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    • Pets at Home / Highstreet Shopping / 30 Readings / 30 Ratings
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      03.07.2012 20:14
      Very helpful
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      Your one stop pet shop!

      Pets at Home

      Recently we brought a dog from a rescue home, so obviously there was the few weeks of purchasing items for the little love. We started off with independent places and supermarkets, and then decided to try out Pets at Home.
      We had previously thought they were a rather expensive company, having only cat items to buy to use as comparison. However, after shopping around for extenable leads and so on, we found they are quite competitive and so deserve a lot more credit than I had previously given them.

      First of all I will comment on the Staff in the store. I know that this opinion will range depending on the store. The staff were friendly and polite, helpful, without being too over bearing (following you around constantly asking if you are okay) and so I found this pleasing. When you asked for assistance they were happy to.

      On entering the shop, you are welcomed by a bright atmosphere. The store looks very clean and well set out with the different areas signed. There is also an area with information and leaflets concerning your pet.

      *Product Range*
      The shop supplies not only dog accessories, but also products for cats, small furry animals (rabbits, gerbils rodents etc.) fish, and birds.
      There seems to be a lot of choice for each animal group, and there are toys as well as a comprehensive range of health products for animals, including flea treatments,vitamins, wipes, shampoos and other medications.
      There was a very wide range of pet food regarding dogs, with different brands and foods for different ages. Pets at home also have their own brand of foods and some toys.
      If it is an unusual accessory you are looking for, the chances are, pets at home will have it unlike Supermarkets or other stores.

      *Product Prices*
      As I mentioned above, the products are priced quite competitively, and are well displayed in uniform units to allow an easy comparison with other stores as in terms of food.
      We brought an extendable lead from the store, priced at about £16, however, the design was one we could not find elsewhere and was a lot stronger looking than others we had seen on the market. In this case we didn't mind paying a pound or 2 more to ensure the quality was there. Some products can be brought from pound stores or discount stores at cheaper prices (poopy bags and rope toys for example) but these discount stores do not have the range that Pets at Home has.

      A good go-to pet store, especially for those accessories you cannot find anywhere else. Some products may be a little bit more expensive than others, but overall, a good value store with all you need. I give it 4 stars.


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      • Soap & Glory Foam Call / Skin Care / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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        03.07.2012 19:55
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        Decent quality product with a gentle scent.

        Soap and Glory Foam Call

        This product can be used as a shower gel or a bath cream. Personally, it has never bothered me to use a shower gel in the bath or visa versa, if it lathers enough its good enough for me! It is white in colour and has a light, smooth texture and a pleasant smell which isn't to overpowering. After using it my skin was left feeling soft and moisturised with a lovely smell remaining on the skin. It has exotic sounding smells such as pomelo, but the over scent is of rich fruit with a creamy smell to it.

        This product is priced at around £6-£7 for 500ml depending on where you buy from. As I have mentioned before, both Amazon and Boots sell this and other products. It is a little bit more expensive than other shower gels on the market.

        Foam Call lathers up very easily apparently, thanks it its "M-suds" and only a small amount is needed to cover most of the body in foam. The more the cream is manipulated the more the smell fills the air. As I have said before, it doesn't become to overpowering, but is strong enough to leave behind a pleasant scent on the skin after the cream is rinsed off and skin dried. With the pump action lockable nozzle the product can be easily transported without it leaking. It doesn't have any wow factor, but there is a certain feel to it which makes it lovely to use of a regular basis.

        A pretty decent product considering the price. It has a lovely smell and leaves the skin smooth and soft. It lasts a moderate time with regular use. I will rate it 4 stars, sadly it loses one, because it is slightly over priced and does lack a bit of dazzle power, however it is a nice product to use regularly.


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        03.07.2012 19:34
        Very helpful
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        Good body scrub with a lovely smell, but a little bit expensive.

        Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub

        I was brought this for Christmas as part of a set so I got using it straight away. I have always struggled with pimply skin on the back of my arms (chicken skin or Keratosis) and in a nutshell, this scrub really buffed the awful skin away and left it all smooth and lovely.

        A rather important factor I think. Soap and glory is always a little bit expensive, and this product is no different, ranging from £8-£10 for about 300ml depending on where you purchase it from. Amazon sell it, but also Boots have the Soap and Glory range and sometimes conduct 3 for 2 offers so you may get a better deal here if you like your Soap and Glory products
        It doesn't last long if used regularly all over the body considering the price, it lasted me about a month, using liberally once or twice a week.

        The smell of this product is divine; there is a smell of honey, and rich creaminess. It says there is a marshmallow scent to it which I can pick up as well, more of a melted marshmallow. I really enjoyed using this product.
        It has a gloopy rough texture and to use you just need to dig your hand into the tub and grab and handful. It has a beige-brown colour with white and black grains throughout the mixture. If disturbed and then left to settle in the tub, a white liquid separates from the mixture, all you have to do its remix it into the rest of the product and it is fine again.
        The scrub is very strong, it isn't just cream with a few bits in it, there are a lot of particles and grains which really helps to remove the dead skin without missing a trick, which is great for me as my skin is quite hardy, however, if you do have easily irritated or sensitive skin, use this with care, it has no mercy!

        I really like this product it is of a pleasing quality and does a really good job of biffing the skin, but for me, the price really does let it down and puts me off purchasing another tub, especially in the current climate, and for that It loses 2 stars, giving it an overall 3 stars.


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          16.01.2012 23:51
          Very helpful



          Cheap, no frills, tastey hot chocolate powder

          Tesco Value Hot Chocolate

          This hot chocolate is only a snip at Tesco, compared to the more expensive branded ones on the market, where you usually pay for, but get less product.
          At times like these, we all need a little comfort, without the unecessary price tag, and this hot chocolate product delivers just that!
          There isn't much to say about this product, so this won't be a mammoth review, but hopefully will let you know all you need to make an informed choice.


          -First of all, it is cheap. The price is about 40-50p for around 400g depending on how Tesco are feeling in terms of prices. (Anyone else think their prices vary on a day to day basis?)
          -You get a large amount of coco powder for your money (400g), just as much as you would in the average jar of branded hot chocolate. So breaking it down, each mug of hot choclate works out cheaper.
          -Most importantly, it tastes great, just as good as any branded powder. It has a very chocolatey and smooth taste to it.
          -It is incredibly simple to make. Simply put a few tea spoon fulls of the powder into a mug and add boiling water, stir, and VOILA, lovely hot chocolate!


          If i'm going to split hairs here, I'd just say about the design of the packaging, however, it is Tesco's value range, and it is dirt cheap. Who really cares about the packaging really, so on that note it wouldn't be an issue here.


          I would recommend this, it is cheap, and tastes just as good as the branded hot chocolates out there. Give it a try, you may spend a few pennies from your weekly shop if you can mamge to switch to this.:)
          I cannot see any reason why this shouldn't get 5 stars as it seems to do what it says on the tub and delivers at a rock bottom price, without all of the branded marketing nonsense drivvel.


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            16.01.2012 23:32
            Very helpful
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            Great smell, good price, top notch candle!

            *Yankee Candle Wax Tart Black Cherry*

            I brought mine from Boundary Mills for 70-90p, which I was presently surprised at, given that they have an expensive reputation. It has about a 6 cm diameter and is approx. half an inch thick just to give you an Idea of the size.
            You can also buy them from special candle shops, and the shopping channel QVC, where they tend to have scents that aren't sold elswhere and do offers for multiple candles/ tart sets.
            They can also be purchased from Smart Ideas, although they are quite a bit more expensive from here.

            First of All I'm going to run through the...

            -They have a lovely smell when being burned.
            -You can buy small amounts of different scents, so you can burn them and get a feel for which you like the most.
            -It is a quality wax tart and lasts alot longer than general candles of the same size as the tart. According to Yankee, if you let one tart melt non stop until it is completely gone, then the tart will last 8 hours, however, I have used one tart on and off and so far it has been burning for longer than that, and there is still a sizeable amount left in the burner.
            -The tarts can be broken up and melted in small stages, so you can save some for another occasion.
            -Unlike other cheaper candles, when you melt the tart, it makes the room smell of the fragrance, when others do not, as well as smelling nice when it is not being melted.
            -It fragrances your house without giving off an artificial synthetic frangrance that electric air fresheners do. It gives off more of an authentic scent, it also lasts longer! Making it cheaper pound for pound.
            -There is such a vast range of scents that yankee create. Obviously there are the normal scents, such as Lavender, Vanilla etc. but there are some more unusual ones, such Clean Cotton, and Baby Powder as well as fragrances for every season and occasion.

            *Now for the downsides.*
            To be honest, there aren't many, and any that there are aren't really a reason to not buy these tarts.

            - They are a bit more expensive than your usual scents etc. but this is not like other candles/oils, the actually fill the room with scent.
            - Note, that you will need a tart burner for these. They are similar to oil burners where a tealight candle heats up an upper surface that the oil is on. In this case, the solid tart would be placed there, where it would gradually melt. Yankee also sell these in different styles, or you can just buy a regular one for a few pounds, such as from Wilkos

            *Life ain't a bowl of Cherries you know..*

            I am not the best at explaining scents, however I can say that when I first smelt this wax tart, I was shocked at how authentic it smelt. You got the general smell of sweet fruit,
            but not only that, you could smell the scent of the cherrys coming through just after. I apologise for how awful I am at explaining this, but I would highly recommend that you go and smell a few scents for yourself!


            My mom first got me into buying Yankee candles when she ordered some small votives from QVC. The aroma they created were lovely, and so as
            I have gotten older I have started buying scents that appeal to me. I have a range of wax tarts, votive candles, and tealight candles, as well as small and large glass jars.
            There is a Yankee candle for every person and occasion, due to the range of smells, and type of candle that they sell.
            I would definately suggest trying out a few of these wax tarts yourself, especially if you are considering trying Yankee candles, as you can decide on what scents you prefer the most, without forking out a fortune on the full size article of the candle.

            I give this wax tart a full 5, due to the brilliant price of it, and authenticity of the scent, and the great melting time and longevity of the fragrance.


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              31.10.2011 11:30
              Very helpful



              Good design, stylish. Lacks substance for me.

              Morphy Richards Accents Toaster
              Ours was brought for £56.00
              4 slice toaster


              great looking toaster. My one is a lovely shiny metallic looking red. With chrom buttons and dials. It looks quite a robust toaster
              that will withstand many years of use. It is quite long in depth, so I would allow more room for it than our standard 2 slice toaster.
              It is more of a square shape than a rectangle.
              It has a bit of a retro feel to it. It looks like it should be in a 50s diner rather than my kitchen! However, it is retro with a brilliant modern twist!

              *Toasting Ability*

              There are separate controls for each "pair" of slices" Each with a temperature setting, which in theroy is ideal to do
              2 sets of toast for people with different tastes which is a bonus, especially if there is little time in the morning, with
              multiple breakfasts to make with mulitple tastes.

              This toaster seems to be a little bit temperamental
              on heat setting 5 the bread comes out white. On 6 it comes out burnt. Regardless of the bread type it seems to fall
              down on the most important function, however white toast seems to come out a little healthier looking than brown.
              I like my toast to be toasted, but still thick and fluffy. Unfortunately, this toaster tends to dry the break out so much, that
              the toast becomes like card board, you bend it and it crumbles into tiny pieces. However don't let this put you off, it all depends on
              how you like your toast.

              Another issue, is the fact that it doesn't hold residual heat very well, this makes the toast go cold really quickly. There is a button on the toaster, which
              means you can warm your toast up if it has gone cold. However, I find this makes the toast even dryer. Quite dissapointing, as by the time i've spread one slice, the other is freezing cold!
              Again, this is also down to how you like your toast. I like my butter to melt into the toast. If you like cold toast that the butter just sits ontop of, then this toaster might actually suit you.
              I can't moan totally though, the fact that it cools fast may actually keep you and kids safe, the quicker it cools, the less chance there is of anyone putting their hand in to grab the toast and coming out with a nasty surprise (burnt hands)

              *Summary of Advantages*

              -Good Looking Toaster. Quality looking with a robust design.
              -4 slice toaster. Quite good for the larger family, or for people who need alot of toast ASAP!
              -Cools down quickly

              * Summary of Disadvantages*

              -It either burns bread or barely toasts it
              -Makes bread become like crackers. where is the fluffiness?!
              -Doesn't hold is heat well

              *My Opinion?*

              To be honest, I was expecting alot more from this toaster, lets face it, the price of it hardly screams Cheapo Value toaster, so what is with the cheapo value toast?
              I do like the look of the toaster, and alot of how this toaster performs is down to interpretation. If you like the kind of toast this makes, then great! If not, then it's a bit useless really.
              I thought the separate heat settings would go someway to change how the toast comes out, but alas, no.

              I give this toaster 3 stars. It looses 2 for its all or nothing toasting, and it's cardboard like toast.


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                29.10.2011 00:12
                Very helpful
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                Nice little treat that won't break the piggy bank!

                Burts Bee's Beeswax Lip Balm

                I brought this off www.Feelunique.com for £3.00. They offer free delivery on all of their goods.
                0.3 oz metal tin, with a, vintage, authentic, sort of "grandmas' jam" kind of label on top, with the dark yellow back ground, red writing and the lovely cartoon bee who helps give up beeswaxy loveliness!

                This lip balm claims to be 100% natural, which isn't surprising, it's beeswax. This is backed up by the ingredients on the tin. Au naturale indeed.

                I have been into boots alot recently, and on my way through, I always meander towards the Burts Bees collection area for a quick nose. Well, one day, whilst bored, and meant to be working, I decided that I would have a loof on Feel Unique.

                *To Use*

                When i used it, i first felt like i wasn't putting any balm on, as I have come to expect with lip balms, that they be greasy shiny thick and sticky. After scratching my head and applying more, I realised that I had infact moistuised my lips, but the balm and soaked in nicely, leaving them looking
                nice and healthy and most importantly lovely and soft, without the greasy shiny residue as with other more synthetic lip balms.It had the classic light yellow/cream colour and smooth, yet not greasy texture. when applying, I got a hint of mint, which is included on the ingredients. To be honest, I quite liked the fact that the mint was there, and surprised me on application. It had a nice, fresh, clean smell to it, and would certainly aid in clearing any blocked noses during those winter months!


                I'm not going to lie, I am really not a fan of the price, £3 for a tiny lip balm, hence why I brought something small, it's no loss if it isn't great. I read a few reviews about this Brand of product and decided to give it a go myself. It doesnt break the bank if you fancy giving yourself a little treat, but I wouldn't buy any of the larger product in the collection. As it is though, I don't loose any sleep at night over the price (unlike some purchases) as it's a nice little product

                *Does it actually work?*

                Well what can I say? I certainly provided my lips with moisture, and it lasted for a decent amount of time. However, because it wasn't as slippery as other balms i found it hard to keep redistributing by putting my lips together(make sense?)Maybe it is just one of my habits with balm, but I didn't like the fact that I couldn't do it with this. But don't take that as a definate negative, it just depends on what you are used to.
                It is a good quality product, I won't argue that, and provides the protection vital to fend off chapped lips in the winter.

                *My Opinion*

                It is a nice little lip balm, compact size, and the lid remains secure when not in use, but is also easily removed when needed. Unlike other balms on the market, this has a very subtle, clean and natural feel to it. Some balms seem a little bit too plastic and synthetic to me, this is not the case with this balm. It feels lovely and clean and refreshing. Overall, I would say this is a nice pick me up the long dark winter days.

                I give it 4 stars. Sadly, it loses one star because of the price.


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                • Acer Aspire One 722 / Netbook / 43 Readings / 38 Ratings
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                  07.10.2011 23:32
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Good Lap top. Don't under estimate this machine!

                  *Acer Aspire 722*

                  This is my first Computer review, so with all the technicalities i may not be the best, but I will do my best to explain! Any advice would be great! Enjoy.
                  This Net book is 11.6 inches from corner to corner, and so is a little bit bigger than your normal teeny tiny netbook. It has 4 GB memory, which is pretty decent again compared with other netbooks, especially for the price. I saw one of these for sale with half of the memory, and less storage for £250, so this one was a good deal.

                  There is 320 GB Storage, again a little more than average net book. It comes loaded with Windows 7
                  It has Microsoft Office starter pack. (Basically, a very basic, and no frills version of office, but it is not a trial, you can use that to create your word documents). I did a bit of shopping round and brought mine for £349.99 from PC world. Just for a little help if you're looking. Tesco: £249.99. 2GB memory and 250 GB storage (from what I remember)
                  It has an AMD dual core processor, and has a HDMI out socket, as well as 3 USB ports, after just double checking. There is an inlet for Microphones and speakers as well, as well as cable internet in let too.
                  Just note, there is no CD drive in this netbook.


                  -It is fast, and has a good clear screen. This is due to the fact that it is a little bit bigger (1.5 inches bigger). It makes a difference when using the laptop, sometimes, with others you can feel as though you are squinting to see the screen properly.
                  Loads webpages fully, and displays them big enough so they can be seen clearly.
                  -Has a quality design to it, it looks like a expensive net book, and doesn't look cheap and tacky.
                  -It can run multiple programmes/windows simultaneously with ease, which is very good if you are doing many things at once, and have a busy work life, or even simply if you like to run Facebook in the background whenever you are online. Here is an example, I open 10-20 tabs on Internet Explorer at a time when i read and rerate reviews. I work through them, and i have never had this computer stumble on me, it hasn't frozen, told me it's "not Responding" or said that it has "encountered a problem" I think that is evidence enough!
                  Acer says it has a "Full size" key board, which makes using it easier quicker.
                  -Touch Pad. It has a function called "Multi Gesture". Much like when you "pinch" the screen of an iPod, it zooms into the photo or a website, if you "pinch" the touch pad of the net book, it will zoom in on the site, word document etc. Personally, I have only used it a few times; however I do see what uses it has, especially when looking at awkward websites, or when you need to zoom on a small part of a document, but then need to see a full page for a diagram. There are other movements such as circling your finger on it will cause rotation. Aside from the "novelty" effect of the touch pad it is Very responsive, and I have no issues with it.


                  -The Key board may be full size, but I find it hard to adjust from a laptop/desktop key board to the smaller Acer one, the buttons themselves are slimmer although all the buttons are present in their "regular" position. I end up clicking the = button instead of backspace etc. However, after a few weeks' worth of use, it becomes a lot easier to use.
                  *How it runs applications*
                  It runs all of Microsoft office perfectly, slide shows display really well. Websites load and fit the screen well. Viewing photos is good on here, and watching clips on YouTube show up very well too. PDF viewer shows perfectly.

                  *The Look*

                  There are 3 choices from what I know. They have Black, Red or Blue. I didn't choose the colour I had, as they only stocked the red, but I would have chosen it anyway. It is like a Malteser box colour red, which has a metallic quality to it. It almost looks as if there are hints of glitter with in the paint.
                  The screen/lid doesn't clip into the body of the netbook when it is closed, which I was a little bit surprised about, however, I haven't missed not having it clip down. The screen hinge is rigid enough to hold itself closed.
                  The back of the lid has "Acer Aspire one" written on it in white writing, which is blended in, and a moulded 3D water ripple effect on it, where the "One" is written. It isn't an important part of the lap top admittedly, however, I like it, and we all want a handsome looking bit of technology, am I right? :D
                  *From My Personal Use*
                  I recently start University, and so needed a netbook which was portable, but still ran multiple applications and could keep up with my constant window switching.
                  I have to access my emails through the Uni and use the virtual earning forum, and this Netbook seems to cope brilliantly.
                  It is very quick to respond and doesn't lag behind what I am doing. (Remember my Dooyoo rating method!)
                  It is half way between a netbook and a laptop, it's much better than your standard 10.1 inch netbook, which usually have 1GB of memory, but obviously it's not as robust as a laptop in terms of processing. It can't be used as the primary computer in the household, but it can do it's fair share of work.

                  *My Opinion*
                  The problems with this netbook are trivial, and do not hinder the use of the lap top in anyway, they only add to it if you use the functions. I have never been lucky when it comes to PCs and have always picked a dud. Until now. This is the best computer I have ever had; it's brilliant and hasn't failed me so far (touch wood). I recommend this 100% great buy and is perfect for most people. Whether you just want to pop onto Amazon, or if you need to check 100s of emails, and write 3 different word documents at one time while on Facebook and Hotmail and Google, it is perfect for you.


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                  • More +
                    18.09.2011 12:44
                    Very helpful



                    Nice relaxing place, with things to do on site, however, everything is quite far away

                    Haven Doniford Bay. I will be reviewing the site, but also about the location and the attractions near the site, as I feel that this influences how good a holiday is as well as where you stay.

                    *Where is it?*

                    Doniford Bay and Watchet are in Somerset, and are only a hop, skip and a jump away from Exmoor National Forest. It is situated along the coast, and takes a few winding roads to get to.
                    Generally there isn't alot of traffic in the area at all, until you get to the larger town's centres.

                    In Doniford, which consists of a few houses, it is not far from a small town called Watchet, which has it's own harbour and a few shops of crafts, along with a pub or two, and a selection of tea rooms. Along with this, is the classic fish and chip shop!

                    From our campsite, you could walk along the entire beach and get to Watchet, just a walk up the steps and down a passageway to the Harbour.

                    Relative to larger towns, it is about 10 miles away from Minehead, and doesn't take long there to drive, whilst Ilfracombe is, lets just say, a bit of a further drive away! (as I found to my peril. Tom Tom took us the scenic route through the national forest)

                    The beach wasn't quite what you expect at Doniford. There are lots of large pebbles, and what seems to be sheets of thick slate that come up the beach and jut out. As you walk along, you may be likely to spot a fossil or two! I'm not sure if this is fossil beach or not, but during my holiday I saw signs for fossil beach nearby.

                    Although I wouldn't suggest that sunbathing on it (it wouldn't be very comfortable) I would say it is a really interesting beach, lots of unusual things to look at. It really makes you think at how powerful and vast nature is when you see the slate and the fossils.

                    *The Site*

                    As you come over the hill towards the campsite, you see the site roll on down the hill, and towards the beach. From the campsite, you can have direct access to the beach, with a lovely view. On a clear day, you can see the coast of Wales.

                    It isn't a huge site, so you aren't likely to get lost. Each area has it's own street name, and when you check in, you are given a map with directions drawn on it, which i found helpful.
                    We couldn't check in unti 4pm, but they said if our room was cleaned and available earlier, they would give us a call so we could dump our stuff.
                    Staff were really friendly and polite, and instantly made us feel welcome


                    We were in a standard apartment near the back of the whole campsite. They had all been redecorated at the begining of the year, so I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in. The walls were magnolia, with modern furniture, such as brown leather sofas, and a digital television. It was only small, but was clear to watch, and had freeview. The kitchen which was clean, and fairly modern, with a hob and cooker, ample storage, and all the plates, bowls, cutlery etc. you would need. The apartment had 2 bedrooms, all be it a bit small, the normal, caravan size. One bedroom was a double, with 1 wardrope and two lamps and the other was a twin room, again with a wardrobe.

                    The bathroom had a shower, which you could control the temperature and the pressure of it was clean, and well maintained and the whole apartment looked modern.

                    We hadn't paid top dollar for it, I thought it was well above what I was expecting. (We had a sun holiday)


                    To access the pool (you need to buy passes) you have to go through the arcade. You walk through to the pool area, and instead of there being a changing room for men and one for women before you go through, there are actually cubicles next to the pool which you get changed in. A little bit odd in my experience, but to be honest, I didn't see a problem with it. I think it's quite useful to get the kid out of the pool, dried off and dressed, without the fuss of going through the changing rooms. There were also lockers, which needed a pound coin to work, which you got back after wards.

                    The floor felt a little bit greasy, but apart from that it was very clean, and a decent size. One major plus I found with this pool area was the depth. There was a section which was 0.4 metres in depth which was walled off from the rest, which made it perfect for new moms to play in the water with their toddlers knowing that they would be safer from the swimmers and the deep water. Aside from that, the rest of the pool was 1.1 metres in depth, meaning it had no deep end. This meant kids could stand up in the pool without fear of sinking. This in my opinion was a really good thought, giving parents a bit of piece of mind that their children wouldn't accidentily drift into the deep end and be in a bit of a muddle. (For me and my boyfriend it was a little weird not having a deep end, but bare in mind, the holiday is for the kids ;D)

                    *Other Facilities*

                    On site was an arcade, a stage, with ample seating for evening entertainment, with a bar running up the side of the room, a cafe, which alcohol and good meals could be served in.
                    On site there is also a large wooden frame for rock climbing, along with another one for activities at heights, but these incur another charge as they are ran separately to Haven. I thought this was a shame, as you pay for a pass, and yet can't use all of the facilities?

                    Because the site is situated next to a slope, there is a pathway up to the "Cliff top Garden" which provides a vantage point. The walk isn't too strenuous, compared with how it looks! It has benches, and gives a better view of Wales and the rest of the coast. It wasn't finished when we went, but it was a nice walk, and you could see all of the little bats flying in and out of the hedges!


                    Karaoke- This happens in the Cafe/restaurant. You usually get the kid up, and maybe the odd adult up for a song or two! I like karaoke, so i enjoyed it, but me and my boyfriend just wanted to sit in the cafe quietly, as there was a rock band on in the hall with the stage. This is one of the negatives, as it was difficult to go out for a quiet drink of site, as something noise/loud music related was always going on. I was hoping that we could escape from the noice but it seems not, but I'm sure that there are nights where it is quite.

                    Tribute Bands- Usually takes place on the main stage and has a good line of singers up. In my opinion they were better than the normal cheesy bands that usually play at holiday camps.

                    Bingo- Also takes place on the main stage. These nights seemed to be the most popular, as the whole room was full of people, but there was enough seating to accomodate them comfortably.

                    *What's nearby?*

                    Well, this is the down fall, not a lot is nearby. To get to any hustling and bustling beach town, you have either Minehead, which is 7-10 miles away, Ilfracombe, or Weston-Super-Mare, which are both 30+ miles away. We had a walk along to Watchet, but even then, there wasn't alot to do there either. If you are looking for some peace away from the rat race of life, this are is fine, and Doniford Bay Holiday park will be a good base. But if you like going and seeing the sights, and want them on your door step, I wouldn't suggest it.

                    For children, I can't say as I am not a mother, however, based on my experience as a child (not long ago!) as long as there are things to do and events going on when on site, then I think children would be content. I saw many children happily playing around the site, and using the Trikes that were provided.

                    If you do like the day tripping out for miles, then there are some places that you could Visit, including Cheddar Gorge, The Somerset Railway, and the larger beach towns I mentioned earlier.


                    A bit out of the way from the main hubs of activity, but a nice relaxing place out of the way, maiking it a nice and quiet place to stay. However for me, it was a little bit too quiet, I would have prefered there to be more things to do closer to the holiday camp.
                    The camp is right by the coast, which was really nice, as you could go for a nice walk along the beach, but it isn't the friendliest beach to stroll along.

                    Overall, 3 stars, due to the nice area, and camp maintainence, but it loses a couple because it very quiet, with no immediate attractions.


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                    • Hollywood Bowl / Sporting Venue / 63 Readings / 57 Ratings
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                      24.08.2011 17:17
                      Very helpful



                      Loos are dissappointing, as well as the food, but still, a nice place to visit.

                      Hollywood bowl at Bently Bridge. Near to Wolverhampton

                      Me, my Boyfriend and a couple of friends decided we wanted a fun night out, so we thought that bowling could be a good idea for a nice change as we hadn't been in a good while. My friend suggested we went to Hollywood Bowl instead of the one nearest to us, as it is a bit more modern and cleaner.

                      So, off we went in my car, and drove to Bently bridge, ready to do some bowling, this is my opinion of Hollywood Bowl, in Bently Bridge.


                      The bowling alley is located on a shopping complex, which is divided up into shops, and a sort of entertainment side. It was in the latter area, along with a pub style restaurat, Chiquitos, a Subway, a Cineworld, and a few other bars etc. When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked, the shops were lit up, and the area looked alive and bustling with people.

                      The centre is placed right on a large carpark, where parking is free, which I think is great, although, it is a little out of the way, so to attract people, I feel that free parking is a must have. We went on a tuesday evening ( in the 6 week school holidays) and I must say, the car park was very busy, it was quite difficult to find a parking space nearby, but in the end we found one and it was only a short walk, not a big deal really. The parking isn't really the fault of Hollywood bowl at all, it just shows how popular the complex is.

                      *Prices and Value for Money*

                      Prices we were offered were £9.95 each for two games of bowling, or for £12.95 we could have two games, plus an alcoholic/non alcoholic drink and food. This was quite a good price in my opinion, as the place we usually go offers a similar price, but the alley itself isn't as nice, and the facilities there aren't as modern.

                      All 4 of us paid the £12.95 expecting some okay grub, however, I was very dissapointed. What we recieved was an oval plate with some nachos on it, absolutely covered in 4 dips. Chilli con carne, Mayonaise (looked more Philidelphia like) a Salsa dip and this green substance, which I decided was Guacamole dip. Considering each of us had paid extra for food, I was to put it politely, quite annoyed that all they gave us was this pathetic excuse for food, the dips were vile, and every nacho was covered in one dip or another. We paid an extra £3 for the food and drink, so I wasn't expecting miracles, but was starting to feel like they just threw the word food in to make the deal sound better. We had basically paid the £3 for the drink we received. The value of the food was no where near good enough.

                      However, I put this aside, and decided to enjoy the night with my chums!

                      We recieved 4 vouchers for our drinks, to redeem at the bar, as I was driving, I gave my voucher to my friend, to buy an extra alcoholic drink, and brought a soft drink, as they were cheaper. Plus we got an extra alcoholic drink instead of paying for it.


                      There is the main bowling area, which has a modern juke box, where your song choices (£1- 3 songs £2- 7 songs) are played throughout the centre, an arcade style area, where you play racing games, coin games and the like, and a bar area. The bowling alley also serves food.

                      -Toilets- The decor is attractive, and colourful, as well as being relatively modern, however, only about 2 cubicles of approx 10 doors actually locked, which I thought was quite a let down.
                      On top of this, alot of the cubicles had no toilet roll in them, one or two, had even had the toilet roll holders ripped out! Sadly for me.. I realised this once it was too late, and had to call to a friend.. oops! Some of the taps didn't work, so you ended up trying each and everyone just so you could wash your hands. There is a sign in the toilet stating that they are checked regularly throughout the day. I was there from 7.30 pm until about 10.30 pm and visited about 3 times, and each time, they were in the same state, with mess on the toilet seats, and toilet tissue thrown on the floor everywhere. Not impressed.

                      -Arcade area- Had a selection of different games, and was quite good, after bowling we had a quick go on the Dance games. Shoot 'em up games, and shoot the duck games were there too. I liked this part quite a lot, added a little bit of childhood fun to the night! They were all lit up, and all of the games worked.

                      -Bowling Area- There were roughly 20 lanes for bowling, each with it's own seating area and TV screen. You can choose to have bumpers in the lane up or down for each player. They are automatic and flip up and down as each player takes their turn. This was a good feature, as with some older alleys, you either have them up or down, and that's that, usually needed an attendant to pull them up with a hook. The designs around alley were modern and pleasing, with clean new looking floors, and many varying weights of balls to choose from to suit every person.

                      Unfortunately, our area wasn't clean either. About six children had been let loose on it before hand with their hot dogs including ketchip and mustard. They carried on playing around us for a while until their parents had finished eating. Considering they had finished playing a while ago, noone had been around to check over the bowling areas to make sure they were clean, there was condiments all over the chairs and we had to find a few napkins to clean it up. By this point, I was starting to wonder what the staff were getting paid to do here.

                      -Snooker and Bar- This is a seperate area away from the alley and arcade area. There are about 4 snooker tables, and comfy sofas, and a bar. This looks relatively new, and has a more dark, and evening bar look to it. It seems a bit more grown up than the rest of the bowling centre, and has quite a nice look to it. I didn't go in there myself, but I looked in as I went past, as it has an open front to it and is sectioned off.

                      *The Staff*

                      They were friendly enough, especially when we arrived. The girl there was polite and cheery as well as the man that sorted out our bowling shoes. When we ordered more food, as the food we already brought was substandard, they did come and collect the plates eventually, however, the general up keep of the centre, in terms of toilets and wiping over the surfaces every now and again really did let them down. You can make something as nice as you want, but if it isn't kept clean, it defeats the object of spending thousands of pounds on giving it all these gadgets and what not.


                      At the end of our games, we got a print out of our score boards. It is safe to say, I pretty much ruled the night!

                      The cleanliness of the place didn't really bother me too much, as I'm used to seeing toilets in a worse state than that, however, it is a bowling alley, and wasn't super busy during the time I was there, it only needed tidying up. Especially with kids running around, you want things to be nice and tidy and safe for them, you dont want them picking bits of dirty loo roll up off the floor!

                      Apart from that I'd say any child would be well away walking into this place, the bright colours, the modern sleek design, and the general bright and happy look of the place I cannot fault.

                      The deals they do need to be a bit more honest though, do be careful, as they dont specify how much food you get for the £12.95 offer with the bowling. The negative points about the place didn't totally ruin my night, I had heaps of fun with the people I was with It's just, I really REALLY hate being taken for a mug, even if it is only a few pounds or so.

                      I would go there again, however, I would be a little more prudent with my cash, and would just buy the 2 games, and maybe buy some food separately, it seems to work out cheaper.

                      I give it 3 stars overall. It looses one for cleanliness, and loses another one for the food.


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                        17.08.2011 19:37
                        Very helpful



                        A sweet and fruity alcoholic cider

                        *What is this Cider about then?*

                        Premium Cider Kopparberg with Mixed fruit made in sweden using soft water and fermented apples with a touch of blackcurrant and raspberry. I first came across this drink in a pub with one of my friends who had brought it. He actually raved about it and was like "taste this! Oh my days!" (It may have been the drink talking here) but I did, and I have to say, it was really nice. So following that, I decided to pop to the shop, and buy a bottle to try for myself. There was one problem, I couldn't remember the flavour my friend had given me to try, there was one that had lemon and lime in it, one with strawberries and finally a mixed fruit cider. In the end I settled for the Mixed fruit variety, if I liked it enough it wouldn't matter, and I could try the others in the future.
                        Apparantly, this cider has "a touch of blackcurrant and raspberry"
                        When you drink it you can taste the berries and the general sweet fruitiness of the drink. It is fizzy, like most ciders are.
                        *The Look*

                        The drink is a vibrant deep purple in appearance. The drink comes in a brown bottle, and the label has a raspberry and a blueberry on it, with Kopparberg stamped across it in golden writing. It looks a little bit like your "typical" cider bottle if that is possible.

                        It is sweet, but not too sickly. It actually has quite a resfrshing quality to it, and leaves a fruity tangy flavour at the back and sides of your tounge for 10 seconds or so. Which gives sort of a kick afterwards.
                        However I do not detect a flavour of apples, and being that this is cider, I find this quite unusual.
                        For those who aren't really bothered about the apples role in cider that has different flavours to it, this wont be an issue, the drink is pleasant tasting enough, and doesn't suffer due to the lack of apples. If you always want to taste the apples present, and know that it is still there, this may be a dissapointment to you, the blackcurrant and raspberry "touch" certainly takes centre stage here, and reminds me of Vimto, as I find is the case with a lot of sweet berry cider drinks.
                        The strength of this drink is 4.0%, so it isn't too strong if alcohol content is a worry to you, and unlike some drinks, the alcohol content doesn't dominate the taste of the drink, which for me can sometimes ruin a nice tasting drink.

                        It can range from £1.50 in super markets to around £2.50 in the more expensive convenience stores such as Nisa etc. On occasions you may be able to get them on offer, or for a cheaper price if you buy 2 or more.

                        I was pleased with this drink. After trying others and being dissapointed because the drink tasted like normal cider, it seems as though Kopparberg has gone the whole way when it comes to making this a mixed fruit cider drink. The berries etc. take the leading role here, instead of being a side taste to the Apple flavour of classic cider.

                        I personally don't mind that you can't really taste the apples in this. If I want a stand alone apple cider, there are plenty on the market I can buy, but this makes sure you can taste the sweetness and the tartness of the berries and each individual berry's taste does come through.
                        I don't drink Lager/Beer, as I really don't like the taste. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and I find this makes the perfect alternative to a lager at the pub for me, and it doesn't look too silly sitting on the table amonst the Stella Artois as well as others.

                        If you are very much into your classic drinks and aren't much of a fan of all of these sweet alcoholic drinks on the market, then I wouldn't bother. If you don't like beer, and/or are bored of apple cider, then give it a go!
                        A really impressive drink in my opinion 5 stars


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                          10.08.2011 17:14
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                          Long Necklace with a cluster of Pendants in black.

                          Avon Oriental Heart Necklace

                          I have brought quite a few items of jewelery from Avon in the past. This is one of the necklaces that caught my eye when I was flicking through the Brochure. It looked different to the rest of the necklaces that were featured in the book, which were either silver or gold, and had lots of diamond looking pendants attached etc.

                          The Chain length is approx 37 cm so it is quite long, but there is nothing stopping you wearing it a little shorter you prefer. On me, the pendant(s) sits about 4cm below my breast bone, just to give you an idea of where about it is when it is worn

                          The necklace has a black patent feel to it, the chain is a shiny black metal, coated in black paint

                          *The Business End of the Necklace*

                          There are about 7 "droppers" which come off the chain. It forms a type of cluster necklace, which have been in many highstreet stores over the past few years, teamed with the length of the chain, which is fashoipnable at the moment, this remains quite an on trend necklace.

                          3 heart pendants. The largest is a puffed heart, in black, with pink and baby blue flower designs printed onto it, with green leaves. This takes centre stage when worn. From the bottom point to the central top, it is about 3.5 cm in height. The other heart is made out of plastic, and has is designed with many little hearts embossed onto the surface, it is made out of shiny black plastic. It is 1.5cm tall. The final heart is a heart outline, and has a more more styalised shape to it, having a sort of slating effect, as if it is handing from one side. At it's longest point it is 1.5cm in size

                          The remaining pendants in the cluster feature, a daisy like flower (1cm diameter), which is situated, on the end of a chain, so it hangs a little bit lower than the others, which is attached to an oval shaped puffed plastic pendant.(2cm long) This I feel adds a little more bulk to the cluster.

                          Finally, to complete the cluster, is a large, rose like looking flower, which has been bent into its shape out of metal, coated with a black metal paint. It has a 3 dimensional quality to it.

                          The cluster of pendants from top to bottom is about 10cm long (including hanging chains)

                          *The Price and where to Buy*

                          When I purchased my necklace, it was on sale, and I paid about £5 for it, but this is based on memory (sorry everyone!). I have had a look around, and today, you can buy this necklace on ebay, for about £4.99. As far as I am aware, you can no longer buy this necklace from Avon, as it is not featured on the website, but occasionally in catalouges they do bring back some items from the past that have done well, so keep and eye out!

                          *How to wear*

                          This can be worn in the day, with a casual outfit to go shopping, or it can be worn with a simple dress, to add a little interest into the outfit, and add a little touch of glamour. It can add a little bit of drama to a simple outfit, and if worn with other black jewelery, and a nice simple dress, it can achieve quite and expensive look without the expensite price tag. You could layer this necklace with others, a potential idea would be to layer it with a black beaded "pearl" necklace, it adds the bulk of the pearls, and the design and intricacy of this necklace to produce a pleasing, and substantial look. But do be careful, with how and what you layer it with, it could become tangled, and because of it's colour and overall look it may not work as well as with other necklaces.


                          One thing I may call into question is the quality of the necklace, if not worn correctly, it can look at little cheap and tacky, due to the shiny nature of the necklace. However, if worn right it can look really unusual and different to other necklaces.
                          Another thing that may become an issue is that because of the long and thin chain that the pendants are on, it can become tangled within itself (if that is possible). The pendants can tangle up and the chain gets intertwined within this. If it isn't all tidied up properly, when worn the cluster of pendants don't sit correctly, and it can look a littl bit messy. So bare this in mind! :)
                          I give it 3 stars


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                          • Halifax / Bank / 27 Readings / 25 Ratings
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                            10.08.2011 14:37
                            Very helpful



                            Overall a good bank. Found accounts to suit my needs.


                            *History of Halifax*

                            I'll keep this short and sweet in terms of background. The bank was founded in 1853 and it gets it's name from a Town called Halifax. As you would probably expect, Halifax HQ is in this town. The Royal Bank of Scotland uses Halifax as a brand for the Branches that are dotted around the Country
                            Eventually, it merged with the Royal Bank of Scotland and became HBOS (you know, the one with the weird cross logo) Since then Lloydas TSB have becomne involved in the whole company, so, in short, a lot of merging has gone on with this bank over the years.

                            *How it all began for me*

                            I have had a savings account with them, which uses a passbook for many years. Since I was 6 years old I have been banking with them, among one other bank.
                            My savings account didn't receive very good rates of interest after having the account for many years, so one day, whilst in branch, the lady who was serving me suggested I change my account to a card account for better access than having to queue up to access money, which quite frankly I wasn't getting a good rate on.
                            I was in a rush at the time, and so I agreed and she booked me an appointment with one of their staff. I wasn't really sure what I wanted, or if I even wanted to change my account, I liked my passbook! I could monitor every penny that went in and out.

                            *The "Interview"*

                            The day came and, this is what formed my opinion more strongly than ever about Halifax.
                            My appointment was at a certain time, however, I was left waiting for around half an hour for the woman to come and meet me. This wasn't a good start to the rest of my relationship with Halifax.
                            After a while the Lady arrived, greeted me and shook my hand. We proceeded to the office. The Lady in question, was really friendly polite, and I was put at ease instantly.
                            As I mentioned before, I didn't know what I wanted to achieve from this "interview" as it was called, and this is what I told her. This didn't seem to be a problem, she asked me about the Savings account I had, and if I wanted to continue to do so, as she again mentioned how poor the rate of interest I was getting was. She was really informative about the benefits and rates of different bank accounts, and gave me input on what I needed from my bank.
                            I didn't need gadgets and widgets as I call them, such as insurance, phone contracts etc. from my account. I prefer to keep them separate.
                            This experience really improved my opinion of the Halifax bank, at first I felt like she was a bit pushy, however, I realised that she needed to get information and needed a better understanding of what I wanted from my account. Let's face it; I don't like to make financial decisions AT ALL haha! She made a few suggestions and if what each account offered would suit me, and she let me think and ask questions about each one.
                            Unlike some banks, or meetings, it can feel as if you are one of many they are trying to trawl through and have no time for you. This was not the case with the lady in question; it seemed like she had all of the time in the world to help me out and didn't rush me to make any decisions I didn't want to make.

                            *The Deal*

                            So, what did I get from it all?
                            Well, I wanted to continue saving, with a "better" rate of interest (value of my money being eroded at a slower rate shall we say) so she set me up with an ISA. Mission accomplished, this was the main issue with my account before the day.
                            She sorted everything out for me, and printed out all the documentation etc. She also gave me leaflets about the account and all the bits and bobs I could refer to if i had some questions. Brilliant, everything was in hand.
                            Not only this, but she realised that I (am hoping!) to go to University this year, and she said it would be a good idea to set up a current account with money in it as a cushion, as with my passbook account, if I am stuck for cash, and the bank is closed I'm, for want of a better word, "screwed". I didn't think it was needed at the time, but I agreed, although I already have a current account with another bank. I decided I could put the card aside for Uni, in case of serious emergencies.

                            *Halifax Online*

                            Both of my accounts are registered with Halifax online banking. According to the site they are changing things around and are improving it and, I suppose shining I up a bit.
                            Both of my accounts are visible and I can click on them to see what my balance is and what has gone in and out and what for. Each transaction is clearly itemised. You can also view mini statements for each account.
                            This is a good website, which is easy to navigate. From when my old account was registered, the website has improved quite a bit. It used to be a bit old and dated when the information was displayed, however now, it looks sleek modern, and well displayed.

                            *Paper statements*

                            I get paper statements for my current account, and much like how it is displayed online, it is easy to understand, with the transactions itemised, and the method of payment/ withdrawal, whether it be, direct debit, cash withdrawal, or an online payment. It shows the date of the transaction and the amount of money moved.


                            I never really had much to do with Halifax until the past few months. All I knew was that when in branch, the staff were very slow, and this is one thing to bear in mind if you have to go in branch a lot. However, I do think they have a great set of staff on the whole, and the customer service I have experienced with them has been really great.
                            Although Halifax (part of HBOS and with Lloyds TSB) is a nationwide Bank, it always feels like I am walking into a smaller bank, almost like an "independent" shop. The same people work there, and seem to stay there for a long time, and over time you get to know them, and they are always friendly, and always have time to help you (this may be part of the reason why the queues are a tad long).

                            I award 4 stars for Halifax in general. The slow service in branch loses it a star, but aside form that, they are, in my opinion a good bank to choose, Statements are clear, online banking is simple, and they try to find accounts that suit your needs.


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                            • Peugeot 306 LX 1.4 5-dr / Car / 52 Readings / 49 Ratings
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                              04.08.2011 13:41
                              Very helpful



                              Nice little car, but isn't afraid to be a work horse and move some heavy loads!

                              P Reg Peugeot 306

                              Mine is light blue in colour, and has 5 doors. and has a 1.4 litre engine (1360cc) it is a "New Peugeot 306 LX" It is a manual 5 speed ( gear) car.
                              This is my first car since passing my driving test and have had it for about a year now. He is called Pierre! :)
                              Now i will warn you i am a girl, and i live up to the stereotype, I am not the most knowledgable on all the bits and bobs, but I will try my best. I had a look at the 306 online to get a bit more background information, and it was in 3 phases, of the car. My car is from phase two. Similar to the early 306, but with a more rounded front design.


                              The car has quite a nice shape to it. The bottom of the sides, curve in and then out underneath the doors. Overall it is a compact looking car. It is a hatchback car, with quite a spacey boot. Even more space can be added for loading by pulling forward the bottoms of the back seats, and by flipping the backs over the top, creating a level and protected space, with room still for two people. Alot can be fitted into the boot when it is like this. In my past experience objects as long as 6-7 feet long can be fitted into the back with a bit of careful planning. With 5 people in the car, there is still enough leg room for all, the front passenger can still have space, while someone in the back can sit comfortably, surprising when you look at the car from the outside. The car seats are comfortable, and It is comfortable to sit in a drive. The drivers seat can be adjusted in position from the wheel, as well as height. Using them both together, almost anyone no matter how tall or what size, can find a comfotable driving position. A nice little addition I think for a car like this.
                              Some cars tend to have the look of a tin can and looks like they have been made out of tin foil, especially in the ranks of small first cars. This is not the case with the 306. It looks like it could take a bashing and survive to drive away triumphant. When driving you certainly feel the momentum behind the car.

                              The dashboard and the steering colounm are made out of black plastic. It isn't too shiney but has a sheen to it. It looks a tiny bit dated, but when all polished and a few teddies it looks nice. Classic black is timeless right, little black dress and all that? It has a swooping feel to it, sort of wave like, making the radio and heating area a parallelogram shape as it tails off. It has all sort edges and looks modern in that sense.

                              There is one thing I am not a fan of and that is the soft interior of the car. Bearing in mind that it is a bit of and old car, fashion and design were different back then, the seats have a multicoloured dogtooth design down the centres of the seats, with a velour border. Not to my taste. Also the foot wells seem to be carpeted in velcro!? This made it really difficult to clean out, i had to get a wire brush to try and get little specks untangled from the carpet, and being black velcro it shows. But I wouldn't let this be the main thing to consider when choosing to buy, or not to buy this car, they can be covered with personalised seats which you can buy cheaply now, and maybe have a professional clean of the velcro, every once in a while. It doesn't add to the cost of the car too much as you don't have to do it too often and it just gets all those pesky little bits and bobs out of the carpet to make it look extra tidy.

                              *Running Costs*

                              It does guzzle the petrol. However, this isn't set in stone, as fuel prices are all over the place at the moment, but it isn' the most economical car I have come across, and me and my family have come across a few (we don't always have much luck!). In general though, the car can get 40-60 miles per gallon. Oil consumption is normal as far as I can tell, however, the radiator's water levels does very quite a bit, but that might just be my car, but i would check the levels very regularly, before you go out, just in case. Buying Peugeot parts aren't too expensive, especially if they are small parts, so if something does need replacing, it isn't going to cost an arm and a leg.
                              It is in insurance group 9 and while not the cheapes to insure, it could be alot worse.


                              It took about 11 months to see a really substantial issue with this car. The head gaskette had blown, and the oil had leaked into the radiator. It was time to break into my purse (gutted!!) The old owner had put K Block into the gaskette to seal the leak, (he put 2 bottles worth in) this made the car overheat, and meant that there was no room for oil, hence the car being rather dangerous to drive. This issue happens with alot of cars, and is in no way a reflection of the make or model of the car, however I would keep an eye out for early signs, as it is a pretty big job if left too late. (watch out for coffee like water in the radiator) The head gaskette was a bit difficult to get to but in any car these days it is usually the case.

                              Apart from this issue, the car has never given up the ghost suddenly for no reason like some cars, and has been quite reliable throughout. I have done some long journeys in the car, and it has always coped well, the only issue i do have is that it gets very hot in the car, and it can over heat if stuck in traffic for too long. I am planning to do a fair few hundred mile journey in the next month or so, I will update and let you all know how well it does.
                              I am planning to keep this car for a very long time, and it feels very safe and sound to drive.


                              The acceleration from stand still isn't exactly 0-60 in 2 second, but it's acceptable. It takes 14.2 seconds to reach 60, I found after doing a bit of research. When I first drove the car the acceleration was quite dire, but that was down to other issues, such as misfiring. It is quite a nippy little car, and although it isn't the smallest for a first car, it is still quite the spritely little fella! The car has power steering and handles really well on the road, compared to much newer cars, the power steering isn't as great, but it is still pretty decent, considering the age of the car, some newer cars don't have power steering. The car has a top speed of 102mph. I rarely go over 70mph myself, but it reaches the 70s easily from my experience.

                              The car has quite a booming noise to it when driving, it often puts some boy racers to shame! (Makes me feel quite smug, with their little 1.0 litre Clios trailing behind! All bark and no bite!) But it isn't so bad that it draws too much attention, it sounds like a nice healthy bumbling sound.

                              *Gadgets and Widgets*

                              Comes with a casette player and radio, it is fairly simple to replace that though, you just have to put a bit of force behind it :)
                              An electric sunroof is also included, which can open two ways, it can slide across, or it can open upwards, like a non electric sunroof.
                              Electric windows in the front seats, and manual ones in the back seats, which I think is quite nice.
                              There ISN'T dedicated air conditioning in this car, but personally, I think that is a total waste of time.. open a window? You can put the Heating on cold, if you really wish.
                              There is all the basics, like Hazards, and the demisters etc.


                              Perfect car for a small family. It has bags of room and is very practical.
                              Good for first time driviers, who find a van isn't practical, and also find themselves shifting alot of stuff around and loading and unloading (which I do alot of).
                              Bit of an all rounder really, it isn't flashy, but if well looked after and in the right colour it can look very pleasing to the eye.
                              Reliable, has the same issues other cars have if you're a bit unlucky, but that can happen with any car.
                              I am pleased with my car, I had a bit of doubt with what I had to fork out with it, but I am an unlucky person. I see alot of them on the road, and they aren't produced anymore. Peugeot must have done something right with them!


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                                29.07.2011 21:15
                                Very helpful



                                Use with conditioner for it to work

                                *Where to buy and Price*

                                I usually use Herbal Essences, but I have heard some positive things about Original Source, so I thought I'd give it a go using the shampoo. The range can be found in many places that sell toiletries, including pound shops and the like. I brought mine from the 99p shop (!), for, you guessed it, 99p!
                                I know they are also sold in Wilko's at a little over a pound but are sometimes on offer.

                                *Appearance and Smell*

                                It is a tapered bottle, almost like a triangle with a flip cap top, with which you squeeze the contents out. The shampoo is a light beige/brown in colour, and has a pleasing consistancy, it is neither too think nor too thin, which should make it perfect for shampooing. The name is written on the front of the bottle, in chunky writing. It states it is for dry, or coloured hair, so I expected it to be moisturising and nourishing. It says it has a nutty smell, (which made sense) so I was expecting some lovely shampooing. I tend to go for fruity smells, and never really bother with Nuts(almonds) or coconut related products, but something drew me to it, I think I expected a richness and creaminess to it, which as I get older, I am looking for a little more in a product.

                                *Using the Product*

                                I opened the bottle and it had a mild smell at first, it wasn't at all offensive, and was quite apleasant, nutty, coconut smell.
                                I put in onto wet hair and tried to make a lather, I used about a 50p size, as I usually do, but I had a few issues. It didn't lather at all at first, and instantly began to dry my hair out (it felt like it made it like straw and rough). I added more water and shampoo in an effort to make it lather, but still, it was poor in my opinion.

                                I swilled it out and tried to start again, but it couldn't run my hands through my hair without it feeling like it was being torn out, I was actually surprised how painful it was to wash out. Quite gutted as well, so I gave it another go, trying to lather it up again, this time it worked, but I had used more shampoo by this time than I would have expected, and it was really hard to spread through my hair (if that makes sense). I was shocked that it dried my hair out this much, considering it was meant to be for dry hair.

                                After shampooing and before I used my conditioner, my hair was really dry, and straw like. But after using my conditioner like normal, my hair was super soft and shiney (weird) more than usual, so maybe the effects of the shampoo are only felt if used with a conditioner? This is one thing I would bare in mind, when purchasing.

                                My hair felt clean, and had a lovely smell to it for quite a while. The smell was only subtle, but this was fine, as I wouldn't want it to be too over powering. It had a sort of a nutty smell, but it felt more like coconut and creamy than anything. Nice smelling really.


                                I was a little bit dissapointed with this product, especially after using the shower gels and liked them, but I think possibly, this shampoo is made to be used with a conditioner afterwards, because although it dried my hair out on washing, after using a conditioner, my hair felt extra healthy and shiny, so I wouldn't dismiss this product completely. Basically, use this with a conditioner, or suffer straw hair!

                                The price is reasonable, for a product that has quite a good reputation, so if you're in need of a shampoo fix, this is worth a shot.
                                I wouldn't recommend this wholly to you, if you want a quick har fix, use a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner or a shampoo that doesn't need a conditioner, do not try this, unless you has very resiliant hair.

                                Take my review with others though, as I have quite unusual hair, and what may not work for me may do wonders for your hair, in any case, one pound to give it a try, even if it doesnt work for you, it isn't like you have spent lots of money on it.

                                I give this 3 Stars, because it has a good price, and cleans your hair with a nice smell. But dries it out.


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