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Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Body Spray

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Body Care / Subcategory: Body Spray / Suitable for: Body / Type: Anti-Blemish / What it does: blemish control

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    6 Reviews
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      31.05.2011 08:56
      Very helpful



      Clear smooth blemish free skin ...a bottled miracle by Clinique

      I have always considered myself to be very fortunate when it comes to blemishes and spots; at worst I may get one or two small ones but generally my skin has always been clear. To my horror, the months after giving birth to my sons I started to notice spots on my back. This was only around 2 or 3 at a time but these were looking very red and made me feel very self-conscious. I've always been a beauty junkie as are my friends so I was lucky enough that I could be pointed in the direction of a product that would help with this; Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray.

      *** Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray***
      The Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray is part of the "Anti Blemish" range by Clinique. Specifically it is an oil free formula that helps reduce redness and clear blemishes on the body. This includes the back, chest and shoulders.

      The Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray is available at Clinique counters in department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser and also Boots. It is also available online from www.feelunique.co.uk.

      If you shop around you will be able to save some money however when I purchased this product from Boots it was £13.00 for a 100ml spray bottle.

      The Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray comes in a small circular spray bottle. This is a light blue bottle with a white pump spray lid, and a clear blue lid to go over the pump spray. You do need to push this lid on tightly as I have found it comes off easily. It is a nice compact bottle which fits into a toiletries bag easily so can easily be taken with you if you are travelling.

      The directions for use are to use daily after bathing or showing. Once skin is dry you spray the product onto the area that you want to treat. I was using this solely on my back therefore was probably using at most 4 sprays of this product. One on each shoulder and one on each side of my back just under my shoulder blades. This was very easy to do as the spray functions perfectly upside down, even when the bottle has very little product left in it.

      The spray when applied to the skin just feels very wet. It is not oily or greasy feeling and just like water has been sprayed on your back. It does dry very quickly and within 2 minutes it has completely dried so you are able to get dressed. There is no residue left on the skin once the product has dried. The only issue I did have when applying was the scent. This is quite a strong medicated scent very much like antiseptic. This does fade however I was slightly conscious that after showering my skin now had this medicated scent to it. After asking my friends to test this claim this scent can only be detected by others if they actually are up close to your skin and sniff it and cannot smell it if they are just standing next to you!

      There were no real immediate effects after using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray. After applying the spray felt cool and very soothing on the four red spots on my back but at this point I did not notice a real difference. However after only 2 days of using this (2 applications) I did feel that the spots were looking less red and angry but did still have a raised appearance. Over the next week using daily I could notice these spots disappearing and getting smaller (and feeling like they were drying out). After a week of using this product daily the spots were completely gone and the skin where they previously were was looking clear.

      I carried on using the product after showing daily. After using for a month the skin on my back was feeling and looking very smooth and soft and it was completely clear from blemishes and no new breakouts of spots had occurred.

      After just over a months' worth of use spraying liberally the spray was empty. I did not continue using the product and suffered no new breakouts since.

      In my case I feel a large factor in the cause of the blemishes was a change in hormone levels so I am unsure as a preventative measure how effective this product is, although after using this product for a month no new breakouts of spots or blemishes occurred which I do feel is impressive.

      However as a treatment I think the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray was brilliant and I would definitely rate this product. Within 2 days of using this spray all four of the very red, large angry spots on my back had lost their redness and they were looking smaller. Within a week they all had gone completely and the skin on my back was looking smooth and clear and there was no sign that the spots had every existed.

      The price tag may be off putting to some because at £13.00 it does appear expensive, but this is a very effective product and actually lives up to its claims. Top marks for a top product!


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      13.07.2009 19:43
      Very helpful



      The solution to a blemish free life!

      I'm a Blemished Encrusted Monster!!!

      For as long as I can remember I've suffered with blemish prone skin, particularly on my back and more recently on my chest. I always thought my skin would grow out of these unattractive red blotches and one day I'd reach maturity and would have perfect soft, gorgeous blemish free skin. But alas I'm 27 and my skin is still as spot prone as when I was17!

      Anyone who suffers with blemishes will know how soul destroying it can be. I avoid wearing vest tops and spend ages trawling the shops for suitable clothes that cover my back but still look sexy and stylish for a night out. I'd become incredibly self-conscious and lacked personal confidence. I'm not sure why I've let my blemishes ruin my life for so long before taking action but maybe it was because I didn't believe there was a solution. I tried various spot creams but nothing really helped and some even made my blemishes worse, causing them to flare up and look even redder and nastier. So I became resigned to the fact I had blemish prone skin and instead concentrated on wearing clothes that hid my unsightly back.

      A Solution???

      But recently I was in Boots and browsing the Clinique counter. I love Clinique make-up and was just nosying at what other products they offer. The "Anti-Blemish" range instantly caught my eye and in particular the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray. The assistant noticed by perusal of this product and approached me, and so followed a discussion about happy customers who highly rated the body spray and were impressed with the results. Still somewhat dubious and with the distinct feeling I'd just fallen for a well-rehearsed sales pitch I bought it! Costing £12.72 for a 100ml spray I was hoping I hadn't wasted my money.

      Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray professes to be an oil-free formula that helps clear and prevent blemish breakouts everywhere (back, chest, shoulders) as well as reducing the look of redness. For me, it sounded a miracle cure!

      How do I use it???

      I use this product once a day after showering. Applying it is easy because of the 360 degree spray action which even works upside down. This makes it possible to spray the product evenly over my back myself, rather than needing someone else to do it for me. I spray 4-5 times to ensure a generous covering over the top half of my back, 1 spray on each shoulder and 2 sprays across my chest.

      There is a very, very slight clinical smell to the spray, typical of medicated spot products. But it is barely noticeable and isn't long lasting. The spray feels cold and wet when it first hits the skin, like a fine mist of water but within a couple of minutes it dries. Once dried it feels slightly tacky to touch, but I notice like the smell, this soon fades and you can't tell you have the solution on. I get dressed within 5 minutes of applying it and this is fine as it doesn't stain.

      So is it Bye Bye Blemish Encrusted Monster???

      YES IT IS!!! Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray has done what it promised and cleared by blemish prone skin!!! It is a miracle!

      I have been using it once a day for 3 weeks now and almost straight away noticed the improvement it had on my skin. Existing blemishes appeared noticeably less red and within a few days they had disappeared altogether and I have had no new breakouts. For the first time in as long as I can remember my back is spot and pimple free. My skin feels soft and looks radiant and I am glowing with body confidence! This product has led me to feel self-assured and proud of my skin and I feel able to wear the tops I've always wanted to with poise.

      I can't recommend it enough to anyone who suffers blemishes. Clinique has excelled and created a gem of a product and the £12.72 price tag now seems like a bargain! I'll be buying this item time and time again - and adding it to my list of things I want from Santa!


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        24.04.2009 09:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Clinique Anti-Blemish Spray

        Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Body Spray

        Clinique is one of the world's largest suppliers of prestige makeup and fragrance products. It was launched by Estee Lauder Companies in August 1968. I have always viewed Clinique as an upmarket product and one that is known to have a very good reputation. It is more expensive than other makeup and skin care ranges but I always hear good things about it and that it actually works so sometimes it is worth paying more for something that produces results.

        I was actually prompted to try this anti-blemish spray after reading a review here on Dooyoo. Unfortunately I get a few spots now and again on my chest and back which are not that nice and quite unsightly so I am always on the lookout for products that will get rid of them. The review I read had helped the person with their spots so I decided to try it and also the fact that Clinique is such a good name, I was hopeful that it would work.

        After reading their website I was more hopeful too. Apparently their anti blemish solution formulas are based on the experience of Clinique's guiding dermatologists. They have consulted doctros who have treated thousands of patients and given Clinique their unique insight into the causes of blemishes. Clinique say that it's not just how your skin looks and feels, but how you feel about your skin.

        I bought the spray from their website and 100ml cost me £12.72. You can buy their products in Boots and department stores too. The spray comes in a bottle and has a spray cap feature at the top. Clinique describe it as, "an oil free spray formulated specifically to treat hard-to-reach areas. Helps clear and prevent breakouts. Unclogs pores, controls oil, visibly reduces redness, non, staining.

        The spray is very easy to use. They recommend that you use it after cleansing skin so I always put it on after having a shower. I use it once a day but they do say that you can gradually increase use to two or three times a day if needed. I don't feel like I need to sue it that much. You spray it onto the affected area and then leave it to dry. It dries in a minute or so, it's quite quick. What's great is that the spray mechanism enables you to use it up-side-down so you spray it onto your back, behind your back and reach all the areas that you want to.

        The spray probably has a little bit of a chemical smell but it's not very strong at all and it disappears pretty much as soon as you have applied it. Once the liquid is dry you can feel it on your skin. It makes my chest feel a little bit clammy or sticky but after an hour or so this feeling disappears too and saying that it's not so bad, it's doesn't make your skin greasy or anything like that.

        Well, the result is so far so good. I have definitely noticed a marked difference in the appearance of my skin and am hardly getting any breakouts at all. I am extremely pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it and continue to use it.


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          03.03.2009 20:43
          Very helpful



          A great spray to banish blemishes on the back, chest and shoulder area.

          Clinique are a well known brand for make up, perfume and other skin care products. Their items are quite pricey and are a lot more expensive than standard make up made by Maybelline or makes such as Rimmel, etc. You will find Clinique skin-care counters in Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams store. There is normally always an advisor to help you with products and recommendations. (These are the people who normally wear huge amounts of make up, no offence or anything, but the people who work behind these counters are very easily spotted due to the amount of products they use!)

          I am one of those unfortunate people who suffer from an oily back and get a spot here and there on my back which makes me really cringe. I can't bear to wear backless or low back tops because I feel really embarrassed. I read a review about this product and it sounded good, I was willing to try out this product. I have never seen any other products like this and thought I may as well give it a go, especially as it may help prevent spots appearing on my back, then maybe I might actually be able to wear those gorgeous summer tops.

          This is a convenient spray formula which is oil free and helps to prevent breakouts on the back, chest and shoulders. This spray helps control oil and reduces the look of redness. The Convenient 360 degree spray even works upside down for easy application.

          This bottle comes in 100ml and cost me £12.72, which I purchased from boots. I would think prices would be roughly the same where-ever you get this product from. The bottle comes in a posh green box with silver embossed writing on the front. On the back of the box it lists what the spray is for and how to use the spray.

          When taking the bottle out of the box, it is a light green colour with a plastic lid. There is silver writing on the bottle and again tells you how to use the product.

          ***DIRECTIONS FOR USE***
          Cleanse skin thoroughly and start using once a day. Spray product over affected area and gradually increase to using product twice a day if needed. If any dryness occurs, reduce usage.

          ***USING THE SPRAY***
          You can't actually smell what the spray is like until you actually use the product. This product is very easy to spray over the chest, shoulders and back area. The spray works very well upside down and is great to spray the back area, if you can't quite reach. I managed to spray a nice amount over my back, shoulders and chest area. I wouldn't say the smell is pleasant. The smell reminds me a bit like witch hazel, or medicated solutions. This must be from the ingredients they have used in this product as it is 100% fragrance free. The spray is cold when it first goes on, but doesn't take long to dry.

          This spray does not stain so you can get dressed straight after, but I thought I would let it dry just to be sure. It only takes a few seconds to dry. My skin feels slightly tacky/sticky, but I wouldn't say this was unpleasant at all. I certainly didn't feel like I needed a bath or shower again anyway!!

          I have been using this spray for about 4 weeks now and it does really work. I haven't had ANY blemishes or spots appear on my back since I have been using this product. After using it once a day for about 4 weeks, there is still a bit left in the bottle which I think will probably last another 2 weeks at least.

          The entire Anti-Blemish Solutions Range is based on the experience of Clinique's guiding dermatologists. Their insight from treating of thousands of patients has given them a unique understanding of the causes of blemishes and the solutions that make a difference. Not just in how skin looks and feels, but in how you feel about your skin.

          Clinique's Anti-blemish formulas:
          * Treat breakout-prone skin with highly effective ingredients.
          * Help clear and prevent blemishes
          * Help reduce the appearance of redness of blemishes
          * Soothe irritated skin
          * Help visibly fade the signs of past breakouts
          * Work to control oiliness
          * Are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free
          * Are appropriate for all skin types.

          The following products are also available in the Anti Blemish range:

          * Anti-blemish Cleansing Foam - This is step 1 of the Anti-Blemish system which removes dirt and unclogs pores to help prevent spots and acne. Skin feels soft, smooth and comfortable. (Price - £12.72 for 125ml bottle)
          * Anti-blemish Clarifying Lotion - This is step 2 of the system which contains a gentle formula to exfoliate and reduce excess oil that can lead to breakouts. This also soothes irritation and redness. (Price - £15.66 for 200ml bottle)
          * Anti-blemish Clearing Moisturiser - This is step 3 of the Anti-Blemish system which helps treat existing blemishes, prevent future break-outs and controls excess oil. (Price - £14.68 for 50ml tube)
          * Anti-blemish Concealing Stick - Works to cover and clear blemishes which blends on easily to provide natural looking spot coverage as blemishes heal and disappear. (Price £9.79 for 3g stick)
          * Anti-blemish Clear Blemish Gel - Is a fast drying gel which helps to clear blemishes and promote healing. (Price £11.74 for 15ml bottle)

          ***OVERALL OPINION***
          I think this product is fantastic and will definitely be a product that I continue to use. I have had no blemishes on my back, and my back doesn't feel as oily as it did before I started using this spray. II only need to sue this spray once a day and I haven't experienced any dryness or irritation to my skin at all. As this product is so good, it would definitely tempt me to use the other product in this range as well.

          (review also on ciao)


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            05.02.2009 12:35
            Very helpful



            Another good anti-blemish product from Clinique.

            I have suffered with spots (ugh!) on my back for year's now. In my teenage years I suffered from bad acne and now, in my twenties, I do still get the occasional blemish, and I still get a few on my back, neck and shoulders.
            With them being in such awkward places I've never bothered treating any big painful spots as if I do use one of those 'instant spot treatment gel' products that are everywhere on the market then it'd just get rubbed off by my clothing.

            I had started using a couple of products from Clinique's Anti-Blemish range and I discovered this product.

            What it Claims to do:
            The product description states it the spray is an oil-free formula which 'helps clear and prevent breakouts everywhere-back,chest,shoulders.' This is exactly the sort of product which I need, 'great!' I thought. Reading on it states it helps control the look of redness, which sounds perfect for that painfully large ones I often get only on my back! The bottle itself has a 360-degree spray which even works upside down, and has a non-staining formula.

            How To Use:
            Clinique say to start out using once a day. Cleanse the skin thoroughly and spray over the affected area. It then says to gradually increase to twice a day if needed.

            My Experience:
            Despite the product stating it has a non-staining formula I didn't want to test this out at first and so only applied this at night before I went to bed. I found the product very easy to use and it does work upside down so it's perfect to reach round behind me to spray.
            I usually do a few sprays making sure each area is covered, and I do some around my collarbone.
            It does have a slight witch hazel smell to it but nothing disgusting.
            The spray is very quick to absorb, but I would wait a few minutes before getting dressed just to be sure.

            In the morning I would notice my back feeling like it had an extremely slight sticky feeling to it, almost like the filmy type feeling you get when you use spot treatment gels.

            Since using this product the large painful spots have dramatically decreased in occurance which is great, however I do still get alot of pimpley type ones. This doesn't bother me as it was the large painful ones that annoyed me the most!

            The bottle itself has lasted me many months (approx. 7-8) using it 4-5 times a week, so it's rather good value for money. It will set you back £12.72 for 100ml at the moment which is expensive, but it does last a long time. I have recently ran out and I'm contemplating whether or not to buy it again, I may see if my back suddenly starts breaking out!

            If you suffer from spots on your back and are paranoid about wearing strappy tops in the summer then I would say give this one a go. It's very easy to apply and it lasts a long time. I don't know of any other products like this on the market except body washes to use in the shower, so this is a quick and simple solution.

            I would recommend this product.


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              25.01.2008 18:52
              Very helpful




              For years I suffered with spots on my back and occasionally on my chest. I was getting very self conscious about this, especially in the summer. They weren't just small pimples either, oh no! They were big spots which were often painful. Apart from looking horrible when they were there I was also worried about scarring. I didn't want to have to spend the summer not being able to wear strappy tops so i decided to take action.
              My Dad goes to the States quite a lot and while looking on the Clinique website for some goodies or him to bring back, I came across this. It looked like the answer to my problems, but was it?

              THE CLAIMS
              The claims about the product are 'Oil-free formula helps clear and prevent breakouts everywhere. Convenient 360˚ spray works even upside down. Perfect for hard-to-reach places.' This is taken directly from their website, so lets see if it manages to match up.

              This spray has an RRP of £13. I get mine from the states where its around half the price so if you travel - wait until you're abroad to stock up! I'm sure that you could find it on Internet sites for less than the RRP. Clinique is available in most department stores, like John Lewis and Debenhams and also in places like Boots. These places always seem to have the spray in stock when I check. Can I also recommend buying Clinique products at Bonus Time, when you get a free gift!

              DOES IT WORK?
              In a word, YES!! This stuff is really amazing!

              The bottle says that you can apply once or twice a day. I only apply once a day and find that this is enough. I apply in the morning after I've had my shower and dried myself. The spray is very easy to use, it has a pump action. It can also spray from all angles (including upside down) which is very useful when you are trying to spray your back! I usually do two sprays on my chest and about six on my back. The spray has a slightly clinical smell but it does not linger. The spray is absorbed quickly, although I would wait a couple of minutes before getting dressed.
              Within a couple of weeks of using the spray my back was almost clear. I have been using it for six months now and although I get the occasional spot, its always just one on its own, not a whole load across my back like it was.

              A couple of weeks ago I had a spray tan done and stopped using the spray for about 10 days (was paranoid that they might react together and leave me with a lovely patchy tan!). My spots began to creep back, which shows that this spray is not a cure. It seems that once you use it you have to keep using it to keep a clear back (good for Clinique's finances). However, it does not claim to be an acne cure, so I'm still a happy customer.
              A bottle lasts me around three months (spraying once a day). It's not cheap but I think its a price worth paying for something that works this well.

              You can probably tell from the review what my answer will be but here it is anyway - yes, definitely recommended. The product works and I wouldn't be without it. Here's to the summer and all those strappy tops!


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              Spray over affected area and allow the Oil-free formula clear and prevent breakouts everywhere /

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