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Dell Latitude E6430

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      23.10.2013 21:04



      Good for browsing and such if you have some spare cash to splash.

      This dell laptop is generally a pretty good machine. Its easy to setup and use, runs moderate applications perfectly. This is due to:

      Its powerful Intel i5 processor with a respectable clock speed of 2.6 GHz.
      An adequate 4gb of RAM, allowing multitasking at a reasonable level.
      Intel 4000 graphics - these are not the best but good enough for general usage.

      Some other advantages of this laptop inclyde ;

      Free Windows 7 64 bit which in itself can cost you around £70.
      An good hard drive size of 320gb, allowing plenty of storage for music, photos etc.
      A 14 inch screen which is large enough to easily view your applications.
      Screen is of a decent quality.
      Durable qwerty keyboard to prevent easily damaging it.

      Obviously this laptop is not built for professional gaming, or even moderate gaming, just keep to online flash games and other small games, BUT if your looking for a light, compact laptop for viewing emails, browsing, shopping online than this is the perfect computer.


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      18.10.2013 15:36
      Not Helpful


      • Reliability


      Very good laptop, best choice if you want something for work and fun!

      I bought it some months ago and it's perfect, I can't say anything else!
      The only minor problem is the screen. If it was a little bit bigger this could be the in the top 10 machines for a working man!

      I use it every day and it's really fast and reliable. You can feel the speed of the Core i5 2.6GHz processor, it's super fast!
      It's made mainly from plastic and therefore it's super lightweight and durable, and if you drop it, it won't dent or deform. The keyboard is backlit and is really easy to work with, even at night. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy, or fragile like some other laptops, but the price is low and almost everyone can afford it.
      The OS is Windows 7, one of the most stable systems windows has produced so far. With the 4GB RAM and this processor it's ultra fast.
      Really good choice for a working man!


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      16.09.2013 22:46


      • Reliability




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      24.07.2013 18:55
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Overall a 4 out of 5, does what its designed for, even if thats not pretty

      I started using my Dell Latitude E6430 in January of this year, and its taken a battering so far!

      How I use it

      * My machine is a business machine
      * I travel every week
      * I install all sorts of random applications on it
      * It gets knocked, bumped, and things spilled on it a LOT!



      The spec is pretty standard for most laptops these days, around 450GB of hard drive space, 8GB RAM, a 2.6GHz Intel core processor, I'm running a Windows 7 64 bit operating system.


      * An integrated webcam, of excellent quality - frequently used to Skype business contacts
      * 3 USB ports (1 standard, one plus [extra power], one super speed)
      * eSATA port - a handy addition, but one I've never used!
      * An expansion slot - again something I've never had cause to use yet
      * A rewriteable DVD drive - I've used this a lot for burning files/videos/presentations etc, perfectly reliable so far so good! Fairly speedy too, but just what you'd expect of a modern drive
      * VGA port - standard, nothing much more to to say on that
      * HDMI - again a standard port, used several times with no issues
      * Ethernet - well located on the back left corner of the device, again a standard feature, not much to compare!
      * Headphone jack - does what it says on the tin, no issues, good connection
      * Touchpad - not as accurate as I would like, end up using the pointing stick embedded in the keyboard
      * Mouse tracking "pointing stick" - very accurate, strange shape though, sort of indented rather than being rounded like most, causes any crumb or dust on your fingers to get stuck in it.
      * SD card reader - a subtly places SD reader with a plastic insert for when not in use to stop things getting stuck in there.

      All standard stuff really, nothing to shout about.

      Overall Opinion

      The laptop is great, its a solid, reliable piece of kit. Its not going to win any design awards, its certainly no Vaoi or iMac, but it does what its there to do. Its a reasonably priced, sturdy, business machine. I've knocked it about, spilled coffee on it, pushed it through airport security 50+ times, even dropped it once (yes I know I should be more careful!) and still it starts up first time.

      Its start up times are still sub 30 seconds to the login page, and even with all the applications I've installed, its ready to be useful within a minute. Thats extremely valuable to me as I've worked with a lot of business machines that arent useful until they've been running 5-10 minutes.

      Battery life is excellent, you can install up to 3 batteries, but easily get 3-4 hours out of one depending on your usage/power settings etc.

      It is a bit heavy, particular if you travel with it regularly, and does feel a bit "clunky", but I'm happy to put up with that for the reliability and the quick startup times.


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