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Scholl 2 in 1 Hard Skin Removal System

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Brand: Scholl / Type: Foot Care Accessory

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2011 17:07



      I found this product really effective on those awkward areas of hard skin which occur on big toes.You use the wet roller ball end of the 'pen' to apply a very mild acidic solution to the dry areas. Leave it for a few minutes then use the other scraper end for removal. Works in much the same as a potato peeler.Quite satisfying to see the amount of skin it removes.Not good for large areas like heels.


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      18.05.2011 08:08
      Very helpful



      A good product for removing hard skin, but I much prefer my Ped Egg

      Around the Autumn of last year I discussed my experience with using JML's Ped Egg, which I found extremely favourable, as it is very effective as well as being quick and easy to use. However, I love trying out new products and was intrigued to read an advert about seven weeks ago that discussed a recently launched innovative product from Scholl, namely their 2 in 1 Hard Skin Removal System.

      A mental note was made for the next time I visited the shops and my purchase was made. I suffer terribly with hardened skin on the heels and balls of my feet, which is considerably problematic on my right foot, as I walk rather awkwardly following surgery last year. In order for me to ascertain the true effects of this revolutionary product I omitted to use any foot creams or my Ped Egg, so that I had a good amount of hardened skin with which to work. I have used this Scholl product on approximately 8 occasions and this review discusses my experience and thoughts.


      Firstly I would advise that I experienced major difficulties in initially obtaining this product, which I assume to be due to the fact that it is fairly new. It seems that the larger supermarkets do not yet have it in stock and the only high street store stocking it seemed to be a large branch of Boots. I cannot state that I'm experienced with using Scholl products and the small range in Boots was stored at the lowest part of the display stand, which was almost touching the floor.

      The product is contained within a plastic box in colours of bright yellow and blue and the familiar Scholl logo can be found on the upper section. On the front of the box we are provided with an image of the underside of a pair of feet showing the hardened skin areas and to the right hand side is an image of the product itself, which resembles a space-age rolling pin. My first grumble is that the writing on the packaging is provided in the smallest of text and whilst I do not wear corrective lenses I could feel my eyes straining in my desperate bid to try and read it.


      I felt really excited about trying this out for the first time, as I really did not know what to expect although I was hoping for outstanding results from an expert brand such as Scholl. I opened the packaging and smirked as the device itself is very similar to something you would find at the rear of Ann Summers for which you would require a couple of AA batteries! The pen shaped device is slightly curved and measures 13 cm in height and is manufactured from a sturdy creamy white coloured plastic, which is smooth to the touch.

      It is approximately 2 cm in diameter with the upper section narrowing to create a smooth curve and contained within is 9 ml of product. I nearly had a fit when I unfolded the huge double-sided A3 instruction leaflet, but on closer inspection I could see that it was provided in 11 different languages and there was only a small section that I needed to read. Whilst I normally delve in when using many products and tend to read the instructions later, due to the nature of this item I made sure that I was 100% certain of the steps I needed to follow.

      The first step was to unscrew the lid on the upper section of the device, which revealed a bright yellow area with a chrome coloured roller ball. I then needed to roll the ball, which was easily manoeuvred over the effected areas, so I began with just one foot where I applied a think layer of the good consistency hyaluronic acid gel to my heel and ball of my foot. The device has been ergonomically designed, so it easily fitted into my hand and was similar to using a large felt tipped pen.

      The clear gel easily dispensed and delivered a minimal odour. In fact, I was only able to witness the scent when I placed the roller ball directly below my nose. I would advise that this product is not suitable for applying to areas of skin that are broken or bleeding. I initially expected to feel a slight tingling or burning sensation following application, but I was not able to witness any discomfort. In fact, I couldn't even feel the gel on my foot, particularly as the hardened skin was rather thick, as I had let it build up for the purpose of trying out this product for the first time. We are advised to wait for 2 minutes whilst the gel works itself into the skin, which is when the fun really begins!

      The two minutes waiting time seemed like forever, particularly as I was eager to try out the blades, which are located on the lower section of the device underneath the screw top lid. The area in question is again bright yellow and is a large curved shape and located within the upper section are three chrome coloured tubes, which are safety blades and didn't look particularly sharp. However, a quick prod with my fingertip revealed that they most definitely are! I learned that the blades are specifically angled so that minimal pressure is required when using, so here goes...

      As I gently pressed the bladed area onto my foot and started to scrape my husband thought it would be extremely entertaining to mimic the sound of an electric sander followed by an electric plane, as he always jokes at the amount of hardened skin on my feet! There are no batteries contained in the device, so it is solely down to you with the scraping action, so I applied a little pressure and proceeded to scrape a few times. Whilst the blades are sharp, they did not cause any cuts and I can confirm that in my experience, the device is completely safe to use.

      I then inspected the blades and was absolutely horrified to witness that they were full of hardened skin! Yuck! Whilst I could not feel the blades on my heel or the ball of my foot the upper section of my heel was a little sensitive and felt a little sore after only three scrapes, so I needed to apply a lot less pressure. I had only been working the device for a couple of minutes before I touched the areas of skin in question and as I suspected they were beginning to smoothen, so I proceeded until I had completed the entire area. I was somewhat surprised that there were no instructions on what action to follow next, as whilst Scholl advise to apply a moisturising cream to the treated areas, there is no information to advise that the gel should be washed away.

      However, as I had allowed the skin to become considerably hardened I found that my heels and especially the balls of my feet were rather sore. Nevertheless, I was pleased with the results and plastered my feet with a good moisturising cream, as they had received somewhat of a battering. Scholl claim that cleaning the blades is a fairly easy task with water, but it took quite a lengthy time where I ran the tap forcefully, as the skin refused to budge. I squirmed when I found myself needing to use my fingernail to pull out small lengths of skin, so I used a cocktail stick in addition to the water until the blades were totally clean and then replaced the lid.

      As previously stated, I am a real fan of Ped Egg, which is a fantastic little product that easily removes hardened skin with both minimal effort and mess. Consequently, throughout my experience with using Scholl's 2 in1 Hard Skin Removal System I found myself making comparisons and becoming quite critical when I thought of how my Ped Egg would operate. I cannot state that my feet are particularly sensitive although they are rather ticklish. However, I honestly feel that those people who suffer with sensitive areas would struggle with this product, as although I applied minimal pressure I experienced soreness in many areas, which fortunately, disappeared quite rapidly. I felt the process of removing hardened skin was rather drawn out as well as being messy whereas I can simply remove my Ped Egg from the drawer at any time without the need for messy gels.

      I have several grumbles with this product with the first being its' price, which I will provide at the end of this review, particularly as the gel unit cannot be refilled, so it's a case of throwing the entire unit away and repurchasing. However, saying that though, there is sufficient gel for dozens upon dozens of uses. My other grumble is the soreness the blades delivered to my skin and the fact that a Ped Egg tends to glide over my heels and balls of my feet as opposed to scraping the skin. My final grumble is cleaning the device, which although isn't a major complaint, was a rather messy process whereas Ped Egg is solely a case of using the product above a towel and tipping the contents into the toilet and popping the towel into the washing machine.

      If I were to rate this product with absolutely no knowledge or experience of Ped Egg I would have awarded it 4 stars. However, due to the points I have mentioned above I feel I can only award 3 where I have removed one due to the price and the fact that the gel cannot be refilled. The other point has been removed due to the fact that my skin became rather sore and it's too much of an effort to carry out the scraping action. Would I recommend this product? I dithered for a while before making my decision and I have to say that I am undecided, which is very rare for me, as I am either positive or negative about anything that I have reviewed. Whilst this product wasn't particularly favourable in my book, you may prefer it to Ped Egg, so I'll leave this one up to you and I hope my experience will assist in making a decision on whether or not to make a purchase.


      I do not normally believe in copying long lists of ingredients into my reviews, but as there are a few warnings connected to this product I detail them below, as provided on the underside of the packaging:-

      "aqua, glycerine, PEG-12 dimethicone, hydroxethycellulose, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, propylene acid, benzyl alcohol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone and disodium EDTA"

      I would advise that there is a red cross warning sign on the side of the packaging where we are advised that the product is not suitable for people with diabetes. We are further informed on the instruction leaflet that the product should not be used by those suffering with poor blood circulation. Scholl advise that the product has been clinically proved and is therefore safe to use. I can confirm that I have never suffered any adverse reactions when using. The product should be used within 12 months of opening and both the pen and outer packaging can be recycled after use.


      I have had a quick search for the best price and at the time of writing (18 May 2011) the cheapest retailer is Boots where you will pay £8.99.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

      This review will appear on both Dooyoo and Ciao under the same user name.


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    • Product Details

      Scholl 2 in 1 Hard Skin Removal System; is a revolutionary 2-step hard skin removal system delivered in a single, convenient, easy to use pen / With the system there is no need to pre-soak your feet; the hydrating gel with hyaluronic acid quickly softens dead skin cells to allow the safety blades to remove hard skin with ease, gliding over healthy, normal skin.