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Cerumol Ear Drops

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Dosage Form: Drops / Contents/Size: 11ml / Type: Ear & Eye Care

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    4 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 17:23
      Very helpful
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      Great ear drops

      A recent cold left me with blocked ears, I was feeling very frustrated so I went to my local chemist to see if there was anything they could recommend. This cost me £3.24 for 11ml. There is also a newer Cerumol olive oil drops available as well.

      The packaging on this ear drops is very simple but the bright pink also makes it quite eyecatching. There is a separate dropper, which is sealed and the small pot of the eye drops. Again, the white and hot pink theme is continued on the bottle.

      To use these ear drops, lie on your side, and use the dropper and drop 5 drops into your ears. I usually stay lay down for a few minutes after using this so it gets right into my ear canal. It does say that you can use some cotton wool if any of the liquid runs out, but I find that by lying down for a few minutes means the liquid stays where it is meant to.

      One negative about this is the smell. It's very similar to an antiseptic smell and you can smell it after you have applied the drops. However, since these do seem to help me, I can put up with the smell. I find that my hearing is worse when I first use these, but it does clear within an hour or so, so don't be alarmed if you use this product and you feel worse before you feel better. It also tingles slightly when you first use the drops, although this disappears within a few minutes.

      I have been using these for a day now, and already my ears feel less blocked and I seem to be back to my normal hearing, so they are definitely worth the money.

      It is recommended that you don't use these if your ear drum is perforated or you have an inflamed ear canal. You must use this within 6 months of opening. These drops contain peanut oil, so can't be used by those with a peanut allergy. The ingredients include Chlorobutanol BP 5%, arachis oil BP (Peanut Oil) 57%, Oil of turpentine, 3-methoxybutyl acetate (butoxyl), paradichlorobenzene, and orthodichlorobenzene.

      Check out http://www.cerumol.com/ for further information.


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        13.08.2010 18:03
        Very helpful
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        Don't bother!

        My son has 'problem ears' - there is always something wrong with them! Admittedly, he got this from me as I always had problems with my ears when I was younger.

        It seems that every few months he gets ear ache, sometimes it's caused by wax, other times it's an infection. Usually I'll take him to the doctors to check as I can't always see if it's wax or not.

        The last time we went it turned out to be wax, again. I told the doctor that we use Olive oil a lot in a dropper, which seems to clear it for a while, although obviously not long term as it kept reoccurring. He suggested a formula specifically designed for wax and gave us a prescription for it.

        It turned out to be Cerumol. You should take Cerumol twice daily, dropping 5 drops in to the ear then plugging the ear if necessary with cotton wool moistened with either Cerumol or Petroleum Jelly.

        We don't tend to bother with the Cerumol or Petroleum Jelly on the cotton wool ball; we will just lie down and apply the drops then my son will stay in that position for a while - either trying to get to sleep (at night), or listening to me reading a story (morning). I'll then give him a cotton wool ball for when he gets up later.

        I find that this is the best way to use these types of treatments as they tend to run straight out of the ear when you get up, or straight into the cotton wool if you have plugged it.

        One thing that annoys me about Cerumol is that you get a small bottle and a separate dropper; this is fiddly, messy and annoying. I'm not sure why they have packaged it like this as most other treatments have a dropper either incorporated into the bottle or one can forms part of the lid.

        The formula itself is a clear, greasy liquid that, quite frankly, STINKS! It has a really powerful chemical smell - a mix of 'hospital smell', Dettol, and nail varnish remover!

        It's that potent that I worried a little about putting it in my son's delicate ear. Obviously as it was given by a doctor and is widely available I knew I was being silly, so in it went. We started in a morning, so after a five minute story he put a cotton wool ball in and got up, it happily stayed there for around 15 minutes; when it came out he noticed that some of the wool was now yellow.

        I was impressed! Usually it takes a couple of applications for the wax to emerge so it was obviously doing something right. His earache had gone but we continued with the treatment and after three or so days all of the wax had come out.

        Cerumol is an effective treatment for excessive wax; unfortunately, the negative aspects far outweigh the positives, so much so that I would rather stick to the tried and tested olive oil method.

        The reasons that I will no longer use Cerumol...
        The smell is awful, it also lingers long after you have finished the treatment, up to two hours to be precise.

        The fact that it has a separate dropper is really annoying, and makes the whole thing take a lot longer.

        So, my opinion on Cerumol? It does work, but it is so awful to use that I'd rather not bother!


        Ceramol can be bought from many chemists for around £2.50-3.20 - however you would be better off nipping into Boots, where you can buy a dropper bottle (99p) for some olive oil.


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          20.06.2009 08:11
          Very helpful



          An easy and effective remedy for excessive ear wax

          Review of Cerumol Ear Drops

          Why I Bought it

          Both my daughter and my partner have hearing loss, for different reasons, but they both suffer with the discomfort of hardened, excessive ear wax. The condition is uncomfortable for them as the presence of the wax can have the effect of lessening what hearing they do have. Unfortunately, a side effect of my partner's hearing aid is that it causes a build up of ear wax.
          Cerumol was recommended to me by my daughter's Doctor when she was little and I have since purchased it for my partner.

          The Product


          Cerumol Ear Drops are designed to aid the loosening and removal of ear wax. The product is for external use only and is a safer alternative to using cotton buds to dislodge excessive ear wax.

          The product is presented in a white and cerise pink cardboard box. The product name and brief use description are very clearly displayed on the front of the box. Instructions for use are printed on the reverse of the packaging along with advisory warnings, use by date and the manufacturer's lot number.
          The ear drops themselves are contained in a dark brown glass bottle with a separate rubber topped glass dropper device to administer the drops. Other brands that I have used have a dropper fitted into the screw cap, this is convenient but not as easy to keep clean as the Cerumol dropper which can be sterilised between uses.
          The bottle contains 11ml of liquid ear drops.


          Five drops of Cerumol should be inserted into the ear canal, this is best done whilst lying down with the head inclined. The product can cause a mild tingling sensation, this perfectly harmless and not uncomfortable. The product may run out of the ear when the head is moved, if this happens the excess can be wiped off with a tissue and the ear plugged with a small plug of cotton wool, moistened with Vaseline (petroleum jelly).
          The ear drops should be used twice per day for up to three days. This should be adequate to soften and remove hardened ear wax, which will run out of it's own accord. If the wax is still present after the three day treatment, Doctor's advice should be sought as syringing may be required.

          The ear is a very delicate organ and poking around with cotton buds may cause hardened wax to be pushed further into the ear rather than removing it. A cotton bud can be handy for cleansing the outer part of the ear after the use of Cerumol Ear Drops, but they should not be pushed into the actual ear canal.
          My daughter's doctor told me that 'nothing smaller than an elbow' should be inserted into the ear canal and buds only used externally.

          Quote below is taken from www.netdoctor.co.uk
          ""Ear wax
          Ear wax can gather in the ear canal (auditory canal). Eventually it can form an ear plug, which impairs hearing and may cause pain.
          Using a cotton bud doesn't help because this usually only pushes the wax further inside the ear, doing more harm than good. It also carries the risk of perforating the eardrum. ""
          So our GP was right!

          **Ingredients and warnings**

          Product contains:-
          57% Arachis Oil (Peanut Oil)
          Oil of Turpentine
          3-Methoxybutyl Aceate

          This product is unsuitable for peanut or soya allergy sufferers.
          Cerumol Ear drops should not be used where the ear is inflamed or where the ear drum is known to be perforated.
          Medical advice should be sought in all cases of an ear disorder.
          After using Cerumol should the condition not improve after three days use, consult a doctor.
          The ear drops should be used within six months of opening.
          Keep out of reach and sight of children.
          Manufacturer details
          Cerumol Ear Drops are manufactured in the UK by Laboratories For Applied Biology Ltd.,
          Postal address

          Laboratories For Applied Biology Ltd.
          91 Amhurst Park, London, N16 5DR.
          0208 800 2252
          For Medical Information e-mail: enquiries@cerumol.co.uk
          Price and availability

          Cerumol is available in chemists, department stores such as Boots or Superdrug and supermarkets without a prescription.
          The bottle contains 11ml and the cost is in the region of £2.50-£3.00.
          Not an exciting product to review but one that should you need it, can bring relief to the user.
          If you suffer with excessive ear wax this product is a gentle effective way to relieve the condition. Apart from a mild tingling at first there are no unpleasant side effects with this treatment.
          Naturally, everyone is different and what works for one person may not suit another, but this is certainly worth a try!

          I have to do my 'motherly' bit here and say that I cannot stress strongly enough, visit your doctor if you have a problem with your ears, your hearing is a precious thing and you don't realise just how precious until it's gone!
          Thank you for reading.

          ©Brittle1906 June 2009

          Also published on www.Ciao.co.uk
          (under same username)


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            17.06.2009 15:22
            Very helpful



            Stinky, expensive, messy and inconvenient bottle/dropper--use olive oil instead!

            I bought this stuff out of desperation. I was at work, supposedly serving customers, but my ears were blocked with wax and I couldn't hear much of what was being asked of me. So during lunch hour I dashed to the local chemist. I knew olive oil is all that is needed for ear drops to loosen/remove ear wax, but not having a dropper to administer it I gathered the only easy way to acquire one was by buying a specific ear drop product. I selected Earex peanut oil stuff as it was the cheapest at £3.04. I noticed they also stocked small bottles of olive oil with an ear dropper for about a fiver!? The chemist recommended Cerumol instead, being only 5p more expensive and containing 'other stuff' as well as peanut oil which apparently made it work better.

            Of course I was soon reminded that any kind of ear drops have an immediate effect of worsening any deafness rather than improving matters, and my day would not be improved by having extra goo in my ear....

            Cerumol appears to live behind the counter in chemists and comes in an incredible, minimal-looking box which looks like it hasn't had a design overhaul in decades. Just a big purple drop....no photos of, say, people looking overjoyed that they can hear. On the one hand it gives it a 'classic' appearance which I like, on the other hand it made me wonder whether I was being recommended it as it had been standing on that shelf since the seventies!

            Unlike other ear drops I've had, where the glass dropper is built into the bottle lid, Cerumol has a normal bottle lid and separate dropper. So having gone through the process at bedtime of lying ear-up and dropping in oil, you then have to think about where on earth to put the greasy dropper without all the oil running out your ear (you have to lie on your side for an hour for Cerumol to take proper effect). While trying to keep oil in your ear, this is fiddly.

            Cerumol has a strong, distinctive smell, that reminded me of ear drops I'd been prescribed as a child, which I at first found reassuring. Then I read that the 'other stuff' in it includes TURPENTINE, and suddenly this smelly, oily stuff I had running into ear and down my neck didn't seem very pleasant.

            The 11ml bottle of Cerumol, being used for both ears, ran out within the week. I was then able to use the dropper with normal kitchen olive oil. Olive oil is cheaper by miles, smells much better, sort of has a warmer, friendlier feeling in the ear, and isn't bad for skin either. It is widely agreed that it works as well as any products like Cerumol and Earex, and when I saw the doctor he recommended olive oil. So did my gran and everyone else I spoke to. I have heard that if you ask at the counter at a chemist you can buy ear droppers on their own for next to nothing, so there is really no reason to purchase Cerumol after all--it seems to do the job OK, but it is unnecessary.

            Neither Cerumol nor olive oil could unblock my ears on their own, but using them for a week did mean that when I went to my appointment with the nurse, the syringing was over in seconds, and now I feel as if i can hear better than ever.


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          • Product Details

            Cerumol Ear Drops is an arachis oil 57% and chlorobutanol 5% solution which aids the loosening and removal of stubborn ear wax / When deafness or pain in the ear is caused by blockage with wax, the use of the ear drops may avoid the need for syringing or make syringing easier / Not suitable for unusually hard ear wax / Works in three days or less.

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