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      24.11.2014 01:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Subtle yet long lasting "
      • "Lovely aroma"


      NATURE is subtle yet long lasting

      This eau de toilette was a gift from a friend, given some years ago. I've used it sparingly. And it still smells good.


      I remember "Nature" came in a pretty yellowish box but that has long gone. Now I am left with the bottle which is tallish and narrow. It has a plastic stopper which has the appearance of glass. The bottle has branch design on both sides and the word “Nature” is printed in black on one side in small lettering. The design is very subtle and natural looking.

      My bottle has the splasher type of application rather than a spray. I do prefer a spray but then it was a gift so I won’t complain. I'm always grateful to receive a gift, especially of a nice fragrance like this one.


      Notes are mainly flora and a touch of fruit. Mandarin, mint leaves, daphnée, Lily-of-the-valley, cedar, rose, jasmine and freesia blend well.

      I love the smell of freesia which can be detected along with Lily-of-the-valley and rose. I think the jasmine aroma gives this perfume its strong scent and helps it to last well. And yet, the jasmine doesn't take over.


      I would describe this scent as being, like the bottle design, subtle and natural.
      It is quite strong and long lasting. A little really does go a long way “Nature.”
      Yves Rocher says, about this scent:

      “A breeze that carries the scent of velvety moss and crunchy bark, fruity mandarin that mingles with the thrill of fragrant rose, jasmine and freesia... Nature Eau de Toilette offers you an essential timeout in nature.”

      Flowery words but quite apt, I would say.


      I think this lovely natural scent will suit most skins and women of all ages. However, I do think it might not appeal so much to teenagers and twenty somethings, as it isn't exactly a high fashion perfume.

      I would say this eau de toilette is best described as a charming pretty scent that is natural and has stood the test of time.

      I would say that it is a nice scent to wear of an evening but owing to its natural aroma it is a great one to daub here and there for daytime wear.


      I find that Yves Rocher Nature lasts very well. In fact, I was surprised by its longevity, believing that such a natural and subtle smell wouldn't last but I was wrong as it really does last well.


      This is a lovely eau de toilette from Yves Rocher. It’s long lasting yet subtle and pleasant and just that little bit different.

      I would recommend it.


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      • HP Deskjet 3520 / Inkjet Printer / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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        22.11.2014 01:58
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "Easy to load paper"
        • Wireless


        I'm Very HP With this


        I have owned many printers but this is my first wireless model. A few months ago, I purchased a new desk top PC and decided to buy a new printer to go with it.

        Before having a wireless printer I would transfer items from lap-top to desk top (where the printer was located) in order to print. Now I appreciate being able to click on print whilst using my lap-top and hearing the printer work from the other end of the room.

        I can print from my mobile phone. In fact all the family can print from the one printer once their devices, such as phones, tablets and lap-tops are linked to the printer.
        You don’t even have to be in the home to print from this. An email will enable the printer to work when you’re out.

        THE LOOK

        Its black finish looks smart.

        Size: 436mm h x 325mm w x 146mm d and fits onto a shelf in my computer hide away.

        Weight: 5kg.

        I like the colour screen which shows what the computer is doing.



        The printer has a resolution of 4800 X 1200.

        As well as printing in black and in colour, it print double-sided which is great for saving paper.

        It’s a lovely printer for photos too and prints on photo paper. I like being able to print borderless photos.

        The printer scans (flatbed) and is also a photo copier.

        I find it quick enough for my use; it can print 8 pages in black in one minute and 7.5 pages per minute in colour.

        It can print on many different types/sizes of paper, card and envelopes.

        The printer is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 OS X 10.6 plus.

        I think in terms of print quality the HP Deskjet 3520 performs very well. Colour and definition are good.

        The paper tray holds 80 sheets which I find perfectly adequate. With this model the paper feeds and is released into the same tray, making it easy to load paper. With my Canon printer it was difficult to feed paper into the machine while it was on a shelf in the hideaway but this one can be loaded easily.


        This printer uses HP364 cartridges. I mainly print in black but would still say the coloured ink is lasting well.

        I bought this printer from PC World and paid around £50 for it as part of a package.


        I'm pleased with this printer and prefer it to my last printer, a Canon model. But this is an upgrade really.

        My main reason for preferring this printer is due to it being wireless and easy to load with paper.


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          21.11.2014 18:50
          Very helpful


          • "Good lather"
          • "Feels nice "


          Cussons Chamomile Cares For My Hands

          Whenever I think that I must have tried all of the hand washes in a particular range the manufacturers bring out more for me to try.

          But really, I don’t want to try them all as I would rather find just a few that I really like and then stick to them. The trouble with this idea though is that when you do find one you like it is often discontinued or becomes more difficult to find and purchase.

          I like the Chamomile Care Hand wash by Cussons Imperial Leather. Granted, it isn't my very favourite but it is good and I would say that it is definitely worthy of four Dooyoo stars.
          Mainly I like the texture and the feel of this soap. When I cleanse my hands with it I love the way that it feels soft, soothing and cleansing to my skin. It also has a good lather to it.

          This chamomile hand wash contains chamomile milk as well as cornflower extract and this combination, in my opinion, works well.

          Not only does it do the job of cleaning hands and feeling nice as it cleanses but it smells good too. It isn't the absolutely best hand wash in terms of its scent, but I do prefer it to those with the stronger smells which can, for me, be too cloying and heavy. With this wash, the smell of chamomile does last but in a pleasant and subtle way rather than being too strong, as is the case, I find, with some powerful smelling hand washes.

          I don’t know where I purchased this particular hand wash from as so often buy liquid hand washes when I'm out and about.

          I usually pay around £1.00 for a hand wash as I buy from bargain stores or from supermarkets when on offer.


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          20.11.2014 00:01
          Very helpful


          • "Looks good"
          • "Easy to apply "


          I would recommend this nail polish from Rimmel

          I purchased Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish in the shade “Posh Trash” (no 378)

          I love this shade and would best describe it as a pink brown pearly colour. After being applied and allowed to dry it looks lovely and shiny without being too glaring.

          I quite like this range and that’s mainly because the nail polishes are quite easy to apply. I'm not the best with nail polish these days but I do manage quite well with this one due to the lovely brush design.

          The brush is larger than the usual nail polish brush although it seems to me that the trend with brushes is that they are getting a little larger. With this nail polish the brush is wide and flat and it does make the polish glide on easily. Mind you, the labelling on the lid says, “Mistake free” but I wouldn't go quite that far!

          Manufacturers also claim that the product has a professional finish for up to ten days and is long wearing and chip resistant. Well, again, I don’t think my nails looked good for more than a week. Probably not quite as long as that, even. But I do think a lasting professional look with nail polish is mainly down to good application and waiting patiently for each coat to dry before applying the next one. This is something that I am not good at.

          I would say that this nail polish has a good and thick texture and I found that two coats were perfectly adequate to give a good colour and a nice looking coverage for my nails.

          I now will always look for nail polishes that contain lycra or gel as I find that they are nicer to apply, generally look better and are less prone to chipping than those without gel or with lycra added.


          Rimmel Lycra Salon Pro Nail Polish is widely available from chemists, supermarkets and on-line retailers.

          Superdrug is currently selling this product for the price of £3.29


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          19.11.2014 22:51
          Very helpful


          • Cheap


          • "Feels cheap"
          • "Don't like the bottle"

          Argan Oil-Is it as Cheap as Chip(s) Fat

          ARGAN OIL

          This is another Moroccan oil treatment that I have tried recently. My dabbling into Moroccan oil began when my daughter was advised to try it by her hairdresser after over colouring her hair. I had already tried the Argan oil shampoo and conditioner and then, at a later date, I saw this Argan treatment oil in Savers. I thought that for one pound it must be worth a try and so I bought two; one for me and the other one for my daughter to try.

          WHAT IS IT?

          Argan Oil Hair Treatment contains Moroccan oil extract and vitamin E among other ingredients. I have my doubts that this product gives a true impression of Moroccan oil. I don’t think it is the best product for treating the hair.

          HOW TO USE

          After washing your hair the Argan oil should be applied to wet or damp hair and worked through the hair to the tips and then combed. Hair can then be styled or, alternatively it can be left to dry naturally.

          MY THOUGHTS

          My main problem with this product is the bottle and the means of applying. I don’t like the bottle at all. If this oil was in a spray it would be better but I found using the bottle very messy and wasteful.

          I worked the oil into my hair trying to distribute it equally but I don’t think it spreads well at all.

          I have let my hair dry naturally after applying this treatment and I have used the hair-dryer on other occasions but whatever method I use I haven’t got on with this product.

          It does get rid of any frizz but with my hair it just left it looking smooth but greasy. I didn’t like the feel of it on my hair at all.

          When I let it dry naturally on my hair I couldn't wait to wash it off as my hair felt dirty and oily although it had just been washed.

          For those with thicker hair this might be a better product but for myself I don’t like it at all. I think it feels cheap.

          I have had Moroccan oil applied to my hair in the hairdresser’s salon and it looks and feels far superior to the Argan oil that I tried.

          This product might be good for repairing badly damaged or frizzy hair but I didn’t like it.

          My daughter wasn't at all impressed either.

          Argan Oil Hair Treatment can be purchased from pound stores and Savers. It’s available from other outlets but I wouldn't pay more than £1 for 50ml.


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          19.11.2014 00:01
          Very helpful


          • "Good product"
          • "Lockable lid"
          • Protects


          Garnier Fructis Big Volume Performs Well


          When I go on holiday I try to choose lightweight toiletries and cosmetics. Among my hair care products that I take along with me are a styling spray and a hair spray.
          I chose this product for several reasons. They are:

          The container is plastic therefore it’s lightweight and doesn't add too much weight to my luggage.

          The bottle locks. This is a big advantage when being packed in a suitcase with my clothes. I always place liquids in a plastic bag and then a toiletry bag but the lock does add that extra security from spillage.

          I have been pleased with the Garnier Fructis products that I have tried so far.

          WHAT IS IT?

          Fructis Big Volume spray is a heat protection and styling spray. It adds volume whist caring for one’s hair.

          This product contains a heat protection agent. When the heat is applied to hair sprayed with this it works to create volume.

          As well as the heat agent it contains bamboo extract. I don’t know much about bamboo extract but this product certainly feels and smells good.

          HOW TO USE

          Garnier Fructis Big Volume Heat Defence Spray should be sprayed onto damp hair. I apply underneath the hair, to the roots.

          Then I brush or comb it through from root to tip. Next I partly dry my hair with the hair dryer, lifting my hair and drying under the roots to add volume.

          Next I finish my hair styling efforts by using a hot air brush.

          This spray works well.


          Garnier Fructis Big Volume XXL spray has now come along on three holidays abroad and two or three UK weekends away. And it still isn't used up!
          Granted I don’t go for ‘big’ hairstyles and so don’t need to apply copious amounts. When I'm on holiday I try to style my hair quickly. I’m really after a bit of volume and style and no frizz.

          As far as I'm concerned this product does just what I want it to do. My hair is easier to style when this spray has been used and my hairstyle lasts longer for using it.

          Once my hair is dry and styled it feels nice and smooth so I feel this product must be good. And on my holidays I will have been in the sun, sea and chlorine so I test it well.

          I like the smell of this product and the way it feels. It doesn't feel too sticky as some styling sprays can do.

          PRICE GUIDE

          I bought this spray in Sainsbury’s. I can’t remember how much I paid but remember it was reduced at the time.

          Chemist direct £2.69 (150ml)

          Superdrug £3.99 (150ml)


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          18.11.2014 21:31
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • "Works well"
          • "No colour"
          • "No perfume "


          • "Thick "

          Simple Derma works but feels like paint

          MY PURCHASE

          On a holiday last year I used a one application daily sun screen. When I returned home my skin was very itchy and dry for weeks after and I believe this was because of using the sun screen. It did smell and feel as if it had high alcohol content.

          My husband’s skin wasn't itchy but it was dry. I looked for a un-fragranced lotion and saw this one by Simple.

          I generally like Simple as a brand and often purchase from this manufacturer. My skin used to be more sensitive than it is nowadays and then I couldn't use anything at all perfumed. Because of my dermatitis I have become familiar with the Simple brand of toiletries.

          WHAT IS IT FOR?

          This lotion is suitable for very dry skins and those suffering with sensitive skins, and allergies such as dermatitis or eczema.

          The lotion should be applied often and liberally to the skin.

          I think when my dermatitis was very bad this would have helped to soothe, although not cure, my inflamed and sore skin.

          I'm sure this lotion will be beneficial to those suffering with skin complaints and very dry skins.

          It has no perfume or colour.

          MY OPINION

          I had to have this applied to my back every night for a couple of weeks and I also used it all over. But after a few days I gave up using it all over but continued using it on my back as this was the area most affected by the sun screen.

          This cream was soothing and did replenish my skin without causing any irritation. But I did feel when applying as if I were using emulsion on my skin. It’s thick and feels like water based paint to me. In my opinion it even smells like emulsion.

          I also thought it took a long time to absorb which made it unsuitable for night time use as it felt messy.
          My husband didn't like the feel of this lotion.

          I think it is a good lotion for those sufferers of moderate to severe eczema and other skin complaints. I feel using it for a few days helped my dry skin. More prolonged use on my back helped to put moisture back into my skin and the itchiness gradually lessened.

          For my usually milder skin irritations I prefer using a lighter lotion than this one and one that feels silkier.


          Simple Derma Intensive relief Lotion contains Aquaxyl (Tm) and Canola oil.

          The manufacturer claims that their lotion has been clinically proven to show beneficial results in four days of using.

          This is a cheap lotion that’s certainly worth a try for dermatitis and eczema sufferers.


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          • More +
            17.11.2014 22:46
            Very helpful


            • Smooths
            • "Adds shine"
            • Protects


            In Defence of My Hair

            WHY USE THIS?

            I bought this product a few weeks ago after seeing it in Savers next to the Argan oil shampoos and conditioners. I added it to my basket, thinking it might make a handy stocking filler for one of my daughters or daughter-in-law. Soon after purchasing I looked at my hair and thought it was getting just a little frizzy and could do with something to smooth and condition. A summer of too much highlighting plus a sunshine holiday has caught up with my hair. So yes, you've got it…I used the spray on my own hair.

            But I did think if I liked it then I could buy more for the girls.

            WHAT IS IT?

            This oil heat defence spray has argan oil among its ingredients. This oil is a well-known treatment for smoothing and enriching hair and keeping it in good condition.

            The spray should protect and help to keep hair hydrated when it’s subjected to heat styling and drying.

            HOW TO USE

            After shaking the bottle spray generously onto damp hair and then comb through from the root to the ends of the hair. After this your hair can be styled in the usual way, with hair dryer, hot air styler or straighteners.

            MY THOUGHTS

            It sprays through the nozzle as a fine,even spray.

            I use more on both sides of my hair as this is where my hair seems to have become slightly frizzy.

            I usually let my hair dry naturally but if I'm about to go out I’ll give my hair a quick blast with the hair dryer and then use the hot brush to style properly. My hair is fine and needs help to hold a style. This spray helped to set my hair.

            Once dry my hair felt smooth and frizz-free.

            After a few hours out in breezy damp weather my hair started to frizz a little but less than when I hadn't used this spray. I would say my hair felt smooth and silky.

            I've discovered I need to apply less to roots because I tend to style the ends of my hair, not up to the roots. This product did leave my hair looking very slightly oily at the roots although it had just been washed.

            WHERE TO BUY

            Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray can be found on the high street and on-line. I wouldn't pay more than one pound for this.

            It is sold in Poundland.

            Savers also sell it for one pound.


            I don’t think this is the best heat defence spray on the market but then again it’s not at all bad.

            For the cheap price of £1 it’s got to be worth it.


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          • Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer / Make Up / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
            More +
            17.11.2014 15:55
            Very helpful


            • "Blends well"
            • Handy


            • "Too expensive"

            A Fair-ish Fit For Me

            WHY I PURCHASED

            I bought Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Boots as part of a multi buy deal. I seem to but most of my make-up in Boots these days and I suppose this is because I often have offers for this store sent to me as I, like many, have an advantage card.

            I didn’t read the hype on this concealer; I needed to buy a new concealer stick so I saw this and bought it along with other Maybelline items included in the offer.


            It’s supposed to be natural, breathable and fresh containing no oils or waxes.

            It has a translucent base with low pigmentation which means it should give a natural appearance on the skin.


            I have used this concealer to hide imperfections and to improve the look of my skin. It can be used over foundation for extra camouflage on problem areas or, if requiring a natural look then this concealer works well added directly onto the skin to cover any flaws. A light dusting of face powder over the top works well or it can be blended into the face on its own.

            It’s also intended for use under the eyes to conceal dark shadows and for brightening up one’s complexion.

            MY THOUGHTS

            I purchased this in the light shade (10) but I would say that although it is light it seems to me to be darker than light shades, which I thought would be the same, with other brands I of similar style liquid concealers that I've purchased.

            It isn't too dark but I prefer the match I achieve with Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer.

            The Fit Me concealer is applied with a small shaped sponge. I prefer a tapered brush.
            Once applied it does its job and it overs and blends quite well.

            I would say that it is a decent product although not my favourite concealer.

            It's handy to keep in one's make-up bag.


            I feel that at £5.99 it is a little overpriced and I would not pay more than four pounds for it if it was bought alone. As an offer it doesn't work out too badly if you shop wisely but I still think that any price over five pounds is a bit steep.

            It is readily available and can be purchased from:

            Boots £5.99

            Chemist Direct £5.09

            Superdrug £5.99

            EXTRA INFO

            Maybelline Fit Me concealer is:

            Non-comedogenic (oil free)

            Dermatologically tested



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          • More +
            17.11.2014 02:07
            Very helpful


            • "Smells nice"
            • Moisturising


            Not to be consumed although smells good enough to eat

            After my holiday last year my skin was tanned but feeling very dry and peeling. My husband was also suffering from dry skin that had had two weeks in the sun, pool and sea and was feeling in need of some care.

            At the time there were offers on in Sainsbury’s for Vaseline body lotions and I bought three different varieties from the range to try. I didn’t think my husband would be too keen on the cocoa lotion but I thought I would be quiet and let him try it before saying he wouldn't like it.

            Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Lotion is, in my opinion, an excellent product. After using the lotion after showering for just a couple of times I could feel a difference in my skin. It certainly helped with the flakiness of my skin due to too much Mediterranean sunshine, if there can be such a thing.

            My skin tends to itch at times and especially after holidays but this lotion helped to put some moisture back into my skin and to sooth it. What’s more is it does make one’s skin feel pampered after using it. I would say that it doesn't absorb as quickly as some other lotions from Vaseline but if that isn't a problem then it’s worth waiting the few extra minutes to allow it to seep into your skin and then wait for it to do its job.

            This lotion has a lovely scent of cocoa butter but it isn't too strong for me.

            As for hubby, well he did try this lotion. He is very fussy with creams and can’t stand anything that doesn't absorb very quickly into his skin so he preferred other lotions. But he does often remark that I smell nice when I have applied this lotion onto my skin.

            Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa radiant Lotion can be purchased from most supermarkets and chemists:

            Boots £2.99 (200 ml)

            Sainsbury’s £2.75 (200 ml)


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            • More +
              17.11.2014 00:51
              Very helpful


              • "Good lather"
              • Moisturising
              • "Gorgeous smell"


              • "None "

              I'm Having a Moment

              I really do love this shower cream from Nivea. It’s undoubtedly one of my all-time favourites. I admit that I'm being a bit on the selfish side selfish with this one as I'm keeping it to myself by putting it in my downstairs shower. It seems to be mainly myself who uses this shower rather than the upstairs over bath shower and therefore I have my own personal supply of this shower cream. I think it might be too highly scented for the men in the house though.

              I have always liked Nivea as a brand and I wasn't disappointed when I first purchased this cleansing cream.

              Nivea Cashmere Moments feels luxurious. I find that just a little of this goes a very long way. A small blob on a bath sponge will give a great lather so the bottle lasts better than many other shower gels and creams.

              I would say that it really does feel silky and smooth and is a pleasure to use.

              And I absolutely adore the scent of this one, not only when in the shower but after I have dried and dressed this aroma of orchid blossoms still lingers on my skin even though, owing to skin sensitivity issues, I make sure that I rinse very well. It’s a lovely scent in my opinion and long lasting too which is certainly an added bonus.

              As I've mentioned my skin tends to be on the sensitive side but I haven’t had any issues with this shower cream but I rinse well and this probably helps.

              I have purchased several bottles of this shower cream and don’t know where they've all been purchased from but here is a guide to availability and the price for a 250ml sized container:

              Boots £1.99

              Sainsbury’s £1.50

              Asda £1.00

              I would recommend this shower cream.


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            • More +
              15.11.2014 23:04
              Very helpful
              1 Comment


              • Light
              • Handy


              A Decent Fit

              When I saw this make-up foundation stick in Boots earlier in the year I was reminded of my first dabble into the world of make-up and of using Max Factor Pan Stick. This was a few years ago!

              I thought for nostalgia’s sake I’d give this Maybelline stick foundation a try and so I purchased number 120 Classic Ivory. And I liked it.

              I don’t wear a full foundation when I go to a hot place for my holiday but I do like to take a concealer with me for those first evenings. I thought this make-up stick would be ideal to take with me so I bought another stick but this time in a darker shade in anticipation of my sun tan. I chose 220 Natural Beige.

              My opinion on this foundation is that it’s ideal for a natural look and more suited to use as a concealer or as make-up touch/repair stick than a full foundation. I have tried it as a foundation but I prefer a liquid foundation. As a make-up to cover blemishes, red areas or imperfections, it’s good.

              It isn't an oily make-up and I thought that it did achieve a matt effect. Yet it still goes on smoothly.
              I find that it blends well and I use fingertips for this. It’s good for using here and there where it’s needed most or it can be applied thicker for a more made up look.

              This is a handy item to keep in one’s make-up bag. I take mine out with me.
              I only use this thinly and so it’s lasting very well.

              I purchased from Boots and I always look for a bargain such as three for two offers.

              Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick is available from many retailers.

              Boots: £8.99

              Superdrug: £8.99


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              • More +
                15.11.2014 20:56
                Very helpful



                It's Soft but Not That Full

                Maybelline Full n Soft mascara is, in my opinion, an average product. I usually quite like Maybelline products, especially their mascaras but although this one isn't the worst mascara that I've used it isn't exactly great either.

                I bought it last year to take on holiday and thought as it was by Maybelline it would be an okay purchase. I didn’t want a too bold dramatic type of mascara and I thought that going by the packaging, this one looked plain enough to be a natural looking product rather than a heavy false eyelash effect mascara.

                Well, I wouldn't say it’s anywhere near a false lash and really I would prefer it to be a little more noticeable.

                What I really don’t about this product is the brush which I think is too thick to use easily. I actually find it quite cumbersome.

                It’s not a too bad mascara for daytime use when just a touch of this on the ends of my lashes is adequate but when I want to apply a couple of coats when going out for the evening I think it takes too long to obtain the desired effect with this particular mascara.

                Also the mascara itself tends to be a little clumpy and thick.

                Overall, I wouldn't say that I hated it but I wouldn't bother buying it again. I much prefer a thinner and more tapered brush.

                The manufacturer’s claim that Full n Soft boosts volume and is clump free. I wouldn't really agree with these claims as I have to wipe the brush against the top of the container to wipe off clumps before using.

                I believe I purchased this mascara from Superdrug. I can’t remember how much I paid although it would probably have been around the £8 to £10 mark.

                I chose a black shade of mascara.


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                • Argan Oil Shampoo / Hair Care / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
                  More +
                  15.11.2014 01:43
                  Very helpful


                  • "Lathers well"
                  • "Lightweight packaging"


                  • "I don't like this for prolonged use"

                  It's Okay

                  I sometimes use this shampoo and follow its use with the Argan Oil Conditioner.

                  I really can’t say that it is my favourite shampoo but I do like to use it on occasion. Really, I find the conditioner to be a better purchase then the shampoo but I like to use matching shampoos and conditioners. The conditioner goes a long way and the shampoo is fairly good too in this respect.

                  I think that this shampoo is very good if your hair is feeling on the dry side, maybe it has just been coloured or highlighted and needs the treatment of the Argan oil. But my hair tends to be oily and so I don’t use this often except sometimes soon after colouring my hair. Then it does give my hair that little extra moisturising treatment.

                  What I will say in favour of this shampoo is that is does lather very well and when washing my hair it does feel nice and soft. It has a nice creamy texture to it which I like. But I do find that after a few washes my hair doesn't feel as good as it does with what I consider a better quality shampoo.

                  It rinses off easily and teamed with the conditioner my hair is easy enough to comb out, even though my hair tends to tangle easily.

                  I like the smell of this shampoo when using it and also when my hair is dry.

                  It is a good one to take on holiday as the tube packaging makes it fairly light to pack in your luggage.

                  I usually buy more then I need of this shampoo and conditioner as it is cheap and light, making it ideal to give to my daughter to take back to her home when she travels across London on the underground. She seems to like this shampoo.

                  I buy this shampoo from pound stores or from savers. I never pay more than one pound for a 150ml tube. Often the tube includes 100ml free.

                  For this price it is worth it.


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                  15.11.2014 00:56
                  Very helpful


                  • "Handy tin"
                  • Moisturises
                  • Soothing


                  TASTY LIPS

                  I am very impressed with this product. I have been using Vaseline Original on my lips for much of my life but it used to only come in a jar. First Vaseline petroleum jelly was packaged in a glass jar and then a plastic one. Then the small tins were introduced a few years ago. The Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy is a much newer product than the original Vaseline. It must have been about two years ago that I first heard about this product and so purchased a tin to try it out. I wasn't at all disappointed.

                  I still use original Vaseline but I also use this one. Actually I have it on right now as I keep a tin by my laptop so that I can apply it occasionally.

                  I also take a tin of original and a tin of the Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy on holiday with me. I keep the original in my make-up bag as I don’t want any added flavours if I'm wearing lip gloss. But before retiring I love to apply this to my lips and let the moisturising properties of Vaseline and cocoa butter sooth them overnight.

                  I find this product is especially nice and soothing after a day in the sun when my lips feel dry and so in need of that little extra care.

                  I also love the smell and the taste of this treatment. It feels luxurious and the effect is long lasting.

                  The tin is light small and therefore handy to carry around in a pocket or handbag.

                  Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy is available from many outlets. Prices vary but I usually manage to find it for £1.00.

                  It is available in a small 20g tin.

                  Wilkinson’s £1.95

                  Superdrug £1.99

                  Lloyds Pharmacy £1.32

                  Sainsbury’s £1.50 (was £2.00)


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