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Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation

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11 Reviews
  • feels amazing
  • long lasting
  • shades are a little off
  • can look too cakey
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    11 Reviews
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      11.08.2015 14:41


      • "feels amazing"
      • "great coverage"
      • "long lasting "


      • "shades are a little off"
      • "can look too cakey"

      Amazing product for nights out

      I love this product but as it can look a bit cakey, I tend to use it when going out in the evenings when more coverage is needed and it is not as obvious that it is cakey, perfect for nights out but not for day time, especially summer time.


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      23.03.2015 22:39
      Very helpful



      Lovely foundation, as good as leading minerals brands.

      Being a lady with a very pale complexion, I have tried so many different foundations I dare not count!

      I decided to try this foundation when it was on offer at £5.00 and ONLY because it was on offer and the cheapest foundation in the catalogue.

      I never wear dry powder foundation as I have combination skin and it tends to leave my nose and above my nose dry and flakey.

      I bought the palest shade of this foundation, and I'm glad I did as it is still a little darker than my complexion.

      all I use on my skin before the foundation is a light tinter moisturiser to prepare my combination skin for a more even tone.

      I was a little apprehensive that anything brushed on could leave an even colour across the face, but it definitely does. One shake of the tub and enough comes out onto the surface for a full skin cover for me.

      This is a lovely colour and lasts all day wrong, it has a sunkissed tone to it, but nothing too extreme for light skin.

      Avon do have a brush that is sold on pages close to the foundation (kabuki brush), but it looks a lot bigger on the picture than it is, and I find it too small for a good face coverage, so I use a larger brush of my own (one that you would usually use for bronzing pearls)

      I could recommend this foundation for any skin colour, but is great for those with lighter skin, as you can apply a thin layer, and build up where appropriate.

      I still buy this foundation, but I try and wait until it is on offer as it does tend to be quite often.


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      09.06.2013 21:22
      Very helpful



      A great introduction to the mineral foundations, and one I am pleased to have found

      =Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation=

      I have been changing my make up over the last couple of years and trying new products that have came out, and one of these was the Avon Smooth minerals Powder Foundation, and I purchased the brush at the same time.

      This was all new to me, the foundation came in a circular transparent plastic tub, which has a black lid, and in this lid it displays the Avon name on it.
      When you flip the lid up there is a built in mirror in the lid, which I thought immediatly was a plus point for me.

      The foundation this is in the lower part of the package, this is covered by a black cover which has a hole in the top of it, and a silver top, which reminds me of a pressure device as this releases the foundation, you don't need to worry as once you gently tap / shake the tub the powder is automatically released to the silver part of the device.

      The pot is 6grams in weight.

      =The Powder=
      The powder is really fine, and I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I used the brush that was recommended and this just went together like strawberries and cream.

      I brought mine last year, and there was about 4 shades to choose from, I went for the nude shade as it did look dark for a pale colour, but that is the only disadvantage about Avon that you can't try the product, although you can return to Avon.

      I found the shade to be ok, although I could have gone one shade darker.

      =Avon Advice=
      Avon do suggest that before you use the foundation, that your skin has to be cleansed but do not moisturise as the foundation needs clean dry skin.

      =To Use=
      Just gently shake the tub and this releases the powder ready for use, I used the foundation brush, but you could use any, you swirl the brush over the powder, and this picks up a good amount of powder, but not over powering amount. I tapped the brush on the side to get rid of any excess powder.

      =On the skin=
      You just gently use circular motions over your face to blend into your face, I was really impressed as a little does go a long way, and also the way you apply your building up the powder, so you are in better control than some traditional foundations.

      =How it felt=
      It did not feel at all heavy on my face, and looked really nice (even if I say so myself), I felt comfortable in this foundation, and I had no reactions to it.

      =Staying Power=
      This is quite an important factor, as you don't want to spent time and care for it to fade away within 30 minutes, but I am pleased to say this foundation does have lasting power, even 6 hours later it looked as good as when I had first applied it.
      The foundation does have SPF15 built into the foundation.

      The foundation is suitable for sensitive, normal and combination skin types.

      =Price and Availability=
      Prices do vary in Avon, I paid about £8 for mine.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this foundation, it gives good coverage, a little goes a long way, there is a good arrange of colours, and my skin felt good.

      If you asked my daughter she would say I am old and ancient, but to her anyone over 20 is past it, so at 42, there is not much hope, and to say I have built up the odd laughter line, the scar from the sunburn on my nose that I picked, so I do have skin that is not perfect, but this foundation is not age biased, if anything I feel it works with the skin.

      =Would I buy again=
      A big yes, from me, although I will try a shade darker next time.


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      01.05.2013 08:34
      Very helpful



      Blends well and easy to remove.

      I had been wanting to buy and try a mineral powder foundation ever since I first saw it being sold on QVC, had been constantly watching QVC and the demonstrations of the Bare Minerals powder they sell on the programme. I don't like to wear a lot of foundation on my skin because I don't like it to look too heavy a look. I wanted to try one which was priced at a little cheaper. When I read a very nice review of this foundation from the lovely ladybracknell I decided to check the Avon website to buy it. I then decided to check Ebay and found a brand new one for a cheaper price, so I instantly bought it.

      The foundation comes in a circular transparent plastic tub which has a black plastic lid with the name clearly on the top of it. I was pleasantly surprised how large the tub actually was when I opened the package. It is a decent size and not tiny like it tends to look on the photos on the website. The lid flips back and has a mirror on the inside. Quite a nice feature on the lid. When you flip the lid back the contents of the powder is covered with a black cover which has a hole at the top of it which is covered with a silver kind of top which presses to release the powder. You don't need to press it yourself, the powder is automatically released when you gently shake the tub.

      To use the powder you just gently shake the tub and the powder is released into the top of the tub. The powder is a very fine powder, I cannot detect any fragrance of the powder. There are a few shades to choose from to match your skin tone. I decided to choose the nude shade because I have very pale skin and thought this one seemed to match my tone when I was looking at the shades. This shade does look fairly dark and a kind of bronze colour. I wasn't too sure I had bought the correct shade when I first opened the tub, but it was a perfect shade and I am pleased I bought this shade.

      Before you use the foundation, the skin has to be cleansed and to not use moisturiser on the skin, just clean bare skin. All you need to do is to gently shake the tub and then just use a foundation brush to gently swirl over the top of the fine powder, then just tap the brush on the side of the tub so that any loose powder falls from the brush. Then gently use circular movements over your face to blend it into your skin. I was very surprised how a little of the powder does go a very long way and gives a good coverage on the skin. You kind of buff it over the skin. I just apply a little at a time and just build it up until I have the amount of colour and shade on my face. It feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and feels really natural, just the correct feeling I like when I wear a foundation. It is like using a dusting of powder. I find this one really blends extremely well and evens the skin tone perfectly. I tend to swirl the brush a couple of times to cover my face and jaw line.
      Once on the skin, I find it gives a totally natural look and not an appearance of wearing thick foundation or a cakey kind of look. Gives the appearance of natural looking skin with a nice colour tone.

      The powder remains on the skin almost all day, it has staying power and doesn't fade that much. I found I didn't have to top it up during the day but I could easily top it up if I wanted to go out later that day if necessary but for my usage of this powder so far I haven't had the need to top it up.

      I used one of my own foundation brushes but found it was a little uncomfortable and a little fiddly because it was a large brush. It is recommended to use a Kabuki brush from Avon when you use this foundation. I decided to then buy a Kabuki brush and I must admit this brush works a treat and far easier to use to apply this foundation and a lot more comfortable to use and it just gives a better coverage. So I do highly recommend buying the brush too from my experience of using this foundation to make it a little easier to apply onto the skin. But your usual brush may work fine too but I just found the kabuki brush far easier to apply it.

      My skin feels incredibly smooth and soft once this foundation powder is on my skin. I love this feeling and I find my skin feels like it can breathe and not caked and feels uncomfortable or having that annoying feeling I sometimes find foundation has on my skin. This one feels really comfortable and feels like I am not even wearing foundation at all but with a nice shade on my skin.

      I am in my 50's and do have some wrinkles and fine lines, I find this powder doesn't settle into the lines and clog them and look unnatural. I am really happy the powder doesn't set into my wrinkles and fine lines because I found it then doesn't make my wrinkles and fine lines look more apparent on my face.

      It comes in 6 different shades, nude, ivory, shell, nutmeg, medium beige and sand beige. So good choice of shades to match every skin tone. Like I said earlier in my review I bought the nude shade and find it a perfect shade for my very pale skin tone. I almost bought the ivory because I thought that one may be the correct one for my skin. But now I have the nude shade I am happy I bought this shade. I think the ivory shade would have maybe been a good one too for my pale skin.

      I think this foundation is perfect for all age groups, young and older people. I think it is one teenagers would like quite a lot and one which would be a nice one to wear when out clubbing or going out for the evening.
      I find it is very easy to remove from my skin at the end of the day in no time at all. I just remove it with my cleansers and my skin feels nice and soft in the usual way. I have found it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and caused no rashes etc.

      It is suitable for sensitive skin, oil, normal and combination skin types and contains SPF15.
      I only paid just less than £7 including delivery. On the Avon website it cost £10.50 plus postage, so I made a huge saving for a brand new one bought from Ebay. The tub size is 6g but this amount is a larger amount than you may expect when you receive this one that's for sure and it will last a good while because of the amount you need to give a good coverage on your skin. A little does go a very long way with this powder for sure.

      I am really delighted with the way this foundation works to give a good coverage on my skin, is very easy to use and incredibly comfortable to wear all day long and without having to top it up.

      I highly do recommend this foundation for anyone looking to buying a mineral foundation and one which works a treat and looks incredibly natural on the skin.

      Thank you ladybracknell for introducing me to this mineral foundation powder and giving me the opportunity to buying one for a much cheaper price than some other brands.

      I will most definitely buy this one again in the future because I absolutely love this mineral powder from Avon. They have produced a fabulous powder and I hope it never discontinues.

      Give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        11.03.2013 14:34
        Very helpful



        A mineral powder foundation that's as good as good as those from high end cosmetics companies

        Though I wouldn't ever label myself as being a huge fan of Avon Cosmetics, there are a couple of their products that I love. One is their range of Nailwear Pro nail polishes and the other is their wonderful Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation which, in my opinion, beats all the competition including those I've used from the high end cosmetics companies.

        My earlier experiences of using mineral powder foundation weren't particularly good ones as although I used products from well respected cosmetics companies, I found the powder far too heavy and it settled into my laughter lines (I refuse to call them wrinkles) making them look much deeper and rather than disguising the signs of aging, it ended up emphasising them. Whilst browsing through one of their recent catalogues, I noticed that Avon were not only offering their Smooth Minerals Foundation at a much reduced cost of £4.99 for a 6g pot instead of the usual price of £10.50 but they were claiming that their foundation didn't settle into lines and wrinkles. As they were also throwing in a Kabuki brush for free, I decided to give mineral powder foundation another try.

        Mineral powder foundations are a relatively new introduction into the female make-up armoury and they purport to be totally pure and provide a far more natural finish than conventional foundation creams and liquids and because of the natural powder composition they are less likely to cause skin irritation and are easier to remove at the end of the day. Most of these powder foundations are applied with a short handled Kabuki brush which takes a bit of practice but once the technique has been mastered, application is pretty easy and far less messy. I would recommend buying the best Kabuki brush you can afford, however, as although the Avon one is adequate and certainly good enough to practice with, it isn't the best quality available.

        Avon Smooth Minerals is manufactured from 100% natural mineral pigments and is sold in six shades suitable for most skin tones ranging from the palest to the darkest. I opted for one of their lightest shades, Ivory, which turned out to be a perfect match for my pale and rather sallow skin.

        The plastic pot has a hinged lid and the base is divided into two sections: the main section containing the powder and the upper section forming a sort of tray. Inside the top of the lid is a small metal prong which is aligned with a little metal trap door set into the plastic tray. When the lid is closed and the pot shaken the metal prong opens the trap door and allows a controlled amount of the product to be released from the main body of the pot into the upper tray ready for application.

        The secret to applying mineral powder foundation is to apply it a little at a time and gradually build it up layer by layer. I find that rather than shaking the pot, simply upending quickly delivers just the right amount of powder to create a fine layer on the face. Using small circular motions with the brush spreads the powder evenly and at the same time stimulates the skin's natural oils which combine with the powder to produce excellent coverage. Apply the foundation all over the face, eyes and brow, blending into the neck.

        I found applying Avon's mineral powder foundation far easier than my earlier experiences and although I hesitate to claim it produced a flawless complexion when I'd finished, it certainly had evened out my skin tone and left my complexion looking much smoother. The coverage of this powder is brilliant as it not only evened out the skin tone but also covered up all those flaws one develops over time. I have some tiny red thread veins at the side of my nose and even one application of powder removed all evidence of them. It also gave my face a much less made-up appearance because the powder blends with the skin's natural oils so the end result isn't a powdery finish at all but leaves the complexion with a much dewier, more youthful look. As any mature woman will know, the skin takes on a coarser texture as the years pass and this powder foundation seemed to make that much less obvious.

        This powder has great staying power and I find I don't need to touch up during the day. In fact, with conventional foundation and finishing powder, I find the areas at the side of my nose and across the crease in the chin tends to become slightly oily but not so when I use mineral powder foundation as the powder seems to soak up any excess oil the skin produces.

        The minerals used in this foundation are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which provide natural sun protection but this product carries an SPF of 15.

        The only downside I've found to this product is that the powder can stick to eye brows and lashes but as it's easily brushed out this isn't a major problem. I would also suggest that Avon could do with introducing some additional shades so that everyone could find the perfect match for their skin tone.

        I absolutely love this foundation powder which besides giving great coverage is so light that I feel as though I'm not wearing foundation at all. Although I've only been using this for a couple of months, I've already discovered that a little bit goes a long way. The level of powder doesn't seem to have gone down very much at all in the time I've been using it so I anticipate that this pot will last for quite a while. For those who only wear make-up on special occasions, this product has a shelf life of 24 months.

        If you've never tried mineral powder foundations, I highly recommend this one from Avon and if you just want to try it out, now is a good time to do so whilst it's on special offer. I shall continue to use this product even when it's at full price. It's that good.


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          10.03.2013 23:10
          Very helpful



          ideal for anyone of any age who does not require a lot of coverage

          I had seen several mineral powders on the market, I fancied trying one but as I didnt really know what to expect from them I didnt want to pay a lot of money.

          I came across the Avon Mineral powder foundation in a brochure a couple of years ago now, I seem to think I payed around £3/£4 for it, although now I am pretty sure it is around the £10 mark.

          I was impressed with the size of the container, quite a bit larger than the other brands I had seen. It has a flip lid with a tiny mirror, I find this mirror pretty useless really, just too small. You tip the pot over with the lid closed of course, the pot dispenses a perfect amount as if by magic!

          I swirl a full chunky brush in the powder give it a little tap on the side of the pot just to remove the excess, then swirl the powder on to my face starting from my nose working out over my cheeks chin and forehead, I build the powder up over areas where more coverage is needed. It works without looking too heavy.

          I think I must have been using this foundation on and off now for around 3 years, I have only ever purchased three pots, I think this stuff seems endless.

          I like the feel of the foundation, my skin feels like it can still breath under it, it does not sit in open pores or clog pores etc I find the freshly applied look lasts for a good few hours and I usually fust sweep a little over my face as the day goes on just to freshen my make up a little, it works without building up too heavy.

          I would recommend this powder foundation to anyone of any age who does not need heavy coverage, if you have a pretty clear even complexion this is for you.


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          11.02.2013 18:44
          Very helpful



          Quick and easy to use - good coverage - cheap when on offer

          ===Why I Got This===

          Well most of use need some foundation to cover our blemishes and make us look a bit more healthy and I have used mineral make-up in the past - but only a solid one and not loose minerals.
          Avon used to do this in a different sort of pot which looked very messy but with this improved design, plus as it was on offer and with a free brush, the price was too good to resist.

          ===The Product===

          Comes in black cardboard box.
          Made in China, 6 grams and use within 24 months.
          Ingredients are listed inside the box.
          Comes in a clear plastic tub with a black lid.
          The lift up lid has a good quality spring closure and a mirror in the lid.
          The minerals have to be shaken up from the base to use. The little hole is covered in a sticker when purchased.
          A spike in the lid closes the hole when the lid is closed.


          Full price is £10.50 but currently on offer for £4.99 and with a free Kabuki brush.


          * Ivory
          * Medium Beige
          * Nude
          * Nutmeg
          * Sand Beige
          * Shell

          ===My Opinion===

          Avon's website states - 'Blendable, buildable, lightweight powder doesn't settle into lines and wrinkles. 100% naturally derived mineral pigments, light.medium powder coverage, suitable for sensitive, oily, normal and combination skin. Mess free packaging: get the perfect amount of powder every time. SPF 15'.
          I purchased the Nude shade as I am very pale and always tend to buy either Nude, Shell or Ivory.
          The tub it comes in is quite cute and lightweight. The lid closed with a nice 'click' so you know it s fastened. Also the spike in the lid closes the hole from the base when it is shut so if you carry it in your bag there should be no accidents.
          With this newish style packaging you have to turn it upside down and give it a few shakes - with the lid closed. Then enough minerals should come up to the top layer for you to use. Mine came with a free Kabuki brush to use but you could use any foundation brush.
          The benefits of this sort of foundation is that it is quick and easy to apply.
          Personally I like to use liquid foundation if I am going anywhere special. However for general day to day use I like the mineral foundation as it is so quick and easy to apply and does not need any blending as such. You just swirl some of the powder onto your brush and apply to your face in circular movements. It goes on so quickly and easily it is hard to get it wrong. It is light and once on you do not feel as if you are wearing anything. If you need more coverage you can build it up by applying more but I only need a few swirls on each cheek, one on forehead and one on chin and I am done. I them apply a little blush powder on top and I look a bit more human.
          It covers well and does not leave your skin feeling clogged at all - but neither is it drying. As I get older my skin is tending to be more dry and with some lines but this powder is so fine it does not sit in any creases.
          The fact it is SPF 15 is also a benefit for the summer months.
          As only a tiny amount is used each day i can see this lasting me the whole summer.
          This is lightweight enough to carry in your bag quite easily for any touch-ups through the day (though you will hardly need any) and the small and dinky Kabuki brush is also a great travelling size.
          Currently at under £5 for the two you cannot go wrong.

          ===Star Rating===

          4 stars - good coverage but I like a liquid foundation for 'best'.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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          23.11.2012 08:56
          Very helpful




          I must apologise for the title! Lol.

          I received this smooth minerals powder foundation as a gift from my mother, who is an Avon representative.
          I got it in nude, which is a light shade as I have very fair skin.

          ~ Price and availability ~
          As this is an Avon product it is only available to order from a brochure from an Avon representative or online.
          You can buy it direct from Avon online at www.avonshop.co.uk.
          It is currently available for £10.50

          ~ Packaging ~
          It comes in a round plastic pot, with a black lid with 'smooth minerals' written on and 'Avon' underneath in a nude colour similar to the powder itself. Also on the lid is what looks like a spillage of a small amount of powder which has been printed onto the lid, also in nude. I think this is a nice little touch and makes the pot rather cute. The bottom of the pot is made from clear plastic so you can see the powder.
          When you lift the hinged lid a mirror is revealed in the lid, which is handy. There is just a small amount of powder which comes through onto a black plastic platform, underneath the lid, but above the compartment where the powder is stored. It comes through when the lid is closed and part of the lid pushes down on a small oval shaped piece of metal, which pushes down into the powder compartment, allowing powder to escape from the bottom of the pot to the platform area, where the powder gets used. You can also push down on the small piece of metal yourself to release some powder if you want.
          The platform area is necessary to stop you from getting too much powder on your brush and it stops you from using the entire product at once.

          ~ Use ~
          To use the product, I swirl my brush around the black platform area, where some of the powder has been released and apply directly to my face. The powder is not the finest and it seems to collect together in tiny balls. I have found that the bigger the brush that you use the better. My normal foundation brush can sometimes collect too much powder and when it is applied to my face it is quite cakey and difficult to rub in. A bigger brush picks the powder up thinly and evenly and does not give you that cakey look. I also find using your fingertips to rub the powder in is effective.
          When applied lightly and brushed/ rubbed in correctly I think that this foundation does live up to its smooth name. It leaves you with a smooth, flawless finish, which I am really happy with.
          Although the mirror in the lid is a handy extra, I find that it gets quite dusty from the powder and I try to use a larger mirror if I have one available.

          ~Overall ~
          Overall, I do like this powder foundation. It comes in a cute little pot and when applied correctly it gives you a smooth, even, flawless finish, which is all you can ask for from a foundation if you ask me. It is easy to apply too much, but the platform level attempts to stop too much powder from being released at once.
          I would definitely purchase this powder foundation again and would recommend it.


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            30.08.2012 15:02
            Very helpful



            A good mineral foundation although it has a couple of flaws.

            This was the first mineral foundation I had used before trying other brands and after hearing so many good things about them I was quite excited to try it out. My mum actually bought me this foundation as it was on offer for £3 when someone at her work was doing the catalogue. However the regular selling price is £10.50 for 6g which is rather expensive but for £3 it was an excellent buy. You can get this from a local Avon rep as well as their website however there is a delivery charge for doing this. There is also the availability to buy from places such as Ebay so there's a good few locations to get this from.

            There are 6 shades to choose from however I went for the lightest shade in 'ivory' as I have very pale skin. When the product arrived I was surprised how big it was. It's quite a large round pot which is transparent on the bottom allowing you to see the powder inside which is handy for knowing how much you have left. There is a black band which houses a clip down lid. It looks pretty sleek yet simply, I quite like it but then I wasn't too bothered about what it looked like as long as it done the job. When you lift up the black lid it's a plain black plate that has a very small oblong shape which is where the powder comes out. This is my only complaint about the packaging as it's difficult to get the powder out, You have to turn the pot upside down and them open to get a little powder onto the plate, the other problem is when you get down to the ends of the pot you can't get the powder out and as the lid doesn't screw off there is product discarded because you can't get it off.

            To apply the product I used a large face brush and swept it over my face. I found the powder was very light and clung to the brush easily, I also found it transferred onto my face nice and easily. It blended into my skin well and left my skin feeling lovely and light however when using the powder solo I found that it clumped onto my skin and wasn't as easy to blend and ended up looking caked and unsightly. I also found that it didn't cover up my imperfections either however since trying other mineral powders I have also found the same problem so I don't think this is down to the product completely. However I then started to apply it over my foundation base and found this works much better, it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth, blends well and is lovely and light on my skin. Using it in this manner I have also found that it tends to last longer I can apply this in the morning and by early evening it is still on, not as perfectly but it is still there.

            I haven't found any irritation or dryness from using this product and find it works well. When it comes to the end of the day I simply use a make up remover wipe to get rid of the powder and it comes away very easily. Although being sceptical about it lasting I found this product lasted approximately 2 months with daily usage which isn't bad at all but I still stick to my stance of not paying full price for this product.

            The Avon website gives the following product description:

            "Blendable, buildable, lightweight powder doesn't settle into lines and wrinkles. 100% naturally derived mineral pigments, light.medium powder coverage, suitable for sensitive, oily, normal and combination skin. Mess free packaging: get the perfect amount of powder every time. SPF15 "

            I wouldn't exactly agree you get the right amount of powder at first I found it dispensed too much and towards the end not enough. I feel that the cap should be screwed on to allow you to use up the rest of the powder and also get to it easier when there is little left. I also feel it is too expensive but apart from that this is a very good powder. My skin looks good and I found no ill effects I would definitely purchase it again if I had the opportunity at £3.


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            27.05.2012 12:39



            Thumbs up, nice coverage, nice finish

            I first bought this powder foundation from Avon about a month ago, since then I have ordered two more pots, one in a darker shade (shell) and the other two are ivory shade.
            Firstly, I do like the little pot it comes in, it doesn't seem to hold much powder at first glance but when you apply you realise that in fact it will probably last quite a while. I'm not overly keen on the mirror placement inside the lid only because you have to tip it upside down and shake it to release some powder to use and inevitably the powder goes onto the mirror resulting in a dirty mirror! Whilst it's not ideal- I don;t think there could be an alternative really unless they found some way of separating it from the powder completely and in such a small pot I doubt it would be cost effective to do so. Anyway- I digress, the actual powder itself is light and very easy to apply.
            I like to put a towel on my knee when applying just to catch any loose particles that fall off the brush instead of my clothes catching them! You swirl your brush into the powder and I rub it in circular motions all over my face -I do like putting foundation on all areas of my face without getting a 'caked on' look, I know some people prefer just to put on the areas needed so you could apply that way if desired.
            You can go back over all areas with more powder until you achieve the look you want and I find it gives a lovely moisturised effect with almost like a sheen, but still looks really natural.
            I never thought I'd feel comfortable with powder foundation as sometimes my skin can dry out but as soon as I tried this I instantly loved it. I probably would wear normal liquid foundation for a night out but the mineral powder is perfect for every day use and I would highly recommend!


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            21.04.2012 10:49
            Very helpful



            Much better for the skin

            The usual price of this foundation is £10.50, however I purchased it when it was on offer for just £6.50.

            The foundation is made with 100% naturally derived pigments and it's suitable for even sensitive skin. The weight of the powder is 6g, which doesn't sound like a lot but it's very light and airy. I chose the Ivory shade as my skin is naturally pale and I didn't want to look too orange!

            The packaging is really sleek and elegant. You simply turn the compact upside down and shake it to release some of the powder. You apply the powder to your face using a Kabuki brush. You can apply the powder to bare skin but I use a primer beforehand as I get longer lasting results that way. Even a simple moisturiser beforehand will prime the skin. The powder is very light and easy to wear. It's almost like you're not wearing it at all.

            The powder is easy to wear and it covers up spots and imperfections really well. The powder doesn't cake or fall off your face and the coverage is excellent. Plus the minerals allow your skin to breathe - no more clogged pores - yay! Despite the small amount of powder (only 6g) one pot lasts ages as you only need a small amount each time.

            Much better than using liquid foundation. I'm hooked!


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