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    • Morphy Richards 40685 / Iron / 170 Readings / 165 Ratings
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      09.09.2011 14:30
      Very helpful



      It does the job

      I have had the 40685 model iron for around 3 months now and have found it to be an adequate iron for my requirements. I am a single person and do not have an awful lot of ironing to do (to be honest I avoid it if I can). The iron is rather heavy and can be quite hard work at times and I would imagine that it would drive someone using it frequently to despair! The plate on the iron is quite rough and therefore it does not glide but rather drags across your garments. For the price, I would have expected an iron which is far easier to use but it does the job and gets out creases and is a very nice looking iron indeed in a lovely white and purple colour.


      Steam iron: 2000 watts.
      Steam output 35g/min.
      Shot of steam 90g/min.
      Capacity of water tank 400ml.
      Anti-drip. 2m power cord.
      Weight 1.13kg.
      Non-stick soleplate with button groove.
      Soft-grip handle.
      Uses tap water.
      Front fill.
      Water level indicator.
      Water spray.
      Variable steam.
      Vertical steam.
      Steam tip.


      After spending around £35 for this iron, which is quite an expensive buy for me, I expected a lot more for my money to be honest. This is a lovely looking iron and it is just a shame that it does not really live up to its looks.
      The iron is on the heavy side and the plate is rough which means that you are frequently pushing the iron over the garments insead of having a gliding action.

      The water container is more than adequate and it takes normal tap water so it is very easy to use. Although you need to keep the button pressed down all the time on the steam function, I didn't find this a problem and the steam output is very good indeed.

      It takes no time at all to reach the required temperature. The iron has 3 heat settings which can be adjusted to cope with any type of material. You can also easily adjust the amount of steam that you require which is really helpful. With an extra booster steam switch, it will get creases out of virtually anything. I have had no problems with very creased shirts, jeans and even my curtains were finished to perfection.

      The lead is rather on the short side, so please check where your sockets are before purchasing this iron. Also on the subject of the lead, also note that there is no lead holder on the iron so it is a bit on the clumsy side to store away.

      In conclusion, I think that this iron is totally adequate for my requirements as a single person. However, I would not recommend this iron for a family or for someone who does an awful lot of ironing as it can be very hard work to use.


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      • Tesco HB07 Handblender / Blender / 87 Readings / 81 Ratings
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        09.09.2011 12:13
        Very helpful



        A brilliant buy for a basic blender.

        I have just had a new kitchen so I decided that this was the ideal time to branch out on my cooking! I was in two minds whether to buy a hand blender or a jug blender and decided to do some research before making my decision. After reading reviews and talking to friends and family, I found out quite quickly that the problem with a jug blender is two fold - Firstly, they are the very devil to clean after ever use and secondly, it is very difficult for some of them to blend the ingredients at the bottom of the jug.

        So a hand blender it was! My next stage was to review and ask around about blenders. Top of the list from friends and family was the Tesco Value HB07 Handblender. This rated far higher within my circle of friends than any of the more expensive models. I have been 'over the moon' with this blender, it has perfomed to an extremely high standard and for well under £5 is a complete bargain to boot!


        This hand blender from the Tesco Value range offers you real value for money.
        It comes in white and has 1 speed setting. The blender has a power output of 150W and is a handy kitchen tool, ideal for any household requiring a basic function hand blender.

        Assembled Dimension Depth 6
        Assembled Dimension Height 36
        Assembled Dimension Units cm Assembled Dimension Width 6
        Assembled Weight 0.590
        Assembled Weight Units kg
        Balloon Whisk No
        Brand Tesco
        Capacity (Litres) 0
        Chopper No
        Citrus Press No
        Colour White
        Combination No
        Crushes Ice No
        Dishwasher Safe No
        Eject Button No
        Liquidiser No
        Mixer No
        Number of Attachments 0
        Number of Programmes 1
        Power in Watts 150
        Product Depth 7 cm
        Product Height 38 cm
        Product Weight Units kg
        Product Width 7 cm
        Pulse Control No
        Safety Lock No
        Speed Settings 1
        Stirring Stick No
        Tap No
        Turbo Boost No
        Weight 0.900


        As you can see from the technical information listed above, this is a very basic blender with a one speed setting and no attachments or frills.

        I started with soups and sauces and this blender is totally perfect for both. You can use it in any container that your ingredients are in and it get into all the nooks and cranies so that all the ingredients are blended perfectly. I also use it all the time for my mashed potato - this is the perfect way for light and fluffy mashed potato every time!

        This blender is brilliant for precooked vegetables, fruit for smoothies, batter mixes, cake mixes and is brilliant for lovely scrambled eggs. I made borsch (beetroot soup) last week and it wizzed through the beetroot very quickly for a perfect result.

        Cleaning is quick and simple. Just run the blender head under the tap! No awkward jugs to wash out and a quck dry and you are finished.

        For anyone wanting lots of attachments and settings - steer clear of this blender - it is a perfect item for bog standard applications but it would not do the job at all for anyone wanting more.

        A word of warning to people out there who are considering this item but have difficulty with weight - this item is on the heavy side and may be uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. Also, to switch on the blender, the on button needs to pushed and then held down for the whole time you are blending. This may also cause difficulties if you are blending for a long period of time.

        Also, please also make sure that your plug sockets are quite near to the area that you are going to use to blend as the mains lead is quite short.

        Overall, I am extremely happy indeed with my blender and I would recommend it to anyone- a brilliant blender!!


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          09.09.2011 09:42
          Very helpful



          I would recommend as a good buy

          After years of shaving my legs and underarms, I decided it was about time a 'bit the bullet' and bought an epilator as I have heard so much about them.
          The main advantage of an epilator is that it leaves your legs really smooth for up to 3 weeks and avoids the stubble that shaving can leave after a few days.

          As I could give anyone a run for their money for hairy legs, I was somewhat dubious as I have heard that epilators can be very painful and they rip the hairs out with sets of tweezers which wizz around at an alarming rate!

          Pain is not the word for what I felt when I first started but I was surprised to find that I either got used to the pain after a few minutes and subsequent uses of the epilator have not been so painful, so it is worth sticking with it for a few sessions until you get used to it. I also found that using the epilator after a hot bath when the pores are open, also tends to diminish the pain.


          1 x Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro 7681 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Epilator
          1 x Efficiency Pro cap
          1 x Underarm cap
          1 x Shaver head
          1 x Trimmer cap
          1 x Facial cap
          1 x Packet Olay pre-epilation wipes
          1 x Bag
          1 x Charger

          Braun's SmartLight Technology reveals even the finest hairs to confirm the closeness of your epilation.
          The result? Smooth, soft and seriously beautiful skin--for up to four weeks--giving you the confidence that you look and feel your best whenever, wherever you want to.

          Additionally, the comfort setting switch allows users to control the speed of the epilation to fit to their needs, with both "soft" and "fast" settings.

          The new pivoting heads--with a variance of ±15º--adapt to the body's contours, allowing closer contact with the skin and aiding removal of even the shortest hairs.

          Independent dermatological research measured the effects among women of wet compared to dry epilation, with findings which showed that the women significantly favoured wet epilation.
          Nearly two thirds (63%) also found wet epilation was kinder to the skin, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin or those new to epilating.

          The Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro Wet & Dry is also rechargeable and cordless, with a one-way charge system to keep it completely safe in water.
          Please note that due to safety reasons, the new Xpressive cannot be used with the cord plugged in.
          One hour of charging time provides up to 40 minutes use--twice as long as other rechargeable epilators--guaranteeing enough time for users to become fully fuzz-free.
          The Xpressive loses very little of its charge over time, and so is ideal for taking on holiday in the supplied storage pouch.


          Overall, I was very impressed with the close finish this epilator gave. I have to have several attempts to get the best results and I would say that the best way to use the epilator is with circular movements around the target area for the best results.

          The eplilator comes with a wonderful smartlight which shines on the target area to give you a clearer idea of what you are doing.

          For the main epilator head, you have several different caps that you can use - bikini and underarm, face (not used as yet as it sounds far too painful), high frequency massage system (ideal for larger areas) and Efficiency Pro cap for faster and maximum epilation (I must tell you that this is also the most painful by far so I have only used it once and have steered clear ever since until I am braver!).

          This epilator is fantastic to use in warm water as this opens the pores and makes it far less painful. It is also brilliant in running water and I have found using it in the shower totally ideal.

          I know this probably isn't a major point in most people's minds, but this epilator is a lovely shape and it seems to fit into your hand perfectly. It is lovely to look at and very light to hold and does not feel awkward in the least.

          There are a few minor problems that I have with the epilator but they wouldn't detract me from buying one. Firstly, you cannot use the epilator whilst it is charging which I find a bit of an annoyance. Secondly, it comes with a two point adaptor, so if you are thinking of buying this epilator then pop out and buy a shaver adaptor (only a few pounds) or you will be annoyed when you receive it and you are not able to use it straight away.

          At a cost of around £80.00 this epilator is quite expensive but it does the job very well and I would recommend it.


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          • Hotpoint RFA52S / Fridge / 87 Readings / 80 Ratings
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            19.05.2011 08:21
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Highly recommended.

            Hotpoint RSA52S Fridge Freezer

            After my fridge recently gave up the ghost, I decided after some homework that I would 'go the whole hog' and get a fridge freezer. I made this decision after finding out that the price between a larder fridge and a fridge freezer was only around and extra £25 and that it would be far more cost efficient, as I could then buy the three for two's and buy one get one free offers for my freezer. These had been totally unavailable to me as the food would not keep in a fridge and had to be thrown away, which I found was such a waste of food.

            As I am a single person, unemployed and living in a flat with a small kitchen, it was of utmost importance to me to find a fridge freezer which was more suitable for one or two people and was small enough to fit into a more modest sized kitchen. This fridge freezer totally fits the bill. It is compact and fairly small and is very economical to run.

            I also wanted to utilise the freezer space as much as possible and not have a fridge freezer which was mostly fridge as I really didn't have enough food to fill the fridge space all of the time. After looking round, I found that the majority of the smaller fridge freezers on the market had a ratio of nearly three quarters fridge and one quarter freezer capacity. This particular fridge freezer has more of a 50/50% split between fridge and freezer, which was a large reason why I chose this particular model.


            HOTPOINT RFA52S Fridge Freezer Features

            Feature Benefit
            Colour SILVER
            Dimensions Height=174.5cm Depth=56.5cm Width=54.0cm
            Manufacturer Warranty 1 Years Cover included
            5.5 cu.ft gross fridge capacity Maximum external fridge capacity
            3.7 cu.ft gross freezer capacity Maximum external freezer capacity
            A grade energy efficiency Saves electricity, saves you money Energy rating A - C (A being the best)
            Automatic fridge defrost Prevents build up of frost and water pools
            2 safety glass shelves Flat, safe, easy clean surfaces
            4 freezer drawers Number of pull-out drawers in the freezer
            2 salad crispers Ideal for keeping vegetables fresher for longer and separates from other food stuffs, such as meat.
            Bottle rack in door Storage space in the fridge door for all types of bottles.
            Ice cube tray Allows you to make and store ice
            Egg tray .
            292 kWh/year energy consumption The lower the energy consumption the less electricity it uses.
            Fast freeze facility Freezes food much quicker, preserving more of the taste and texture
            Flat back for easier installation and cleaning No difficult to clean elements at the back and also the appliance can be pushed flat to a wall.
            10 degrees C minimum ambient operating temperature Minimum temperature the appliance will operate efficiently at
            32 degrees C maximum ambient operating temperature Maximum temperature the appliance will efficiently operate at
            6 kg/24 hrs freezing capacity Indicates how quickly it freezes fresh food
            Reversible doors for added versatility Left or right hand opening.
            3.5 cu.ft net freezer capacity Internal storage capacity
            5.4 cu.ft net fridge capacity Internal storage capacity
            104 litres gross freezer capacity Maximum external freezer capacity
            99 litres net freezer capacity Internal storage capacity
            155 litres gross fridge capacity Maximum external fridge capacity
            152 litres net fridge capacity Internal storage capacity


            I bought my fridge freezer from Laskys in the end. This was a last minute change as I had been looking at the price comparison sites for a few weeks and the prices fluctuated daily. I paid £240.99 for my fridge freezer and I also managed to obtain a further 4% discount on this price by looking through the discount code sites (again on a daily basis) to get the best price possible on my fridge freezer. I would certainly suggest that a potential buyer does this for this fridge freezer as I noticed that the prices from different outlets went up to a staggering £395.00 - so it is well worthwhile having a shop around. Be careful to of delivery charges - my fridge freezer was delivered free but some companies charge up to an extra £24 for delivery.

            I was in a position that I could safely remove my current fridge but Laskys and many of the other companies offer a service whereby they will take your old appliance away - beware though - as there is usually an extra charge for this service.

            I wanted a fridge freezer and silver and I was delighted to find that this model was only a few pounds more expensive than the white model. An awful lot of companies charge a staggering amount more for a silver model of the same appliance. The silver of this fridge freezer is a lovely shade and goes perfectly with all the stainless steel appliances that I already have in my kitchen. It is really easy to clean (just a wipe over with a damp cloth) and does not show any of the horrible finger marks that I have seen on other silver appliances.

            The capacity of the freezer is more than enough for myself and I am sure would be totally suitable for any other single person or a couple. I would not recommend it for a large family though, as it would not have the food capacity for more than two people.

            The fridge is a great size and I have found that it is perfect to have the fridge element on the top of the fridge freezer as it means that you do not have to keep bending down to find your food.

            I have found that this fridge freezer is very economical to run. Even when new food is added, it does not eat up the energy and seems to freeze new food added in a matter of a few hours. There is one simple dial to adjust the temperature of both the freezer and fridge - I have mine on 3 (out of 6) and this has been totally adequate to freeze and keep fresh all of my food. If a large quanity of food is added however, there is a simple booster switch provided which can easily be put on for a few hours for quick freezing.

            The installation was a breeze. After it was delivered I was told to leave the fridge freezer to settle for 24 hours before using it. The instructions were very clear and it was really just a case of plugging it in and it was up and running. I did not have to reverse the door on my fridge freezer but I did note from the instructions that this looked to be a mammoth task, involving drilling and putting in new screws which would have been totally beyond me. I would probably be worth looking into if you needed a reverse door - as I would imagine most people would struggle to do this.

            The fridge freezer is exceptionally quiet. I hardly notice that it is on at all. I noticed from the instructions that it was mentioned that it would make more noise if it was on a floor which was not totally flat. The fridge freezer does come with adjustable feet to position it flat and these looked very easy to use - just a screw mechanism - but I never needed to use this feature.

            The only thing that I would say lets the fridge freezer down is the design of the ice cube trays. These trays are fitted into the doors of the freezer which I thought was a brilliant space saving idea. Alas, the ice cube trays themselves do not work. They have a fill up marker on them to add the water but the plastic trays are not seethrough so you cannot see when you have filled up to this point. Then you are supposed to tip the tray 90 degrees so that the water can flow into the separate ice cups and put the tray back in the draw for the ice cubes to freeze. I have now done this several times and all I manage to get is one great big chunk of ice at the end of the tray, which you cannot get out of the small whole provided to get the ice back out again.

            I would highly recommend this fridge freezer and it has been a pleasure to own. I have had it around 3 months now and I am still totally delighted with my purchase.


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              16.05.2011 07:27
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A great buy - highly recommended.

              Argos Value Deep Fat Fryer

              As a single person living on my own, it was essential for me to find a deep fat fryer which would be suitable for smaller portions - this fryer is just the ticket! At a modest £20.00, it is great value for money and it is a perfect size for portions for one person - I would not recommend this fryer for families or couples as it does not have the capacity to make meals for more than one person.



              Food capacity 0.5kg.

              Oil capacity 1.5L.

              From 108°C to 210°C.

              Power light.

              Viewing window.

              Removable lid.

              Easy to clean.

              Cool wall body.

              Non-slip feet.

              Safety cut out.


              Ideal for one person - It makes just enough for one big portion or two smaller portions of chips. This fryer is not suitable for a family or a couple with a large appetite.

              This superb little fryer heats up incredibly quickly so it is perfect for cooking that late night snack or quick lunch.

              I mostly use my fryer for chips and I am always amazed at how quickly they cook. The chips always come out perfectly and not at all fatty.

              Cleaning of this fryer is simple and easy. A quick once over with a damp cloth brings this item looking like new.

              As it only requires one a a bit litres of oil, it is very cost effective. I have found it very cheap to run as it is small and compact and takes no time at all to heat up.

              A word of warning on the lid of this fryer. There can be a build up of steam within the unit, so take care when opening the lid as there is an escape of steam which can catch you off guard if you are not careful.
              The fryer is very easy to set up. Just add the oil and plug it in - it is then ready to cook immediately!
              A simple handle fits on to the basket which ensures that you can easily take the basket out when your food is cooked. The handle can feel slightly flimsy when the basket is totally full so I would recommend that you don't overfill it. I would not recommend this fryer for the elderly or infirm - it can be slightly fiddly to attach the handle to the basket as this needs to be removed whilst cooking.

              I would definately recommend this fryer for a household of one person. It is ideal for one portion and it very quick, efficient and cheap to run.


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                10.05.2011 15:52
                Very helpful



                A very disappointing meal from Birds Eye

                After looking at my diary today, I realised that I had an exceptionally busy day ahead of me. As I have just purchased a new fridge freezer, I suddenly realised that I had a Birds Eye Lamb Dinner lurking in there and it would be just the ticket to set me up for the rest of the day. I must admit to it being disappointing, but I suppose you can't expect too much for £2.00.


                Potatoes (29%) , Gravy (28%) , Cooked Lamb (14%) , Peas (13%) , Baby Carrots (10%) , Yorkshire Pudding (4%) , Potatoes: Potatoes, Vegetable Oil , Gravy: Water, Cornflour, Lamb Stock (Yeast Extract, White Wine Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Lamb Extract, Lemon Juice, Onion Extract , Tomato Extract, Rosemary Extract), Salt, Mint, Caramelised Sugar , Cooked Lamb: Lamb (99%), Salt, Sugar, Milk Protein , Yorkshire Pudding: Wheat Flour, Water, Egg White, Vegetable Oil, Whole Egg, Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt .

                NUTRITIONAL VALUES

                Typical values Per meal cooked provides: As sold 100g provides:
                Energy - kJ 1330kJ 391kJ
                - kcal 315kcal 93kcal
                Protein 18.0g 5.4g
                Carbohydrate 34.0g 10.0g
                - of which sugars 6.1g 1.8g
                Fat 12.0g 3.5g
                - of which saturates 4.4g 1.3g
                Fibre 6.1g 1.8g
                Sodium 0.60g 0.17g
                - equivalent as salt 1.5g 0.4g


                Microwave - between 7 to 12 minutes dependant upon your microwave wattage.
                Oven Bake - 35 to 45 minutes dependant upon your oven and settings.


                I followed the cooking instructions exactly for my microwave (8 and a half minutes) and this was the result:-

                Forget the picture on the box - my meal looked nothing like it at all.

                It seems that the different elements of the meal need different cooking times -

                The carrots were not cooked enough

                The yorkshire pudding was so overcooked it was completely hard.

                The rest of the meal - peas, roast potatoes and very thin slices of what I assume to be lamb and the gravy - really had no taste to them at all. It was all very bland indeed and I would defy anyone with a blindfold on to tell the difference between any of them, let alone be able to taste what they were supposed to be.

                I am a size 12 female and weight 10 and a half stone. I have normal sized portions and this meal certainly did not fill me up - it would probably be good for a snack but there is no way you would say that this is a full sized roast dinner by anyone's standards.

                After around 15 minutes I also needed to drink around a pint of water. The salt content of this meal made me so incredibly thirsty and around an hour later I was also hungry again!

                It also got me thinking that I went out for a meal a few evening ago to a local pub and I am sure that the full roast dinner - which included a pudding! - only came to £3.99. For the portions that you receive, I do not think that this product is value for money in the slightest.

                I would not recommend this product to anyone mainly due to the lack of taste, the incredibly high salt content and also the portion size.

                Also on Ciao


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                10.05.2011 13:31
                Very helpful



                Great luggage set for any occasion.

                I fournd that this versatile 3 piece trolley set has been a great buy and has come in very useful on many separate occasions. For a long trip, weekend stay or overnight bag, this set has the answer! All the elements of the set have a high volume capacity and the design is such that it looks great and stylish and can easily be spotted on any airport conveyor belt system with its zebra print design!

                TECHNICAL DETAILS

                3 piece set includes 18 and 26in travel cases and weekend bag.

                Black and white zebra print.

                Polyester. Soft.

                Security/clothes retaining straps.

                1 pocket.

                2 wheels on each trolley case.

                Retractable tow handle.

                18in case. Size (H)45.5, (W)36, (D)24cm / (H)18, (W)14.1, (D)9.4in. Weight 2.9kg. Capacity 39 litres.

                26in case. Size (H)65, (W)47, (D)28.5cm / (H)26, (W)18.5, (D)11.2in. Weight 4kg. Capacity 87 litres.

                Tote bag / weekend bag. Size (H)27.5, (W)40, (D)17cm / (H)10.8, (W)15.7, (D)6.7in. Weight 0.55kg. Capacity 19 litres.

                Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.

                GENERAL COMMENTS

                There is nothing nicer than a matching set of luggage and this inexpensive set seems just the job. The larger suitcase is ideal for around a week's luggage for a holiday, the middle size just the right size for a weekend and the the tote bag can either be used for an overnight stay or for hand luggage along with either of the larger sized suitcases.

                I am 46 and totally love the look of this set. The zebra print is very eyecatching and a lovely design. It has also served well as a travel case for my 17 old niece who totally loved the design and she was delighted with the matching tote bag for all her odds and sods.

                The price of this set will not break the bank - It has been far more durable than my more expensive set which cost me an awful lot of money and this set does not look like a cheap item in the slightest. I always worry when travelling that the airport staff will damage my cases. This has not been the case thus far with this set but even if the worst did happen at least I have not lost a fortune in outlay.

                My set is now nearly two years old but is still going strong. The only damage so far is a tiny bit of the stitching coming away around one of the handles of the tote bag - but to be fair, this has been the one that has had the most use out of the whole set.

                Both of the two cases have retractable tow handles which are a real blessing when the cases are full. I am 5'8" and I have no problems over any terrian using the cases. My younger niece is probably just below 5 foot and she also has never had a problem transporting them either. The wheels of the cases are very sturdy and seem to glide over any given surface and are not noisy in the slightest.

                I would highly recommend this set for anyone considering them.

                Also on Ciao


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                • Samsung N130 / Netbook / 21 Readings / 18 Ratings
                  More +
                  10.05.2011 11:50
                  Very helpful



                  A great little Netbook for everyday use


                  As an overview the Samsung N130 is 10.7" x 7.4" x 1.2" and weighs 2.6 pounds.
                  It is a netbook computer and has a retail cost of around £200.00. It has a small and compact shape with round eges and the battery and the far back of the netbook raises it around a quarter of an inch.

                  With an Atom N270 processer, the netbook is ideal for surfing the web and emailing but it tends to be a bit on the sluggish side when having to cope with a lot of applications. Due to its size, the keyboard on the netbook is quite small but even myself, as a secretary, adapted very quickly and it is very easy to touch type on.

                  It also has 1GB of RAM,

                  a 160GB hard drive,

                  3x USB 2.0 ports,

                  3-in-1 card reader,


                  and 802.11b/g/n WiFi.

                  The 10.1-inch LCD is LED backlit which is non-glossy, and has a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution.

                  GENERAL INFORMATION

                  I have had my netbook for around 18 months now in a lovely pink colour. It has served me well during this time and it totally perfect for slipping into an overnight bag. I have found the battery life of the netbook to be around 4 hours which is totally adequate for everyday requirements. The battery does seem to get very hot if it is used on the mains for any substantial length of time. I tend to charge mine up for a while and then disconnect the charger units and run it off the battery again which seems to have sorted this problem out.

                  I have used my netbook extensively, but I did find that the letters tended to wear off after around 8 months of use. This is not a problem for me as I am a touch typist, but for those who are not it could cause a problem!

                  I would recommend this netbook to anyone who needs a computer for everday activities such as shopping, emailing, surfing and for social networking sites. It is light and compact and very good value for money.

                  I would not recommend this netbook for anyone wishing to use it for any type of audio activity. The internal speaker system is very very quiet indeed and even when on a maximum setting you can barely hear it.

                  Do shop around though and look at the comparison sites as you can get a far better deal this way. Try and check on a daily basis of new deals as the prices tend to change very quickly. I also managed to get a further discount by using a discount code at checkout, so this is also well worth looking at.

                  Also on Ciao


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                  • Henry HVR200 / Vacuum Cleaner / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
                    More +
                    10.05.2011 11:21
                    Very helpful


                    • Reliability


                    Excellent vacuum cleaner. The best I have owned.

                    Numatic HVR 200 Henry

                    I have had Henry for around 8 months now and he is an outstanding help me and my family. I don't know what inspired the designers to put a face on this vacuum cleaner but it has certainly added a lot of personality to what is normally a very boring household item. Why bother? I hear you cry - it makes no difference!! I beg to differ on this point as I have found that when my nieces and nephews come round to my flat (I have no children of my own), they tend to see him and treat him as a little person. I have actually seen them argue as to who can do the hoovering - what a brilliant result!!

                    TECHNICAL DETAILS

                    High performance vacuum cleaner

                    Motor: Hi - 1200W, Lo - 600W

                    High efficiency filtration system

                    Folding carry handle

                    Simple to use Microflo dust bags

                    Unique rewind and storage system

                    Cleaning range: 26.8m

                    Hi/Low control on brush head

                    Robust construction

                    9-litre capacity

                    Weight: 6.6kg

                    Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 370mm

                    Manufacturer's 2-year warranty

                    Henry "AutoSave" Low Energy System

                    GENERAL INFORMATION

                    With a 9L capacity, Henry does not need to be emptied very often. He uses bags but don't be too put off by this fact. They retail at £2.99 for 10 and are very easy to change. With my last hoover I could have done with hoovering myself after trying to change the bag, but this is not the case with this hoover. I have never had any mess any time it is changed, even when I have been in a terrible hurry and literally ripped the old bag out and thrown the new bag in!

                    The weight of this vacuum is very light at only 6.6kg - it is very easy to carry up stairs and the design of the unit ensure that you can use the carry handle for easy movement. However, he does have a superb length of lead to him and I can do virtually the whole place without moving from one socket.

                    Cleaning has proved to be very easy indeed. No dust seems to escape from the unit or fittings and a quick once over with a damp cloth once in a while keep it looking like new.

                    On the matter of suction, Henry is absolutely brilliant and I have only had one occasion that anything has got stuck in the main tube. This was very easily dislodged and I think it is because of the very high suction that this hardly ever happens with this particular model.

                    For those considering this vacuum who do not have carpets, please do still consider a Henry. I have laminated floors in my kitchen and bathroom and on the low setting, it simply glides over the floor and picks up any dust and dirt with ease. The handy crevise tool is a brilliant way to get into all those nooks and cranies, and I also use Henry to clean my car as he is portable enough to take down to the garage too.

                    Prices for this useful vacuum seem be on the decrease, so shop around for the best price! Remember to check discount code sites if you decide to buy from a large retailer and additional savings can be easily gained by a simple code at the checkout stage.

                    I cannot recommend this vacuum cleaner enough - I hope I have very many more happy years with Henry as he is a total joy to own.

                    also on Ciao


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                    • BT Graphite Single 2500 / Telephone / 14 Readings / 14 Ratings
                      More +
                      10.05.2011 09:18
                      Very helpful


                      • Reliability


                      Well worth the money - a great allrounder

                      As I have recently redecorated my lounge to a contemporary style, my old phone was looking very out of place. I then embarked on the search for a new one. There are so many phones out there which are very similar but I was attracted to the sleek design of this particular model. As I live alone, I bought the one handset model but these phones are available with two handsets or even more (up to four) if required.


                      BT Graphite 2500 Telephone with Answer Machine - Single.


                      50 name and number memories.

                      10 ringtones.

                      Last number redial.

                      Caller ID.

                      Call log.

                      Call transfer.

                      Call waiting.

                      Handsfree facility.

                      Speaker and ringer volume control.


                      Up to 10 hours talktime/100 hours standby.

                      Up to 50m indoor range/300m outdoor range.

                      Answer machine:

                      25 mins recording time.

                      2 pre-recorded messages.

                      Personalised recording facility.

                      Message playback from handset and base.

                      EAN/Barcode: 5016351613948.

                      General Comments

                      This phone is a very sleek and modern design, lovely black colour and would fit well into any decor.
                      Very easy installation and it ready to use. However, it was recommended that the phone was charged for 24 hours and it was well over that amount (nearly 36 hours) before my phone was fully charged up.

                      This phone is ideal as long as you don't have too many friends, family or takeway numbers that you need to program in. 50 names and numbers does seem an adequate amount but believe me 50 slots do not go very far. I felt a little like a bride to be - having to choose who to attend the wedding breakfast - and ultimately having to delete some people off to fit everyone I needed to in!

                      A real bonus of this phone is the online manual - it covers every eventuality and goes into great detail and is very easy to follow. This is a real plus for us technophobes out there as it is so refreshing to have online support which tells you how to do things in plain english instead of jargon. For those who prefer a written book version there is no need to panic - BT will send one out to you free of charge if this is your preferred option.

                      There does seem to be a lot of background crackling on the line which I will mention but I have yet to investigate if this is the actual phone or my current landline. I am having the line checked out in the next week so I will be editing this review so as to give you a clearer answer to this point.

                      I would not recommend this phone to anyone who has any sight problems. The blue screen makes it very difficult to see on ocassions.

                      With a great hands free speakerphone facility and adjustable volume, it is ideal for the times when you inevitably have to get in touch with a call centre - you can even turn down the dreaded Vivaldi hold music which was a real treat!

                      One thing I would suggest to anyone thinking of buying this phone is to look daily on the price comparison sites as I found that they did tend to change on a daily basis - that way you will be guarenteed the best price possible. Also, look at discount code sites as I managed to get extra off mine by typing in a simple code at the checkout stage. I bought my phone from Argos at £29.99 which I think is a brilliant price for a phone of this quality.

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                    • Samsung SGH-G600 / Mobile Phone / 13 Readings / 8 Ratings
                      More +
                      09.05.2011 13:27
                      Very helpful



                      Good allround everyday phone

                      I have had my Samsung SGH-G600 for a few years now and, on the whole, it has done me proud.

                      It is very easy to use and the onscreen menus mean that you always know what you are doing. It is a very tactile phone and the design means that I have found that it is virtually impossible for it to answer calls by mistake. The screen is large and bright and it is very easy to set up to your own colours and themes.

                      I have found that the screen is very scratched now as it is permanently at risk. I would advise anyone getting this phone to either buy a cover for it which would protect the screen or to keep it in a separate section of handbag, or separate pocket, etc.

                      I find the camera a bit of a fiddle to be honest and the instructions are not clear at all as to how to take pictures clearly but it is adequate for everyday use.

                      I also had a devil of a job setting up the Samsung PC Studio software to run on the phone so that I could move pictures etc. between the phone and my laptop. Anyone having this difficulty, please that you need to use the phone settings option on the menu and then choose USB settings to switch the Samsung PC Studio on.

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                    • Asda Smart Price Kettle / Kettle / 17 Readings / 13 Ratings
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                      09.05.2011 12:49


                      • "Ease of use"


                      Cheap and cheerful

                      Whilst in Asda, I suddenly remembered that my kettle had given up the ghost earlier in the day. I usually go for more expensive kettles but, being in a rush, I thought that I would just pick this one up for a few pounds until I could evaluate further which new kettle to buy. I am still using it and will keep doing so.

                      This kettle is great value for money and affordable to most pockets. It looks very clean and tidy in my kitchen and is the normal size 1.7L capacity.

                      It is probably not the most beautiful kettle in the world but you get what you pay for. It does its job well of boiling water and seems very easy to clean and maintain.

                      If you have the time, it might be an idea to look at discount code sites to see if they have any discount codes relating to Asda.

                      Also, from time to time, Asda do send me a free delivery voucher through - this especially seems to be the case if I have goods sitting in my basket which I haven't bought yet. A lot of my friends have also found this to be true, so it might be an idea to put a few things in your basket and leave them there. You never know when this might come in handy for a big shop and it would then mean that you would probably get this kettle virtually for free!

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                      • Hotpoint WMD960P / Washer Dryer / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
                        More +
                        09.05.2011 12:08



                        A real help to any busy family

                        I have had this particular model of the Hotpoint WMD960P for around 8 months now and can honestly say that I have no complaints at all.

                        I needed a washing machine that could cope with a high capacity and this is certainly true of this model.

                        With a plethora of settings available I have found that I only use about 4 of them. There is a wonderful half load facility, and quick wash facility for those times you need something in a real hurry - I use this one an awful lot, and two short length wash facilities.

                        I would recommend that you cut down the amount of detergent you use though, as this machine does not seem to need as much as normal.

                        One thing I would suggest to anyone thinking of buying this washing machine is to look daily on the price comparison sites as I found that they did tend to change on a daily basis - that way you will be guaranteed the best price possible. Also, look at discount code sites as I managed to get an extra 4% off mine by typing in a simple code at the checkout stage.

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                        • Goodmans CS23 / Microwave / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
                          More +
                          09.05.2011 11:41
                          1 Comment


                          • Reliability


                          Very well priced microwave and very easy to use and clean

                          This is a lovely looking silver combination microwave which is at a very affordable price if you search around online for price comparisons. I bought this combination microwave when my very cheap normal microwave gave up the ghost and I think it is well worth the little bit of extra money.

                          It is a lovely silver colour and would fit into any kitchen. As a bit of a technophobe, I have found the easy to use settings (fish, meat, vegetables etc, etc) incredibly useful as you can cook most things with just one push of a button. With easy to use grill and oven facilities, this is the perfect addition to any kitchen and I am extremely pleased with it and can find no faults with it at all.

                          On the subject of cleaning - I have found this an absolute breeze with this microwave. It seems just to need a quick wipe over to look like new again.

                          One thing I would suggest to anyone thinking of buying this microwave is to look daily on the price comparison sites as I found that they did tend to change on a daily basis - that way you will be guarenteed the best price possible. Also, look at discount code sites as I managed to get an extra 4% off mine by typing in a simple code at the checkout stage.

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                          • More +
                            09.05.2011 08:50
                            Very helpful



                            A brilliant book which shows a true psychopath in the 80's

                            To set the scene of this book - think 1980's yuppie culture that gripped the world and a young man named Patrick Bateman who thinks he is totally invinsible. A true psychopath who thinks far more about what tie to chose than murder. This is the story of his downhill spiral.

                            Now so saying that you might be thinking that this book will be a bit grim - not a bit of it - I laughed all the way through and the character of Patrick Bateman is extremely amusing in a Quentin Tarantino kind of way and I adored him. Patrick is very well drawn and I found that I got to know him very well within this novel. The shallowness of other characters just goes to emphasize Patrick's character. This will suit any reader with a strong stomach and a good sense of humour.

                            After talking to friends and family, I have found that it is of particular interest to those who had their halcyon days in the 1980's and can relate to the yuppie age but all ages should give it a try!.

                            On a warning note - this book does contain extreme violence and very disturbing scenes. I would advise all parents and carers of younger readers to read this book first to see if it would be suitable for their loved ones. Anyone who does not like violence and bad language should give this one a swerve and it has plenty of both within the covers.

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