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Doctor Who Museum (Blackpool)

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3 Reviews

The Golden Mile Centre / Central Promenade / Blackpool / FY1 5AA / open every day from: 10.30am to 5.30pm.

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    3 Reviews
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      11.07.2009 23:56
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      OK for a couple of hours. There are better options in Blackpool

      I am writing this review as a fan of Blackpool. I go there for at least one weekend of the year & have done for nearly a decade! So where I'm critical of this, I'm not doing it because I have a downer on Blackpool.

      The Museum is a homage to all things Doctor Who (although I didn't see anything relating to it's sister shows). It is far bigger inside than it looks from it's exterior. The entrance leads pretty much straight into a Tardis Mock up which is good, but based on the older Doctor Who programmes. Not Chris Ecclestone & David Tennant's TARDIS. There are loads of exhibits throughout the museum. Some are mockups of villains or props. Some are actual costumes, props or items that were used in the show. Most have notes telling you what you are looking at.

      The museum isn't very interactive. The highlight is sitting in a Dalek & speaking through a voice synth that sounds like a Dalek. Would've been nice to have other interactive things. Maybe a Villians room where they aren't behind ropes so you can take pictures of people next to them & see exactly how big or small they are.

      The prices are quite high for something that will probably only occupy you for a couple of hours. I have read some reviews saying no photos, although I took some & didn't get thrown out lol.

      All in all I would say that if you are in Blackpool, and are stuck for something to do, it's worth a look. If you're a fan of Doctor Who you will definetly enjoy it. If not, you still might, but definetly not as much. I would say however that there are other attractions which are better & will occupy you for longer, like the Sea-Life Centre & The Tower.


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        22.02.2008 17:18
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        Great day out but could be cheaper

        Located on Blackpool's promenade in an oldish building on the Golden Mile is the Doctor Who Museum. I am a huge fan of both the classic and new series so this was a must fo me. Of course I was not dissapointed...

        If you have Satanav the exact adrress is:
        Doctor Who Museum
        The Golden Mile Centre
        Central Promenade
        FY1 5AA

        Phone number: 01253 299982

        Website: www. doctorwhoexhibitions.com
        Click on Doctor Who Museum Blackpool link the webiste contains basic information but no prices:(

        There are exhibitions of props and costumes from the new series at Earls Court London (largest Who museum for new series) (Please note this is a touring exhibtion
        Land's End exhibtions (small)
        Cardiff Exhibition (Votes no 1 attraction in Cardiff)
        I visited the exhibition when it was in Manchester and it was excellent.

        Doctor Who
        For those of you who don't know (shame on you) is in fact the world's longest running science fiction programme thrashing the poorly Star Treck. It is in my humble opinion the best. Doctor Who is the story of a time lord who can travel in his TARDIS and can also regenrate into another body when in mortal danger. Its started November 1963 (on the date of JFK's assassanation so was a minue late). with grumpy Doctor William Hartnell. In its 26 year span between 1963 and 1989 Patrick Troughton , Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison , Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy all took on the role of the nation's favourite time lord . The museum houses 600 displays from mostly the classic series but some from the 3 series of the new series which stars Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. There was a quite frankly rubbish TV Movie form 1996 which starred Paul McGann but there is nothing in the museum from that.

        The Museum
        The original Doctor Who museum was just around the corner from here and opened in 1975. It then moved to Llangollen before moving to Blackpool a couple of years ago. Personally I think this is much better than the Llangollen one. It is a quite old and smallish building which you can't miss as it has the name of it in massive letters and a replica of Bessie outside. However this is a real TARDIS-it is much bigger inside tha out. After paying your ticket prices at a booth (£ 7.50 for adults and £5 for children which I think is quite expensive but we didn't grumbely because of how good it was.) It is open every day from 10.30 am to 5.30pm. After being told everything in here is original your journey begins....(after passing a rather un-scary black dalek)...

        The very first thing you see is actually a mock up of a 1963 room-a quite good one I must admit-there are clever little details like the news headline being about JFK's assassination. Of course the little kid waxwork is hiding behind the sofa. The little telly plays the very first episode (An Unearthly Child) which I have never seen and still haven' seen because we only watched about 5 minutes of it.
        After passing two cases full of Doctor Whu toys/ everything a die hard fan could possibly want you enter a mock up of a TARDIS.
        Its quite an effective mock up even if it is only of the central thingy. The lighting is dark in here and there are displays around it home to some monsters. You can only access two on this side one of which is a Silurian. The buttons are okay but only light it up.
        Next up are the cybermen - I love these metal meanies although they are really tin foil meanies. There are two display here-one is home to a vast amount of head one of which talks and a bigger case home to a good collection og 80's cybermen-which are all made of tin foil. Theyv'e even got the cyber leader and the weird machine they use in earthshock. There is even a cybermen that is dead with green gunge coming out of its tubing-eueughh! The buttons here move their heads. you can take photography here. But you can't in the next bit-monster alley...

        Crammed and dark monster alley is pretty darn scray. There's quite a few monsters here mostly from the 80's which include the insectoid tractators and the yeti like Tetraps who have eyes in the back of their heads. My two favourite exhibits are from Peter Davison's adventure 'The Awakening'. The first is a little gargoyle which if you press the button tilts his head around and his eyes go purple. My favourite is the Malus which is basically a gaint stone face. He's pretty big and pretty impressive and when you press the button his eyes light up which is quite chilling.
        Next up is the robot gallery. Thsis also has the remanants of an android from the Longleat fire which destroyed many priceless Doctor Who exhbits-one of which was the lovable K-9 who you can see but his inner workings have been completly burnt. Other robots in here include the disgusting but impressive Giant Braina dn the Gianr Robot from Tom baker's first story-who is pretty darn impressive. he has my favourite interactive disply -by pressing the button his sides go into vibrant and lovely colours. Also in here is a fun illusion where you can make the TARDIS aldn before entering the costume gallery.
        This was one of my favourites-I don't know why which contained a lot of costumes incluidng Tom baker,s Pater Davison's cricket outfir, Colin Baker's horrible colourful mess of a costume and Sylvester McCoy's question mark one. There's also the costumes from some companions and the time lord costumes. After passing a video showing all the regenrations you enter the new series area...

        Its a little sparse but enjoyable the main ehibit being a cracking gold dalek who's head swivels round a lights light up and screams exterminate who is in fact on top of battered 1960's dalek. Aroudn the edges you'll find the chilling screacrows , Simmon's costume and even a big green Slitheen. The waxworks that the costumes are on are less tha impressive.

        You the meet bessie-that lovable yellow car (who you can;t touch) and some Who pinball machines before seeing the greatest dalek collectio anywahere...

        There's about nine or ten of the killer pepperpots and there all displayed in one massive case with a well re-created street scene. Among them is the big, mean and amazingly cool-Special weapons dalek-what big gun! There's alos the white imperial dalke a cool dalek emperor from the 1960's dalake films and the emperor dalek Remembrance of the Daleks (the big omde) Also here is the original davros mask and chair-the greatese rubber monster of all time. By pressing buttons the daleks swivel about and scream ' EXTERMINATE!' at you and there is alos a dlake voice changer thingy and a dalek shell kids can go in.

        Finally is another bigger colection of monsters all in tableau. These include Omega. the scary snake-like Mara is his jungle and the ugly Sil and Kiv on tjeir opertating table. As i said before all the exhibits have been put in sets which resemble thjem from the programme i.e the utterly terrifying Morbius is in his lab. There'a tiny model of a Brachiosaur and a sea devil (from warriors of the Deep) and the final display is the best-a collection of the blood-sucking , terrifying , chilling and ugly haemorves in a wondefully re-created graveyard. After passing a yeti. a sontaran and an Axon your journey is complete . It take about an hour.

        Photography can only be took in some areas and nto in monster Alley, Robot Land or the costumes so as not to damage these precious things. of course everybody ignores them.

        The signs are quite poor with lots of grammatical errors but I know most of them already and i'm being a bit perdandic.

        There's a small souvenir shop home to Target Novelisations (just £1.00) a lot of DVDs as well as toys and lots of other things form other sci-fi programmes.

        There isn't a cafe bu there is one in an adjacent arcade which we didn;t use it doesn't look particualr.y nice.

        Its right next door to the sea life cntre which includes a Pirate area and near the waxworks which are appartently rubbisha dn is near the Tower with its aquarium and circus.

        So overall this is a superb and well laid out museum which charts the history of Who in some splecnodur. I can guarantee you'll enjoy your day ou and although it is a little expensive I can' really grumble-as this is a top notch museum and is in Blackpool. Well worth a vist-or two!


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          19.04.2006 18:11
          Very helpful



          A wasted opportunity - expensive but unimpressive

          This weekend stunned by the excellent bank holiday weather for the first time in ages we did something else we've not done in ages, and ventured into Blackpool despite the recent on-slaught of tourists. We passed up amusement park fun to venture to the Doctor Who exhibition instead, a quite old set-up a few doors down on the promenade. This has been there for years, but has recently been modernised and is heavily advertised in the local area.

          The museum has a small, narrow shop front on the prom, but is, quite appropriately, somewhat Tardis-like inside, spreading out over a much bigger area than you'd ever imagine. The entrance way is also the shop and the ticket office, and as such gets quite crowded with people wanting to buy tickets, or have a nosy at the merchandise, or just find out more about the museum itself. Prices are on the steep side for what you get - £7 for adults, £5 for children or £20 for a family of 4 - and seem to have recently increased since the adverts in the local press imply tickets are slightly less than this. For your money you get a boring receipt instead of a swish ticket, and a brochure guiding you round the exhibition.

          On the face of it, the idea of the museum isn't an all that bad one. Doctor Who is a popular show with a devoted fan base, akin to other Sci Fi shows, and has been around since the 1960s meaning there's a decent level of history for them to cover. The museum boasts over 600 original props from the series, a mock-up of a Tardis for you to walk through, a couple of TV screens showing everything from 'Who themed Blue Peter to the first episode of the latest series (not counting the one that started tonight). They have a monster alley full of characters from the shows, from Tetraps to the Husk, a Robot Zone, a Costume Gallery and 'the largest collection of Daleks ever brought together in one place' which, incidentally, is still not all that large, with maybe 8 or 10 of the exterminating things, including the Emperor Dalek.

          The problem I found with the museum though was that it had the potential to be really good, or at any rate fun and interactive, but they just hadn't tried. There was typed 'information' stuck on the majority of the display windows, but this was strewn with grammatical errors, written in sentences which didn't make sense, and obviously proof read by someone who failed to see a new sentence as requiring a capital letter but was absolutely certain that new lines did. All in all, the sheets did not go down well with our group of 3 which included 2 linguistics degrees, a TEFL teacher, a proof reader, an op writer, a university lecturer and, um, an astrophysicist (we're multi-achieving types in our family).

          In addition to this, the opportunities to get involved with the experience were limited. You couldn't touch a lot of the models, and photography was banned from the vast majority of the sections so you couldn't preserve your trip for prosperity / a slating review (though this being Blackpool, other guests blatantly flouted the rules and snapped away).

          You could play at being a Dalek (you could climb inside a carcass, and speak through a silly voice synthesizer thing) but that was it. By far the most notably bad bit though was the numerous buttons attached to displays. "Some of the buttons are for show only", read one of the signs. "Great," I thought, "that means some of them aren't. Let's press 'em and see". We did and, well, not much happened. Then we saw another sign: "Please do not touch the buttons," it said. "Hmmm", we thought. "Perhaps we should have read that first. Let's read all the signs to check they don't have anything else to add." The last one on that panel was especially illuminating. "Please, " it said, "press the buttons once only unless it says to press and hold." This was only the 2nd display we came to, but was perhaps a sign of things to come. As we progressed round we came to lots of buttons, so we decided that 2 of the 3 earlier instructions seemed to imply some button pressing was allowed and tried this out. Here's an idea of what pressing buttons lead to:

          · sometimes a display lit up briefly - the button was, in effect, a temporary light switch which helped to conserved electricity when there were few guests

          · sometimes an already illuminated display would be switched off and then back on again by the button - interesting

          · sometimes the buttons would cause a noise - a peep, peep, or even a beep-ety-beep - albeit a noise that was in no way related to the stage of the exhibition you were at

          · sometimes…nothing at all would happen

          Thrilling, n'est-ce pas?

          The exhibits were interesting for die-hard fans, and palatable for the rest of us, but I couldn't help feeling that if you did fall into the former group you might come a way a little disappointing. The displays were ok, but just seemed so amateurish. The new section - a room dedicated to the Christopher Ecclestone / Billie Piper version - really didn't have much to it, and the rest was a really mumbo-jumbo of things, including various bits and pieces with for sale- signs which made me wonder what would happen if people did come along and buy them, leaving the museum even emptier than it currently was. On the other hand, if you fancy shelling out a grand on a Doctor Who slot machine, you know where to come.

          The other problem with the museum was the evident lack of upkeep and updating which, in a show like Doctor Who, is vital due to the constant evolution of characters and plots. The museum is already out of date as of 7.15pm this Saturday just gone, but I'd bet all the 2ps I won on the slots today that it takes them a good year to even make reference to the new doc in town.

          As we left we returned to the shop for a look around, but it was again, below expectations. The souvenirs were expensive and very limited in range, and frankly you'd do better having a look on eBay if you did want anything. The museum didn't have a café or any other facilities, but is located in between various other eateries - rock, ice cream and burgers are all a matter of meters away. The museum is suitable for those in wheelchairs but you would need someone with you to open the heavy doors that separate some areas. It falls down Drastically on other accessibility though, including a distinct lack of literature or signs in any languages other than English, though these days it's not just Brits who come to Blackpool, nor is it just us who watch Doctor Who.

          As we left the exhibition I heard one of the other visitors say that he "liked all the funny strange creatures", and I almost stopped to tell him that Blackpool was always like that on bank holiday weekends until I realised he meant the exhibits we'd just left behind. I was less positive about the experience: it's £7 of my mother's money, and an hour of my life gone forever. It's not the worst attraction in Blackpool (WHICH magazine assures me that honour goes to the newly revamped displays at Louis Tussauds waxworks), but it's not a good 'un either. Save your money and go the Sandcastle or Tower instead - they may not have aliens but they'll be full of tourists which are equally worthy of gawking at in this town.


          Doctor Who Museum, The Golden Mile Centre, Central Promenade, Blackpool, FY1 5AA

          Open daily from 10am


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          Blackpool has been the home of Doctor Who before but can now boast the most extensive collection of Doctor Who programme exhibits ever.

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