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The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner

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12 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Eyeliners / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: Smoothes,

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    12 Reviews
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      11.05.2013 08:39
      Very helpful



      great product

      I have never been very good at applying make up so am always looking around for things that will help me get the professional look in an easy way.

      I noticed this product when I had gone to the body shop to buy a tub of their body butter and thought it sounded really good.

      I asked the advice of the lady in the shop and she was really helpful and definitely sold the benefits of it to me.

      The lady in the shop showed me how to apply it and it did look really good so I thought I would get some.

      The eyeliner is liquid which is not something I have previously bought I normally just use the pencil as I thought the eyeliner would be difficult to apply. I paid £9 for mine so it is quite expensive but definitely worth the money.

      The eyeliner comes in a jar with a wand to apply it with. When I got home and tried it myself I was shocked at how easy it was to apply. The wand that you apply it with has a really soft tip so it's really easy to get very fine lines and get right into the corner of the eye under your eyelash.

      The eyeliner has lasted really well because you only need a little bit. It was simple to use you start at the outer edge of your eye and draw a line across.

      Since I have started using this I have had quite a few compliments from people so it must make a difference. I think it makes my eyes look bigger and wider.

      This is perfect for anyone who wears makeup no matter how good you are at applying it you will be fine with this because its so easy.


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      11.05.2013 03:37
      Very helpful



      A lot to spend on an eyeliner - ,make sure you have a steady hand

      I will be honest from the start and say that even though I like Eyeliner I have trouble applying it, so I do try eye liners from different retailers, the reason I got this one was I had made my 8 qualifying purchases on my Love Your Body Card, so I could have anything up to the value of £10 off.

      =Price and Availability=
      This is a Body Shop own brand product and can be purchased on line from the Body Shop website. This is currently priced at £9.00

      =Liquid Liner=
      This is not the first time in a good 10 years that I tried a liquid eyeliner, so going for Body shop I hoped I would get a really good liner.

      =The Package=
      The liner comes in a nice looking bottle, which is wider at the bottom and narrows at the top, where the tall silver lid tops the bottle, this comes sealed in cellophane, so at least you know that no one has tampered with it before you.

      =To Use=
      You need to unscrew the bottle, and pull the eyeliner wand out, the tip of the eyeliner is about 1cm long, it is quite a narrow applicator which gives you the time to make your line as soft or as definite you want.

      I choose the black colour, it is also available in brown and taupe colours,

      =The Eyeliner=
      The liquid is runny, and a small amount does go a long way, it took a few trial and errors to get a line. You do need a steady hand. The eyeliner is not waterproof, but is smudge proof.

      =The colour=
      The colours are glossy and shiny, and looks bold when you have it on. The wand is a good design to help you keep your lines straight, and if you are using at the top of the lashes this works perfectly on there,


      Dermatologic y tested

      Ophthalmologic tested

      Suitable for contact-lens wearers

      =My Thoughts=
      At £9 this is expensive, although it is from a good brand, for me as I was just trying to use it on the bottom of my eyelid for love nor money could I get a straight line, I thought a liquid might be a bit easier to use, but I couldn't get use to it, after about 3 attempts, I gave it to a friend who loves it, and gets all the flicks in her eye lashes and it looks great.

      =Would I buy again=
      Sorry this is not for me.


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      29.04.2013 22:09
      Very helpful



      Great Value and Quality Liquid Eyeliner from The Body Shop

      The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner

      I have been using up a lot of pencil eye liners recently that I had acquired over the years in sets and given as gifts and really missed using a liquid eyeliner. So I finally went in search of a new liquid liner in town and went into The Body Shop to see what they had. It was a buy one get one half price event on all make up and so I bought myself a mascara and liquid eyeliner to try out.

      The liquid eyeliner comes sealed in plastic cellophane wrapper that you tear open to get to the bottle. This is a nice looking eyeliner bottle, it has a small black pot which holds the liquid at the base and an elongated tall silver lid which gets thinner towards the top. The liner bottle has The Body Shop logo on in white and a small description. The bottle holds 3 ml of liquid eyeliner and costs £9 a bottle.

      To get to the liquid eyeliner you unscrew the top of the bottle and pull the eyeliner wand out. The tip of the eyeliner is made of a firm felt tip that is about 1 cm long. It is quite long and thin and a good size to be able to choose how thick a line you want to apply to your eyes. I chose the black eyeliner which is my colour of choice, but you can also buy brown and taupe colours.

      The eyeliner itself is quite runny and a tiny amount goes a long way so I always wipe the wand on the edges of the bottle to remove excess liquid before I apply it to my eyes. The colour is a lovely, shiny, full on black colour that looks bold and defined. The liner leaves a nice bright glossy line on your eyelids that lasts all without fading.

      The wand itself is a really good design for applying a nice defined line, because it stay firm it creates a very straight and distinct line without shooting off, so as long as you have a steady hand you'll get really nice results from this liquid liner. The liner is not waterproof, but it is smudge resistant and as I have said its glossy appearance lasts all day long which is a sign of a good product in my opinion. I only reapply this if I am going out after work and want a bigger line or fancy flicks.

      Other Info

      Dermatologically tested

      Ophthalmologically tested

      Suitable for contact-lens wearers


      At £9 I think this is a bargain compared to other much more expensive brands that make liquid eyeliners and as The Body Shop always have special offers on you can pick up a real bargain. The 3 ml pot lasts very well and the results are great so I have to award this 5 stars.


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      02.12.2012 02:03
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      I wear eyeliner on a daily basis and while I do prefer pencil liners I have got my fair share of liquid liners too, one of which is from The Body Shop. I use this one quite often because it is one of the better quality ones and it looks amazing - plus it takes ages for it to fade and it stays perfectly in place no matter what!

      I managed to get mine when The Body Shop had a 50 per cent sale on earlier in the year so I paid under a fiver for it and the retail price is £9.00. I would happily pay the full price when it comes to re-purchasing it as it is such good quality and a tube lasts for ages as well - I've had mine since the summer and there still seems to be quite a lot left and unlike so many liquid liners that I've had in the past it hasn't dried out or become gloopy.

      As this is a body shop product it can obviously only be purchased from there - either in store or via their website. There's often offers on which offer substantial discounts, so it is well worth keeping your eye out for promotions and offers! The eyeliner packaging is really nice and it looks pretty luxurious and expensive. The pot part of the tube is black with the brand and product name written on the front and the long silver lid is highly reflective and it unscrews from the pot.

      It has the applicator brush attached to it and it is a good size - not at all bulky but not so thin that it is fiddly and I have good control over it which makes applying the eyeliner much easier. The pot contains 2.5ml of product which doesn't sound like much but I only need a tiny amount each time I use it so a pot does last for a good few months.

      The eyeliner is available in three colours - black, brown and taupe. As I have dark hair and dark lashes I opted for black, as brown eyeliner really doesn't look right on me when it's in liquid form, weirdly enough brown pencil liner looks nice but liquid liner doesn't! The black is extremely rich and intense and it defines my eyes. I've found with so many liquid liners that the colour soon starts to look like dark grey rather than black but this stays jet black from the minute I put it on to the minute I remove it.

      I use this mainly when I want winged liner but I use it on my waterline now and again as well. It doesn't irritate my eyes or feel greasy or anything like some liquid liners can and it is very easy to apply due to the precise brush, which is shaped just like a felt tip nib. The brush is just the right shape for even application and I only need one cost for instant definition. It stays in place and can be layered up for a more dramatic look but one coat is great for day to day wear as its intense enough to make a difference but not over the top.

      The liner stays perfectly in place for ages and it has never smudged or faded, even on the occasions that I've worn it to go clubbing. It doesn't fade over time either and it only comes off when I use makeup remover on it. It doesn't take too long to remove but it's a little stubborn so I often find my self scrubbing my eyes like mad trying to get all of it off lol.

      Overall highly recommended!!


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      17.03.2012 11:09
      Very helpful



      Would reccomend to anyone, definitely the best eyeliner available.

      For years now I have been using this eyeliner (always in black, although I'm sure the brown would be just as good) and throughout that time have managed to convert many friends into using it as well. The current price is around £8 but if you are a bodyshop card holder you can get discounts and they ofen have offers on such as buy 2 makeup items, get one free.

      Like most people, I experimented in my teens with kohl pencil liners and found their wear somewhat limited. This eyeliner is fantastic! It goes on well, stays on well and looks amazing.

      The bottle itself has quite a long handle but quite a short brush, this is ideal for getting better control over application as your fingers holding the brush are closer to the eye which makes getting an even line easier. The liquid goes on in a smooth and delicate way, with the brush not soaking up too much of the liquid so as not to have any spillages or smudges.

      The tip of the brush is almost like a felt tip pen in that it has a pointed end and it feels very natural to use.

      I always start by applying the eyeliner from the outer corner of my eye (under my eyebrow) and sweeping it inwards towards my nose. That's just what works for me though and the best thing to do it practice to get the result that you want. It's also handy to have some cotton buds (q-tips) on hand that have been dipped in a liquid makeup remover as these can be used to correct any mistakes as the happen.

      Once applied, the product dries quickly but remains 'flexible' so will move with the contours of your skin and will not flake off. To remove I just use a face wipe and it does come off easily.

      Whenever I wear this eyeliner I get compliments saying how good it looks and what type of eyeliner is it!


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      08.09.2010 17:10
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Available in black and brown!

      I have tried endless liquid eyeliners from the cheapest at around a £1 to the designer brands at around £20.

      However, this one is definitely one of the best!

      Products can be bought at the Body Shop stores throughout the UK, online at www.bodyshop.co.uk or at Body Shop Parties!

      This eyeliner comes sealed in a cellopane packaging for security and hygiene.

      The applicator screws onto the eyeliner and the pen is very much like a felt pen.

      It comes in BLACK and BROWN colours.

      There are 2.5ml in each eyeliner for a cost of £8.50. (However, sign upto the Body Shop website and they will email you some fantastic offers).

      This product should be used within 6 months of opening.

      This applicator dips the felt pen into the eyeliner allowing for great accurate/ immaculate results. It seems to be the best of both the traditional liquid liner with the thin and difficult brush and the newer felt pen method... which tends to run out rather quickly and provide a grey rather than black line!

      Sweep eyeliner over the top lid from the outside to the inside of the eye using a steady hand. It may take a little time to get this right but use a wet cotton bud to correct any mistakes.

      This liner dries quickly and easily lasts around 6-8 hours, with a little touching up it can last upto 12 hours.

      Brilliant mid range liquid eyeliner which lasts very well.


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        20.04.2010 16:44



        I have been using liquid eyeliner for a few years now, and this is by far the worst one I have used. There are two main reasons for this. First of all it is difficult/messy to apply because it has a thick stubby applicator, meaning that when I'm done I always have to go over it with eye make up remover on a cotton bud to make it look neat. I am used to using thin applicators which not only leave smooth lines because they are more manoeuvrable but they allow you to make them as thick as you want. Secondly, I often look in the mirror and cringe, because either it has smudged a lot or/and I have that awful black goop in the corner of my eye and a lot of it! It just won't stay put, even for a couple of hours. AVOID.


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        01.12.2009 11:39
        Very helpful



        bodyshop eyeliner,a must for any bag if you want eyes that look good

        The Ultimate Accesory for any make up bag!

        I do not go anywhere without my eyeliner....infact since about 10 years ago I havent really left the house without putting any on!Being an *alternative - I know i hate cliches but it does help with the reviews!* this is an essential piece of equipment.
        Liquid eyeliner....of any sorts can be awkward to put on and over the years I have tried many different brands but this is by far one of the superior ones out there.The trick i believe to a good eyeliner is that it needs to be deep and rich but most of all there has to be a decent applicater in order to get that smooth streamlined look without the been hit in the eye smudges that can often accompany!This is where the body shop shines through!
        The liquid itself is thick,deep and creates a dramatic look when put on with the amazingly easy applicater,it glides easily without dragging onto your skin and once its on, its there to stay without any fading or smudging.The applicater is soft but not too soft and makes doing your eyeliner a two minute job and looking like it took longer.It lasts ages too,I know it may be a bit more that you are used to paying but its animal friendly,its a superior brand and its worth every penny!


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        02.09.2009 13:00
        Very helpful




        ***** Introduction *****

        I have recently been experimenting with my make up. I have never really been one for make up so trying new things it totally new to me.

        I had a little make over at a recent body shop party and to my amazement i realised how good my eyes looked when I was wearing liquid eyeliner.

        I was so impressed I went on to buy this body shop liquid eyeliner.

        ****** The Liquid Eyeliner *****

        This is a black eye liner that comes in the form of a liquid, with its unique pen like application wand this could not be any easier to apply. making it the perfect eyeliner for any novice.

        This has a soft felt tip like nib that is small enough for you to achieve nice fine lines with out over doing it and making you look like a panda.

        You only need to dip the tip into the eyeliner once to get enough product to cover one eye.

        This is use to define your eyes and open them up, giving you a high impact eye make up application.

        ***** Applying the eyeliner ****

        This is applied to you eye line after you have applied your shadow, starting from your outer eye slowly draw a fine line using the application wand.

        repeat the lined if you want it thicker of darker in colour.

        ***** Price *****

        This was purchased from a body shop party for £8.00 and it comes in either black, blue or brown.

        you can also buy it from any body shop store.

        ***** My Views *****

        I was very impressed at how this actually opened my eyes up and made them look so much bigger, it can be worn alone or along with eye shadow to achieve high impact make up results that look like it has been applied by a professional.

        This did not peel of flake like most other eyeliner I have tried before so it therefore gets top marks from me.


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        23.04.2009 15:13
        Very helpful




        When I go out of an evening I really do love the look of liquid eyeliners but I find them such a pain to use on so many levels. I find getting it on my eyes looking even and shapely to start with is horrendous (if not impossible) and I hate the skinny, fiddly brushes they usually have too. My friends wear it with ease and have great big bat-winged eyes but mine (once it's on) either look scruffy or goes dry looking and the worst is when the liquid 'flakes' off onto the eyeball which is so sore and irritating. It's impossible stuff to use and I hate it but try... I often do and I own loads.

        This one is usually about 10 quid a go in The Body Shop. However I got mine from Ebay for 99p, new stock and sealed from an independent seller. I knew it's worth so decided to grab a bargain and I've chatted with the seller often now and we're quite matey and she's going to give me first dibs on a lot of her stuff which is high quality make up! See it's not what you know it's who you know! lol.

        The Packaging....

        Is no longer the same as on the review photograph. It's now a 4ml clear tube (so you can see your colour through it) and it has a screw top lid to the top which securely holds a long thin black plastic 'wand' with thin black hairs making up a long, very thin brush to the bottom and then I'm told it's The Body Shop 'Metallic' (in my case) Eye Liner. The size is stated and I'm given contact details for The Body Shop. Mine has no colour stated on it and because mine is a special edition has a foil type of pinkish lid to it and it's all very attractive but simple and elegant at the same time.

        The Eyeliner Itself....

        The range contains 3 basic colours and then it contains 3 metallic and mine is a shiny gold/bronzy coloured liquid eyeliner (which is on sale at the moment in The Body Shop).

        All you simply do is unscrew the lid and apply to the eyes near the eye rim. Applying this I find very easy to do so, whether it be onto 'naked' eyes or over foundation and eye shadows or whatever really. The liquid is smooth and it glides and stays that way no matter how long you seem to own it.

        The brush being thin and quite sturdy doesn't tickle the eyes badly as you apply and it really is a doddle with a steady hand to get this on and looking very neat and tidy indeed. Of course you can apply as many coats as you want to to get a more bold look and if you do make a little mistake (which I don't to be fair my colour isn't dark) it is easy to remove with a damp cotton wool bud.

        So it goes on wet and drys in less than a 30 seconds. Once it dries even if you scratch or gently rub your eyes it doesn't budge and I said earlier I have a metallic colour and it seems to have a little glitter in it but neither does it sprinkle on your face during application it doesn't flake off over time either.

        It's none irritating as it contains Marula Oil and Aloe Vera (known for they're soothing and hydrating properties) and no matter how many coats I apply it never feels heavy or irritating on my eyes. It stays on the eyes completely with no fade or flake for hours upon hours and when it comes to removing it just your ordinary make up routine will suffice.


        A nice simple way of getting vampy eyes that's nice to wear and none irritating. I really like the easiness of this and it's a very quick way of vamping up a look without going over the top! I shall definitely be investing in a few more of these and quit trying out rubbish!

        Exclusive to The Body Shop (but do shop around lol).

        Available in black, brown and taupe and at the moment 3 different 'limited edition shades'. Can be purchased with a brush (like mine) or as a felt tip idea.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          10.03.2009 15:34
          Very helpful



          A Body Shop triumph.

          Liquid eyeliner is something that I have only recently discovered. After seeing the abuse and misuse of eyeliner in the past I tended to stay away from the panda bear look and instead went for more natural colors and would only extend to a brown eyepencil if I wanted a more dramatic look.

          But after meeting some other woman who took eye makeup to a whole new level I was tempted to join the club.
          It started off slowly with a simple black eyeliner and then I went overboard and bought my first liquid eyeliner. It was a cheap brand and didn't last very long and would flake when dry so I didn't get a good first impression.
          As usually happens it took a friend whipping out her make up kit for me to discover that there was more to liquid eyeliner then the dime store version.
          Hence I was introduced to the Body Shop eyeliner, and what a eyeliner it is!


          The Body Shop eyeliner comes in three different shades: Black, Brown and Taupe which is a gray color.
          The brown color is very nice for a day to day look, I find that if you wear dark eyeliner all day then when it is time to go out there isnt much wow factor when you apply the same eyeliner.
          So I perfer brown for the day and black for night.
          The Taupe color is more specialized as it is gray, it goes well with blue and pastel eye shadows, but on my fair skin I cant pull these off as it looks like I have a bruise.

          It comes in a small narrow case with a long silver handle that screws into a small 2.5 ml base which contains the liquid, the applicator wand has a felt tip.
          There are basically two different types of tips that liquid eyeliners come in, a felt tip (similar to a felt tipped pen) and a tip made out of many strands of "hair" (similar to a thin paintbrush). The felt tip is perfect if you don't have a steady hand or are starting out, whereas the paintbrush type is more flexible and is better if you are used to applying liquid eyeliner already.

          The Body Shop eyeliner was perfect for me as I was not used to liquid eyeliner, so the firm felt tip made it easy to create a straight line.


          You usually have to rest your elbow on a solid surface the first two or few times you try this, and don't worry about making a mess, that is to be expected in the beginning. A helpful tip is to pull your eye from the outside corner with one hand so it looks like you are squinting, this creates a taunt surface for your eyeliner, then apply with the other hand, starting from the inside corner of your eye.

          Personally I prefer to start from the middle of my eye and draw the line to the outside corner. Then I start again from the inside corner and draw a very faint line to meet with the existing line in the middle. I find that it is easier to control the height of the line this way.

          This eyeliner drys very quickly and is long-lasting and smudge resistant, I have even rubbed my eyes without ruining this eye liner, quite a far cry from the pencil eyeliner!


          You can buy this for 6-8 pounds, in either The Body Shop stores or online.


          I highly recommend this eyeliner for those who want to venture out into this new arena of makeup. It lasts very long doesn't flake but is still easy to remove with makeup remover. I think it is good value for money and have been highly satisfied with it.
          I found that it lasts very long and was worth the price. This is one satisfied customer.


          Water, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Oil, Citric Acid, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Stearic Acid, Isopropylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Tocopherol, Glyceryl Stearate, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose, Hectorite, Tocopheryl Acetate, PVP, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Iron Oxides.


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            12.11.2008 14:03
            Very helpful



            Recomended for any glamour puss....


            I have never really been a huge fan of liquid eye liners in the past, as they always seemed to flake off and peel. This was until it recently got into make-up application for a modeling competition I was helping out with.

            I would do the models hair and then someone would take over from the make-up side, this is which I found this fantastic product, I have certainly learned how to apply the make-up with outstanding catwalk results.

            What makes this better is the fact that I can even apply make-up to myself and still achieve the superb results, the key is good quality products.

            My favorite product at the moment is a Body shop liquid eye liner, in intensive black/


            The body shop liquid eye liner is one of the best I have ever used, I love that it is really vivid in colour and stands out really well with any eye shadows or mascaras.

            This is long lasting and dries within seconds without smudging onto the tops or your eye lids, this in itself was a very novel concept as I always ended up with big back lines across the top of my eyes before I used this.

            The body shop offer three different colours so there will almost certainly be once to complement your skin tones perfectly.

            This come was a great application wand that is very small, but enable you to apply it perfectly and precisely, without having a major panda eye disaster.

            Once you open the little tube you will be taken aback by the talcum powder smell, which is rather nice as normally liquid eyeliners can smell very strong and unpleasant.

            Unlike many other brands this is water resistant so you don't need to worry when it is a wet and horrible day, this will stay fully intact until you remove it yourself.


            The application wand is a thin stick with a felt tip type end, this helps you get nice and even lines. I felt this was a huge benefit as the normal eyeliners have a longish but thin brush that is very flexible, and I so difficult to get nice smooth lines without them being very thick.

            If you wear eyeliner without eye shadow then apply it to clean skin that has been cleansed and toned before hand, apply thin fine line to your top and bottom lash lines. If you want to add more to make more of an impact you can keep applying this until you are happy with the thickness of the lines.

            I personally only ever wear it with eye shadow, so after I have applied my shadow but before applying my mascara, I add nice thick black lines to my upper and lower lash lines and sometimes even my tear duct areas.

            This way I have the intense colour of a true black, if I put it on before my shadow it tend to go very dull and lose its intensity once I have applied the eye shadow. I finish with loads of mascara to create the spider leg look that also increases your lash length.

            If you feel the lines are to severe then you can blend the eyeliner into a shadow, this can be done perfectly with a smudger brush, but you have to be very quick as the eyeliner dries very quickly and can be difficult to blend if it is left to long.

            This will stay on for the duration and will need to be removed with a make-up remover or hot soapy water.


            This body shop liquid eyeliner comes in a slim slender cone shaped tube, the product is contained in the bottom third of the tube and is incased in a small black container. The other two thirds are made of a silver metallic handle with is the application wand.

            The silver application wand sits inside of the product container at all times, and is opened and closed by a screw top.

            This is a perfect size, smaller than a pen so it will even fit into your purse if you didn't want to carry a handbag around.


            The main ingredients are the famous community trade marula oil and vitamin E, these are all added to condition, protect and maintain the skins condition while wearing the product.

            Other ingredients include Water, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Oil, Citric Acid, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Stearic Acid, Isopropylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Tocopherol, Glyceryl Stearate, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose, Hectorite, Tocopheryl Acetate, PVP, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Iron Oxides.


            For a 10ml tube of this liquid eyeliner you can expect to 8.00 from and Body shop of online body shop stores.
            These come in three different shades, so you can choose the right one to complement your mascara or eye shadow. The shades are 01 Very black, 02 Brown and 04 Taupe which is a dark grey colour.

            Admittedly this is very expensive when you get a cheaper brand for around 2.00, but I feel the price reflect the products quality. The smell, application and finished results are all superb with this product.

            MY VIEWS

            The thing that really drew me to this was the handy applicator wand, with it being a felt tip and not brush I found it very easy to control and apply the product perfectly. I was amazed at how professional my make-up looked after applying this.

            I loved that it dried very quickly as I am very inpatient and I could wait long enough for other products to dry, hence why I have never been a huge fan of these liquid eyeliners in the past. So the fact this was quick drying was a very big selling point for me.

            When I use I eyeliner pencil I would run it along my actual eye lid, but with this eyeliner I would not advise you to do that as it runs into your eyes making them water and it will not only ruin your make-up but it also stings and leaves you with black stringy eye boggies. So always place this under your eyelashes.

            I am very impressed with the way this product applies and the finished effects are amazing, it is a product that can be applied lightly for a subtle day make-up or heavily for an intensive cat walk look.

            I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of liquid eyeliner, yes it is expensive but in my book worth every last penny.


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          • Product Details

            A range of long-lasting, smudge-resistant liquid liners for outlining and defining the eyes, with a felt-tip to provide smooth application /

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