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      28.02.2015 17:19
      Very helpful
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      • "High-speed stability and handling in dry and wet conditions"
      • "suitable for my sport micra alloy wheels"
      • "mid range price"
      • "recommended by dealer"
      • "good grip"
      • "all weather"


      • "I have found none"

      Good tyres for my sporty micra -lasted well and have good all weather grip

      I had two of these fitted on my micra sport in feb 2012 andthey have served me well and they passed the MOT in September 2014 with no prblem.

      I drive regulalry most days of the week and go down very narrow lanes which require me to make quick decisions if something is coming the other way.

      I drive at a consistent speed of 70+ on Motorwyas and the car has good grip in all conditions. I find I can stop quickly when needed .

      In the last couple of winters I have had to drive on ungritted icy roads and driving with dur care I have not slipped at all nor had any times when I hav e felt out of control. i have managed to get up hills when otyhers have failed.

      I am not a technical driver but from a lady driver 's perspective these have served me well and i would be happy to buy them again.

      Toyo is one of the leading tyre manufacturers worldwide and is represented in more than 100 countries and regions.

      the comoany was established in 1945 in Osaka, Japan. they specialise in manufacture and marketing of high-value, High Performance tyres.

      These tyres are recommended for orts cars, powerful saloons and coupes

      They not only have good grip and handling bit are also low noise and give better driving comfort.

      I have been impressed woth how they have worn and hope they last me even longer.


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        27.02.2015 21:06
        Very helpful


        • "Not tested on animals"
        • "No Parabens - Sulfates - Synthetic Dyes - Petrochemicals - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan"
        • "gentle on sensitive skin"
        • "effective exfoliator"
        • "Natural product"


        • "Quite expensive"

        A pricy but effective exfolaitor but too expensive for me to buy regularly

        I have been lucky enough to be able to try a number of Caudalie products by using samples bought through one of the many beauty sites I am a memeber of.

        This is a lovely gentle but effective facial exfoliator. It comes in a neat white upside down tube with a lovely minimilist vine design in green like a number of their other products in the range.

        The product has tiny exfoliating microparticles which mean that you get a great scrub and deep clean. After using this my skin feels lovely and soft but also looks as though it has been given a new lease of life.

        This has a lovely refreshing aroma which comes from the menthol and the grape pulp wmoisturizes and soothes the skin following the exfoliation action.

        The texture os soft and creamy but smells lovely and fresh and grapefruity fruity which I always find a lovely uplifting and a great wake me up aroma.

        All you have to do is apply a very small amount to a wet face a couple of times a week and gently massge then rinse with warm water. After that tone to close the pores then apply your usual moisturiser and then make up if you want to.

        The founder of Caudalie states that:"I believe in a greener planet and more committed cosmetics. I formulate my products for all women who, like me, don't want to choose between effectiveness and naturalness, between glamour and ecology."

        This is far from being a cheap option and for 60 ml you will pay a whopping £18. I liked my sample but cannot see me paying the full price for this.

        Personally I actually prefer Lush's Angels on bare Skin which is a gentke exfoliant using ground alsmonds and is considerably cheaper and just as natural. So well done for the natural product and not testing on animals but the price is a bit high for Mrs Average like me.


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        27.02.2015 20:27
        Very helpful


        • "gentle and effective at removing all makeup"
        • "fair trade "
        • "suitable for vegans"
        • " silicone and PEG"
        • " parabens"
        • "Free from mineral oils"
        • " dyes and preservatives"
        • "Free from synthetic fragrances"
        • "certified to NATRUE and/or BDIH standards"
        • "Natural and/or organic "


        • "A bit more expensive than High street brands"

        Dr Hauschka Cleansing milk is luxurious and effective and smells rosy and fresh

        I had some Amazon vouchers 'burning a hole in my pocket', as they say. I looked through and found this rather luxurious and natural make up remover and I have read a lot about Dr Hauschka on here before so was keen to try something from the brand.

        Thi is a lovely gentle cleansing milk that has a slightly spicy rose scent which is both refreshing and pleasant to use.

        The idea is that you wet your face then apply a little of this cleansing milk and then gentley wip off any excess along with any make up. It is gentle enough for sensitive skins and also safe to use on your eyes as well which shows how gentle it is.

        I found it thoroughly removed all traces of make up including mascara and left my face not only clean but also feeling soft and not dried out or itchy. I always tone after cleansing and sometimes also wash with a face wash but after using this I just used my Lush toner to tighten the pores then applied my night time moisturiser.

        This is full of lovely ingredients such as Anthyllis, jojoba and almond oil which all work to maintain the skin’s natural protective function and stop the skin drying out.

        This costs £24 for 145 ml of product the product comes in a cardboard box and inside that is a cylindrical push pump container. It looks classy and as though it is a quality product. I do like push pumps but I also like containers that allow me to see how much is left and ones that I can get ALL the contents out and waste none.

        This does sound expensive but it is all natural, it works well and you don't need to use a lot so it works out quite good value really for such a lovely quality product.


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        27.02.2015 15:34
        Very helpful


        • "no mineral based ingredienst"
        • "no synthetic preservatives"
        • "not tested on animals"
        • "price comparable with other good nappy creams"
        • healing
        • "not gloopy and tacky"
        • "smells pleasant"
        • "gentle on baby's skin"
        • "100% natural"


        • "not vegan friendly as it has lanolin in it"

        Weleda calendula Nappy cream that is gentle and soothing and helps to heal too

        I have been fortunate enough to visit Weleda and have over the last couple of years had a lot of samples from them to try and to review for them. This was not a sample but as I know the quality of Weleda products, when my latest grandson was born in December I bought a few Weleda products for my daughter to use on him.

        they spend quite a lot of time with us and as a hand's on grandma I am happy to change nappies and have some sprare nappies and products here for when he comes over.

        he was born 6 weeks early and so was very small and so we wanted the best for him. he does get a very red little bottom at times so we have to be vigilant with applying cream.

        We used Sudasrem with other grandchildren but it is so sticky and gloopy that nappies would not then stick and I know the contents are not all natural as well.

        This cream is healing and soothing and not just a barrier cream. the benefits are absorbed by baby's tender skin and the natural oils and butters protect the skin from the wet and poo that causes the rashes. My daughter is very good at changing his nappies frequently and with this cream she has kept his sore bottoms to a minimum.

        This cream is pretty thick but doesn't have that sulpur smell that some nappy creams have. It has lanolin and zinc oxide to create a protective barrier and Organic almond oil and organic calendula and chamomile extracts which give the gentle healing and soothing to baby's skin.

        This is a Certified Natural Baby Care product and is free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants. It also has absolutely no ingredients from mineral oils.

        This costs £6.95 for 75 ml which is a bit more expensive that high street brands biut is comparable to the better quality and more natural alternatives and is well worth it as it is so much better than others.

        You can use this from birth as it is so gentle and was fine on our premmy grandson who is ding well now and nearly three months old !


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      • Weleda Citrus Duo Handbag / Weleda / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
        More +
        26.02.2015 22:19
        Very helpful


        • "Not tested on animals"
        • "100% natural ingredients"
        • "lovely citrus scent"
        • "two great products to try"
        • "Cute gift"


        • "This actual set is no longer available just now"
        • "None really"

        A lovely citrus scented all natural gift set from Weleda

        This is a nice gift for someone to introduce them to Weleda. This has two lovely Weleda products 1 x 200ml Citrus Creamy Body Wash and 1 x 200ml New Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion. Both products are a good enough size to give the person a really good idea of the quality of the product.

        The Body wash is a lovely gentle creamy citrus scented body wash. it doesn't lather up a huge amount but cleans and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and clean and smells fresh.

        The Body lotion is quite thin yet because it is full of natural oils it is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin feeling fabulous, smelling sweetly citrus and that feeling lasts the day through.

        This gift set is not available at this time but may be back in the future but both products are available separately still so you could create your own gift pack.

        Weleda only use 100% natural ingredients and every ingredients in the products is there because it is beneficial.They use organic and fairtrade ingredienst to ensure that their products are the hightest quality.


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        26.02.2015 21:38
        Very helpful


        • "suitable for all skin types"
        • "includes a special brush applicator"
        • "mainly natural product"
        • "Not tested on animals"


        • "not much different from many cheaper brands"
        • Expensive

        A moisturising exfoliating face mask from Caudalie

        Caudalie Vinotherapie mask is a 2-in-1 formula of a mask and gentle exfoliator. Caudalie say "This fresh peeling mask renews the appearance of skin, tightens the appearance of pores and provides an immediate burst of radiance in just 10 minutes."

        This is okay for all skin types and the little brush applicator measn that you apply it in the correct thickness and don't need to touch the product or your face with your fingers.

        This comes in a pretty small tube of 40 ml and as it costs a whopping £20 from Amazon so for my money it would have to do an amazing job as you can get some pretty good face masks for an awful lot less.

        This mask has an ingredients list a mile long but I can's say I recognize many of them as being very natural.

        Caudalie say that this gives the best results if used twice a week and left on for ten minutes each time.

        It is a creamy, semi-oily moisturizing mask with some exfoliating properties.

        Apply all over your face avoiding the area around your eyes.I tried using it for the suggested ten minutes and also tried leaving it on overnight and that works well for me and i had no irritation using it that way.

        It is quite strange when you apply it as it starts to kind of ball up with dead skin cells almost as soon as it dries. It doesn't exfoliate through anything gritty so it must be some of the ingredients that work a bit like a chemical peel.
        It doesn't just have one Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic ingredients but has a combination of many AHA ingredients in quite small concentrations.

        Personally I prefer a gentle gritty exfoliant rather than chemical acids, some gentle ground almonds or similar is my choice.

        This was okay but not a product i would get excited about. It is expensive and doesn't do much that other cheaper face masks with natural ingredients do more gently.


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        21.02.2015 22:08
        Very helpful


        • "NO Sodium laureth sulfate"
        • "NO Synthetic artificial colorings "
        • "No Paraffin"
        • "NO Phenoxyethanol Mineral oils "
        • "NO Parabens"
        • "NO Animal-derived raw material"
        • "absorbed quickly"
        • "leaves skin moisturised"
        • "ant oxidant ingedients "
        • "Smells good"


        • "Mote expensive than High street brands"

        Nice scented plant based natural body lotion from Cadalie

        This body Lotion is a pretty natural based body lotion with many enriched with plant-derived ingredients. I find it gives my skin a really nice intense moisturising and it is also full of anti-oxidants and ingredients that helps fight signs of ageing.

        This is a very moisturising lotion despite the fact it is quite thin. It smells lovely and even once it soaks into the skin I can still detect it on my skin.It dries quite quickly and leaves no damp sticky feeling nor does it feel greasy either.

        The scent if light, refreshing and natural but not in your face sweet, more like a light leafy herby aroma.

        I like the fact that Caudalie do not test on animals, their packaging is recyclable and made from recycled paper and plastic.

        Caudalie base a lot of their products on ingredients from vineyards using grape seeds, grape vine stems and other parts which they have found to be beneficial to the skin.

        The packaging is pretty , a white push pump or tube and there are vine leaves decorating the product in a very simple yet classy design.


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        21.02.2015 17:47
        Very helpful


        • " except for silk and beeswax"
        • "no animal derivatives"
        • "no Synthetic colours or fragrances."
        • "None of the ingredients used have ever been tested on animals"
        • "no Parabens"
        • "no Propylene Glycol"
        • "no Petrolatum"
        • "no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)"
        • ""
        • "no GM ingredients"
        • "no Mineral or sulphonated oils "


        • "the price!!!"

        Lovely natural aromatherapy shower/bath oil but expensive

        This shower oil uses only essential oils that will benefit the user in some way. This one has oils that revive and waken the senses. The essential oils smell great but they are not just there because they smell nice, They are there for their aromatherapy benefits. This shower oil saves you the trouble of mixing the essential oils yourself

        You can buy this from Birchbox where a 55ml bottle will set you back a whopping £39.00 so this is not an everyday product. From the Aromatherapy site the same 55ml will cost £40.
        I had to sniff this before I used it in the bath and the scent was beautiful a fruity fresh yet sweet and uplifting aroma. In this you will experience refreshing and invigorating grapefruit, rosemary and juniper essential oils. I am not a fan of grapefruit to eat but the scent is lovely and it is an oil. Together they blend beautifully to make a lovely shower or bath oil.

        I used mine in the bath as I didn’t want to lose any of my precious 3 ml of this oil. I applied this to my body then got into my bath so I got the full benefit of the aroma and the oils. The company do say that this is safe to apply to your body prior to bathing or showering. They say that the 55 ml will give you around 20 baths and a capful is enough to gain all the benefits from this oil.
        I loved the bath being so nicely scented. The water felt nice but not oily in any way like you get from using the butter melts etc. My skin felt soft, clean and nicely moisturised but not greasy or slippery at all so I did use some body lotion after my bath as I do have very dry skin.

        I did like this bath oil but at that price I think it is unlikely that I will be buying the full sized bottle however lovely it was.
        Yes if you have lots of money or ask for it as a gift it is lovely and a natural product with no nasties at all from an ethical and English company. Sadly my finances do not stretch to using something quite so expensive on a regular basis.


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        20.02.2015 18:47
        Very helpful


        • "very feminine"
        • "Not that expensive"
        • refreshing
        • "sensual aroma"
        • "pretty bottle"
        • "floral scent"


        • "not unisex"
        • "Doesn't last long on my skin"

        Pleasant scent in pretty bottle but there are cheaper options that are just as nice

        This comes in a slim pretty pink bottle with a spray applicator. 50 ml cost about£25 from amazon which is a reasonable price for an EDT I feel. It is light refreshing and very floral. I find it perfect for a summer's day or when travelling to hot places as it is refreshing but not too ovepowering so those around will not be knocked out by your scent.

        The main notes in this are green, white floral,musky, sweet, fresh, spicy, woody. the light fresh sweet floral ones are more evident to me and the deeper woody notes are barely distinguishable in my opinion.

        In truth although this is pleasant and refreshing because it dies not last on my skin I would not buy it again as there are cheaper ones that do the same job such as Body Shop and Soap & glory if you want a nice refreshing light EDT or body spray to take travelling or to wear when hot.


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      • More +
        18.02.2015 23:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "makes a great foot soak"
        • "a little goes a log way"
        • "strong scent"
        • "100% natural"


        • "Quite expensive compared to some bath products"
        • "personally not my favourite scent"

        A stimulating strong scented bath milk from Weleda

        This comes in a dark green glass bottle inside a cardboard outer pack. For 200ml you pay £12.95

        Weleda use all natural oils and plant essences and every ingredients in a product has a job to do. This is advertised as " Invigorating Bath Milk". The stimulation comes from the rosemary scent which works like essential oils in aromatherapy.

        Weleda's bath milks are different from many other bath products we are used to. You only need a capful or so and as you add this to your bath the water tends to go slightly cloudy. they are no bubbles or sparkles or flashes , it is just a milky scented bath.

        The idea is that you lie back and breath in the aromas and just soak up the atmosphere. The water with the bath milk is not supposed to clean you it is supposed to be a " warming and enlivening bath milk( which ) stimulates circulation and the invigorating fragrance helps to start the day feeling fresh and alive."

        Personally I found this a bit strong for my bath and certainly this is not one i would used in my evening bath, great for the morning for a brisk wake up.

        I used this mainly as a foot soak in my foot bath as the scent works well to deodorise my feet and to warm them and meanwhile I can enjoy the aroma froma bit further away as in the bath I found it a bit powerful.

        I find it great in winter as it warms my feet and stimulates the blood flow in my feet and lower legs. It has been great recently as we have been lifting and packing boxes and my legs and feet are getting a lot of bending and kneeling and the foot soak relieves my tired feet and meanwhile I can lie back on the sofa and revive my tired brain cells.

        This is a strong scented bath milk so don't expect anything to bubble or change colour. The rosemary essential oils are known to stimulate the senses and rivive ired lethargic bodies.


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        • Weleda Calendula Face Cream / Weleda / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
          More +
          18.02.2015 22:08
          Very helpful


          • "suitable for vegetarians"
          • "no synthetic preservatives"
          • "suitable for babies and sensitive skins"
          • gentle
          • "96% organic"
          • "100% natural"


          • "not vegan friendly because of the lanolin"

          Calendula cream from Weleda for babies and adults with sensitive skins

          This cream is so gentle and good for skin that it is actually part of the Weleda baby range. That does not mean that only babies can use this as it is also great for anyone with really sensitive skin as well.

          I used my sample for a week or so and then my step daughter said that baby grandson had really dry skin so I very unselfishly gave the rest of my tube to her to use on my grandson.
          The cream is a creamy colour and has a subtle aroma that is gentle and disappears pretty much after application. The calendula extracts in the cream help protect and look after delicate facial skin and at the same time it helps the skin to maintain its moisture balance.

          It is a very soft cream that is easy to apply to babies’ soft, sensitive skin and it is absorbed quickly leaving the skin looking fresh, soft and free from any dryness. When we used this on grandson’s dry little cheeks the result was almost instant. The slightly dry scaly look changed to looking baby skin-like once again.

          I used this prior to giving it to my stepdaughter and found it lovely and soft and refreshing on my skin. It spread easily and was quickly absorbed and my skin felt soft and well moisturised but not at all greasy which I do prefer as my skin as quite oily on my T zone.

          With its carefully selected formulation of beneficial ingredients, this gentle cream makes your baby's facial skin feel velvety soft. Skin friendly lanolin and organic almond oil protect and precious organic calendula extract helps soothe the skin. Can also be used as a gentle moisturiser for the hands and body and for adults with sensitive skin.

          Like all Weleda products this is 100% natural and it contains 96% organic ingredients. It is also suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

          Weleda make especially gentle baby products which are suitable for a baby’s skin from the very first day. They are full of wonderful mild natural ingredients. The formulations used in the baby range have been developed in collaboration with midwives to ensure they are suitable for the tender baby skin.
          This cream is free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colours and has absolutely no mineral oils.

          It costs £7.95 for 50 ml and comes in an upside down squeezy plastic tube.


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        • More +
          17.02.2015 18:49
          Very helpful


          • "light yet moisturising"
          • "vegan friendly"
          • "100% natural"
          • "Smells divine"


          • "Quite expensive compared to some"

          A Rose scented treat from Wonderful weleda

          I love Weleda products and have not yet found one that i don't like. Some I like better than others and if I was rich this is one that I would buy regularly . It does cost nearly £20 for 200 ml so it is far from cheap but it is so lovely that it is worth buying or a treat from time to time.

          Why is it so special? Well the lovely oils in this not only help to stimulate the skin‘s regenerative processes but also help to maintain its natural elasticity.

          the scent of the beautiful damask rose is not an old lady rose scent but a true fresh garden rose aroma as though you are smelling a real scented rose.

          The body lotion is not thick at all but is a very rich and moisturising mix of organic wild rose oil, jojoba oil and hamamelis which is perfect for smoothing the skin.

          When the trials were taking place Weleda found that "Dermatological tests shown that after 4 week of usage: skin moisture increased by 34%*; 71% agreed that it noticeably smoothes the skin."

          The damask roses are organically and sustainably grown in the Isparta region and Weleda began working with these farmers in 2001. They started with about 30 farmers and nopw there are 300 using these sustainable methods. This is another great example of a fair trade sustainble partnership of Weleda with local farmers. Weleda sources its different rose species from partners in Latin America, Germany and this region in Turkey.

          This is a luxury product and not only smells divine but also feels gentle and really moisturises all skin types. the scent lingers well on my skin and I can smell it on me for hours later but it is not so strong that you could not layer a perfume that complemented it.

          I love Lush's Imogen rose which works perfectly with this body lotion as a really rosy treat.

          This is not an everyday body lotion but one for special days and for having a body lotion treat in my opinion but if I won the lottery it might well become one of many lovely natural body lotions I would use daily!


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        • More +
          17.02.2015 14:41
          Very helpful


          • "reasonable price"
          • "cooling and refreshing"
          • "moisturizes well"
          • "smells great"
          • "vegan friendly"
          • "100% natural ingedients"


          • "none for me"

          Lovely natural lemon scented body lotion from Weleda

          I love Weleda products and so far have not found one that I have not enjoyed using.

          This has a beautiful refreshing scented citrus aroma and is full of wonderful moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil and sesame oil which are both 100% natural and sesame is a natural sunscreen too incidentally but not that high SPF so be careful.

          It also has organic aloe vera which is healing and cooling for the skin so this is a great one for after sun care and when it is hot as the scent and ingredients combine to make a cooling and refreshing moisturising lotion.

          It costs £13.95 for 200 ml which is pretty good for an all natural product but is a bit more than you might pay for something on the high street though.

          This is quite a light lotion but it sinks it fast and does a great job of moisturising the skin. Weleda had independent tests done and found that "Dermatological tests shown that after 4 week of usage: skin moisture increased by 25%* and 74% of testers confirmed it cooled the skin."

          The lemons used in this lotion and the other Weleda citrus range are organically grown in Sicily by Weleda’s Sicilian fair trading partners, Francesco and Concetta Salamita. These farmers manage a co-operative, which includes about 100 farms throughout the island. Salamita exclusively cultivates biodynamic lemons. No artificial preservatives are used during any of the process.

          I found it was best to give the bottle a bit of a shake before squeezing the contents out and to hold the bottle at a slight angle then it came out easily and not too much either.

          I love the smell of this as it is naturally lemon scented. It smells like creamy freshly squeezed lemons. Like a fresh lemon dessert and the scent does last on my skin if I sniff it but is not so strong that it is noticeable by someone next to me.


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        • LG 42LB580V / LCD TV / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
          More +
          08.01.2015 21:01
          Very helpful


          • HD
          • "many features"
          • "nice looking"
          • "internet ready"
          • "no need for an ariel"
          • "fits onto a wall bracket"


          • "takes some getting used to"

          Has more features than we will ever need to use and looks great too

          We bought this for our main living room as we had resisted a TV in there for years. Because we now have our adult children coming to stay we felt we needed a TV where everyone could watch together.

          We bought this from tesco Direct ad paid £379 and it was delivered to our house. We boughta bracket for about £40 from another iste and my husband set it all up physically. It looks neat on the wall and takes up very little room which is what we were hoping for.

          My daughter and her partner set up the actually TV. We discovered that the aerial we had didn't work with then TV so we use it only on the internet. We got 3 months free NOW TV so chose the film package and have been enjoying those.

          We can watch anything that you can get on NOW TV on on line and despite the fact the room it is in is far away from our modem it streams films really well so must have a good in built receiver.

          The picture is really clear HD and the sound excellent. Even with fourteen people in the room we could all see and hear perfectly and four of those were children so not totally still and quiet.

          The TV has Full HD (1920x1080) and Wi-Fi connectivity with built-in Freeview HD and connects to other devices via 3x HDMI sockets. It is also environmentally conscious as it has a superb energy efficiency class rating of A+.

          By purchasing this TV from Tesco we automatically receive a free 5 year guarantee which is pretty good we thought.

          The TV is also able to use the Smart Home menu navigation is you buy the unique Magic Remote but we have not botherd with this. They say that this magic remote is an intuitive control that uses gestures, voice and a scroll wheel.We felt the old fashioned remote was good enough for us.

          You can also share your media to and from other devices using the SmartShare™ application from a PC/laptop, tablet or smart phone.I have not tried this as yet as we usually watch another TV we have in a small cosy room when there is just the two of us .

          I believe the TV has more features than we will ever get around to using. It gets more of a challenge when we have our adult children staying as they do like to check out all new electric gadgets and see what they can do with them.


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        • More +
          08.01.2015 20:40
          Very helpful


          • "looks ok"
          • "easy to set up"
          • "delivered speedily"
          • "good price"
          • "big memory"
          • light


          • "none so far for us"

          Great well prices, easy to set up computer from Zoostorm

          My desktop is actually this one :Zoostorm Desktop Base Unit Intel Pentium 4GB Memory 1TB Storage W8 bought from tesco Direct for £229 to replace a Dell one we had had ten years that suddenly dies so a quick choice was made.

          We have had it for 6 months now and so far it has exceeded our expectations. It was so easy to set up, I just plugged all the leads in and it sorted itself out. It is really light and easy to carry. It is big and the same size as a standard desktop floor standing base unit.

          The unit measures Height: 40 centimetre, Width:18 centimetres, Depth:36 centimetres
          It Weighs 7.5 Kg so very light for a unit this size.

          It uses windows 8 which takes a bit of getting used to and we bought the office suite that was compatible to go with it and again that went on fine with the code we bought.

          It is pretty fast and can do all we want easily and quickly. It has a mega memory that will will never fill as we back up stuff on hard drives.

          We lost our photoshop suite so went for a free serif one which seems to keep my husband happy enough.

          It has Intel® HD graphics, 4GB RAM & 1TB hard drive and uses an Intel® Pentium® dual core processor.

          The Operating System is Microsoft Windows® 8.1 64-bit and it has this fully loaded
          plus a trial of Office 365.

          It has 6 USB ports,2 PCI-e 1x Slots, 1 PCI-e 16x Slots,It has no bluetooth in built but does have Integrated high definition audio. The mouse and keyboard both connect through USB ports and these came in the box with the computer along with the power cable and manual.

          We stream movies and download them from iplayer etc and it has a great clear screen and does the job quickly despite us not having high speed internet as we cannot get cable and we out out in a village.

          once you get used to windows 8 it is actually quite an easy system to use but we still are learning new tricks even after using windows 8 for a year now.

          I would say is a you are looking for a decent priced unit and don't need fast gaming levels of memory then this does the job very well and the price is hard to beat.


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