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Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation

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4 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Face Care / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Olay Total Effects

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    4 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 20:03
      Very helpful
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      not for me

      My skin feels tight without its daily addition of moisturiser after my morning shower. When my last pot ran out, I was looking around for something on a good offer when I spied the Olay hint of foundation moisturiser. Rather than the recommended retail price of £16.99, I paid £9 for the 50ml bottle.
      The moisturiser is available in fair or medium in accordance with the foundation scale within the product, so I chose the fair option, as my skin is quite a light shade and I didn't want to look too fake when applying foundation.
      Packaged in a nicely designed bottle with a pump action lid, this bottle fits in well with other Olay products I have bought in the past. I like the fact that you can see the product level through the pot on a line at the side of the bottle. This is very handy to work out when you may run out.
      The moisturiser comes out of the bottle in quite a large dose from one press of the pump action lid. I found after the first couple of times that I only needed perhaps half a squeeze on the pump to gain a good coverage.
      Obviously as this product has got foundation included, then this will leave your hands stained if you apply this way, and you will need to remember to wash your hands afterwards.
      The coverage itself feels like it glides on well, and I am never left with any tell-tale foundation marks around my jaw line. I don't feel however that I get very good coverage in terms of foundation through the day and would need to apply an extra foundation if I was a regular make up wearer, so this wouldn't suit people who like to look made up.
      In terms of being a moisturiser, there is nothing that jumps out at making my skin feel amazing. I do feel like my face isn't dry, but what I didn't like is that my skin reacts quickly to this moisturiser with blocked pores, which is something that doesn't happen often when I use two separate products.
      The moisturiser also boasts 7 anti-ageing points including firming around the eyes, reducing the appearance of spots, and more. Sadly my skin and the product didn't work well together with these claims.
      In terms of price, I think this product is priced well in the market, but its out priced for my skin type and value for money for me.
      If you were to try this moisturiser, then I would suggest it would last around two months with daily use, as you don't need a lot in each application.


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        09.05.2011 18:42



        I loved this product. I previously used the Lancome tinted moisturiser but found this was getting too expensive. When I purchased this in Boots it had £5 off, plus I had one of their £5 off vouchers so only cost me about £11. Unfortuantely it is only available in two colours, medium and fair. I purchased the fair, but it's not that fair and to be honest I'd call this one medium and the medium one dark! The moisturiser was lovely and had the bonus of a factor 15 sunscreen and the foundation just right... it is more like a tinted moisturiser, but this is exactly what I wanted.


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        06.04.2011 11:31
        Very helpful



        I won't buy this one again

        I use Oil of Olay moisturiser every morning and, during the summer, I always use the one with the SPF factor.

        Lately I have heard a lot about the new Total Effects range and, since I am now 56, I thought it was worth investigating.

        The Total Effects range is supposed to provide seven anti ageing benefits as follows:

        It will visibly reduce the effects of line and wrinkles
        The moisturisation will give your skin a healthy glow
        Hydrates will give the skin a firmer appearance
        It will gentle exfoliate to give the skin a smoother look
        It will minimise the appearance of pores
        The anti oxidants will prevent the appearance of premature ageing
        The brightening effects will help to reduce the dullness of the skin

        The claims all sound very good so I went into my local branch of Boots to see what was available.

        The one that I decided to try was the Oil of Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation. I rarely wear makeup but occasionally I need to use a bit of foundation to make my skin look smoother and less blotchy. The idea of a moisturising foundation with what I expected to be a light, natural colour finish was just what I wanted. This one also had an SPF factor of 15 which would offer my skin some protection from any sun we might see.

        This product is currently priced at £13.38 for 50ml at Boots. It is usually £19.39 but there is currently one third off selected Olay products. Boots often have promotions of various kinds on the Olay products so it is worth waiting for the offers to come round so that you can save a bit of money.


        The moisturiser comes in a smart, gold and black box with the details of possible benefits of the product written on it.

        The cream itself comes in a squat, cylindrical beige coloured plastic tub and it has a black nozzle on the top. This is then covered by a protective transparent cap.

        The Moisturiser

        The moisturiser is currently available in two colours being medium and fair. I chose to try the medium one as the information on the Boots website promised 'a touch of Max factor foundation to delicately even out skin tone' and I wanted just a touch of colour to give me a healthy glow.

        I depressed the nozzle and the cream came out very quickly - in fact I actually found it difficult to get just a small amount out at a time. It smells light and fresh and has that distinctive Olay fragrance. It is also nice and creamy more like a moisturiser than a foundation.

        Now for the big BUT .........................

        I expected the colour to be quite light but this is very dark, It is more like a dark foundation than a moisturiser with a 'touch of foundation'.

        My Experience

        I smoothed the moisturiser over my face and whereas my normal Oil of Olay only takes a small amount to do the job this one actually needed to be applied liberally to cover the skin and to feel right if you know what I mean.

        So there I was with my moisturised, orange face.

        Wait a minute - orange?

        Yes, I'm afraid so! My face was orange and the colour was definitely not a 'touch of foundation' in fact it was heavier and darker than the foundation that I would normally use on the rare occasions I wear makeup.

        I got a handful of tissues and set about wiping and blotting most of the cream back off my face until there was hardly any left if I am honest.

        I don't know about the promises of reducing the signs of ageing but for me it certainly did not make my skin look brighter or firmer and I did not have a healthy glow at all! When I first applied it I looked more like a circus clown!

        In Conclusion

        As you may expect I will not be buying this product again and I will be writing to Olay to see if a refund may be forthcoming.

        I am afraid this is an unusual failure from Olay and i won't be recommending this one!


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          18.08.2010 18:05
          Very helpful



          Not a recommended buy

          After getting a rather burnt nose at the beginning of the summer, I set out to find facial protection from the sun that was not too heavy. I always found normal sunscreen designed specifically for the face to be too greasy, making me look shiny and causing breakouts.

          I asked for advice in Boots, and after trying several ordinary foundations with SPF, was finally directed to the Olay Total Effects range, currently reduced to £12.99. Normally £18.99.

          This seemed to tick all of the boxes for me. It is a day moisturiser with a touch of Max Factor foundation, and contains an SPF of 15. As an added bonus, it promised an anti-aging benefit: visibly reducing the appearance of lines; nourishing through moisturisation to provide a healthy glow; hydrating my skin for subtle firming; exfoliating to smooth skin texture; minimising the appearance of pores; fighting signs of aging through the inclusion of anti-oxidants; and brightening skin surface dullness.

          The moisturiser comes in a 50ml cylindrical beige plastic tub which has a black nozzle on top, itself protected by a transparent cap. The tub is short and squat so that it can easily fit into a handbag, and as an extra protection against accidental leaks, the black nozzle includes a small, comma-shaped plug of plastic, which can be inserted and easily removed if you intend to carry the tub around with you.

          The tub arrives in a gold and black box, which advertises the benefits of the cream and looks very smart.

          ~~The moisturiser~~
          The moisturiser is available in two colours; medium and fair. The medium is rather darker than you would normally expect, but is the one that I chose as my face is fairly suntanned at the moment.

          The cream comes out of the wide nozzle surprisingly liberally - it is difficult to just get a little blob on my hand. It looks unexpectedly beige and thick - much more like a foundation than a moisturiser, and I am surprised about the amount of colour density it contains.

          I use quite a lot of cream on the first application, as I want to make good use of the sun protection factor and it spreads very easily across my skin. Initially the cream feels fairly heavy but after about 40 seconds it starts to absorb, but never completely. If I feel that I need a second application, then my skin retains a greasy feel and has an unpleasant shine which never goes away. Even after a couple of hours my skin is still greasy and shiny.

          I always like to check the main ingredients in any cosmetics, and in this case I found Ethylhexyl Salicylate and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, which seem to be the two major ingredients which filter out the UV rays. Next was Niacinamide, part of the vitamin B group, and Dimethicone, a lubricant. The only controversial ingredient appears to be Titanium Dioxide, which is a mineral providing a white pigment, and which several studies have indicated contains a risk of being a carcinogen and photocatalyst. I would not imagine that there is any real risk from a reputable firm such as Olay, but there are many articles and studies on the web which give both sides of the debate.

          When I started to look into the ingredients, I also realised (rather belatedly) that Olay is part of the Proctor & Gamble Group, which has a poor reputation because of their commitment to animal testing. If I had known this before I bought the product, I would have turned it down on these grounds.

          I bought this moisturiser as a sun protection product, rather than a foundation but I have to conclude that it is not right for me on either count. I would not use this to replace my usual foundation; it does not cover blemishes and it is far too greasy on my skin. In terms of the claims about anti-aging, I have not noticed any difference at all. Although my skin is obviously well moisturised and therefore will be hydrated and freer from lines, I can see no evidence of pore minimisation or any of the other claims.

          For sun protection it is slightly more useful. I can apply it to my face without a mirror, confident that the foundation element is not heavy enough to leave smears. I then have factor 15 protection on my face, and my skin looks a little better. I am left wondering if I should have chosen a specific facial sunscreen with a protection factor of 50 rather than 15. I was informed that Olay would be lighter than these products, but I still find it quite greasy.

          In conclusion, I would say that this product fails on three counts; as a moisturiser it is heavy and greasy, leaving my skin much shinier than the Clinique moisturiser I usually use; as a sunscreen it only has an SPF of 15, and I wish that I had chosen a facial sunscreen with an SPF of 50 for greater protection; as a foundation it fails to cover up blemishes and only has a minimal impact on the look of my skin.

          Olay have tried to combine too many things into one product, and in future I will continue to buy foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen separately.


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