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Lego 7241 City: Fire Car

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    2 Reviews
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      18.04.2009 22:15
      Very helpful



      Price, Fun,

      Lego has been around for as far back as I recall, as a child I remember playing with my logo for many hours. Lego has come so far since I was a child in the 1980's
      This review is on the "Lego Emergency Rescue Fire car"

      Part Number 7241
      Before I go in to detail of the actual product I thought I would share a little information on the manufacturer Lego.

      **History of Lego**

      The story began back in 1932 when founder Ole Kirk Christiansen created the well known name Lego, he taken the first two letters from the Danish word Leg Godt which mean play well. All of Lego products taken from films or books are licensed which means they own the right to copy the product. To date the biggest year for sales for Lego was 2006 when they net a profit of 1,562m (Danish Krone) - Lego have approximately 5000 employees throughout the world with the majority being in Denmark. Lego creators believe the more bricks you have the more inventive/creative the child can be.

      Lego is made in Denmark but as a multibillion pound company they also have depots in Munich, Barcelona, La and Tokyo. They monitor the current trends and forward any idea's direct to their head office in Denmark. There is over 120 designers working full time on Lego products, they come from 15 different countries throughout the world.

      *True fact about Lego- There are over 2200 different elements in the Lego range in a over 55 different colours.
      How is Lego Made

      I could not do a review on any Lego product without explaining just how Leg o is made,
      During the moulding process, the plastic is heated to 232° C until its consistency is about that of dough. It is then injected into the moulds at a pressure of 25âEuro'150 tons. It takes seven seconds to cool and eject new elements. The moulds used in production are accurate to within twoâEuro'thousandth of a millimetre. Accuracy of the moulding process means that only 18 elements in every million produced fail to meet the high quality standard that Lego strive to maintain.

      **Lego Emergency Rescue Fire Car**

      The Lego is suitable from age 5 plus, however my son was 4 when bought this particular set for him.

      When you first pick the set up , it comes in its little own boy which a picture of what it is suppose to look like when the child builds it. The box is recyclable which is definitely a great idea as there are so many sets available.

      Building the product- It comes with step by step instructions which are illustrated well with colourful pictures. This particular one is completed in 14 steps from start to finish. My son lays all the 46 pieces on the floor and the follows the instructions, there has been occasions that he needs myself to offer assistance to select the correct piece.

      The set come with its little own fire chief, Axe and yellow water can. He securely fits in the vehicle allowing the kids to whiz around the room with the fireman within. The vehicle has blue tiles which represent blue lights. The wheels that are included actually turn very easily unlike many other companies. Fortunately the vehicle does not make any sound so other than the possibility of your chid making siren sounds there should be minimum noise.

      The lego is strong and sturdy and even after my son smashing it up, it can easily be built again. It dose not get damaged easily.

      My son who is now 5 can spend hours playing with this item along with others; I don't believe that one Lego car is enough for any child. I strongly believe that when I child starts getting Lego you need to be willing to expand on there sets. Lego can be fun for all the family and can give many hours of enjoyment for all.

      *Average build time - 10 Minutes -

      *Playtime - each to their own

      **Possible Problems**

      Lego is made up of small pieces and can be a choking hazard.
      Small pieces can easily be lost.

      When dropped it smashes in to pieces (you then have upset child)
      Young children need to be supervised when playing with Lego.

      **Cost and Availability**

      I actually got this Lego free from one of the National Newspapers

      Lego website - £6.15
      Amazon - £6.99

      Ebay bidding from £0.99 with £2.49 Postage - BIN £2.99 plus 1.99 Postage

      I would have no problem recommending Lego to anyone, it's a fun product to play with and it encourages children to use their own imagination when playing. I think Lego is excellent value for money.

      More information - Lego.com
      Thanks for reading


      Be advised this review will also appear on other sites under my name or Marcellep2 which is my other user name.


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        21.07.2008 19:56
        Very helpful




        The Lego City Fire Car is an absolute bargain children's toy priced at only £2.99 for the pack. Inside you'll find a couple of little bags of Lego bricks for building this set with as well as a small sheet of stickers and the chassis for the car in the box seperately. There's also a little instruction booklet included in there naturally too!

        This set is aimed at children aged 5yrs and over and they might well be able to put this together with adult supervision at that age. For slightly younger children like my grandson, who is 4, this toy is still great fun and age appropriate but they need you to build it for them. My daughter isn't a fan of Lego so that's why Grandad always has to do it. It's a hard life.

        It took me about ten minutes to put this together so it's really easy and quick to do. It's a very small little car but there's lots going on here and especially considering it only costs £3. On the back of the little truck you've got an axe and the fireman has a little silver helmet and a fire extinguisher too. So it's not just the car that the kids have to play with but the little accessories too. So they can act out a whole little scenario of a fireman attending the scene of a fire.

        My grandson doesn't like this as much as he likes the police series but that's just personal taste. He still plays with this and the other fire truck he's got regularly and especially loves the little accessories. The only downside to whizzing a Lego car around is that of course it breaks from time to time if kids aren't careful and that's a bit of a pain with this model in particular as the wheels have come off a few times.

        For £3 this is still a 5 star model though!


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