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    4 Reviews
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      01.11.2013 00:25



      not completely happy with the phone but the touch & type part is good, wish more phones did it

      I choose this phone almost 2 years ago, A contract coming to an end in january 2014. Its been a long time, and I can decide if im happy or sad to see it end. I decided on this phone because of the keypad facility (not all touchscreen), that the camera was okay, and that it was nokia...as i had never had trouble with nokia phones in the past! ....... However 6 months into the contract, the phone broke. I took it to carphone warehouse who gave me a replacement phone. I was upset about some photos i had on the phone and wondered if they would be wiped, carphone warehouse said i can join GEEK squad foer £15 or around that & they would save them, I argued that I have looked after my phone, didnt expect it to break, and why should i have to pay for this service! i refused to pay. The manager refused to do a thing about it! ...so my phone was sent away. a relations wedding photos lost. I wasnt happy. This was my first experience of being in a contract for a phone. Lost trust in carphone warehouse and nokia phones after this, although it as been fine since.

      Good points - the camera is quite good for a cheaper phone with a flash
      Its good to have touch & type function - although the keypad sticks a bit now.

      Bad points - Phone freezes sometimes, have to take battery out to reset. very slow on internet connection through wifi, it practically stops. I dont pay for internet in my contract, but it jumps to the orange (EE) internet without warning if WIFI fails . It dosnt give any message/notice at all this as happened. just from complaining about my bill the advisor explained. So wrong.

      I would perhaps buy one at a bargain price but i wouldnt pay more then £50 for one.


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        20.05.2013 12:29
        Very helpful



        Would recommend for non-touchscreen fans who still like to be and feel "with the times"

        If you're not a touchscreen person, you'll probably agree that your options are pretty limited when it comes to upgrading phones. I certainly fall into that category and the last time I was due for an upgrade, this C3-01 seemed to be the best option. Otherwise it seemed to be a step back in time by about 5 years.

        It's a dual-operation phone, "touch and type" so it has keypad but also has some touchscreen functionality.

        THE LOOK
        The phone is quite sleek looking in my opinion. Its 47mm x 110mm and approx 1cm thick. It has a generous screen 3.7mm x 5mm, which has a black surround (with NOKIA and C3 printed at the top), and the keys make up the bottom half of the phone. The keypad itself has a bit of a quirky design, in that the keys at the sides aren't 'cut out' on all four sides i.e. it's not an enclosed criss-cross design, there's no outer border - the keypad area has a sleek, unbroken look. Above the keys is a horizonal shiny silver bar which has the answer and end call symbols/functions.

        THE FEEL
        The size of the phone means it fits easily in one hand, and is easy to operate one-handed too (I'm an intensive thumb touch-texter!) The phone on the whole does feel quite solid though - I don't want to use heavy because at a stated 114g it can hardly be described as that, but it depends what you're used to, or what it's replacing for you I guess. The casing is a mixture of polished and brushed metal-feel textures but that also adds to the way that the overall feel is one of quality and resilience. Mine was dropped a few times and has only minor scratches on the corners. Not that it bounces, I hasten to add!

        The phone is loaded with all the "usual" Nokia functions, and laid out in the same way as other Nokia phones. If you're not familiar with the "usual" Nokia bits and bobs, they comprise Photos, Address book, Internet, Music, Messaging, Backup, Settings, Store & Apps. There's nothing very tech-y here to be honest, it's got all the basic operations you could want in an easy to navigate "old-skool" way. Within the Apps you find alarm clock, calculator, calendar, notes, to-do list etc. Within settings you can set up your wifi preferences and bluetooth operations. Having wifi was useful, but to a limited degree for me - at work or home where the wifi is on I am able to use my laptop instead. Ok for a cheeky look at facebook (or dooyoo as it would be now!) whilst at work I guess.

        How the main menu is laid out is customisable, and you can also customise all the areas of the touchscreen to make shortcuts to favourite functions. You can have as many or as few shortcuts on there as you like, and can choose what they are, you can also have selected contacts on there which is quite handy. One touch of the clock on the screen opens the alarm clock and one touch of the date opens the calendar - another useful thing.

        The screen itself is bright and crisp quality, I'm not able to offer any techy advice on resistivity (?) or anything like that, I can only say that for me it's always been responsive and easy to use when needed.

        For many functions you need to use a combination of touch & type - so this isn't a viable option if you are completely touchscreen-phobic. For instance, typing a text message, you type using the keyboard, but access options (e.g. insert symbol) and continue through to the sending process, by touching the relevant areas of the screen. I can't see a time when I will prefer typing on a touchscreen (though I'm sure it'll come!) but have certainly got used to the touchscreen aspects and I think I found a phone here that really suited me.

        I used the camera on this phone a lot. It has a 5.0mp camera and also a flash. The functions of the camera are excellent, with numerous different settings and features, many which you will find on a normal camera - sepia/black and white effects was one which I particularly used a lot. I found this camera more than adequate for nights-out photos, I stopped taking a camera out with me when I started using this phone. It's no 18mp super duper camera, don't get me wrong, but for "snaps" its better than adequate in my opinion. I didn't make use of the video camera but you can easily switch between still and video camera by touching the icon on the screen. The other thing I liked about using the phone as a camera is that the shutter button is a physical button on top of the phone so it really does feel like the real thing! There is a microSD card in the phone so you can store hundreds of photos on there, and it comes with a USB connector cable so it's a real doddle to transfer photos to your computer if you wish.

        My main annoyances with this phone was involuntary swiping of the screen. The phone is unlocked with a swipe left to right, and you can set a security code which prevents accidental unlocking, but despite this *somehow* I still fairly regularly had a problem with being inadvertently connected to the internet. I think the problem lay in the fact that whilst the phone is unlocked, there are pre-programmed shortcuts for left to right and right to left swipes. These open "games" one way and "collection" the other, and in both of those screens you are one touch away from connecting to the internet. Therefore it was critical to manually lock the phone before putting it away, and I did incur some charges through this a couple of times. I think I must have swiped the screen en-route to pressing the button which locks it, so it appears locked whilst actually it's whirring away. An online forum gave me some directions on messing up the connectivity settings to ensure that only wifi access was possible, but of course that depends if you would be happy with that scenario.

        Other than that, I'm struggling to pick fault with this phone. I suppose the biggest has to be the fact that it was intolerant to being left lying in a pool of vinegar (long story!). This spelled the end of this phone, the keys would only work spasmodically, but I guess that would not be considered fair wear and tear! Having said that, it did still work so I still have it as emergency back-up, and more importantly (for me) I have had the phone switched on and with my SIM in it whilst I've been writing this review and it actually seems to have all it's functions... so it may be making a comeback!

        I was surprised to see this only had a 2-star overall dooyoo rating. For everything it sets out to achieve it meets the spec without any problems. Bear in mind, though, that I'm not very technically-minded or have vast experiences/comparisons of other touch-screen functionality on other phones or tablets. For me it was a great phone when I was using it and I am very, very hopeful it's now miraculously cured of it's vinegar trauma, and I will be able to start using it again - that speaks for itself I think. That accidental/unintentional swipe issue is worth knocking off half a star, and I'm inclined to lean towards 4 rather than 5 stars, but still a good phone for me.


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        25.11.2012 01:54



        Looks nice but it's not worth the money!

        This is quite possibly one of the worst phones I have ever had. The touch screen broke after 5 months of minimal use, and it was dropping calls and freezing long before this. I sent it off for repair, only for it to return with the exact same problems, eventhough they said they had replaced a lot of the hardware. I've had much cheaper phones that have been much better!

        The touch screen (when working) is very outdated in comparison to phones such as the iPhone. It's very unresponsive and takes a lot of pressure on the screen to work. On top of this, when composing a message, after adding the recipient, if you need to go back and add something to the message, then you can not send it. You have to save the message as a draft and then send it- what a pain!

        One of the best things about the phone is the weight- I'm sure phones are getting heavier now! However, this phone is very lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket.


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        09.07.2012 21:08



        Suitable for someone with a modest budget looking for a phone which does the job!

        £10.50 a month contract with vodafone for 2 years gained me this phone.
        Everything seemed well.. I'm not one for fancy phones and going on the internet and playing games on my phone. But it did all the necessarys and had a good quality camera.
        The memory was pretty poor but due to it having bluetooth I was able to regularly upload any photos easily onto my computer so this wasn't a problem.
        The main problem I found with this phone is it's touchscreen and sometimes the screen literlly doesn't respond and therefore the keys are also locked so there is no way for me to get into my phone.
        I then have to take the phone back off.. which took me a long time to be able to do, and take the battery out in order to start the phone again and usually this mean't the screen would start working again.
        Sometimes the phone will also go black or white on the screen and reset itself...
        I went into the vodafone phone shop and told them the issue.. presuming they would fix it but turns out once they'd sold the phone the staff really weren't interested in helping at all.
        I was told it probably just needed updating. I don't see how that could have caused it, I feel like they were palming me off.
        They told me I could go home and update the phone myself which I don't have the facility to do. Or they would do it for me, but I would have to give them my phone for 10days to send away and they wouldn't give me a phone to borrow in the mean time. I was disgusted. They were very unhelpful, and if putting the updates on was really that easy I don't see why they couldn't do it in store.
        I never updated the phone and a year later it's still working but does have funny turns.
        With respect to the appearance of the phone I found it very attractive for it's price bracket and of the lower costing phones it definately is one of the best. It's not too big and looks more expensive than it is.
        Everything on the phone I found very satisfactory apart from the touch screen. I have also found it quite hard wearing as I have dropped it several times, not responsible for the phone playing merry hell as I was already having problems, and the case hasn't cracked.
        All the basic settings on the phone are very good. The messages can be viewed both individually or in conversation format which I found really useful. The phone also came with several games.. which I had to delete due to lack of memory but none the less there were a selection of fairly good quality games. The message memory is also not too bad once I deleted all the games which free'd some up.
        All in all I would say it is a cheap phone and it's not bad. You get what you pay for. I would recommend it if you have a low budget. Prehaps its vodafone staff which are the problem not the phone.


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