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Lego 6166: Large Brick Box

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lego / Theme: Bricks / Age: 3-4 yrs

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    2 Reviews
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      17.08.2012 03:25
      Very helpful



      Lego:: The classical toy that never goes out of fashion.

      Product: Lego Blue Brick Tub - Large Starter Box.
      Price: £24.99
      Purchased: Toys R Us although you can buy Lego at most toy stores.

      * The Product *

      The Blue brick tub consists of a durable blue tub with lid that keeps everything secure inside. There are around 450 bricks which range from the standard sizes to Lego men, hair, steering wheels and more.
      You also receive a booklet which gives you instructions to make a range of race cars, tractor, helicopter and boat and you can download further instructions online.

      * Why this product *

      We have 3 sons less than 7 years of age. They are typical boys and are very much about cars, speed and creating things (and subsequently breaking them and leaving the mess to mum to tidy).

      Over the years we have purchased so many toys that are played with and then left gathering dust after a few months which frustrates me. As a 'education pushing' mum I like toys that will not go out of fashion, will stimulate their minds and really inspire them so Lego was way up in regards to my favourite types of toys.

      We purchased the box because my eldest son likes to make cars and after buying some of the mini kits that enable you to make set cars he was inspired to add 'vrooms' as he calls it. (Large exhaust parts and spoilers).

      The box is also great because they know that it is where the Lego lives. As soon as they have finished creating new buildings, cars, houses and magical wonderlands they know that they have to put all of the bits back in to the box which then lives nice and tidy under their beds. Luckily we have had no issues with them throwing bits around their rooms or tipping the whole lot of the bricks out on to their floor - yet.

      * My son's verdicts *

      My sons all love their Lego and we find that when the house turns quiet they are generally building something in their room. They love that they can alter their creations to what they currently like such as my eldest loves race cars so he always builds them, my middle son loves super heroes so he generally builds buildings that Spiderman can fly off and my youngest loves football so he builds football stadiums.

      I find that they will play constantly with Lego for weeks on end and then they don't for a few weeks, although they take gaps they always come back to it and when they want to build something new they are have a box of inspiration at their fingertips.

      * Parents Verdict *

      Lego just doesn't go out of fashion does it? My husband is always showing my sons what he used to make when he was their age and it's just so heart warming seeing the connection. I love Lego because I love seeing my children happy; as soon as they have built something they love nothing more than coming to show us their creations with huge grins on their faces.

      We also find that it is one toy that they do look after and unlike many of their other (more expensive counterparts) their Lego has not broken after a few weeks of play. Another positive is that you can download more instructions to create completely new Lego makes for free and you can buy separate pieces online.

      If you purchase other kits such as the mini kits my son bought, they also integrate in to the box and can be used together.

      * Conclusion *
      I award the Lego blue box the full five out of five for being a classical toy staple that never looses it's appeal. I hope it is something that my sons remain interested in until they are fully grown.


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        14.12.2011 13:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Starter Lego set

        Last Christmas my son received lots of lovely presents from friends and family, some are still going strong and some have unfortunately fallen out of favour! One of the best presents has to be a large plastic storage tub of Lego. The set is numbered 6166 and it's marketed as a starter set.

        This set comes in a large rectangular blue plastic storage box with a clear lid. Although it is marketed for those starting out with Lego it is also a great addition to any Lego collection. My son already has lots of Lego sets, including sets specifically to build one item. He actually prefers using his bricks to build his own constructions and so extra bricks were a popular choice.

        Although the storage tub is quite large, the number of bricks contained inside is a big disappointment! The storage tub is only about ¼ full! However the tub is really useful to storage extra bricks you may purchase.

        Inside the box is a 16 x 16 stud base plate, 1 workman mini figure, lots of different coloured bricks, wheels, windscreen bricks, window bricks and bricks to construct a roof. There is an ideas booklet with clear instructions showing you how to make vechicles, houses.planes and several other constructions. My son also likes to make up his own creations! It is worth noting that if you have previously used Dupo then these smaller Lego bricks will fit them.

        This set retails for around £25, although I have seen it on offer recently in my local toy shop. It is available from Amazon, W.H Smith and Tesco as well as many other retailers. I think this is a good set despite feeling a bit cheated by the actual number of bricks the tub contained!

        Lego is expensive but will last a lifetime as it is so well made. I would have liked to have seen a few more wheels included and maybe a couple more mini figures. The base plate is quite small and we have invested in a couple of large sized ones. The possibilities for using your imagination are endless with Lego. It is also good to see my son following instructions to create a model that he can be proud of!

        This set is recommended for children over 4,but I think the over 5's would get more from it as the small pieces can be difficult for little fingers to manipulate. I feel this box is aimed at boys (blue box, vehicle bits etc)This is a shame as girls also enjoy building and may not be interested in buying the pink coloured box Lego have introduced! I think it would have been better to make this starter set unisex!


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