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Country Falls - Husky Rescue

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Genre: Dance & Electronic - Ambient / Artist: Husky Rescue / Audio CD released 2004-10-11 at Catskills

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2009 23:10
      Very helpful
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      Husky Rescue will keep you warm when the sun doesn't shine!

      Husky Rescue (the live band) are:

      Marko Nyberg- Bassist, Guitar, founder and main composer.
      Reeta-Leena Korhola- Vocals
      Ville Riippa- Keyboard
      Anssi Sopanen- Drums
      Miika Colliander (guitar).


      "Country Falls" music CD also had 15 other Helsinki-based contributors.
      Released in 2004. All music by Husky Rescue.

      Many people on this earth can actually claim that they've been to another world: those people who have by chance inserted this CD into their stereo, sat down on their sofa and within minutes had their eyes closed and their souls unexpectedly sucked into this dream world created by Husky Rescue.
      Founded by Finnish Marko Nyberg and his desire to create music influenced strongly by the arts and the good things in life, Husky Rescue is a band with a difference. Each song is like a painting, based on an aspect of reality (for example, the culture of Helsinki) which then becomes the canvas itself for the imagination to go wild with.

      [[[ Track Ratings ]]]

      1- Sweet Little Kitten 6/10

      My rating for this song may not be particularly high and that is purely because the other songs on the CD outshine this one by far. However, this song is still brilliant, the light percussion and outstanding vocals from Reeta-Leena are just what's needed to sooth the bad day away. If it's the middle of the day, however, and you have no intention of sleeping, I'd recommend you skip this track on this listening...

      2- Summertime Cowboy- 10/10

      In complete contrast, this is a track which will have you wide awake and tapping your feet for the entire day (it will stick in your head after three listens at the most...) This is a song which I can't imagine anyone not liking- or loving- perfect rhythm, wonderful vocals, a few space-y effects and the lyrics are guaranteed to brighten up your day. It's the type of track you want to listen to just before the sun goes down at a beach party but it equally works on a horrible rainy day, giving you that summertime feeling even when the sun's not shining.

      3- New Light Of Tomorrow- 10/10

      Again, we're back to the soothing, chilled out mode and that is not a bad thing. As someone who has a strong interest in Finland, this song to me reflects strongly on Finnish culture: the beautiful blend of keyboards and other instruments mentally send you right to the heart of Finnish beauty, the forest. Although it has a melancholy feel to it, the echoes of hope are loud and clear within the lyrics (sung by Sam Shingler) making it such a fantastic track.

      4- Sunset Drive- 7/10
      There are no vocals to this one, apart from the occasional "ahhh-ahh" from Reeta-Leena and I think this is because you're supposed to already be in a reflective trance from the previous track. Still, a brilliant instrumental.

      5- My World- 8/10
      So what is this world that you've been sucked into? Well, let them explain with this track. Most probably one of the most mesmerising tracks I've ever heard, if you're not in musical heaven by this point, I think you've missed the boat...

      6- City Lights- 9/10
      I think this track belongs near the front of the album as it is much more upbeat and greatly compliments "Summertime Cowboy." Anyhow, this my favourite song lyrically and with this beat, you'll be rather tempted to jump into your car and go for a night time drive...if you live in a pretty city that is.

      7- Gasoline Girl- 9/10

      Moving back to fantasy land, we are now again seduced by the vocals of Sam Shingler and the wonderful mix of instruments.

      8- Rainbow Flows - 9/10

      Pretty things and pleasing melodies continue to flow for the next six minutes or so. This track also includes an instrumental solo, which transports your mind to a mystical campfire...

      9- Sleep Tight Tiger- 7/10

      Again the obvious warning: skip if you'd rather not dose. Suddenly you feel five years old again with your Granddad singing a lullaby by your bedside, made extra special by the vocalist's enchanting accent.

      10- Mean Street- 7/10

      Another mysterious instrumental track. Hint: at the end of this track your CD player hasn't stopped working, just wait a little and you'll be in for a (rather scary, in my opinion) surprise.

      11- Man Who Flew Away- 7/10
      You'll understand if you got the surprise, as it links on to it.

      [[[ Summary ]]]

      As I've already said, Husky Rescue are unique. If I really had to label them I would say that they're alternative-folk-chill out- rock. However, I'd prefer to label them simply as Husky Rescue. This CD is a must for most people. For those in search of something different. For those who seek a de-stress session. For those who like to dream. For those who live for the happy but short-lived summerdays. And for those who are just curious.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Sweet Little Kitten
      2 Summertime Cowboy
      3 New Light Of Tomorrow
      4 Sunset Drive
      5 My World
      6 City Lights
      7 Gasoline
      8 Rainbow Flows
      9 Sleep Tight Tiger
      10 Mean Street

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