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      04.05.2013 01:53



      50% cheaper - 50% not working

      Less than a year and 2 of the 4 toasting elements are not working.
      I am now looking for a replacement.
      It was cheap, no doubt, but always took about twice as long to toast bread as my previous toaster. Also, the 'lifting' device wasn't much cop really, meaning that I had to often burn my fingers to retrieve smaller slices of bread inside the toaster.

      It looks good, it is all shiny chrome (kind of all fur coat and no knickers showy)
      Its cheap (I wonder why??)
      It takes a long time to toast bread (about twice as long as other toasters)
      You are likely to burn your fingers in retrieving toast from the slots
      Its reliability is suspect - mine is now only half-working after less than a year.;

      I will not be buying another. I will spend a little more on my next toaster to ensure better performance


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        12.04.2012 23:01



        A godsend to those difficult data moments.

        Less is more. This is an essential addition to your laptop.

        I decline to bore anyone with a lot of turgid technical detail.
        These come in different sizes - I have the 750 GB model but they can go to 1TB (and maybe even more)

        Password protected to ensure privacy to your documents.

        I travel a lot, with a lot of documents. This is the 21st Century...and this can save you a few kilos in weight of carrying paper, save the environment and an awful lot of trees, and allow you to take ALL of your favourite movies and music around with you.

        Essential for the business traveller - and especially one who needs a bit of relaxation at the end of the working day.

        Stuck in Germany (or Wales, or wherever) with only German (or whatever foreign language TV)? Use this through your laptop. Watch what you want to, not what someone else dictates.

        Kilos of paper documents to your next meeting? (and many of them not used)? Use this!
        A walletful of CDs and DVDs for your laptop? Use this instead!

        This is a small unit with huge memory , yet only weighing about the same as a sandwich.
        Plug in and use.
        No difficult techie hoops to jump through.
        I can say no more.


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        • vistaprint.co.uk / Online Shop / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
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          12.04.2012 22:05
          Very helpful



          I have learned my lesson. Cheap is as cheap does.

          RIPPED OFF.

          LOOKING GOOD....so far...
          When you buy it, it all looks so good.
          Great selection of 'master blanks' and delivery time, although not fast, is acceptable, given the product price.
          OK, many would complain about the smaller size of the cards, and how fast the 'extras' all add up - but it is all clear and 'up-front', so one shouldn't beef about that. I was feeling very confident of a good product at a good price.

          IT GOES WRONG
          I was called stateside on business and returned to a GPO 'failure to deliver note'. Cards had been returned to Vistaprint. My questions were:
          1 For a small package, why doesn't Vistaprint design their package to fit a standard sized UK letterbox (questioned asked of Vistaprint - but they ignored the question)
          2 I asked why Vistaprint didn't contact me to sort out any problem when they discovered that my cards hadn't been successfully delivered - after all, my contact details are on the cards! Vistaprint failed to answer this question as well (Seems to me they don't like to answer questions!)
          3 I asked whether the cards could be re-delivered. Vistaprint sort of failed to answer this question as well (they must have taken training from my son on how to avoid giving an answer to a question). What they did say was that all returned items are destroyed (but failed to say why).
          4 They did say that they would (how gracious of them) take a re-order. I asked whether I would have to pay again for something I hadn't received. Yes, you've got it...they didn't answer this question either!
          (If I ordered a meal in a restaurant, and the waiter of their choosing returned the meal to the kitchen...would I expect to be asked to pay again for something I hadn't had?)

          Such slap-dash customer service is doomed to fail. There are only a limited number of times you can play this game until people get wise.
          If it all goes well, then maybe its a good company to do business with. But if there is a small glitch, then it all goes to hell in a handcart, and they care little,
          For me, this was a tester...if it went well then I was likely to take further cards for me and my staff, and consider their website services. But if this is an example of their ways of sorting problems, then I will use a more professional outfit that can sort out my problems, rather than one that burns and frowns.


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          20.01.2012 20:26



          You get what you pay for - try an established brand

          Great for 2 years....then pfffttt!
          Bought in Tesco for a good price.
          Worked very well for the length of the guarantee, plus 9 months.
          Turned on one day (after a little less than 2 years use) and the picture had gone (but the sound remained fine).

          Luckily, I had bought this from Tesco and I got a partial refund.

          Checkout the internet- losing the picture is a common fault among smaller Technika TV's. The cost of repair is not economical, it is cheaper to buy a new TV!

          When I looked at the back of the TV, I noticed that it was made in Slovenia, and, as far as I know, this country has not yet established a name for itself in the manufacture of quality household electrical goods. And after this experience, I don't think that I will be buying any more Technika products.

          Bottom line:
          Works well for a while, but can't last the distance.
          Buying a new replacement is cheaper than repair.


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            12.08.2011 23:15
            Very helpful



            High Tech is not necessarily an improvement over older, cheaper 'technologies' such as fly paper.

            The Test Conditions

            I live next to a park and a canal. Every year I go on holiday in August and return to a small house infestation of flies.

            The test flies

            I can only comment on fruit flies (also known as Mediterranean fruit flies, or Medfly). I cannot comment on the common house fly or any other flying creature. Fruit flies are the really small flies, kind of more wing than body, slow moving and keen to live somewhere that isn't kept scrupulously clean (like if you have been away on holiday), or live somewhere close to heavy vegetation.

            The Environment.
            I live next to a park and a canal - a nice environment for fruit flies. They annually invade my kitchen in August. I do not like to spray pesticides (flyspray) in my kitchen where it may get onto surfaces and crockery. I therefore wanted an alternative to pesticides.

            The test
            A 2 foot strip of flypaper was hung in my kitchen.
            At the same time, this blue light insect killer was switched on.

            The Result
            After after 4 days the kill rate was:
            Flypaper - 57 flies
            Vermatik fly killer - 24 flies

            Fly paper can be bought for less than 50p a strip and has no running costs.
            The Vermatik fly killer has purchase price of about £40 PLUS a daily consumption of 30 watts per hour for the light (plus more for the electrocution grid?)

            Yes it works - but its hardly the total answer to the problem. I still have flies -its kill rate is slow. It is comparatively expensive to buy and has higher running costs than fly paper. It looks nicer than fly paper...but what the heck - if you have flies around, its as much a give-away as streamers of fly paper in your kitchen.


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            09.05.2011 01:13
            Very helpful



            An expensive 'throw-away' lighter.

            I have a couple of Zippos (a design classic among lighters - the very best), but wanted something that used 'taste-free' butane rather tahn 'petrol', and most importantly, something that would tell me when I was about to run out of fuel (which sadly, a zippo doesnt do).

            For about 4 weeks, it worked perfectly well. Then it decided not to light! I wondered whether it was just a 'one-off' fault and now have TWO of these. The second one exhibited exactly the same problem. It sparks well, the gas flows well, but it just DOESNT light!

            Looks superb - very stylish. Seems nice and well constructed and would work well for years...if only it would light!

            Worked well for a few weeks. Then failed to light! Both models. At the end of the day, its all about performance and not about construction, style, etc etc.

            Treat it as a 'throw-away' lighter. It will fail you after a few weeks.

            If you dont believe me, I have a couple I am willing to sell you (if you REALLY want to buy)


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            09.05.2011 00:54
            Very helpful



            A LIGHTWEIGHTamong intruder alerts. OK for a 'convenience' light.

            WHY I BOUGHT IT
            I had a few unsavoury characters huddled in my (unoverlooked) porch and decided that I should fit a security light to dissuade them and illuminate their activities if they should try again.

            Sadly this item is of the flimsiest construction. One blow of an elbow would destroy it. The plastic is of the lightest, brittlest construction. NOT for security purposes I would suggest.

            Installation was a nightmare. It comprises the fiddliest of parts, located in the most fiddliest and 'inaccessible' places. What I thought would be a 15 minute wiring job turned out to take over an hour. (Why do designers do this? It took 5 different screwdrivers to install it> 5??? Why as many as 5 screwdrivers?)

            Mounting is by 2 (Not 4, but a mere 2) screw holes. Instead of being perfectly flush, it therefore wobbles on my slightly imperfect wall. I worry about possible water ingress.

            Seems to be almost permanently 'on' to me, rather than only on intruder detection. Maybe thats just the setting...but who knows.

            Friedland make fine doorbells. This seems to be an unsuccessful excurrsion for them. These units are reduced in price throughout the internet...I wonder why?

            I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS ITEM unless you merely use it as a 'convenience' light for when someone approaches your door. Even then, its installation irritations points towards more suitable alternatives.


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          • TomTom Go 910 / GPS Sat Nav / 15 Readings / 14 Ratings
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            05.03.2011 22:31
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            An acceptable product ONLY because the competition is even worse

            I have 6 satnavs. This is the very best of them all, and its DREADFUL.
            In a nutshell, any serious company could sweep the entire satnav market. Tom Tom could, but they love to pillage your wallet. Let me explain:-

            This model (GO 910) has a screen suction mounting (chuckle). Well, it will stick to your screen, but there is no guarantee for how long. If you are male, it has an ability to detach itself and strike you so that you will have no more children! (Good joke Tom Tom, only I would prefer the Keystone Cops rather than writhing in agony). I could avoid the pain and allow it to bounce off the dashboard and smash with a tinkling sound, into the footwell, interfering with the vehicle contol pedals. However, I prefer to take the pain rather than the costs of unit replacement, or a vehicle accident because it interferes with the vehicle control pedals.
            The suction screen mounting also leaves a wonderful evidence mark on the windscreen which lures thieves to your car in the hopes of smashing your side-windows to get a free satnav.
            Tom Tom do no adequate vent mountings (failed again Tom Tom). The device is so enormous, so large as to generate its own gravitational field, that no other commercially available holder (eg those used for mobile phones etc) will fit.
            You cannot mount this unit on a beanbag on your dashboard because the speaker that gives verbal instructions is mounted (can you believe it?) on the base. This effectively muffles the sound. Brilliant design (he said with irony).
            The screen mounting unit has a ball and socket, 'constant friction joint'. I laugh again. This allows you to angle the device to the perfect angle for you! This last for all of 40 yards -until it slips and needs you to:
            1 Drive with your head on your car pedals looking up at the screen with no view out of the windscreen (maybe its just me, but I reckon that this is dangerous?) OR
            2 Constantly adjust it every 40 yards with your hand whilst the car is in motion (dangerous?) OR
            3 Take it back to the store and demand your money back

            The way I have got around thes above major inconveniences is by having a sheet metal worker pal manufacture a special cradle for the device, so that I can rest it on the dashboard. (Not an option open to all!)
            Because the device demands that you use the supplied cradle (which relies on gravity to ensure electrical connection), any other means of mounting other than screen mounting via the dedicated cradle, means an imperfect electrical connection. This is infuriating! Any break in this connection due to uneven roads means that the device keeps asking whether you want to connect to the computer, and you have to press yes/no on the screen (again this is dangerous - it takes your hands off the wheel and your attention away from the road). Alternatively, it fails to charge and you run out of battery life.
            Allegedly, the cradle/screenmount won some design award!!! (Can you belive that?? Whoever designed it probably failed his GCSE in design on the same day!)
            If you have a problem, the device can be re-set (hurrah). Sadly, the reset button is very difficult to find, is well hidden and requires the use of a searchlight, a magnifying glass, and a bent paperclip or similar. Oddly, my car is not littered with paperclips and I find this a pain. The tip of a biro is not good enough!!! a pin or bent paperclip only (if you can find the cunningly hidden reset button)

            IN USE
            This device has a range of irrelevant features, including the facility for viewing a slideshow (wow! who cares?) and other irrelevant facilities such as a remote control to operate the device (I Kid you not)
            Good points - The software is beyond compare and is better than the other satnavs I own. Sadly, the newer replacement models are not as good. This is a complicated issue, so I leave you to comb the internet for details. It finds postcodes and addresses well, and gives good instructions. It will tell you whether you are speeding by giving a pinging sound, and will tell you whether there is a speed camera nearby. It constantly pings 'speed camera' throughout Swansea = but thats just the exhuberance and fetishism of Swansea Council for speed cameras and NOT a device fault.

            This device (and all other satnavs I own) were at least 3 years out of date when I first used them. This is a charging opportunity for the satnav firms. They pulled down your pants when they took a lot of money from you for the device, and now they are about to spank your bottom...regularly...expensively. The cost of updates for road and route changes, and for changes in speed camera positioning is exhorbitant! They recommend every 6 months....gasp!

            Tom Tom have a good internet site with loads of expensive goodies (updates, voices, languages etc). Well done Tom Tom - I just cant afford it. However, if you need resolution to any problem with your device...forget it. The easiest resolution is to buy a new (competitors?) device.

            Heres the bad news. I own 2 Garmins, 2 Tom Toms and another 2 (mobile phone operated, therefore expensive to run) satnavs. Tom Tom, despite their many, many, many failings, do the best in my opinion. I would like to set up a company to make a decently designed satnav, and become a millionnaire - the technology is there.
            Mine has just failed after 3 years, and in the absence of better alternatives, I may just well buy another.


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            • Lumie Bodyclock Advanced / Gadget / 17 Readings / 15 Ratings
              More +
              16.01.2011 05:56
              Very helpful



              Not a total solution - but it is a help in handling SAD

              SAD SUFFERER?
              I suffer awfully from 'Seasonal Affective Disorder'. I am sparky bright from about mid March, but the dark clouds start to dull my edge in late October. December, January, February are the worst months, and a 12 hour a day sleepfest is not unusual.
              SAD lights DO help! They are not a total answer for me (working outdoors is the best thing), but they help spark me up so that I can face the day. This type of alarm does help - but it isn't the total answer. Please be aware, that for me, this device helped, but did not entirely remove the problem. I have a couple of lightboxes at home and in the office to supplement this device. They HELP, but do not entirely cure the problem.
              This is a reasonably pleasant way of waking gently and 'getting into gear' to face the coming day.

              This is a constant frustration for me. Why oh why do the programming experts (who can make devices do so many wonderful things), make them so 'User - hostile'? Unless you are a whizz at such things, expect to spend a good 30 minutes working out the controls, how to set the device etc. Even after using it for 2 years, I still get confused as to how to set it, how to turn it off for the weekend etc etc. Frankly, this is the device's big downer.
              Interesting 'white noise' audio feature that allegedly helps people. Sounds like an untuned radio to me (and a blddy racket), but may help some.

              The light 'shade' on top is more fragile than an eggshell. Look at ebay and you are likely to see one for sale with smashed 'lightshade'. My falling phone caught it a glancing blow and left the 'shade' in smithereens! Luckily, the replacements are a reasonable £10.


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              12.01.2011 23:57
              Very helpful



              Better than average for taste, but unspectacular. Doesn't really stand out from the competition.

              Yes, I like it. Like a previous reviewer, I am a fan of Cadbury's whole nut and decided to try this new bar out. With this blend of good quality Cadbury chocolate. and my favourite hazelnuts mixed with cashews (a real favourite nut with me), I thought that I'd be in 7th heaven.
              Sadly, this was not to be the case. Although the car is called 'Bar of Plenty', and it does contain its fair share of the aforementioned nuts, the overpowering taste is that of the chocolate, with only a hint of nutty taste in the background. A few more nuts to balance the taste might have been a better idea.
              Apparently, the bar was introduced at the price of £1.00 only, which is, I think, good value. Now that the promotion is ended, I bought this bar for £1.65. To me, this is a tad expensive for something, which although very nice and tasty, is'nt really a novelty, nor is it anything far above ordinary. I can't see it still being on the shelves in 5 years time.
              Back to Cadbury's Whole Nut for me.


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              17.09.2010 02:32
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              The acid test - fast, convenient, cheap - nice taste, but can you handle the vinegar?

              Surprising really that Pataks have such a stranglehold on the curry paste market. Its decent gear, but frankly, NOT that good.
              AVAILABILITY. Their pastes are ubiquitous. If a supermarket stocks a curry paste, its probably Pataks.
              HISTORY. I don't know how long the stuff has been around, but its a long time. As a curry fan that always used to make up his own curries from (up to a dozen) individual spices, I was introduced to Pataks by a Ugandan Asian pal (booted out of Uganda by the dictator Idi Amin...ask your Mum or Dad if you don't remember him). I first used it in about 1977 - and have done since the present day.
              CONVENIENCE. Yes its convenient. Spice flavours start to diminish the moment they are ground, so it is not a good idea to have years-old spices on the shelf. This paste allows easy access to reasonably preserved mix of spice.
              OIL??? A previous commenter mentioned the oil in the paste. Oil is essential when using such spices - they must be fried to bring out their full taste (the 'bhoon' - think 'lamb bhuna'). So oil and (light) frying is essential.
              TASTE. Quite good, but I agree completely with the previous reviewer> MONSTROUSLY ACID (vinegar).
              CONCLUSION. Good as a standby, or for those that rarely make curries who would have 'ancient' spices on their shelves. You should have a strong constitution, because the amount of vinegar is, (In my opinion) - way over the top).
              For really good curries, make them yourself, from a recipe book, using (reasonably) fresh spices.
              FINAL WORD. Quite passable. It is the easy equivalent for curries as 'Smash' is an equivalent for mashed potato. OK, but not the real thing. At least 'Smash' isn't overloaded with vinegar!


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                29.07.2010 01:49
                Very helpful



                If you run out of whale blubber - buy this!

                Morrisons do it again!
                I have seen sausage rolls manufactured commercially in long product runs. To be able to do this, the meat has to be fatty to enable it to be extruded through nozzles into the uncooked dough that is to become the surrounding pastry.
                I have also eaten long-run commercial sausage rolls and quite enjoyed them - but not from Morrisons!

                PLEASE NOTE. Morrisons do a wide range of pastries with meat fillings. This review relates ONLY to the 'in-store bakery' sausage rolls that are about 7 inches in length, that are commonly found behind the service counter, and sometimes found as 'special deals' of a multi-buy pack, store-wrapped in a brown paper lunch bag.

                PASTRY. I am impressed by Morrisons bakery products - and this includes their bread, confectionary, morning goods etc. The pastry is just fine.

                MEAT FILLING. Bite into the sausage roll. The first impression is of a nicely balanced herbed product. Take a couple of chews and the dream is shattered. Greasy, greasy, greasy! I know that a certain amount of fat is needed to allow the 'sausage slurry' to be extruded onto the dough prior to baking. But does it really need THIS much FAT?
                And where does the meat come from? Far too many lumps of fat, sinew and gristle.

                No thank you. I will not be buying any more unless I need to grease my car's axles.

                None given on the serving bag. I wonder why? Would probably equal a tub of whale blubber for fat content (except for the bits of sinew and gristle)


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                26.07.2010 21:32
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Built down to a price, not up to an (edible) standard

                My workmates and I sometimes go to Morrisons to buy lunchtime food (like bakery products, stuff from the salad bar etc) and share it out back at work, buffet style.
                Our most recent trips have included Morrisons 'in-store bakery' mince and onion pies.

                PLEASE NOTE. Morrisons do a wide range of pastries with meat fillings. This review relates ONLY to the 'in-store bakery' mince and onion pies that are commonly found behind the service counter, and sometimes found as 'special deals' of a multi-buy pack, store-wrapped in a brown paper lunch bag.

                EASY ON THE EYE
                At first sight, these pies look fantastic. In my opinion, Morrisons do fine bread, pastries and confectionery, so the pastry did not disappoint. It is fine, golden short-crust pastry and tastes as good as it looks.

                LOOKS CAN DECEIVE
                Taking the pastry out of its tin foil shell, there is a decided slump of the base pastry. Aha! - the large pastry shell deceives the eye, for it is not as full of meat filling as it at first appears. The filling is minimal -either that, or the pies have a bad case of 'wind'.

                Bite through the golden pastry -its all that it promises. No more, no less.

                Taste the (meagre) filling. Sadly bland, but nothing offensive in the taste.

                Chew a little more. Ouch, whats that walnut-sized hard thing? Rummage around in the mouth with finger and retrieve a lump of what seems to be bone. Give a second chew, and a third, and a fourth. What is that that resists the power of my mighty molars. Fingers in mouth for second time in 8 seconds and retrieve...what is this? Seems to be translucent bicycle innertube? I decide that its some kind of animal sinew and I start to feel a bit queasy. I look around the table and my work colleagues are starting to cough, bending forwards, probing their mouths with their fingers and starting to look green.
                I take a second bite at my pie and discover another 'alien' item. I don't know what it is, but its not lean minced beef or onion. Could it be a lump of fat? Who knows?
                We all decided to bin all of the remaining pies and pie remnants vowing never to purchase such pies again.

                I do not deny that everything in the pie is 'beef' as defined, but exactly which part of the animal it comes from is open to wild guesses.

                This is a bit irrelevant really, unless you can actually finish one - and I dare you)
                Calories: 468
                Sugar: 1.9g
                Fat: 31.3g
                Saturates: 14.6g
                Salt: 1.3g
                Sinew, gristle, bone etc (strangely unspecified!)

                Winning suggestion from my colleagues was for the pie to be re-branded as 'Morrisons prize (and customer loyalty) losing, Sinew and Gristle Pie'. We recommend that these could be marketed as an item to serve if you want to get rid of unwelcome guests at mealtimes. Alternatively, they could be marketed on the 'pet-food' shelves.

                Its a shame really. Most Morrisons baked products are really good - but I have had such BAD experiences with their 'meat' filled bakery products.


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                  25.07.2010 21:15
                  Very helpful



                  A good starter towards your daily vitamin/mineral target. Tastes great too.

                  I came across this stuff about 8 years ago on a Garuda flight to Singapore, and didn't know what it was. I had assumed that it was a freshly made oriental speciality. I loved it so much that I spent seven years trying to recreate it in my own kitchen without even getting close!
                  Now I know that its Campbells V8, my life is much simpler :)

                  I am such a fan of this - I drink loads of it. This is a really tasty juice, particularly suitable for breakfast, or for use as a cooler on hot summer days. I have just had a chilled bowl for lunch with some bread, in place of my usual hot weather favourite of cooled Spanish Gazpatcho soup - it really goes down well in hot weather.
                  It mixes well. I mix mine with soda water on hot days. It can also be used as a base for alcoholic cocktails, such as the 'Bloody 8' (a bloody mary of vodka and tomato juice, but with V8 substituting for the tomato juice)
                  It is thinner than tomato juice, so your dishwasher will have no problems cleaning your glass after use. (Hurrah)
                  An unopened carton has a long shelf life. They say it should be refridgerated after opening and consumed within a few days - but mine never goes unconsumed after a couple of hours!

                  Its major taste is that of tomato, but with some subtleties. There is a light 'top note' of celery, and a hardly perceptible bottom note of 'root vegetable, but the blending of the ingredients is so well done that the other individual ingredients cannot be tasted as what they are. In other words, I can tell that it contains tomato, with a touch of celery - but couldnt imagine what the other ingredients were.

                  Its called V8 because of the 8 vegetables it contains:
                  Tomato (87%), with beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress, and spinach.

                  Compared to orange or tomato juice which can be bought for 70-90p a litre, its price of £1.30 - £1.50 (or more) looks a bit pricey, especially since it also contains some cheaper ingredients. I suppose that we are paying for the blending.

                  From its ingredients, it is a fine way of getting more vegetables into the diet. The variety of veg used gives a wide spread of vitamins and minerals, and you're on your way to your '5 a day'
                  And its only 16 calories per 100 grammes !
                  SALT - this is the bad news. The salt content is quite high - 263 mg per 100 grammes. I do wish manufacturers would use less salt - users can always add salt, but they can't take it out! The good news is that there is a low salt version of V8, but I have never seen it on UK supermarket shelves.

                  OTHER VERSIONS
                  Worldwide, there is a range of other versions, but some are unavailable, or very difficult to find in the UK. These include: Original, Spicy Hot (my favourite!, - but normally I just add hot cajun sauce to regular 'original' V8) , Lemon, Picante, Low-Sodium, and Organic.

                  V8 also does a V8 100% Fruit & Vegetable Juice, combining vegetable juice with fruit juices. These are of different varieties, based on different fruits. Again, they are comparatively difficult to find on UK supermarket shelves, but could prove to be a winner with your kids if you can find them. I have seen a pomegranate and cranberry version in Tescos.


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                • Peugeot 207 CC / Car / 12 Readings / 8 Ratings
                  More +
                  11.07.2010 02:59
                  Very helpful



                  Face it - its a 2 seater! And it works well as that.

                  I love it! Ive had it for 2 years and no problems so far.

                  After 20 years of Hondas and Astras I finally took the plunge and threw away my prejudices against French cars. And this is a good-looking car.
                  The motoring press agrees with me and says that its residual value is holding up well, if you ever need to sell it after use.

                  I always wanted to drive a car with the wind blowing through my hair (but left it a few years too late :( !
                  With a CC there is no worry about the security vulnerabilities of a rag-top. And there is an auto door lock facility that locks the doors about 30 seconds after driving away.

                  It drives nicely. Engine and gearbox seem nicely flexible, allowing driving in a (really) inappropriate gear. I'm no teenage hothead wanting to do doughnuts in the car park, but it is quite nippy on the acceleration front. It has fine acceleration for around town. It is small and easy to park. On the motorway, its just fine = chugging along at a (slightly illegal) 80mph is no problem - and I can still hear Radio 4 over the sound of the engine with no problem :)
                  Ride is a little firm, but I like that - it means that I can feel the response of the car. It does not "wallow" like cars with soft suspension. This is always a trade off - firm ride = great around town (but a little harsh for a very long run), soft ride = nice for a long run, but unresponsive, "seasick" feel around town. I think that this car has got the balance about right. Most of my driving is around town, but I do 40 or so 200+ mile runs a year, and I havent felt excessively jaded because of the firm ride.

                  FOLDING ROOF
                  Folding up/down the roof is VERY fast - I often do it whilst waiting at traffic lights (I dont know whether that is illegal or not...no doubt some kind policeman may tell me someday). 20 seconds I guess. No extra fiddly bolts, locks etc need to be operated. Just press the button, and the roof deploys!

                  BOOT SPACE
                  With the folding roof, boot space could be an issue. I drive with molten metal protective gear, hard hat, boots, change of suit, flashlight, first aid box, overnight clothing, essential breakdown gear of spanners etc. AND my shopping from Tescos - and I can still put down the roof and have enough space in the boot. No problem.

                  INTERNAL SPACE
                  This IS a 2 plus 2 car. This, of course means, 2 adults plus 2 children (with their legs chopped off)! Lets be honest. Its a 2 seater. The back bench seat is merely a well-upholstered parcel shelf. I have carried passengers on it, but they had to suck their knees, were extremely uncomfortable and abused me when they got out of the car and had the ability to breathe, and then to speak.

                  I love the rear radar. After demolishing an unseen dwarf wall and doing £400 of damage to my old car, the reassuring beep of the Peugeot radar is a great reassurance.

                  The windscreen pillars are VERY thick to maintain the structural safety of the car. This minimises visibility out of the windscreen. What this car DIDN'T need was a windscreen wiper that FAILED to sweep all the way up to this pillar. This means a six or seven inch vertical blind spot on the drivers side windscreen (APPALLING DESIGN! Shame on you Peugeot)

                  The engine seems to miss a little from time to time on idling. Garage doesn't know the reason. To date, this has not affected performance, or been a safety issue.

                  The dashboard top is curved, meaning that you cannot place anything on it without the item rolling off. There is very limited dashboard storage for your sunspecs, bifocals, mobile phone, GPS, MP3, windscreen wiping rag etc etc and anything else you might want within reach. Very annoying (and an entirely solvable problem). There are two good door side pockets for reachable storage, but some items, you just like to have IN VIEW, as well as easily reachable. In addition, the glovebox is pretty minimal for storage, but the 'gear-lever' area has a little more storage, including a coin box. OK, I guess my needs for EASILY ACCESSIBLE storage are a little more than most folks (I keep maps, notebooks, pens, work instruments etc) but, although an issue, storage is a minor issue that can be overcome.

                  - not a Peugeot issue so much as ALL car manufacturers.
                  1 A fine CD player situated on the dash where it takes MAX heat and warps your CDs. CDs are outmoded technology. What we really need is a USB port for our MP3 (and NO! we dont all have Iphones/players. A USB port as a minimum please)
                  2 Everyone has a GPS, but few cars have anywhere to put it. Do us all a favour. Charge us £100 and install one as standard.
                  3 We now have so many electrical items in our cars (like GPS, mobile phones, food heaters, and an entire range of other electrical gear, etc etc). How come maunufacturers still limit power outputs to a single cigarette lighter output?
                  4 And where do I put my mobile phone?

                  WOULD I BUY ANOTHER PEUGEOT 207CC?

                  Oh yes! This is the car for me. I am already planning my replacement.


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