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GeLuscious Bootys

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Brand: Geluscious / Beauty Misc / Texture: Gel / What it does: Moisturizes

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2008 12:07
      Very helpful



      The lazy way to perfect feet


      This is Geluscious's story, taken from their website, I have included it in the review as I found it very interesting ' "Originally developed for use in the medical field, GeLusciousTM revolutionary range of gel products was created to provide soothing comfort and relief to patients undergoing care and treatment in Orthotics, Prosthetics, Orthopedics, Wound Care, Burn Care, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. The results were staggering. Time and time again, our gels were clinically proven to encourage healthy tissue growth while healing, lubricating, moisturizing, conditioning, soothing, softening and beautifully improving the look of skin. Given its unprecedented success in treating patients, the idea to extend its nurturing, healing benefits to the salon and spa arena was born. Utilizing exclusive cocktails of vitamin-enriched antioxidants, nourishing vitamins and moisture-rich oils, GeLusciousTM range of patented products combines medical-grade, scientifically proven formulas with the luxurious pampering of a relaxing and rewarding at-home spa experience".

      Geluscious Booty's

      Geluscious Booty's are moisturising booty's made out of terry cloth and a layer of gel designed for use on feet to leave them soft and supple. There are 4 layers and stages to these booty's. The first is a layer of terry cloth with a non skid sole. The second is gel moisturising inner sole. The third is the gel inner sole releasing additives and vitamins and the last stage is your feet left revitalised and moisturised.

      These have been featured in May 2007's Good Housekeeping Magazine in the beauty editors top 5 products.

      Use & Effects

      Geluscious Gloves come in a lovely looking box, which clearly displays the gloves. I would recommend that you keep the gloves in the box inbetween uses, to keep them safe and clean.

      Geluscious Booty's are very much like slipper socks, they aren't big clumpy boots. They are thick padded socks with anti-slip feet on the bottom. The booty's are made out of terry cloth, made of 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane and have a gel coating in the inside, filled with essential oils. The essential oils that these booty's contain are Jojoba Oil, Canola Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Soybean Extract and Vitamin E.

      Jojoba Oil is great for healing the skin. It is light, non-greasy and absorbs fast into skin, it is highly moisturising and nourishing and helps Vitamin E to penetrate deeply into the skin, this prevents cellular damage and eliminates visible signs of aging, so is good to start using whilst young. Canola Oil is more commonly know as Rapeseed Oil. It has softening properties to your skin and is high in Vitamin E. Grapeseed Oil is a carrier oil, with moisturising properties, it ensures that the other oils are pushed deep into your skin. Soybean Extract is another light oil that is easily absorbed. It is actually proven to reduce the appearance of hair. Soybean Extract also contains high amount of Vitamin E. So, Vitamin E is the main product in this, as all the oils contain it. Vitamin E has great healing and soothing properties. It is great for irritation and soothes whilst moisturising and hydrating your skin. Vitamin E also has anti-ageing properties in and helps to prevent cellular damage and maintains the elasticity and collagen production in your skin which helps to reduce visible signs of ageing.

      Geluscious Booty's are available in pink and blue. So whether you are a girlie girl, or not so much, there is a colour to suit you. Both come in nice shades. The pink isn't a ghastly shade, its a subtle dark baby pink colour and the blue is a lovely baby blue, still providing a girlie feel. The booty's come in one size that fits all. They adapt to the size of your feet. If you have small feet they will vacuum around your feet and if you have larger feet they will stretch to accomodate your feet. I am a size 5 and they fit me perfectly and my boyfriend is a size 10, the same booty's also fit him and they don't remain stretched from him feet being in them, they go back to the original size at all times. These booty's are also suitable for males as well as females, so the blue and the fact that they stretch to fit your feet is perfect for them.

      These are a brilliant present or treat for yourself, especially for people who neglect their feet and don't have time exfoliate, moisturise etc. They are so quick and easy to use. Just slip them on and leave them to work. It is recommended to wear these for at least 20-30 minutes at a time. You can wear them around the house when doing jobs, the cooking or even sitting watching the television, you don't have to take any extra time out to use these. They are even useful to take to wear on a flight, as your always bored on a flight and your skin always dries up on a flight. The best time to wear these is when you're in bed so they can work overnight. There is no maximum time you can wear these for, as long as you wear them for at least 20-30 minutes. These are the laziest way to have presentable feet. I would recommend that you use these 3 times a week or as much as you can. If you have a big do to go to, these are great if you don't have time to have a pedicure done, they will leave your feet looking as if they have and your skin will be as soft as a babys bottom. For a more intensive treatment, you can rub some cream into your feet first, and you can apply any other foot treatments then slide your feet into these booty's. You can even apply a mask to your feet, but make sure you wrap your mask covered feet up firmly with clingfilm, to keep the heat in so the product works better and to prevent the mask getting onto your booty's. If creams get onto the booty's that is okay, but masks can stain if they are mud style ones. If you do have quite dirty feet, I would recommend washing them before you pop them in the booty's so they don't pick up the dirt.

      When I first put my feet in these, I didn't expect that much in results. I though that they would be really greasy and you'd only be able to wear them once. When your feet are in the booty's, you can't feel the oil, they aren't slippy or wet in texture. The gel is slightly moist and with the pressure from your feet on the gel, it slowly releases the essential oils, just the right amount you need. These booty's are soft and comfortable and just feel like you are wearing a pair of comfortable slippers, you won't even notice you are wearing them. They do not affect the temperature of your feet. They won't make them hot and clammy, as the gel with soothe them and prevent any swelling due to heat but if you suffer from cold feet, they won't make them much warmer, only slightly, so if you have really cold feet, you might want to put a pair of ordinary socks over the top, there will be no problem with them fitting. I suffer from ecezma, including on my feet and I also suffer from really bad dry, hard skin and blisters on my feet and these are a godsend for those conditions. These are soothing to my ecezma and don't irritate it in any way nor does it irritate the blisters. It soothes and helps to improve these conditions. It is not recommended that you use these on open wounds or cuts, but I think it is okay to, I have before with no problems, they don't sting.

      When your feet have been in these for the recommended time, you just slide them off nice and easily. You don't have to wash your feet as they aren't left greasy. The essential oils will have absorbed perfectly into your skin. It really sucks it in. Your feet won't feel as if they have anything on but they will be so unbelievably wonderful and soft. The hard skin on the bottoms of my feet had virtually dissappeared and the blisters were much better in appearance. These smoothed any dry and hard flakey bits and generally improved the appearance of my feet. They appeared healthy and radiant and I just can't get over how soft they were, they were just like a baby's bottom - it was fantastic. These results last too, they will last for several days, but you need to try and regularly use them for optimum results and to keep your perfect feet up. After just several uses of these, my feet looked perfect, well as perfect as they could. I had no hard skin at all, my feet looked amazing!

      Last year, I had a spur removed from the back of my ankle, it was quite a difficult operation and as a result I suffered some rather bad scarring. I wore these as the scar began to heal and they have been fantastic, they have really helped to heal the scarring and have improved the appearance of it. The scar is less angry and is not thick and lumpy like it was before.

      My mum is the worst person for looking after herself, she usually coats her feet in lanolin oil and then puts some socks on before bed. This does soften her feet, but she is left with bits of socks on her feet and they are very slippy so she can't move around, she has to stay in that position. I brought her a pair of these for her birthday and she thinks they are fantastic, no more lanolin socks, she only uses these. She won't look after herself and always says she doesn't have time but she always manages to wear these several times a week. I have brought these for so many people and they love them, they always ask where I got them from as they want to get them for someone. They truely are fantastic.

      For optimum benefits, you can get 40 wears out of these, I have had more, but the quality has gone down slightly but they still work, I just have to now wear them a little longer. It is recommended that you purchase a new pair after 40 wears. Inbetween wearing them, if you need to, you can wash them. To do this, handwash with mild soap and then hang to drip dry, do not tumble dry or put in the washing machine. I would only recommend washing when necessary though, so you don't ruin them.

      Price & Availability

      Geluscious Booty's can be purchased for £21.95 RRP. They can be purchased from most salons who stock Jessica Nails products (they come from the same supplier). They can also be purchased for slightly cheaper from www.gelbootys.co.uk for £19.54 but you will have to pay postage on that, so you're not really saving much. There aren't really any other websites that stock this, so it can be a little tricky to get hold of. Geluscious also do these in mitts for the hands, but I will review that seperately.


      These are perfect for people who don't have time to look after their feet but still want them to look presentable, they are the perfect lazy way to gorgeous feet. They leave your skin as soft as a baby's bottom and revitalised. I would definately recommend these, I wouldn't be without mine.


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      GeLuscious Bootys / Turquoise are the future of moisturising! These innovative booty's are almost magically moisturising, and are made using gorgeous terry material for ultimate comfort and ease of use / '

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