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Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Makeup / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Smoothes, / Gender: Ladies Cosmetics

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    6 Reviews
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      01.04.2013 22:30
      Very helpful



      A fun, silky lip gloss

      I have long had an obsession with buying expensive make-up when I have to buy some but as I rarely wear it, at least it doesn't cost me too much! My favourite time to buy them is when there is a free gift set at the same time. In one of those sets, I received one of these lip smoothies in Strawberry Bliss (16) and I have recently bought a new one as I liked it so much.

      ---About the product:
      The Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie is a lip colour that contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are designed to help keep your lips looking and feeling healthy. It comes in a cardboard box that uses the standard green packaging for Clinique which contains all the information about the product. Inside you get a grey coloured tube with a silver lid and a rim of colour around the bottom which matches the colour of the smoothie. On the side of the tube is the name and 'made in' details written in silver to match the lid. When the lid is taken off, there is a short lip brush as part of the product.

      ---Using the product:
      The product works by turning the bottom end to release the colour into the brush. It is suggested on the pack that two twists is sufficient for a basic coverage but if you want more colour you can add more twists. The first time you use the product, you have to twist the base several times to get the colour to go into the brush. The colour goes on quite evenly using the brush and gives a good thick coverage. It has a slightly sticky feel which is compounded by the fact that if you get your hair onto it, it will stick there! The coverage is good and has a rich feel to it. It feels really soft on your lips and keeps them feeling smooth. The colour and the feeling last on me for between 1-2 hours with standard use during that time. It therefore feels a bit more like a lip gloss than a lipstick.

      ---My thoughts:
      I really like this product. I think the twist system is really useful as it allows you to have good control over the amount of colour you want to use each time and you can therefore change the appearance of the colour each time. It is not too heavy on the lips and gives a nice sheen to the lips. The obvious issue is the length of durability as this needs reapplying regularly if you want to maintain the appearance of it. However, as the other benefits of this product are the softness and smoothness of the lips, as well as the vitamin C and antioxidants, it is just a different use of the product. I don't often wear heavy make-up and so this is a brilliant addition to my collection. The only other downside is that as the tube is opaque, there is no visible way of knowing how much of the product is left. This is a small inconvenience though, and I can certainly live with it. The other thing I like with this product is obviously the built in lip brush. This means I don't need to find one and keep cleaning it, and there is always one handy. It also allows you to get a good even coverage on the lips.

      ---And finally:
      The price of this product is around £15 and is therefore quite expensive for a lip gloss but for a fun fashionable product, this is a winner. There are several different colours available but this was the only one that suited my pale freckled skin which is always good to find. The different colours seem to be suitable for a wide variety of skin colours and preferences and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a splash of colour without needing a long-lasting appeal.


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      07.01.2012 19:50
      Very helpful



      A good lip gloss, although I'm not sure it's worth the money

      I got this lip gloss free from my local Debenhams store as part of a Clinique 'Bonus Time' promotion when I was buying some skincare bits and pieces. I was very happy to receive this product, as I'd heard good things about it but wouldn't usually pay £14 for a lip gloss.

      The gloss comes in a pen-style tube with a lid that unscrews to reveal a brush applicator. The lip gloss is very simple to apply: you simply twist the end of the tube to load gloss onto the brush and then paint it onto your lips. However, one problem I noticed with this type of packaging is that sometimes I'll notice that additional product has leaked through to the brush-tip whilst I've been applying my lip gloss, which is then wasted as it gets stuck inside the lid.

      What I really like about this product is the consistency of the lip gloss. Although the Clinique website describes it as providing 'sheer to moderate' coverage, it has a pretty thick texture. Because of this, a little goes a long way and my lips are given a strong sheen of colour which sticks around for a good few hours. It gives lips a healthy, glossy finish and mine (Strawberry Bliss) has a pleasant dark pink colour with very small gold-ish glimmering particles. Although it's thicker than many lip glosses, the colour is more subtle than that of a lipstick and I'd say it's ideal for both day and evening use.

      I also like that this product contains Vitamin C and Antioxidants (the full product name is Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour - bit of a mouthful!) so hopefully it's doing my lips some good. It contains moisturising ingredients and although I wouldn't substitute it entirely for a lip balm I do feel that it offers my lips some protection during the winter months.

      At £14 for a 1.5ml tube, it's not cheap (that's a whopping £93.33 per 100ml!), although its long-lasting credentials probably make it better value for money than some of its cheaper rivals. Some reviewers on the Clinique website state that their lip glosses ran out very quickly but mine has lasted me a good few months so far with regular usage. Nonetheless, I'm not sure that I'd pay £14 for a lip gloss so when mine runs out I think I'll be watching out for it being given away as a freebie rather than rushing out to buy it! I'd prefer to give it about a 3.7 out of 5, as I think it should definitely be made a bit cheaper, but obviously I've had to round it up to 4 out of 5.


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        01.08.2011 07:53
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A decent gloss but horrible tube and wont be replacing my juicy tubes

        I love my Lancôme juicy tubes but I do like to try other glosses to see if they can perhaps match up or even better them. So far I have yet to find one that is quite as good and the Clinique vitamin C lip smoothie is no different.
        The range of colours on offer with the lip smoothie is quite good but not as extensive as with some brands and like most glosses they tend to be in the pinks and berry family.

        The one I got was berry boost and it was a lovely colour if slightly subtle for my liking. What makes the lip smoothies different to most other glosses is that instead of coming in a squeezable tube they come in one that has a brush applicator.
        I was all for this originally as I thought that it would be easier and mean that I could apply my gloss more accurately.

        I did like the brush but I found that after only a few applications it started to clog and get messy and I found myself just missing the ease of squeezing a tube to my lips.
        The gloss itself is lovely and is nice and sheer and shiny but with the brush I didn't feel like I was getting enough of a coat on my lips.

        Longevity was reasonably good with the lip smoothie in that I could apply it and it would stay put for a couple of hours before I felt that I needed to apply another coating of it.
        One thing that I did notice about this gloss compared to others is that it left my lips in great condition when I would remove my make-up at the end of the day. My lips looked and felt plump and hydrated and there was no dryness whatsoever.

        The thing that disappointed me most with the lip smoothie was just how little gloss you actually get for your money. A tube costs £13.50 and I found that my tube had run out of gloss in a little over a week. Admittedly I was using it every day but all the other glosses in this price range have lasted me for longer.

        If this had been a cheap gloss from boots then I would have been thrilled with it but as it was an expensive one from Clinique I was left feeling disappointed with it. I liked the colour and consistency of the gloss but the awkward brush and the fact that it lasted me for such a little amount of time means that I don't plan on buying it ever again.


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          30.07.2011 11:13
          Very helpful
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          A lip gloss which is enriched with Vitamin C and antioxidants to condition and protect your lips

          I have been largely unimpressed by many of Clinique's products over the years but one thing that continues to impress me, is the quality of their lip products. They usually live up to all of their promises, give long lasting results and are of a high quality so when I bought the Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour (I know, what a mouthful!) I naturally had rather high hopes.

          What does the product do?
          The product promises to grant the three lip wishes of all us lovely ladies. It promises to smother our lips with a beautiful colour, hydrate them with an intense moisture and to coat them with a shiny gloss. Not only all that, but it promises to nourish our lips with vitamins and to protect them with antioxidants.

          Available Shades
          There are a nice variety of shades to choose from, each one with a fantastically delicious name. For the chocolate lovers there is Running Latte and to keep the purple princesses happy, there is Pomegreatness, Absolute Acai and Berry Boost. For the rebellious reds there is Guava Good and those who prefer to be pretty in pink can choose between Fig-a-licious or the one that I own, Pink me up. And that's just to name a few.

          How does the product work?
          The product nourishes the lips with Vitamin C. This vitamin also strengthens the skin on the lips and promotes the production of collagen meaning that your lips should become fuller and plumper. The antioxidants within the product help to fight against the free radicals which are lurking in our lips due to exposure to the sun and pollutants in the air. Their presence means that our lips won't age prematurely and that they will look younger for longer.

          How do you use the product?
          The product does not come in the usual packaging that you would expect from a lip gloss and so you use it a little differently. The gloss comes in the form of a pen and you twist the end until it clicks which means the product has been released.

          At the other side is a brush onto which the gloss is automatically dispensed when you click the pen and then you paint the product onto the lips. It can be used alone, over lip stick or over a balm and it can be applied as many times as you wish during the day.

          Packaging and price
          The product looks a little bit like a silver version of YSL's Touch Eclat. The pen has a silver lid and a band of colour around the base of the product to represent the shade you have bought. When you remove the metallic silver lid, you will see the smooth brush that is used to apply the product. The base of the pen twists in order to release the product.

          The product is not very cheap but it is on par with the price of the lip glosses in a similar brand category. For each lovely shade that you buy, it will cost you around £14 for 1.5ml of the product which seems like a teeny tiny amount but the product is long lasting as you only use a little bit each time. The product can be bought from all department stores which have a Clinique counter and from online websites. I bought mine from the airport for a pre holiday treat!

          Extra Thoughts
          One of my favourite things about this product is that the colour coverage is almost sheer. I don't like wearing block colours on my lips as I don't feel that I can pull off the look so I was delighted when I tested this product to see that it gives a lick of colour without being too over powering. Through Pink me up, you can still see my lips but there is also a lovely splash of pink created by the gloss.

          The gloss itself is fairly thick and although it not the stickiest of glosses that I have tried, all products of this type with come with a certain tackiness. It isn't usually a problem but when outdoors, strands of my hair can stick to my lips which can be frustrating. This is a universal problem with glosses however.

          I love the packaging for this product. It looks expensive and it is fun to use. The brush is super soft on the lips and makes precise application easy. The click mechanism never dispenses too much gloss for my liking so there is no wastage or too much gloss being brushed onto my lips.

          I was a little disappointed to find that this gloss doesn't really have a scent. As most of the glosses have been named after types of fruit, I was expecting a sweet and sugary delight when I breathed in but there isn't really anything there. On the upside, there is no offensive smell either. To add to this, there is no taste to the product either which I was also disappointed about but then again this does stop me from licking the product off again.

          The product is fairly long lasting on my lips and I find reapplication is only really necessary after drinking and eating. The colour looks beautiful, the amount of shine is just right and the gloss doesn't irritate or dry out my lips at all. When the product has been removed, my lips still look moisturised so it seems to work like a balm on my lips and they seem to be in a better condition than before I applied the product.

          All in all, this is a gorgeous product for those who like a splash of colour in their gloss. It looks after the lips and leaves them in a better condition and is a long lasting product. There are enough shades available to keep everyone happy and I am excited about trying another one. It's a pity that there is no fruity fragrance or taste but then this will be an advantage to some people. This is a great product if you fancy splashing out on a lip gloss.


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            09.04.2011 22:44
            Very helpful



            A great innovative lip gloss from Clinique

            I got the Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in a Clinique set along with a number of other make up items that came with it. I do not know if I would have bought this item individually as I tend to go for a particular lip gloss that I have been buying for a few years now, but I was not going to let this go to waste.

            This item came in a set so there was no individual packaging for the lip gloss. The gloss itself is a pen like shape with dimensions of approximately 12cm x 1cm. There is a lid which protects the lip gloss applicator and on the opposite end the top of the tube turns enabling the lip gloss to be pushed out onto the applicator brush. I like these slow release make up items, it is a great way of controlling how much of the product is released as well as being able to get every last bit of lip gloss out of the tube, which when you are paying Clinique prices I definitely want my monies worth.

            The lip gloss itself is in a plain silver tube, with Clinique written on, the product name and on the rotating end there is a band of colour which identified the lip gloss colour inside. It is a plain, simple and classy looking item. The applicator is a brush that fills with the lip smoothie when you turn the top end; it is a nice thick wad of hairs that gives very good coverage of the lip area as well as an even coating. It is supportive enough to remove excess residue as well, which I find an annoyance on some lip glosses and does not leave surplus amounts on the outer edges of the lips.

            The Clinique C lip Smoothie colour I had in this set was called 'Running Latte', which is a beige/brown and bronze tone of lip colour, again this is not a shade I would have chosen first off, but it is a nice informal colour to wear around the office. They have a great choice of shades in this product and I would personally go for something with a bit more colour and vibrancy.

            Available colours include;

            Raisin The Bar


            Pink Me Up

            Blackberry Nirvana


            Strawberry Bliss

            The texture of the lip smoothie is thick and rich and it definitely feels moisturising which is one of the key selling points for this lip gloss, having both Vitamin C and antioxidants in the ingredients list. You can certainly feel that the lip smoothie is doing some good to your lips and I found that it stopped any flaking or cracking on my lips, for this reason it is especially good for use in the winter months when the lips suffer from external factors. The gloss element of this lip smoothie is quite subtle and I have to say it is not the most shimmery product I have used, but this may just be the shade I have. The application and result are almost like a lipstick due to its thickness. I would say one application of the lip smoothie can give full results for about two hours. I tend to reapply my glosses every half hour to an hour out of habit, but the Clinique gloss does seem to have good staying power from my experience, which is a major plus for buying this.

            Being a thick and rich product one annoyance with this lip gloss is that it is rather sticky and I find my hair is constantly getting stuck to my lips, which is quite aggravating. This happens with most lip glosses on occasion of course but it is more noticeable with this lip gloss. You also cannot see how much of the product is left in the tube which isn't good for forward buying, but I so think the turning of the top seems to get tougher the closer to the end of the product you are.

            The Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie is available from all Clinique counters in department stores for a very reasonable price tag from Clinique £13.50, for this you get 1.5ml of lip gloss which is quite long lasting and as such good value for money, I would definitely purchase this product again but as stated not in this colour!


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              03.08.2010 21:51
              Very helpful



              A two in one lipstick coverage and lipgloss shine

              Clinique's Lip Smoothies formally known as Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour (a bit of a mouthful!)

              ***What are lip smoothies?***

              These are a newer form of lip gloss. They have the shine of a gloss but the coverage of a lipstick... so the best of both worlds! They are in a fantastic pen applicator similar to Clinique's airbrush concealer. It has a brush tip at the top and a part at the bottom of the applicator which you turn to allow the product to come into the brush tip. I love this type of application because it is so much easier and less messy than having a lipgloss with a wand inside of it.

              ***What ingredients are contained in the lip smoothies***

              Vitamin C is a key ingredient in the lip smoothie as well as many other antioxidants to protect the lips from environmental damage. I think this is a great plus to this Clinique product since it can help to protect your lips from harsh weather conditions in the winter preventing your lips from chapping.

              ***How I heard about these***

              These came out this time last year (in August 2009). I was so excited when I saw these advertised in magazines (the photo I have included shows the advertisement). The advertisement includes fruit and actual smoothies alongside the lip smoothies. This made me think that perhaps the lip smoothies either tasted or smelt of fruit...but sadly they don't. But I should have known better with Clinique being 100% fragrance free.

              ***What I thought when I saw them in store***

              There were six colours at the time which consisted of:

              * Pink me up - (light baby pink)
              * Berry boast (pinky purple)
              * Rhubarbie (pale pink)
              * Peach power (pinky peach)
              * Goodness Grapecious (dark purple)
              * Nude-Tricious (light nude shimmer)

              I first of all noticed when reading the colours that Clinique were trying to be more inventive with their names. It reminded me slightly of Benefit makeup colours.

              My favourite out of these six which I bought was Goodness Grapecious. I prefer darker lip colours and it was such a beautiful purple that I instantly purchased it. But silly me... I didn't ask the Clinique consultant to try it on me... which leads to my disappointments with this product.


              It is an incredibly sticky lip product. I have never tried a gloss that has ever been so sticky. This has really put me off the product because I hate that sticky feeling and it feels really heavy on the lips. It is a real shame because the applicator and colours are so nice. However I begrudgingly used it up.

              Now Clinique has just brought out six more new colours in the lip smoothie which I have just recently seen advertised. The colours consist of:

              * Black Nirvana (deep red/ purple)
              * Guava Good (orange)
              * Pear Perfection (nude/orange)
              * Strawberry fudge (pink/purple)
              * Pomegreatness (similar colour to the fruit pomegranate)
              * Running Late (brown)

              I absolutely love the colour Pear Perfection, it is hard to find a lip shade which is nude but still has a slight shimmer of another colour in it. By this I mean it looks nude but in certain lights it catches a shimmery nude/orange colour. I would definitely go into Clinique and buy this shade if they were no longer sticky. But unfortunately it has put me off them so much that I won't be buying another.

              ***Retail price***

              £13.50 for a 1.5ml (this does last quite a long time) but you cannot see into the applicator to see how much you have left which is rather annoying.

              ***My opinion***

              For anybody who does not mind a sticky lip-gloss feeling then these are perfect. I suppose I have to be fair to the product though and say some other positive points about the product. The lip smoothies do give a great coverage as well as shine at the same time and they are quite moisturising and long lasting.

              So for these positive points as well as my one major negative point this is how I would score the Lip Smoothie out of 5 stars:

              1 star for coverage and shine

              1 star for colours and antioxidant ingredients

              1 star for price and applicator

              = Giving 3 stars

              I am deducting 2 stars from 5 stars because of the stickiness because it really is such a let down to the product! However I commend Clinique for coming up with a truly unique product!


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            • Product Details

              Vitamin C Lip Smoothie. We've squeezed in the best ingredients, like Vitamin C, and powered up antioxidants so lips look and feel their healthy best. Your recommended daily dose of lusciousness. Brushes on luscious colour and shine in juicy, moisture-rich blends.

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