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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2015 09:32
      Very helpful



      Good phone

      This has GOT to be the sexiest, sweetest–I hate to even call it a phone–communicator ever stillborn. Makes everything else I’ve had feel cheap, including original iPhone. After a very slight earning curve, you’ll wonder why all OSs aren’t this simple and sweet. The screen is phenomenal, pitch black black and astonishing colors. There’s more apps here than I thought, and there’s a site with many more you can sideload. Did I mention how phenomenal this looks and feels? I’ve had 15 apps open and not a stutter on one. Got mine from Australia, ordered the cyan, got the black and am not one bit disappointed. My SIM card (micro btw) ain’t leaving this baby for years. If Nokia’s WP7s are anything like this, Nokia is back in a HUGE way! And screw it I am moving the whole review up to 5, lack of apps and stillborn ecosystem de damned. It”s loaded with everything you need anyway. Thank you for this one Finland! Two weeks after I bought this phone I left it on my bed, grabbed my sheets and threw everything into the washing machine, including my N9. Warm/Cold. Tide with Febreze®. I stayed in bed a day in a fetal position when I realized. Put it in a bag of rice, had no hope, week later I plugged it in and booted it up. It has been running perfectly for 3 weeks now, including camera flash and all connections. Fuck iPhone for being the Jesus phone this is the true Messiah. This phone is a miracle...


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      02.06.2010 22:21
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      FAB new phone form Nokia

      I recently upgraded my phone as I do every year, and I always choose Nokia. I don't know what it is, but year in year out, I upgrade and always stay loyal to this brand.

      What impresses me mostly is that I am a clumsy kinda girl and need a phone with durability!! I am not highly technical nor do I wish to use and know every single thing on my mobile. As technology advances I feel like I have to make the effort to at least keep up. Especially the fact that my 14 year old godson managed navigate his way round my phone 2 days after I had it, and was able to show and demonstrate just how fantastic the N79 really is.

      ***************** The Phone and How it looks *****************

      The phone itself is quite flat and the keyboard is pretty small. This however, I feel is worth it as you get 2.4in screen with 320x240 pixels which are clear and bright. What I would say though is if you aren' t nimble fingered or like large letters/numbers then this isn't the phone for you.

      The layout of the phone is pretty straight forward and above the main keypad of the letters/numbers you have an area which are the shortcut buttons to enter different applications.

      To the left of the buttons as such, are the Nokia multimedia features which shows Internet, Music, Games, and Photo applications.

      The navigation of this phone is excellent in my opinion. It is easy to use and you can choose to display the screen how you wish. I like to see what I am doing so I have each application as a picture icon. It means you can easily use the keys on the phone to click over the desired application.

      Unlike other Nokia phones I have had where you have to press the top left button and the star key to lock the phone, with the N79 you simply slide the button at the top of the phone to left and right to lock, and unlock...so much easier!!

      The other good feature that came with this phone are the interchangeable covers for the back. The phone comes in standard white (which I actually prefer for a phone). The back plates come in a choice of brown, lime green or blue. They are all very nicely slotted on and off and they it is nice to have a change around every so often.

      ****************** Bit more technical stuff ******************

      Hold the phone....ha ha....I'm gonna get technical...I know its a shock but here goes....

      The N79 is a 3G handset with HSDPA download speeds to 36Mbps.(so in English its pretty nippy on downloading!) it supports quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE, and there is also a Wi-Fi built in the phone.

      There is a front camera for two way video calling and a 5 mega pixel main camera. This has a physical lens cover which means the lens (Carl Zeiss) is well protected. When you slide the lens cover away from the camera is ready to rock.
      Its easy to use and very clear, and the telephoto on this is still very clear when you print your desired photo. I love photography and although the mega pixel on this camera isn't as high as some others I am impressed by not only the quality of image, but also that there is no glare present.
      Although I do find that sometimes the colour quality isn't always matched as the background does seem very dark when taking indoor shots. There is a built in dual LED flash which does help slightly.
      When you take the photograph the sound from your mobile sounds like a camera shot if you get my drift. I assume this is to give you the feel of being a real camera. I found it to be a distraction and like to have mine on silent mode. (another good feature)

      There is also auto focus and a macro mode. The photos are one area that you can take advantage of this phone's TV out capability though you will need to buy the necessary cable. I actually think its a bit mean of Nokia not to provide this cable within the phones extras. Although to be fair I don't know how much this lead would cost.

      There is a 3.5mm headset jack exactly where it should be on the top edge of the phone and the headset itself is a two piece, so you can benefit from hands free. The speaker phone is clear but I find you have to increase the volume level to be able to hear the other person.

      There is 50Mb of internal memory and a side mounted microSD card slot pre-populated with a 4GBcard.

      There is an FM radio and an FM transmitter and this handset supports the Nokia music store. I appreciate that some people would like to download songs and this is an easy process to do. I don't often download music as although the playback quality is good I do prefer my I pod.
      What I will say though, is I was impressed by the quality of music played through the loudspeaker. It was different to a voice call it was clear and concise and I had to actually turn it down.
      My godson blue toothed through a song to my N79 and it came through in less than 5 minutes and was playing and saved on my phone...fab eh!!

      As well as having music downloads on tap this is an N-gage phone so you can download games to it. It doesn't however have dedicated gaming keys like some of the other N series handsets.

      The games are a bit of a bug bear with me. They have a game which is called Mile High Pin ball unlocked for you to play for free. I love pinball and was over the moon.... but my enjoyment soon faded. As I got right into the game within about...ooh 5 seconds I realised I was flying through and it was hardly taxing. However, on a horrible commute journey to London it took my mind away into fun game land. I reached the target of the most points I could possibly achieve on the game and the game comes to an end. You have to purchase the game in order to continue. I know its only £3.00 but its hardly the point.

      There is a GPS receiver built in and Nokia maps are pre installed. Nokia's web browser takes advantage of the accelerometer and can readily be flipped into landscape mode, by turning the headset round. As typical there is a calculator, calendar, PDf reader. Unit converter, Note taker, and quick office for reading Word, excel and PowerPoint documents. However, you need to buy license if you want to create them too.

      ******************The Price *****************

      To buy this phone it would cost £192.79 (that was the cheapest I found online at Electron World) or free on an upgrade or as a new contract

      ***********************Overall ***********************

      When I first got this phone it was quite a novel feature. But the way the screen flips back and forth is really annoying. Normally when I am trying to type a message and you end up trying to lean far to the left or right to get the screen to face up.

      The Internet access for me is the best I can access my mail instantly, online banking and many other things.

      Overall I would say this is a great phone. It is less bulky than the normal Nokia phones and the big chunky things I used to have. It is a bit pricey so it would better if you were to go for a contract or upgrade. With a lot of companies now asking for a 24 month contract I can understand people being put off.

      It has many many features and offers a fairly decent battery life and I have to say it is definitely one I would say have a good look at.


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