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MAC Liquid Eye Liner

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Brand: MAC / Type: Eyeliners / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      03.06.2011 13:04



      A long lasting, high definition eyeliner!

      I was introduced to this eyeliner last year and have used it nearly everyday since! It is a great liquid eyeliner that adds strong definition with a easy apply small felt-tip like brush. I think I prefer felt-tip style brushes rather than normal thin brushes as it glides more easily along the eye.
      One of the strongest advantages about this eyeliner is that it doesn't wear off, or get too dried out. You shouldn't need to reapply it as it will stay on. I used to use Collection 2000 eyeliner (which I would definitely recommend - especially for the price), however, I found that it would crackle up sometimes. For example, the eyeliner would still generally be there, but some of it would wear off and looked a little dried out in some places and I would have to reapply. This is why I prefer the MAC eyeliner as it does not wear off and stays intact.

      I apply a thin line of eyeliner under my bottom lid as well, and I would always have trouble finding an eyeliner that didn't wear off as the bottom lid is more prone to smudging. The MAC Liquid and Fluid Line eyeliners are both bottom lid friendly and do not smudge at all!!

      My only disadvantage is the price, the eyeliner retails at £14 - which is a bit ridiculous for a small eyeliner but saying that, all MAC products are pricey. MAC was originally only used and available to make-up artists, and was eventually made available to the public later on - so the quality and wide range of their make-up is high. I guess you get what your paying for.

      Another (bit cheaper) eye liner I would strongly recommend for the upper eye lid is Chanel's Ligne Extreme Liquid EyeLiner - I think it retails around £9 and is a small brush liquid eyeliner and does a job equally like my MAC ones!


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      17.01.2011 20:32
      Very helpful
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      Good product but not great, but this may vary skin type to skin type!

      After constantly ranting on about all the make-up I wanted to buy, for my birthday my workmate got me some voucher to spend in House Of Fraser! Very excitedly I trotted to the MAC Counter! I wanted some basic products that would be really good quality as I start work at 8am so I really like my make up to hold up throughout the day.

      *My Chat with the Sales Assistant*

      The sales assistant I spoke to was quite shy, which I found odd for a Mac counter. I was very specific in what I needed from my eyeliner, I need to be able to be precise and I need it to last! She recommended a gel liner, but as I am not practised enough in using these I decided to stick with liquid eyeliner. I also feel you have more control of the shapes you can make with a liquid liner.
      Again I stressed how much I need it to stay on as long as possible. I felt that although the girl was really helping her shyness and possibly lack of knowledge on the product I felt stopped her being really confident about what she was selling and therefore I had to mainly make-up my own mind. Which wasn't bad, and the girl was really helpful but I still would have liked more info before I bought the product.

      *First Impressions*

      The packaging like all other MAC products is the sleek all black packaging with only MAC and a small amount of other info on he box and the eyeliner itself.
      When you look at it, really there is nothing that makes it standing out from any other liquid eyeliner except the fact it says MAC on it. Sometimes, I like the effort that other products go to with their packaging as it adds to the special feeling you get when you use it.
      When opened the nib on the eyeliner is good shape and not too thin an not too thick. It's not like a brush, more like the tip of a pen. Which I personally prefer, as some eyeliners have a very thin brush which I find hard to control.

      *Using the Product*

      Overall for someone who wears eyeliner everyday I found this easy to use. The handle is a good shape, not likely to easily slip out of your hand. I also noticed that I seemed to managed to put it on without getting it all over my eyelashes - which then usually smudges all over my eyelids. I'm not sure if this is due to the consistency of the liner or the stem of the brush itself but it as a plus point I noticed.
      I liked that it is very black and not too watery, as with some cheaper liner you sometimes end up wiping off the liner when you try to go back over it. This had good coverage with one coat. It also dried very quickly which means you don't have to sit for a few minutes to avoid it smudging if you look up to quickly or blink. So make sure if you make a mistake you wipe it quickly, or use a damp cotton bud!
      First impressions were good but it had yet to pass the biggest test...a day in the office!

      On this point I would say it did not stand up as good as I hoped it would. I would say less than half way through the day the liner started to fade and slip. I got little smudges at the outer corners of my eyes. Honesty, it done just as well as any other eyeliner I have used (Rimmel, Superdrugs own and various others) so I was quite disappointed at this. But the end of the day my liner was no where near what it had been in the morning. However, in defence of the product I do have oily eyes so this would not have helped the problem. So maybe on someone else it will stand the test of time and a crowded office. (If you would like to see how it faired check out my blog for images, web address is at the bottom of the page!)

      I liked the intensity of the initial colour but was disappointed as to how it lasted! However I still use it everyday, but I do have to top it up if I plan to go anywhere after work or have any meeting in the afternoon.
      If you are new to liquid liner I would recommend trying an less expensive product before spending that bit extra on this, but if you have the money then buy it! As no other liquid liner I have tried (yet) has done any better. I had just hoped for more from MAC.

      *This review also features on my blog where images can be found to accompany it. http://dizzywithwonders.blogspot.com/


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    • Product Details

      MAC Liquid Eye Liner / A liquid liner formula packaged with a unique brush applicator for precision application / Liquid Liner is the perfect product for lining and defining the eyes / Use it to subtly enhance or create bold lines / Because it's ideal for creating graphic designs anywhere on the face and body / don't limit the use of Liquid Liner to the eye area / The firm / tapered tip of the applicator is easy to control and allows for a quick and precise application of the liner / Liquid Liner is long-wearing / smudge-resistant / ophthalmologist tested and can be easily removed with Pro Eye Makeup Remover.

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