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Purple Rain (DVD)

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Genre: Music DVDs - Adult Pop / Theatrical Release: 1984 / Director: Albert Magnoli / Actors: Prince, Apollonia Kotero ... / DVD released 01 July, 2006 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL, Special Edition

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2009 07:04
      Very helpful



      Outstanding Film!

      *"*"*"*"*" My Thoughts On The Soundtrack "*"*"*"*"*"

      I cannot explain my thoughts on this film until I speak of my love for the music featured on it. I remember the first time I heard one of Prince's songs named "When Doves Cry." I only heard the tune of it because it was on my mums karaoke and there was no words. I just thought wow! After that I started listening to his music with words included lol! I find some of his songs to be so relaxing to listen to, some make you want to dance and sing along and most of them are quite deep in terms of the lyrics but I like that and I think that they are all amazing. I have always loved anything from the 80s be it Marillion, ABC, Joe Jackson, Level 42, Gloria Estefan etc Anything that can appeal to my soppy, romantic side becomes a firm favourite. 80s love ballads and soppy films are what I like most because of that it is no surprise that I love this film.

      With songs including Lets Go Crazy, Take Me With You, I Would Die For You and of course the fantastic song Purple Rain. You could not wish for a bigger quantity of consistently fabulous music wrapped into one film. It makes me wish that Prince and other 80s singers would stay the way they were because music from that decade was the best it has ever been and in my opinion there is very few singers "now," regardless of how good they are. Who have that same ability to take a song and make it magical like the ones in the 80s did. In Purple Rain you not only get to watch a wonderful film but you get to hear Prince when he was at his absolute best.

      My Granda gave me a cd with Prince's latest music on it a while ago. When I switched it on, I was rather excited about hearing it. I was ready to hear songs of his usual high standard. Ones like those I heard in Purple Rain. But, I was sadly disappointed! I wonder how it happens that musicians as good as Prince lose their effect? The only reason I can find is that they are conforming and trying to blend in with the music you hear now and because of that they lose the "essence" that made thier music so special and different in the first place. Its a shame! If his music was still anything like his earlier stuff and like it was in Purple Rain, I would buy every single album!

      The songs in this film are ones I downloaded and put on my iPod after I heard them. I think his skill for playing guitar really shines in it. As does his dancing and his incredible voice. He really is a "all round" entertainer and when you see him perform in this film he lights up the stage. The Purple Rain album featured on the 500 greatest albums of all time list and was ranked second best (in my opinion it should of been first) album of the 80s by Rolling Stone magazine.

      "*"*"*"*"*" My Thoughts On The Film "*"*"*"*"*"

      Well, I had high hopes for this film and I was not disappointed. In my opinion it really is a exceptionally brilliant film. This was the first time I had ever seen Prince acting. So, I was not really sure what to expect in terms of whether he was going to be good at it or not. I was very impressed! In the film he has a mystery and charm about him. He was intriguing and kept me intrigued enough to keep watching it contentedly throughout. I found the fact that the film was based on prince's life (well in most parts) and how he got to where he is now to be very interesting to see. I thought it would just be full of all of his music (which would of been good) but I was pleasantly surprised that there was such a good storyline behind it as well.

      I knew before even seeing Purple Rain that I was going to like it and I was right. I have always thought Prince to be one of the people from the 80s who really stands out. He is very unique and unusual but in a good way. My dad who is also a fan of prince told me there was a film with him in it and that is how I found out about it. I was surprised because at the time I did not know that he acted as well. Once I knew that he did it made me really want to see the film. So, the result of that was that I ended up nagging my mum for days on end until she finally let me watch it on Movies On Demand. (My mum does not like prince lol!) Even though she recently bought me his album."Oh no!" Are the words that can be heard resounding through the house if I so much as put his music on within hearing distance of her lol!

      In the film Prince is often referred to as "The Kid." There are troubles within his family. His mum and dad had a rather stormy relationship. His dad certainly would never be nicknamed "happiness and light." He was aggressive and Prince often seen him beat up his mum. I think it is amazing to see someone who came through such hard times go on to become the multi-talented musician that Prince is. In the film he is the lead singer of the band The Revolution. There is conflicting opinions and disagreements between those in it and some feel excluded in a sense because of prince's resistance towards using their ideas. I think Purple Rain is a very clever, well thought out film because the songs intertwine with certain elements of the storyline and this just adds to its ability to keep you interested in it.

      I never usually watch films that are based on someone's real life. I guess that I have not found many famous peoples life's that interesting lol! Can you imagine having to watch a film about the life of someone really boring, someone that you have no real interest in? That would be my idea of hell! But, I really did enjoy this film and it is definitely one of my favourites. I think it was really well put across and there is enough going on throughout to keep you interested. I particularly liked the relationship between Prince and Apollonia. It was very intense, fiery and passionate. In my opinion it was one of the most interesting factors in the film because you never knew what to expect with them both. I Particularly liked when the focus was on Apollonia, Prince and Morris Day from the band The Time.

      I think Morris to be sort of like a very sneaky, goofy weasel and quite over the top at times. Although, he is not my favourite person in the film his contribution to it was good. He does not really succeed at being "the bad guy" that he is portrayed as though because he is just too funny. He is the lead singer in the band The Times. To say he and Prince do not get on well would be a understatement. In fact all of the members in The Revolution and all of the members of The Time have quite a disliking for each other. Morris can often be seen making fun of Prince and The Revolution with his snide, sarcastic comments. I liked The Time's music in the film. However, I preferred Prince and The Revolution's by far! Prince and Morris dislike each other even more so because they both like Apollonia. It is Prince that Apollonia likes but Morris can get her to places in her career and that situation in particular causes "problems" (of what type I will not mention) because if you watch it you will find out.

      The good story behind it is just a rather huge bonus to what is already a perfect film. A lot of the people in it are playing the part of themselves. I love the clothes used in it as well! To me Prince is one of those people who there will only ever be one of and for him to have had so many brilliant songs, be able to dance, sing and play guitar as well as he does. Well, I think he is a musical genius! I believe the only person on a similar level of brilliance was Michael Jackson but I would never compare them both or say that one is better than the other. Reason being that they are both different and have their own styles.

      I especially liked Prince's performance of Purple Rain in the film. When you look at the crowds reactions as he sings it and plays his guitar. I think thier reactions speak for themselves in terms of how brilliant he was and it makes me wish I could have went to one of his live concerts. If you like Prince and have not seen this I especially recommend this film to you. However, even if some people do not particularly like him. I would still recommend it to them too because it is a very interesting film. I like that when he sings you can really see that he genuinely feels what he is singing and that he is passionate about music. I like that with artists because genuineness of any form is always good.

      My favourite people in the film were Prince (of course) and Apollonia. You will notice he is on his motorbike rather often in the film. I like the scenery in certain parts that you see around him while he is driving on his motorbike. If I had to use four words to describe this film, I would use the word musical because of the wonderful soundtrack. I would use the word sexy because of the relationship between both Prince and Apollonia and because the film has scenes of that nature.

      Fascinating is the third word I would use because the music and the storyline both managed to fascinate me and lastly the word charming because the film has a certain mystery and charm to it because of Prince's style and whole demeanour. I think that because he is not exactly a well established actor it added to his performance in a way and made him somewhat endearing because of his lack of professionalism. It seemed more like I was watching a "real person" and like a human was playing the role. Which I prefer as opposed to the typical seemingly robotic actor that churns out lines as if they are programmed into his head because that almost leaves me expecting them to be like the aliens in those films that rip their face off and reveal their true identity.

      "*"*"*"*"*" Overall "*"*"*"*"*"

      I highly recommend this film it is a very entertaining way to pass in the one hour and seven minutes that it lasts. There is something about Prince And The Revolution's performances. They manage to leave the crowds watching it looking entranced and as if they have been transported to some alternate world for the duration of each song. Anyone who can cause a huge crowd of people to react that way is a legend in my opinion! Every time I see the performance he did of purple rain it blows me away and anyone in the room would probably think I had just been hypnotised. His voice and dancing are brilliant enough as it is but his ability to play that guitar. Wow!

      "*"*"*"*"*" Price "*"*"*"*"*"

      This film can be gotten for the astonishingly low price of £4.98 with free delivery on Amazon. That shocks me because the film is a classic and is the best of its kind that I have ever seen.


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    • Product Details

      While "rock musical" remains a phrase used by sadistic parents to give their offspring nightmares the genre does occasionally throw up the odd gem, Purple Rain being perhaps the shiniest example. Given the theatricality of Prince's stage shows, it was only a matter of time before the diminutive pop potentate found himself a big-screen vehicle but few could have predicted that Purple Rain would become nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. The story, co-written by one-time Starsky & Hutch scripter William Blinn, may be a somewhat hackneyed tale with His Purpleness overcoming a troubled background and musical rival Morris Day to achieve his dreams of rock stardom. However, the cast, which also includes Prince protegée Appollonia, rises above the clichés to hand in a set of performances which, while never likely to trouble the Oscars, prove that all concerned can at least play a rough approximation of themselves with minimal difficulty. What really helped push the film's box-office receipts through the roof, however, was its soundtrack featuring a clutch of hit singles--notably "When Doves Cry"--and which cemented our pint-sized hero's position as one of the globe's premiere performing artists. Sadly, subsequent attempts to re-bottle this particular brand of lightning with Under a Cherry Moon and Graffiti Moon would prove substantially less successful but Purple Rain still looks--and, more importantly sounds--rarely less than funktastic. --Clark Collis

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