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Samsung Ch@t 335

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11 Reviews

An entry level smart phone, the Samsung Ch@t 335 performs all the basic functions that you would expect. Whilst it works well and is relatively reliable, memory and features are lacking in comparison to others.

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    11 Reviews
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      30.10.2013 11:25
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An amazing phone!

      When it comes to mobile phones you can seriously write down on the back of a postage stamp what I know about them. Somehow the latest must have phones have past me by, android and smart phones mean nothing to me.

      However I do own a mobile phone and currently its this one due to the last one drinking too much and dying suddenly in front of my eyes. It was a heartbreaking thing watching it slowly die cos I'd only had it a year and I was quite at one with it, it looked nice and in all honesty I didn't want to have to go out buy another phone as I'm on a strict budget at the moment and worse still...I'd have to get used to it!

      So off I went to Tesco just before closing time with 50 pounds in my pocket. The reason I went to Tesco to to a get a mobile is because I have a Tesco simcard and I didn't want to have to bother changing, unlocking or anything else and besides the fact that I know they have good deals on their handsets....and I get points on my Clubcard too!

      As I wasn't expecting to need a new mobile phone I didn't have a clue what I was going for. At first I thought I'd hunt for the cheapest option because all I wanted and needed a mobile for really is to make and receive calls and send and receive the odd text. I do use a camera on a mobile from time to time and on the very odd occasion check Facebook but I'm not bothered....to me a phone is a phone.

      Well it was. Until I saw this little beauty of a mobile sat on the shelf. As soon as I saw a Nokia basic one for a tenner I was turned off. I'm not a snob about mobiles but it really did resemble a brick and I felt it shouldn't be on sale but in a museum so that was ruled out very quickly indeed

      This mobile was next to a very similar looking Nokia one, which was my original choice which cost the same as this one. I then found out that the Nokia didn't have WiFi and although it didn't matter for the reasons I stated before I just thought oh well I'll have the one that does so its more up to date and you never know I may come all over techy one day and actually use it! There were two colours options to choose from one being black and one being fuschia, again at first I requested the black one but at last minute I went for the fuchsia instead. A word to the wise on this one the colour of the fuchsia one is lovely and its more of a deep red/pink than being bright and brash pink and not too girly and I was really happy with my choice when I opened it up.

      The Mobile:

      The mobile came in a box with a comprehensive user guide, a spare sim card (which was Tesco seeming as I bought this locked to the Tesco network!), a charger and a pair of headphones and the phone itself had the spare sim in and was ready to charge though it did have some charge in it so I could investigate

      The appearance of the phone is basically a rip off of a Blackberry one. Its square in shape with rounded off corners and has a metallic finish to it (in black or in fuchsia colour options) and it weighs just 99g so it isn't heavy. Its slim and lightweight to deal with which suits me just fine and its colour screen is 2.4 inches and so really rather big. The camera is situated to the centre back of the phone and it has an expandable memory slot plus a hole to put the headphones in that comes with the phone to use the radio and so on.

      This is not a touch screen phone and I have to admit I was really worried about that as that was what I was used to and this is a QWERTY keypad. Being an internet junky though and being used to typing on my laptop I found this really easy to get used to surprisingly and now, well I wouldn't want to go back to touch screen!

      Navigating around the phone is really simple....even for me! I never even looked at the user guide! You can easily put a pin on it for security, by touching 'Alt' you can lock it so you don't end up calling people by accident and so on. Its easy to turn on and off and to get round all the applications this lovely little phone has on the keypad you have a black rollerball key which isn't too sensitive and you move that about to select what you want to do.

      Lets Look At The Key Features Then Shall We??:


      The sound on this is excellent. Crisp and clear and of course you can use loudspeaker and so on and we're told to expect about 12 hours talk time. I agree with that but of course that depends whether your using your phone to do other things like text, play games or listen to music on it as well! You have extensive tones on this one and of course you can download tunes too..


      Again this couldn't be simper to use. You can set up on your main menu quick shortcuts to contact people or the websites that you use the most often and have little photos of those people/things for really quick access if you want to as well. I text people alot believe me and I've had no issues with it and do appreciate that when I got to write the text I have little options on that screen to add emotions, pictures or attachments. Oh and I can Email people from this handset too.


      Again this is a simple feature to use and really quite instant at the touch of a button. You have a list of the most popular websites you can click on or a search facility. You can even receive a ringtone for when you get an email if you want to and the clarity is great and the opening of pages is super fast.


      The clarity of the screen is so good this is an ideal little handset for gamers. My handset came with a couple of games installed already and I've had a look at them but I'm not really a gamer and of course you can buy games and ringtones and so on.


      Well yes it has a radio you can listen to and it comes with decent length and quality of little in the ear ones that fit quite well in my ears. This also has mp3 on it, not a function that I use to be fair but you can download tracks onto the mobile and so on.


      Its only a 2 Megapixel so it isn't an amazing camera and it has no flash. However you do have a choice of resolution on it, colour options like black and white and even a delay button are on here. There's a few things going on with the camera and of course you can store your photos, music whatever and send it to people or have it set on your main screen. There is even a little camcorder option which is handy to have and I have taken lots of photographs with this and been quite pleased with them. You are never going to be a David Bailey on it but it does the trick and it is simple to use at least!

      Other Things:

      This does have Bluetooth on it so you can share files for free and promises to work in most countries too. There is a calendar on it, calculator, world clock, dictionary and an organiser option and a few little other nice little features as well.


      Fabulous and its the best looking and usable little mobile I have ever owned. It looks great but above all its a doddle to use. I do find my battery to run low quite quickly and it does take a good time to fully charge it up however this is a phone that has a lot of functions and the more you use them the more those features do drain the life out of it. It has a nice big memory though to store loads of phone numbers, keep loads of texts and to pop on photos and video footage on however if your worried about that get a memory card but I don't feel the need for that....its got more than enough storage for me!

      Its flipping great and the price for this little beauty? £35.00. Yep just thirty five British pounds!

      If you like your posh and large smart phones then this may not be for you but if like me you just want something that looks nice, is easy to use and with a lot of really nice features, in my view it gets no more perfect than this!

      Widely available and apparently very popular at the moment, Google for a list of stockists if interested!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        26.12.2012 21:34
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Well worth £50 in my opinon!

        Well my phone recently broke (the sony erricson vivaz which i was throughly unimpressed with as it was). I was truly lost with my phone- it was my clock, my alarm and my communication (our housephone was on the blink too!). At a loose end I asked my Dad and step mother to get me one for Christmas. Rather nicely they picked me up one as a one off treat. I did ask for a cheap one but they picked this one out for me and I love it.

        =In the box=
        The phone was in a small cardboard box containing
        - The phone
        - A charger
        - The phone battery
        - Instructions.

        I've never owned a blackberry but my best friend used to have one and I have to say the design is VERY similar. Rather than the usual keypad design on phones which im used to this phone has a qwerty keyboard which took a few days of getting used to for me but Im ok now! I dont find the keys particuarly small or difficult to type with.

        =Using it & Features=
        I'm pretty bad when it comes to reading instructions I must admit! I see them as only necessary when I'm utterly stumped. This is probably why it took me 3 days to work out how my bluetooth is turned off! Saying that this phone is pretty straight forward and easy to use.

        It has an mp3 player on it, you can download songs or transfer via a mini usb cable. Mp3s can be played on speaker or via headphones. If you wanted to use it as an mp3 id reccomend getting a memory card. The total memory (50236KB) is ok but can be filled pretty quick!

        It also has a radio feature although you'll need headphones plugged in to use this- I believe they act as a sort of antenna!

        It has an internet feature although all I've used on it so far is the download page & facebook. The speed of the internet on this phone does vary. For facebook its reasonable but things such as downloading a song arent so great- I downloaded a song (Gangham style- my little boy loves it!) and not only did it take about 8 attempts (I had to pay for it first which is why I was determined to get it!) each time it downloaded the estimated time was 4 mins at lowest, 9 mins at highest.

        It also has a camera feature, I wouldnt say its particuarly good but then I have a digital camera so all my snaps are via that! It has a small little photo editing feature which is a little bit of fun but nothing too adavanced- a stuck on moustache here, a little resizing there.

        I was quite impressed by its standard ringtones to be honest, they sound like real songs in a way, my toddler certainly enjoyed listening (and dancing) to all of them.
        Theres a lack of unannoying alarm tones though which is slightly dissapointing!

        The standard messaging is pretty good, the inbox has a large memory, I'm yet to fill my inbox!

        Theres a few standard games on there- nothing special. I havent used them a great deal as they seem to zap the battery, I wouldnt see this is a gaming phone.

        =Battery life=
        It really does depend on how much you use it. I use it for a bit of texting, maybe a quick browse once a day on facebook, an alarm and checking the time. Then the battery will last about 3-4 days. If however I use the internet more, make and recieve phone calls, play games then the battery life goes down to around 1-2 days. It does seem to have more longetivity that other smart phones I've used though.

        My parents got this at the Virgin store for £50 on a pay as you go tarriff. Obviously this wouldnt be as expensive if you got it on contract. You may also be able to get it cheaper online.

        All i wanted was a phone that could text, tell me the time and have an alarm so I would of been pleased with anything. The last three years I've had one phone which was ugly and old looking (to a point I was sorta embarassed to get it out in public) and one which was pretty and modern but was infested with problems and broke within a month or so of recieving it. Now I have a pretty phone which I'm happy to show off, does all I want it to do and more and I've yet to encounter any problems!
        I cant give it 5 stars as it could be improved i.e better camera but i think its definitly 4 star worthy!


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        29.06.2012 15:44


        • Reliability


        Very good. For me it was perfect.

        I bought the cellphone because I was having lots of troubles with my old one, which was presenting a lot of background noise during the calls. Bought and solve it. The cellphone is really good, not heavy, really high technology. Very good and clear sound while talking, good camera, slim QWERTY, and not expensive. All functions promised are well-executed by the phone, the screen has a good size, and the cellphone has a good resistance (it has already felt down a few times and never presented problems or need to be given to a technical assistant). It doesn't present problems recognizing the coverage of the company (something that happens pretty often in Brazil, you need to call someone and you can't 'cause your cellphone can't recognize the coverage) and has great memory. So in general it's a very good product, high technology and values the price. I recommed to anyone who needs a good cellphone.


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        21.05.2012 21:24
        1 Comment



        I love this phone, it's all I need.

        I have the Samsung Ch@t 335 at the moment and it's served me very well. The qwerty keyboard is simple and easy to use and it makes texting and emailing so much quicker than touchscreens or indeed bar type keyboards. I now feel sorry for anyone still using a candy bar phone, pressing those buttons just takes too long!

        It's a similar shape to the blackberry but much lighter and flatter, which I think is a plus. The apps are easily accessible and already downloaded onto the phone. It has built in Wi fi and an audio player. However, it doesn't have a vast amount of memory space so if you do purchase this phone, be sure to buy a memory card as well to store your tunes on!

        The only thing I really had an issue with is that six months after I bought it, it stopped charging. But as it was still in warranty It got whisked off and was repaired for free in no time!


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          22.04.2012 12:56


          • Reliability


          value for money

          I love this phone and it is good value for money,ideal for texting,emailing ,tweeting to your friends and sharing on facebook.
          The camera is not its strong point but neither is the blackberry 8520,good battery life once it is fully charged,the qwerty keyboard has been completetly re-enigineered and is much easier to use,the phones size is a nice touch,the super slim quality feel, So if your looking for a phone,
          reasonably priced, looks good, with wifi enabled you can use it on your home network,this is one of the reasons why i did buy this phone,and if you don't want to go over budget then this is defiantly your phone,the chat is really good at playing music player and is capable of loud volumes and it has a decent set of EQ settings too,the FM radio is a good quility,it has a trackpad which is easier to use,overall this phone is value for money.


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          13.04.2012 10:39



          life time

          The Samsung Ch@t 335, also known as the Samsung S3350, is a candybar portrait QWERTY handset, designed with heavy texters in mind. You not only get a BlackBerry-esque keyboard, but to suit your web needs, the phone comes with Wi-Fi on board, as suggested by the proud "WiFi" logo at the front.

          Its most lovable feature, however, is that it is a very affordable handset that might end up in the pockets of many people, who type a lot on their phones. Is it well-equipped for thumb gymnastics? Read on to find out...


          The first thing you notice when you hold the Samsung Ch@t 335 is that it is fairly thin, but not remarkably so. It feels well in the hand, the phone is very light, since the casing is all-plastic, and the back cover has a pattern that improves the grip. The phone has tapered edges, which helps additionally for a comfortable fit.

          In a world of huge screens, the 2.4-inch TFT display with a modest resolution of 320 x 240 might not even make it to a mid-range device, but for your basic texting/calling needs it works like a charm. When it comes to viewing angles, the TFT screen is pretty average. It's not touch sensitive, but navigation is nevertheless fluid due to the optical trackpad. It is pretty sensitive by default, but you can customize the sensitivity, so you get very functional navigation. You also get two function keys flanking the D-pad, along with Send and End buttons at both ends of the navigation area underneath the screen.

          In the Samsung Ch@t 335 we have a pretty BlackBerry-esque full QWERTY keyboard. There is no other word to describe the keys, which mimic the familiar edged style you might have seen on a RIM handset. The keys are similarly tilted to the left on the left half of the keyboard, while the right side tilts to the right making it very easy to type. The Samsung Ch@t 335 is however slightly narrower in size than your usual BlackBerry Curve, which means that the keys are smaller as well. If your hands are on the large side, you might want to check out the typing experience yourself before you get it, as this could be an issue. Key travel is deep enough, but dialing a number quickly is a pain with the small buttons, on top of that you have to hold a key to get in number mode

          On top there is a 3.5mm standard headphone jack, and a lid-protected microUSB slot for charging/syncing the handset. On the right you have the very conveniently placed and distinct volume rocker. The back houses a humble 2-megapixel camera, and the speaker grill. Pop the back cover open to add your own microSD storage card, which is hot-swappable. The 1000mAh battery is replaceable as well.


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          16.02.2012 19:49



          If you want a phone that's useful for texting and communicating its for you!

          I have this phone at the moment it's a good phone but plays up easily, its also very touch sensitive (the track pad) so anyone heavy handed like me won't get on with this phone well. It's easy to use though and a extremely accessible. I can download some apps on the phone and it is great for communication.
          It's just like a cheaper version of the blackberry however downloading music onto the phone can be complicated I have to do it either through bluetooth or email, but downloading files can be awkward as when they are complete I often change the file name but once playing the music in music player mode the names of files don't exist so changing from track to track is irritating.
          However like I say its a cheaper version of the blackberry does all the useful things like texting easily and phoning people but nothing exciting about the phone. It's a simple easy phone to use looks like a blackberry but doesn't function like one. It's name suits the phone though it's great to use for communicating with other people!


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          03.01.2012 20:05



          Good But better can be bought

          The Samsung Ch@t 335 is a sleek and elegant phone which has a 2 mega pixel camera and Wi-Fi compatibility. The phone has a QWERTY keypad and a optical trackpad which allows easy surfing through photos and webpages.

          Good Points:
          The phone is lightweight and compact. This allows uses to carry it around easily without it weighing down their pockets. It also has a suitabily sized keypad which allows the uses to press one button easily at a time rather than accidentaly hitting a incorrect key. The Wi-Fi compatibilty is easy to connect with and simple to find. The phone also comes with a standard charger, headphones and bulky manual which allows the user to read up on any hints and tips on the product.

          Bad Points:
          The phones standard internal memory is very small and this affects the browser. The phones browser if overused does begin to alert the reader of `Insufficient Memory` or `Not Enough Memory` which doesnt allow the webpage to load which could become frustrating at times. The phone also doesnt come with a USB wire which I had to buy separatly for £1.59 which may not seem like much but did surprise me. Another bad point to the Samsung Ch@t 335 is the apps and games run awfully slow compared to other Samsungs at a similar price.

          All in all, The Samsung Ch@t 335 is a good sleek phone which has the limited basics that a phone requires and will get you along. But for a similar price there are better phones which could be bought that could do a better job.


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          16.12.2011 18:56
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Good for a basic smartphone

          I bought this phone after my Samsung Tocco Ultra suddenly broke. I couldn't afford a Blackberry, and seeing this in Tesco for £59.99 made my day.

          It has a full qwerty keyboard and nice shaped buttons, they're nice and easy to use, unlike some that are spaced apart unevenly or stick out too much. I find these to be just right, easy to use for the podgiest of fingers!

          The size of the model (111mm x 61mm) is a nice size, around the same height and width as your standard Blackberry. The depth is surprisingly small (12mm), a lot thinner than my boyfriend's Blackberry Bold. However I still find it a little big to fit in my jeans pocket comfortably (obviously not much of an issue for men as the pockets are deeper in your jeans!)

          Some features:
          It has a decent camera with a good zoom, however it has no flash which is very disappointing. The quality of the photos aren't amazing but are okay for if you take minimal photos on your phone. For 2 megapixels it's about what you'd expect. If you rely on your phone as a primary camera then I would not recommend it.

          It also has a music player and an fm radio which is a nice feature, but I find the sound quality is a bit "tinny" and hurts your ears if it is playing moderately loud through the speaker. A plus is that it stores MP3 and comes with a micro USB cable, so you can easily transfer music from your computer to your phone. It also has a standard sized earphone jack which is great since regular earphones can be used.

          I also put a memory card in my phone as it doesn't hold a huge amount of files. It has 60MB of integrated memory so it is useful to have a memory card if you plan on storing a lot of photos or music on your phone.

          Calls and texts are all very good, great clarity when taking phone calls and has a volume control on the side of the phone to turn your callers volume up or down :p It also has speaker phone.

          The main function of this phone is for social media. It comes with pre downloaded facebook and twitter apps, has msn and google ready to use and has a communities menu for all your social networking sites at your fingertips.

          The main screen has a small bar at the top of the screen with all the preinstalled apps, so they are easy to access.

          An issue I have had is with downloading apps. As the facebook app that is readily installed only shows you status updates, I downloaded the app from the facebook website, but when I try to use it, the phone reboots. It has done this with a lot of apps that I have downloaded so it may be an issue they have with their flash settings. There are also not many apps available from Samsung, so if you rely on apps, I'd recommend an iphone or a Blackberry, there are many more available for those.

          Basically, if you want to use this phone for texting, calling and web browsing, then it is a nice little phone. For anything more complex, I'd look into something else.


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          03.12.2011 22:58


          • Reliability


          Good phone for people who don't want the complication of smartphones

          The samsung Ch@t on the outside has a plastic ridged back with samsung on in silver letters, it has the camera which I cannot remember how many MP it has but it is either 2 or 3 mega pixels and its a pretty good camera. It also has a little speaker on the back too. It is shiny black around the side of the casing and has a volume control button on the left and the charging and speaker plug on the top.

          The screen is 5 cm by 3.7cm and is pretty good quality. It has a touch middle button and a qwerty keyboard too. I really like the packaging / casing of this phone. It looks really nice and presentable and I find the qwerty keyboard really easy to use.

          On the main screen of the phone there is a top toolbar with these options, inbox, create message, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo!, Google and music. This toolbar pretty much provides you with quick and easy access to the main things you would need on your phone. Underneath that there is a main contacts bar where you can add your most used contacts and then quickly you can have the option to message / call them, read recent messages etc. You can have quick access to other contacts by pressing the right button which will lead to your contacts menu.

          If you clikc the left button it brings you onto the main menu, you options here are, Logs, Messages, Communications, Contacts, my Files, Apps, Music, Organiser, Downloads, Internet, Camera and Settings. Here you pretty much have everything you need on this phone centred at one location. Everything is pretty obvious and easy to find.

          Obviously this phone isn't as good as the iphone, blackberry etc. but if you are llooking for a good phone that has easy access to facebook, and other social networking sites and generally good features then this is the phone for you. Also it is nowhere near as expensive as an iphone.


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          17.08.2011 16:32



          A good enough phone if you are into facebook, doesn't hold a candle to an iphone

          The samsung chat 335 is a relativity new phone on the market built around social network sites such as facebook, twitter widows live and yahoo with room to install more apps. The home screen is totally customizable with widgets and a quick launch bar for your favorite apps. The menus are simple to use and navigate with clear icons and text on the screen. The device runs samsung's own software, so it is not compatible with any android or blackberry apps, but it does have java meaning you can install all of the .jar and .jad files you want. And believe me, you'll need to. Because although the phone comes with a built in facebook app, it is missing a feature - you can't search for people!, The internet browser, well quite frankly sucks and is only good for basic web browsing, any graphics at all will result in a low memory error. But these problems can be fixed by downloading opera mini and the official facebook jar file.

          The phone has wifi, GPRS, EDGE and WAP but no 3G which isn't surprising due to the low price of this phone. The wifi works well, but I found myself having o constantly switch internet profiles as the phone did not seem to know to do this itself. The camera is not bad but not great, photos are really only meant for the phones screen, which is non touchscreen, but that's not surprising as this phone is supposed to be emulating a blackberry. The touch button is very responsive, except in the browser app and although you got used to it, the annoyance was still there. The phone supports micro sd memory cards which works well with the phone's built in mp3 player. The battery life is very good, ranging from 12 hours call time to 450 hours standby - beats my iphone anyway!

          The problem is the phone does not remember the time once the battery is flat or removed, so I found myself constantly setting the time and date, a major annoyance. But overall this suited my sister, which it was bought for because it gave her all the social features she required, is light, stylish and isn't complicated to use, so overall a recommended purachase for the more easily satisfied of us.


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      • Product Details

        You will love showing off the strikingly slim QWERTY phone especially with its metal finish and fluid design. A timeless classic, the mobile also boasts a 2.4" LQVGA screen - making it easy for you to browse photos and read long emails.

        The optical joystick facilitates navigation when browsing the Internet or exploring social networking sites. The mobile is able to recognize and differentiate between normal and fast sweeps so that you can scroll through photo albums or menu lists more quickly and conveniently. You will be able to enjoy music entertainment without having to carry around a separate music player. Connecting favorite earphones, headphones or portable speakers is easy thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack. The embedded camera is always ready to take photos whenever a photo opportunity arises.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Samsung Ch@t 335 - mobile phone - GSM
        Product Type: Mobile phone
        Service Provider: Not specified
        Mobile Services: Samsung Apps
        Form Factor: Full keyboard
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 61 mm x 12 mm x 111 mm
        Weight: 100 g
        Colour: Metallic black
        Technology: GSM
        Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband)
        Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, voice recorder
        Wireless Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
        Display: LCD display - colour - 2.4" - TFT
        Input Device(s): QWERTY keyboard
        Instant Messaging Services: Yes
        Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Yes
        Playback Digital Standards: MPEG-4, H.263
        Supported Memory Card: microSDHC - up to 8 GB
        Talk Time: Up to 720 minutes
        Standby Time: Up to 520 hours