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Samsung GT S5560

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    5 Reviews
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      05.08.2011 17:47
      Very helpful



      would not get this phone again even if i was paid.

      I bought this phone as I wanted one that was touch screen as I heard that from many of my friends that they was good to use, it also has a 5mega pixel camera which is what I wanted as it saves carrying a camera in my bag on a night out. I also thought that this phone looked nice and because it has a memory card slot it would be perfect for music which is was. I did find that the phone was fairly sensitive and that it used to go on the internet quite easily which is something that I did not want as It is costly, also when I sent text messages I just wanted it on a normal 'abc' key pad instead of qwerty but because the phone is so sensitive every time you moved the phone slightly it would change orientation which was something that I found really annoying.

      It also took a long time to reboot saying "initializing text messages" I found that this took around 5minutes which I found very frustrating especially because I text all the time so would always have a message waiting. I found that sometimes messages didn't come through straight away although this could have been due to the network.

      The phone I found was also easy to scratch and the backing was easy to chip definitely needs a phone sock. I got this phone for around £150 after about 9months of having it, it wouldn't work properly it kept going blank and sometimes wouldn't receive a text message for 12hours whch was really annoying as people would think was ignoring them t was also really bad when you was texting someone as you would only get part of the conversation. I had to take the phone back to 02 4times but it still came back not working so in the end i gave up.


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      28.07.2011 17:18
      Very helpful




      All of us understand that Samsung is one of the most popular technology manufacturers from Asia. The products from the Korean company have been marketed to the whole world above this earth. This article will inform you about one of the products from Samsung, which is GT S5560. This product colors the line of Samsung Smartphone that has been released before. GT S5560 is predicted by some analysts will provide more options for gadget lovers because it has so many plus points. However, each product will never come in 100% perfect; there will be some weaknesses. Through this article, we will inform you what are the advantages and the weaknesses of this latest Samsung Smartphone.

      The features belong to Samsung S5560 appear from its physical appearance. Like other Samsung products, this Smartphone tries to offer elegant design and wide touchscreen. For you who love photography, S5560 has provided a 5 megapixel camera. It has ability to provide perfect pictures and image sharpness. For music lovers, this Smartphone has also brought applications that allow users to record video clips and send it to music database for identification. About connectivity, this S5560 is quite reliable because it has completed with Wi-Fi connectivity that will helpful for you if want to access internet. About the screen, Samsung has put large 3 inches screen on this product. There is also Touch Wiz technology that designed to help users control the device with fingers and help users dragging and dropping widget applications for home screen customizability. The software applied for this Korean Smartphone makes mobile experience better and more enhanced. You can receive, compose, send and read email easily because there is built-in email. About price, Samsung S5560 is quite affordable. Unfortunately, Samsung seems still unable to provide consumers with 3G connectivity. According to some users who have experienced with the Smartphone, they said that the Wi-Fi does not work for most times. For social networking lovers, this Smartphone seems do not accommodate them. It is impossible to use Samsung S5560 to log onto Facebook, Twitter or many other social networking sites.

      This Samsung S5560 is a very unique Smartphone. This product provides so many interesting features, especially to multimedia, entertainment and internet access. This Smartphone is highly recommended for you who love high technology Smartphone. Among other Samsung's products of Smartphone, S5560 is including the most affordable and reliable. From the pros and cons comparison above, you can make decision to have this product or not.


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        24.07.2011 23:20
        Very helpful




        As many Ciao-ers know I get through allot of Phones!!!! I was cursed with the Samsung 5560 Marvel" because It was a courtesy phone until I upgrade to a Toshiba TG01. (Since the Toshiba I now have an LG Optimus 2X) In this review I will be telling you why to steer clear from it.

        Looks and Feel; I have a mixed opinion of the feel of this cell phone because I like the back of the phone- it is a nice experience, however sadly the touchscreen is highly unresponsive (or have i been spoilt with BlackBerrys and Iphones?) When one touches the touchscreen it can be a job to open the text box or opening an application takes for ever for example, another point to mention is the texting on the phone it is awful, I constantly hit the wrong keys on the mobile phone which annoys me highly. it also takes a very long time to reboot the Samsung and once on then it says "initialising Text Messages" which takes around 10 minutes- as you can guess this is frustrating!!!
        Durability and Robustness; The screen feels like it is going to break at any minute as it feels cheap. i also found that on the back of the phone it is all to easy to chip the top and the bottom of the rear making it look scruffy.

        Battery standby and usage time- The standby time is average it seems to sleep when put down so it lasts for about 2-3 days, however the usage of this feature is limited as it can take a long time to "wake up"- ready to use again. Sadly the usage time is poor- it takes just a day to drain the battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Value for money; A definite NO NO. The unresponsive touchscreen sadly dominates the phone- and their are better phones out their anyway for £150!!! like the Lg Optimus 1 (I actually have the LG Optimus 2X now!)

        Features- Ok really, You get a 5mp camera, Bluetooth, WiFi... what annoys me though is that it looks as if Samsung have given you many games, but you have to pay for them and after the demo version it asks you "would you like to purchase the full version" and let me tell you it is all to easy to press the "Yes" Button!!! Bang goes £5.00 credit!!!!!!! This phone also didn't not have an Application market because it ran Samsung's own operating system- which gave only widgets rather than more sophisticated applications.

        Ease of use; Very poor that Touchscreen is hard to use because it does not work, so Texting is hard because its all to easy to press the wrong letter. It is also easy to press an Widget that you dont want!!!!!

        Reception quality; Ok really, It has a speakerphone and volume control which helps allot. Though it is not good in a busy street for example as it cant bloke noise as other phones.

        Verdict; A definite no no, the unresponsive touchscreen lets the side down as a phone is for texting which is awkward again as of the touchscreen being in accurate. So please do not get this phone... I luckily only have it on a temporary basis.

        Alternative Phones; Samsung would like to think the HTC Wildfire but we will go with a really old Nokia.


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        22.05.2011 00:19



        This phone is ............

        I had bought this phone in thinking that at £70 it was rather cheap for what I was getting and would be an improvement from my Sony Ericsson K800i but after using it for 1 minute I noticed that it is extremely sensitive and is ridiculous to use as when you are trying to change a page on the main home screen you slide your finger across the screen gently and instead of one page changing you can go from page one to page three. It can take a good five minutes to get to page two. I tried everything I could think of to get this phone to work better but in the end it was hopeless. I unfortunately did not take this phone back for a refund but did not and now I wish I had never bought the piece of junk in the first place. This is by far the worst phone I have ever had.


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        03.12.2010 18:07
        Very helpful



        A great phone, highly recommended!

        This is a sleek,attractive, black and silver touch screen phone. It has a large 3" touch screen, which is a great size and due to the fact that it only requires three buttons. These are situated underneath the screen. There are two phone keys for making and ending calls and a back button which is useful for navigating the menu.

        The phone is available on several networks so obviously the price varies depending on network and where you buy it from, but generally it costs around £100. That sounds expensive but for its features I think it's worth it.

        The phone comes in a box with:
        A sim card
        A battery
        A usb cable
        A charger
        A user manual.

        It's quite quick to charge so when it was done I switched it on to explore it's features. The screen shows bright, vivid colours making it pleasing to the eye. It has the time and date at the top and at the bottom it has links to the keypad, phone book and menu. The phone is easy to lock using a button on the side, so that the screen isn't accidentally tapped when it's in your bag or pocket or wherever, and easy to unlock when you want to use it again. There is a tab at the side which, when tapped, brings out the widget bar. This basically
        has shortcuts to your favourite sections of the phone. There is a huge menu so you can choose which widgets you want and it's very easy to drag them out to use then drag them back when you're done.

        The touch screen is easy to use and the menu is easy to navigate. The menu goes across three screens and includes 31 items. These are:

        Call log- Allows you to see calls you have made, missed and receives, much the same as on any other phone.

        Photo contacts- a shortcut to message or call the contacts who you contact the most.

        Music player- I use this a lot so it's important to me that it's good. It's good quality and clear- sounding.

        Internet- quite slow but allows you to access and bookmark sites.

        Messages- easy to send and read messages. One problem though is that when you're texting if you tilt the phone too much it goes onto the querty keyboard which can be annoying.

        My files- allows you to store and access images, videos and photos. Not much memory but the phone can fit a memory card. However, when viewing images I have had the same problem as with texting: If you turn the phone around it rotates the picture, often when you don't want it to.

        Calendar- allows you to create schedules which can be useful.

        Camera- 5mp, which is great for a phone. It also allows you to alter settings and has optional flash.

        Communities-This is just another way to access facebook, myspace and other online communities.

        Bluetooth- Allows you to send and receive media for free, a feature which most phones have these days.

        Alarms- It is easy to set alarms, which are very loud and clear.

        Settings- Allows you to change between silent/loud etc, change display settings, security settings etc. I found hard to change background photo at first but you just have to play around with it and you get used to it.

        Find music- I don't use this but it basically goes online to find music.

        Google- This is just a shortcut to Google.

        Fm radio- The radio tuned quickly and easily and the sound is clear and of good quality.

        Exchange active sync- I haven't used this but it basically allows you to send emails.

        Video editor- This is quite hard to use at first but quite fun when you get the hang of it. I think for a phone it's good video editing software.

        Games and more- There is a selection of games and you can download more. However with most games you have to purchase a code to play the full version.

        Voice recorder- This doesn't record your voice that clearly but it's no worse than any other phone.

        Synchronise- I have yet to figure out the purpose of this feature.

        RSS reader- This sends feeds from the web, for example news pages.

        Wi-fi- Allows you to use internet for free if you can connect to a wifi connection, but I often have difficulty getting it connected.

        Memo- Useful for jotting down things.

        Downloads- Links to the internet and allows you to download media from samsung website.

        Task- This is very useful, it allows you to create a to-do list and put in order of priority, status or due date.

        Calculator- Easy to use, a feature that almost all phones have.

        Convertor- I've never used this but it could be useful. It allows you to convert currencys, lengths, weights, etc.

        World clock- Tells you the time in different places. I don't use it but I imagine it would be useful if you have friends or family in other countries or if you're going on holiday.

        Timer- Easy to use to time things and sets off an alarm after a set amount of time.

        Stopwatch- Easy to time things using this.

        02- Allows you to access voicemail, top up credit and other 02 services.

        Overall, the faults with this phone are only small. It has several really good features, my favourites of which are the good-quality camera and the wifi (when it works :p). So would I recommend this phone? Definitely! And that's why i'm going to rate it 5 stars :).


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