas I much prefer their later albums.

      'Dos' is supposedly the 'party' album. With Uno being 'the getting ready for the party' and 'Tre' (forthcoming) being the 'comedown/reflection from the party'. So I guess we're expecting plenty of rocky, fast and funky tracks?

      'See You Tonight' is a sweet minute long track. Something nice and easy to gently break you in to the chaos-ness of the album I guess. I would liken it to something by Simon And Garfunkal. Nice enough (3/5)

      'F**K Time' - Green Day are also part of another band The Foxborough Hot Tubs, and they released an album under that name several years ago. 'F**K Time' is one of the songs that was originally meant for that album and 'Dos' is supposedly be very similar to the Foxborough Hot Tub album. This track is fun, fast and rocky. 'Oh baby baby it's f**k time, you know I really wanna make you mine' sings Billie Joe Armstrong. (4/5)

      'Stop When The Red Lights Flash' - I was really looking forward to listening to this song. The track 'Oh Love' mentions this song in it's lyrics so I thought it would be quite an important track. Ultimatly though, I'm quite unimpressed with this track. It follows on greatly from 'F**K Time' but it doesn't seem to have the catchiness or epicness of the previous track. Maybe it needs a few more listens but at the moment i'm not really loving it. (2/5)

      'Lazy Bones' - "I'm too tired to be bored, I'm too bored to be tired". Amazing. This is the first song from the trilogy so far that i've found to be fantastic. This sounds like it could be on the 'American Idiot' album. The chorus is greatly paced and part after the pause is the best big of the song. Love it. (5/5).

      'Wild One' - "She gave up on Jesus, for living on Venus, all f**ked up with nowhere to go". Those catchy melodies are certaintly proving themselves so far on this album. This in a way is quite similar to 'Lazy Bones' but yet so different. It's a mid-tempo track, again suited for the 'American Idiot' album. Another epic track (5/5).

      'Makeout Party' - Probably the 'messiest' song so far on the album. Afterall, it has to word Party in the title, so I gues it's supposed to be crazy. I'm not overly fussed on this track to be honest. It's not bad at all. I love 'Horseshoes and Hand Grenades' on '21st Century Breakdown' and this song is quite like that. But I think the amazingness of the previous two tracks on the album has overshadowed this one to be honest. (3/5).

      'Stray Heart' - This is the 'poppiest' and catchiest song on the album. It's very 60's sounding. It's the first single on the album and the video to it is brilliant. Originally this was on the 'Tre' album but got moved to 'Dos' so I'm curious why it was moved as it sounds quite different to the rest of the album. (5/5).

      'Ashley' - The song opens with a pounding chorus. I love this song too. I can't help but give it full marks. I defintly think this song has been underrated by the GD fanbase. (5/5).

      'Baby Eyes' - Similar to 'Lazy Bones' and 'Wild One'. Great structure to the song but only 2 minutes long. Another highlight on the album (4/5).

      'Lady Cobra' - Interesting title. This song is the name of the artist who features on the next track. It's like 'Makeout Party' but I prefer this song to that. Another fairly short song though. It's a catchy fun upbeat song. (3/5).

      'Night Life' - This song features Lady Cobra, and she is probably featured on the track more than Billie Joe who tends to only sing the chorus and Lady Cobra raps the verses. A lot of people were very wary of this track as it is completely different to anything done by Green Day. I personally have loved it since the first time I heard it. It's funky, it's catchy and Lady Cobra fits perfectly with the song. Unusually though, for a 'Rap song' and for the amound of swearing done by Green Day this song is totally clean which makes a nice change. (5/5).

      'Wow That's Loud' - "Wow that dirty dress is so loud". Catchy chorus, took a few listens to like this track. Not one of my favourites but I still like it very much (3/5).

      'Amy' - The first real ballad on the album which sets it up nicely for 'Tre'. About the late Amy Winehouse. It's a nice track. Quite reflective. Nice way to close the album (4/5).


      After the slight dissapointment of Uno, the band have excelled themselves with 'Dos'. I thought beforehand that out of the 3 albums Dos would be the one I liked the least but I reckon it could end up being my favourite. Check this album out if you like catchy, pop/rock tracks with amazing melodies.

      Top 5 Tracks:

      1. Stray Heart
      2. Wild Ones
      3. Lazy Bones
      4. Night Life
      5. Ashley


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