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Manufacturer: Neff / Microwave Type: Built-in / Cooking Power: 900 Watts / Power Levels: 5 / Capacity: 21 liter

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 10:55
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      Flimsy item at a vast price

      I purchased this NEFF H5574N0GB Microwave oven as I had heard good things about NEFF; it is consistently rated highly other items and it is an item that is up there with Bosch on Miele. However having purchased this item at a cost of nearly £400 for a microwave! Excessive I know but I thought I was getting a quality item that would last for years.Dimensions and specifics of product

      Model No H5474

      It has a maxiumum 900 watt power setting suitable for heating liquids
      600 watts for heating and cooking food
      360 watts for cooking and heating 'delicate' foods?!
      180 watts for defrosting and cooking on low heat
      90 watts for defrosting delicate foods
      Also my model came with a built in grill.

      On the face of it looks like a decent microwave, a nice high power when you need it and also a wide range of middling to lower ranges for various cooking options. It also comes with a wire tray for grilling and cooking baked potatoes and such like.

      Granted it looks good - not like a microwave more like a normal oven. It comes with very delicate buttons that you have to be careful not to press too hard or they become 'stuck'. It has a rotary knob in the middle for increasing/decreasing cooking times. It can be pressed in for ease of cleaning.


      The main flaw in the oven is the door latch - it constantly does not shut properly meaning the oven comes up with an Error code - resulting in the oven not working, You have to keep slamming the door to try to get the catch 'to lock'. The door seems flimsy and too light for the microwave.

      The oven is supposed to be suitable for being 'built in' however even this caused problems as you have to be sure the kitchen fitter makes the appopriate space at the bag for venting or it will cause all sorts of problems.

      I thought purchasing this would be a big investment for my kitchen and be sturdy and hardwearing. How sadly mistaken I was; the microwave has been nothing short of a disappointment - a big one. It has consistently broken down during the warranty period. I am now on first name terms with the repair man and know how he takes his coffee as he has been round that often.

      I cannot recommend this product as I have been sourly disappointed in it. I am now out of the warranty period but refuse to pay more per month on the item for extended warranty. As I feel my previous microwave £40 quid from a local supermarket was more sturdy and much more useful and easy to use. If this one conks again I will be back down to Morrisons for new microwave; granted not as good looking as the NEFF model - but definately more reliable.


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    • Product Details

      Built-in compact microwave oven suitable for installation into wall cupboards and tall housings. Electronic control, electronic clock with 99 minute timer.

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