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Lego 8038 Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

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Brand: Lego / Theme: Star Wars / Age: 9+

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2011 08:28
      Very helpful



      A great set

      ==Lego The Battle of Endor 8038==

      "On the forest moon of Endor, a brave team of rebels joins forces with a fierce tribe of Ewok warriors. Their mission: to destroy the secret imperial bunker and take out the Death Star's Shield!"

      Jack has been going on and on about getting this set of Lego for a long time and it was his birthday recently and he was so sure he was going to get it. Unfortunately seeing as we are saving every penny we have to try to have enough money for our impending house move we really couldn't justify spending out so much money on a birthday gift. Luckily Jack was okay when we sat him down and explained to him that it was a lot of pennies and mummy and daddy were gong to get him a few other bits that wasn't going to cost so much and maybe we could ask Father Christmas as he's loaded! For a 4 year old he was very understanding about the situation which made us feel even worse. However his Nana on the mainland had sent down a large amount of money (£50) and he had his uncles give him a £50 as a collective and then a few other family members gave him some money and in the end he had enough to buy this set himself and have plenty of change left over!

      The set varies in price from place to place and I thought I would be able to get a far better deal on the internet having a search around. It seems there were tons of places where you can buy just the bunker itself without any of the figures or the other items that come with the set which were priced very cheaply. However it seems the price of the complete set is around £85-£90 and this seems it is the cheapest you are going to get it.

      Because jack wanted it on the actual day of his birthday I had to phone around all the local toy shops just to see if they had it in stock because it is one of the larger items. The first 5 places I phoned didn't' have it but luckily the last place did and they were selling it at £86.99 p. This was a good price as when buying it on line you have to take into account the post and packaging charges also. Another good reason of buying from a shop meant that we got a free limited edition Lego Star Wars poster! This shows all the Lego Star Wars figures that you can get and Jack was really impressed with this as an added extra.

      The set comes in a massive box that shows pictures of the set all up and built and in play mode. This makes it look really appealing and Jack couldn't wait for it to be put up. However the age range of this item is for children aged between 9 and 14 where Jack is only 4 there wasn't much hope of him being able to assemble it himself. He did though make up all the little figures that come with it and there is quite an extensive collection of them. You get a few of the classic people and a few of the ones we figures we really wanted. You get Chewbacca, 3 Ewoks (Chief Chirpa, Wicket and another one), Princess Leia, R2-D2 (which we already had), a Death Star Trooper, Han-solo, 2 Rebel Commandos, and 2 Scout Troopers. This makes a whopping total of 12 figures which is a really nice amount.

      Along with the figures the set is made up of the large bunker which can be opened out and played with inside. This also has pop out walls (which can be made to look like the explosion in the film) and two swivel chairs inside where the Death Star Trooper would sit at a computer. There is such detail in this bunker that it really is amazing and the green foliage that sticks to the outside makes it seems so realistic. The mechanics that were needed to build the pop out walls were not easy to do and Himself and jack sat for hours trying to put it all together and poor little Jack didn't' get much play time with the thing as it was so past bedtime by the time it was all up and ready to go. I think the bunker alone took around 3 and a half hours to build. I decided to leave Himself to it as I could see tempers would be raised if I interfered.
      I would think that even a 9 year old would have to have the patience of a saint in order to build this bunker up but they would probably enjoy doing it a little more than Himself did. The bunker can take a fair bit of hard play and the most temperamental bits have got to be the explosive sides of the item and the two sliding doors which are operated by a turner on the inside of the building. All in all this section of the set can take a fair bit of play without falling apart drastically.

      Another big part that comes with the set is AT-ST machine. This is a tall (19 cm) and took even more time to put together than the bunker did and was done the day after Jack's birthday once Himself had had a little break from it! The reason this takes so long to put together is the fact that this has even more mechanics in it to work the walking legs of the thing.
      It has a little seat and a lid that lifts open on the top but then on the back there is a small wheel which when turned will active the walking feet. This needs to keep being turned in order for the feet to keep moving and the AT-ST does need to be supported in order for the feet to move with slight ease. This has to be the most fragile piece of the set and as yet it hasn't smashed on the hard floor that I can see it doing at some point. Because of its tall legs and top heavy body it is not entirely stable and does need a little bit of care and less rough play, which thankfully Jack seems to understand.

      Other smaller items which make up the large set include the Ewoks catapult which didn't' take more than 10 minutes to build up in its entirety. This comes with a few large round Lego grey bricks which act as boulders and can be launched from the fully working catapult. It sits nicely on a small Lego plate and can be moved around easily without falling apart and using it in play still gives a good sturdy piece.

      The final bit has to be the Ewok glider which comes with a stand. This was fairly simple to put together and was another item which took around 5 to 10 minutes to fully assemble and looks really good once built up. The brown wings of the glider fit well onto the larger pole type bits of Lego and one of the Ewoks fits onto this easily and effectively.
      Once the Ewok is in place it is easy to play with and pretend to glide around the room although it doesn't glide if thrown in the air (Jack has tried). This is solved though by being able to attach the glider with the Ewok into place on the support stand and because this is made of see through plastic from afar it can look as though the glider is literally floating in mid air.

      The set as a whole is really very good. It has tons of playability in it and the fact you get so many different items and different figures do really make it worth its money. The amount of bricks that come with the set is unreal and it is no wonder it took himself so long to build it although that said the instructions with any Lego set, including this one, are second to none and so simple and easy to follow.

      Lego have created such a realistic looking set that resembles the scene from the film so well that Jack was truly amazed. Although it took a great deal of time to build the finished product was indeed worth the hassle (even Himself says so!). Jack has literally played with it non-stop since it has been built up and I am dreading getting our moving date as we know it has got to be taken apart in order to pack it all up!

      All in all I can find no fault whatsoever with this set. Yes the main draw back when purchasing it has got to be the price but to be fair this is one toy will hold its value over the years and its not an expensive bit of toy that will ever go near the bin (the vacuum maybe). It is such a shame that this wasn't the very first bit of Star Wars Lego that we bought Jack because he has now got way too much and this set has all you could want with so many main figures and items Jack wouldn't have need so many other smaller items.

      However I still wouldn't mark this Lego set down for any reason and ti deserves top marks at 5 out of 5 and I would most certainly highly recommend it to any Lego or Star Wars fan (big or small)

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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