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The Body Shop Lip Liner

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7 Reviews
  • Stays put for ages
  • Goes on smoothly
  • Can snap when sharp
  • Not many colours to choose from
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    7 Reviews
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      14.12.2014 12:07
      Very helpful


      • "Stays put for ages "
      • "Goes on smoothly "


      • "Can snap when sharp"
      • "Not many colours to choose from "

      Good but a little bit overpriced

      This is a good lip liner but I think it is too expensive for what it is so I would only buy it when it is on sale. The colour selection is also not that fantastic but if you buy a lip stick from the Body Shop then you can get one of these liners to match.

      It is £8 which I feel is just a little bit overpriced but luckily for me they are often on sale and I have never had to pay the full price for one.

      I wear lip stick a lot and having them bleed out isn’t an attractive look and a lip liner really helps with keeping the lip stick in place and they also work to define your lips but you need to be careful to match them to your lip stick and not be too heavy handed when applying it or otherwise you can resemble a drag queen.

      These liners glide on easily and they aren’t too heavy so they will define the outline of your lips but they won’t give you a really noticeable line that look awful and obvious next to your lipstick.

      Once you have outlined your lips it stays in place for ages and usually in my experience outlasts the lipstick in terms of how long it stays put.

      It can be a bit brittle though and if you sharpen it too much it can snap off when applying which is how you can tell the difference between this and high end liners which are stronger and don’t snap nearly as much. You don’t need to have it really sharp for it to go on properly so there should be no need to have it too sharp.

      Overall it is a really good lip liner just make sure and get it to match the lipstick you are wearing and not get one without checking first that it does.


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      12.01.2014 15:33
      Very helpful



      Not sure i'd part with £8.00 for it! Good if that sounds cheap to you!

      I would never describe myself as a huge The Bodyshop fan. I like alot of the products and will browse instore occasionally if they have special offers on but believe that I can buy items comparable to what they sell for far cheaper these days. The concept of The Bodyshop when the store first came fashionable in my youth was new and novel however these days alot of cosmetic company's to the same as they do and like I say cheaper.

      However on the run up to Christmas and in my local store The Bodyshop had a sale on which drew my attention as I was looking for gifts for a few of my girlfriends. I was going on a night out and revamping my make up a little and one thing lately that I have been using more often letely is a lip liner.

      At 39 years old my lips are lacking the definition that they used to have and as a smoker I do have very fine lines that my lipstick can 'bleed' into so I when I spotted these at half price (£4.00 in stead of £8.00) I decided to treat myself to one.

      The Product:

      There are 7 colours to choose from in these pencils and I opted for Mauve Berry which is a sort of pinky shade and the colour go from light to dark, pinks mainly with a nude option. The outer colour of the pencil represents the colour you have chosen rather well and there is a long silver lid that is easy to pull off and shove on etc to one end of it. On the sides of the pencil we are told what it is and who it is by, the colour chosen and the weight of it (1.25g). Its nice and smart to look at and a nice long size and thin enough to handle, so not chunky!

      Using It:

      All you do to apply this is simply point the nib at your outer lips and get drawing. It comes off the pencil really well, slightly waxy and its easy to use to define the shape of your lips. It comes off the pencil really easily and with no real pressure required just a steady hand and once applied it takes a minute to 'set' and then you simply apply your lipstick within the line and you should be good to go.

      Sharpening this is simple because the wood of the pencil is Cedarwood, so good quality and smooth wood it is. I already own a very decent Bourjois pencil sharpener so I use that and because it is such good quality wood I really don't need to to go mad and waste the product sharpening it down too much however I do find with this lip pencil that it doesn't need sharpening very often at all.


      I really do like and appreciate this lipliner though I have to be honest though. I think its good value at £4.00 a lip liner cos it is such good quality and lasts such a long time (in the pencil and on the lips) however I do not think I would part with the best part of a tenner for it. I do find though that it defines the shape of my lips really very well indeed and that my lipstick doesn't 'bleed' and so am pleased with it, its only the price tag that puts me off...otherwise its a lovely, ethical and a very hard working product to be fair to it!

      Only available from The Body Shop at £8.00 a time.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      13.05.2013 16:12
      Very helpful



      A great liner for the lips

      I have been using this lip liner for ages and I love it. It is perfect to line my lips and stops my lip colour from bleeding. There are 7 shades available from the range and the one that I am reviewing today is the shade Beech (02)

      The packaging.
      The product comes in the form of a pencil crayon. It is a brown colour with white writing on it and a silver plastic lid that covers the end of the liner to protect it. Along the pencil the Body Shop brand logo is clearly visible with the shade name and number underneath it. It also tells you that it is a lip liner. Along the back it tells you that the shelf life is 36 months, gives the weight (1.25g), some contact details for the brand and displays the FSC symbol (The Forest Stewardship council logo that identifies products which contain wood from well managed forests independently certified in accordance with the rules if the FSC AC.) The FSC promote responsible management of the worlds forests.

      The product.
      The lip liner itself is brown in colour. It has a smooth texture and is easy to use. To apply simply pull the lid off to remove and reveal the liner. Draw along the outer line of the lips and apply your lipstick as usual. This is great to use with peachy and pink lipsticks and I find only one application is needed. It gives a lovely colour and sometimes I use it to colour all off my lips rather than just a liner and add a little gloss over the top. It does not dry my lips out and helps to enhance my lips.

      The benefits.
      - 7 shades available
      - Soft texture
      - Reduces lipstick bleed
      - Dermatologically tested
      - Not tested on animals
      - Can be used to line lips and as a full lip colour.

      Price and availability.
      The product can be purchased from The Body Shop both in store and on line (www.thebodyshop.co.uk) as well as Amazon and Ebay and retails normally at £8 (for 1.25g)

      Additional info.
      The full list of ingredients and available shades are listed on the website (www.thebodyshop.co.uk)
      All of The Body Shop's products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

      My verdict.
      I love this product, both as a lip liner and as a full lip colour, it gives a lovely colour and enhances my lips, giving a natural look. A definite 5 stars.


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      11.08.2011 22:23
      Very helpful



      An essential of mine

      I've been using this product for a while now (since I was 15ish and I am now nearly 20) and it's the only lip liner that I buy as it does everything I could want it to do and it is great quality.

      This lip liner is quite expensive at £8 per 10 gram pencil but it does last really well (6 months at least even with regular use) and is good quality. There are 7 shades available which are: Beech, Clover Pink, Mauve Berry, Mahogany, Pink Brown, Nude and Rosy Red. I own this in Rosy Red which is a pinky red with a beige tint to it if you get what I mean! It's very well pigmented and gives a lovely subtle finish and acts as a great lip liner but can also be applied onto the lips and then smudged if that makes sense if you want a tiny tint of colour, it also is suprisingly conditioning so it doesn't dry the lips out like you would expect.

      The physical appearence of the lip liner is simple and quite basic. It's quite thick in width and is also reasonably long, around the same length as my Body Shop eyeliner. It is quite elegant looking and is beige in colour with white writing which reads the brand and product name on the side. The lip liner is easy to use, it's very smooth and the tip is great for accurate outlining and blends well. The formula reminds me alot of kohl eyeliner in lip liner form as it's got such a nice and soft texture but it doesn't go gooey or messy at all. It dries well and lasts throughout the day.

      The lip liner is fragrance free which some people may see as a disadvantage however as it is only a base for lipstick you can add fragranced lipstick/lipgloss for that feminine scent. The colour is well pigmented but looks natural and goes with almost any shade of lipstick due to the variety of different shades available. I see no reason why I wouldn't reccomend trying this if you haven't already.


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      19.08.2009 14:54
      Very helpful




      ***** Introduction *****

      I have recently revamped my make up collection, as the saying goes out with the old and in with the new. So that is exactly what I have done.

      I am sorry to say but you will all have to put up with make up reviews as I have many that I would like to share with you some are hot and some are not, so here goes with another of my newer buys.

      Here I am going to review a Body shop lip liner, this is something that was given to me as a freebie at a party as is not usually something I would buy on my own merit, but thank heavens as it is truly fantastic.

      ***** The Lip Liner *****

      The lip liner its self does not look like anything special, it is very similar to a child's colouring pencil in appearance and is basically used in much the same way. It has a wooden outer casing and silver cap to protect the nib when it is not in use, the actual liner is incased within the wooden casing and is emitted when it is drawn on to the lips.

      It is a very simple design that is very easy to use and maintain, when you have used the liner and the product tip runs down you simply sharpen it with a pencil sharpener. So as you can imagine it will last a long while.

      If you don't know much about lip liners then I will tell you that it is used to define and line your lips, many just apply it to their natural lip outlines but personally like to cover my entire lip area as I find it helps to maintain the lipstick or lip gloss that is applied to the lips afterwards.

      Choosing the perfect shade can be difficult, so if you are wearing it with a lip stick I would recommend you get the shade that is closest to the lip stick shade, but if you choose to wear it alone you buy the shade you think will suit you best.

      As this is a body shop product you can get it in various shades, starting from pale pinks and browns to darkest of dark colours, so you will get something to suit your needs.

      Using the liner could not be easier, you just apply it directly to your lips with the handy pencil design this is very easy to do. I found it to be very smooth in consistency which is hard to believe as it was hard to touch when it was in the pencil, but once is was on my lips they felt smooth and conditioned.

      The only thing I hated about this was the face that if my lips were a little dry of cracked it showed everything up, but I soon learned that a little bit of Vaseline rubbed into them before applying it helped hydrate them and stopped them from appearing cracked.

      As I have mentioned this was a freebie, so I didn't pay for it but while browsing the body shop catalogue recently I found they are on sale for £6.50 each, which sounds very dear but it really is a good product that will last a long time, so in my opinion it is worth the price.

      ***** My Views *****

      I have certainly been converted into a lip liner lover, which I thought would be impossible a few months ago. I loved this as it was unlike any other I have tried before, as it was so simple to use and it felt smooth and not at all thick of bitty like many other cheaper brands.

      It just goes to show that the more you spend the better the quality, as I have spent out on them in the past and always hated the out come, but with this I can certainly say it is here to stay.

      I recommend all you ladies to try this you will not be disappointed, as you will get smooth, soft and thicker fuller looking lips.


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        07.01.2009 16:49
        Very helpful



        Great for a natural but professional looking make up application..


        I have had this product in my suggestion box for a long while now, so after using the product this morning I thought I would finally get around to writing this long awaited review on my Body Shop Lip liner.

        I have never been a huge fan of lip liners, but as the years are rolling by rather rapidly I needed to take desperate action as my lips are not looking as full and defined as they used to be, Lip stick works well but it didn't give me the fuller lipped look that I once owned naturally.

        A few years ago while on my monthly visit to the body shop I came across this lip liner, being apprehensive about it as I have never used it before so the consultant gave me a little make over using the lip liner in question, well what can I say it was like I had instant botox and my lips appeared much fuller and defined from my other features.

        I was instantly impressed and purchased this great stick of instant botox at a much cheaper price than botox itself.


        This lip liner is designed to outline and define the natural line of your lips, choosing the right shade is essential because if you chose a colour that is to dark you will end up looking like coco the clown and it will look very un-natural indeed. I find that taking my lipstick with me when buying it helps so you can get a near perfect match, making the application look very natural without being over powering and obvious looking.

        The pencil it self is similar to a normal drawing pencil, it has a wooden outer casing and the product runs right through the centre of the wood, the nib of the product is protected by a stylish sliver lid.

        As it is a pencil the application could not be easier, this helps you to draw precise lines round the lips and you can even colour in your lips after the lines have been applied, this will help hold your lip stick on for longer and prevent any of the lipstick of gloss bleeding.

        You will almost certainly get a near match to your own lip stick as the Body Shop currently offer a wide range of colours from pale pinks to very dark browns and reds, so you to can have a natural looking make-up application that looks professionally applied.

        The lip liner itself is smooth and very hydrating to your lips as its main ingredient consists of Marula oil, which is a highly effective moisturising agent that conditions the skin making it smooth, supple and instantly soft.


        Many may feel that the Body Shop is very expensive and overpriced compared to other high street brands, as the products do stand at the higher end when price comes into the equation, but the Body Shop are very different to many high street chains and I feel this is why you do pay a little bit more for the products.

        The Body Shop was founded by a lady called Anita Roddick in the early 70's and opened its first shop in Brighton in 1976, since then this company has been a massive success and has many stores world wide.

        The Body Shop is my one stop cosmetic and beauty shop as it takes pride in not testing on animals, all of the ingredients are produced from natural sauces and they also support some major charities such as Aid awareness, support the whales and many other community trade programs.

        When you buy this lip liner you will be helping support one of the community trades as Body Shop give a percentage of the money made to the trade the product is associated with, the lip liner contains Marula Oil so you will be supporting the Eudafano Womens Cooperative in northern Namibia, which is where the Murula oil is produced.


        As I have previously said this liner cones in a wide range of shades including Beech, Clover Pink, Mauve Berry, Chestnut, Mahogany, Mauve, Brown, Pink Brown, Nude and Soft Red.

        I use the pink brown shade as this is the one that bests suits my lip stick shade, to be honest you would not even know I was wearing lip liner, if you saw me in the street as it looks that natural.

        This lip liners retail for 6.50 each from any Body Shop or you can buy them from www.bodyshop.co.uk or Amazon. If you buy online you must remember that you will also need to pay additional postage costs.

        6.50 may seem very expensive but this will last a long while, when your nib on the liner runs low all you need to do is sharpen it using any basic pencil sharpener, It is advised that you soften the nib with a tissue after it has been newly sharpened, this will allow the product to glide on evenly and easily.

        MY OPINION

        This product says that I will help keep on any lip stick for hours, but personally I find that the liner does stay on but the lip sick will wear off when you eat or drink anything, I tend to colour all of my lips and line then with this, so if my lip stick does fade I wont look silly with the liner smudged all around my mouth.

        I only have problems applying this when I have chapped of peeling lips, the liner tends to sit under the cracks and makes the whole application horrendous, if I have chapped lips I exfoliate them with a lip balm or the Body Shop lip scuff prior to applying this liner, this was my lips are nice and smooth before I start.

        This will not prolong your lip sticks staying power as it says it will, but it is small enough to fit in your bag or pocket so reapplying it is no problem, I am not too bothered about my lip sticks staying power but the results it gives me by making my lips look defined and fully are outstanding.

        I will recommend this to anyone who is suffering from similar aging problem to me, but if you want some thing to help hold a lipstick on for longer than this probably is not the product for you.


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          31.10.2008 15:48
          Very helpful



          A natural beauty product .

          A little bit about The Body Shop and what they stand for.

          The Body Shop ,(Founded by Anita Roddick) a name that has become so very well known over the years.
          The first ever Body Shop to open its doors to the public was opened in Brighton UK in 1976.
          By 1982 new Body Shops were opening at the rate of two a month.
          1985 saw the Body Shop enter its first year as a public company.
          Deeply involved with the environment The Body shop company created an Environmental Projects Department of its own,the first major campaign that it ever ran was "Save the Whales"in 1985 working in conjunction with Greenpeace.
          In 1999 The Body Shop Foundation was established,a charity that helps fund Human Rights and Environmental Protection groups.
          "The Big issue" paper for homeless people (Launched in 1991) was at first a Body Shop project.
          The Body Shop have run endless successful campaigns..Against animal testing..The first International cosmetics company to sign up to the Humane cosmetics standard supported by international animal protection groups.
          In 1998 The Body Shop launched a joint Worldwide campaign with Amnesty International to highlight the plight of worldwide Human rights defenders.
          In 2002 a global campaign between Greenpeace and The Body Shop promoted renewable energy.
          But a campaign that must have meant so much to so many was run in the year 2003.."Stop Violence in the home"..to offer help and support to the victims of domestic abuse.

          In 2003 Anita Roddick ,The Body Shop founder was made a Dame of the British Empire.

          Sadly in the September of 2007 aged 64 Anita Roddick the inspirational and tireless crusader died after having a brain hemorrhage.

          The Body Shop Cosmetics.

          The Body Shop offers more than 700 different natural beauty products to it`s customers.
          The products are sent all over the World.
          The Body Shop has a website of it`s own too.
          If you are feeling in a party mood, then maybe you ought to consider holding your very own "Body Shop " party at your home.

          Wearing Lip Liner.

          Many say it is outdated,but I am a lip liner fan.
          Lip liner makes the most of lips,as long as I am careful applying the liner then it will blend in perfectly and will hardly be noticeable. Very flattering as it can unobtrusively make your lips look plumper.

          The Body Shop Lip liner

          A pretty pink pencil with a silver cap,that comes in six different shades:
          Clover pink
          Mauve Berry
          Pink brown

          Retails at around £6 for a 0.04 fl.oz pencil

          Lip Pencil ingredients.

          Marula oil (harvested from the Marula fruit in Africa) helps moisturize the lips.

          Vitamin E an Antioxidant helps condition ,soften and protect the lips.

          Good points about the Body Shop Lip liner.

          The pencil liner is preservative and fragrance free.
          The pencil is made from Forest stewardship council beechwood---a form of beechwood that remains untreated and completely natural.

          Applying the Lip Liner

          I have to hold my hands up here,I am a dab hand at applying Lip Liner,so the process was easy for me.
          Seeing as my normal choice of lipstick color would be a deeper pink ,I chose the Clover pink shade of Lip liner.
          It was easy to apply,and looked as natural as any lip liner can possibly look!
          I really like to just `smudge`the liner a little further back into my lips.I realise it may not be as beauticians would have it ,but it does help create an extremely natural finished effect.
          So The Body shop liner applied and dutifully smudged inwards a bit,I went on to apply my Lipstick.

          8 Hours later.....

          All was well!!! the Lip liner had passed the test,no disastrous feathering or bleeding,just luscious kissable lips (I`m joking now !) .
          The only small criticism that I might have had was that there was no `taste`.
          Just that so many lip liners have a certain `taste` to them,but this one remained tasteless.

          Would I buy it again?

          Most certainly!
          A Lip liner isn't a friend for life,the average pencil doesn't last too long if you use it everyday.
          So my next Lip liner may well be another little jewel from the Body shop!


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