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Compaq Presario CQ56-102SA

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2012 01:33
      Very helpful



      A great laptop for browsing the internet.

      When my last laptop began running slow I knew I needed to replace it and so shopping around I came across this laptop and decided to purchase it. I do not need a fancy laptop as I only use it for work and browsing and for the price this laptop seemed like a safe choice.

      This product looked a little bulky when I first purchased it and it was a little larger than I expected but it is actually very light and easy to carry around with me. It looks stylish yet simple and very well made.
      There is a 15.6 inch screen which with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution this creates a very clear picture and a great size for both browsing and for watching films on and I find that the images are clear and easy to see with this large screen. It can support HD programs and I can really tell the difference in the screen quality compared to my old amilo laptop. The integrated speakers are good quality and I can easily watch catch up TV or movies on this laptop and hear them perfectly and listening to music on this computer is also excellent quality.

      I have found that the laptops surfaces do scratch very easily meaning that my laptop is around 13 months old but it looks life I have had it for years because of all the scratches. My children have knocked the laptop a few times and it still works fine and it is just cosmetic damage it has received. The keypad has nice large keys that are easy to press and a pleasure to use while typing once you are used to them.

      **Battery life**
      It takes around two hours to charge the battery to full capacity and then I have around an hour and a half battery life to use while I am out and about which is a little disappointing but as I only use this in the house or for visiting family this does not really cause too many problems. There is a power saving option that stretches the time to around two hours but as the screen is a lot duller using this option I tend to stick to the normal mode.

      This computer comes with windows 7 which we are familiar with from my husband's laptop and although I did not set the computer up my husband found it very simple to do and after 20 minutes the laptop was ready to go. When connecting to our wireless network there were no problems at all it picked it up within a few seconds and connected without a problem and I have always found this to be the case when I take it around with me and use my family's wifi.

      There are three usb ports so it is perfect for uploading my photos from my iphone while I have my mobile dongle plugged in while I am staying with family. On the left hand side of the computer are two of the USB ports and they are a little close together but still perfectly usable. On the right hand side of the laptop is another USB port and the connection for the charger to go in.

      I find that this laptop loads fairly quickly when turning the computer on and off and it is much quicker than my previous laptop I do not need to wait five minutes for the laptop to turn on. While browsing the internet the pages load very quickly and I do not have any problems with the pages freezing or crashing. When uploading files on the computer they transfer on to the computer quickly too and if I download anything to my usb stick it only takes a few minutes.

      The touchpad that controls the mouse I find can be a little over sensitive and send the mouse across the screen at a slight touch but once I got used to using it and was a little light handed it seems to be fine. There is a lock function on the on the touchpad in the left hand corner that can be very annoying as I always seem to catch it which locks the mouse and I have to press the red light to release the lock which can take a few seconds and can be annoying when trying to do something as simple as searching.
      The keypad is very easy to use it has the usual qwerty keyboard and all the keys are very responsive, easy to find and extremely easily to type which is a big must for me as I work as a chat moderator on a bingo site and need to respond the customers as quickly as possible. There are quick fire buttons on the left hand side of the keyboard which I found a little strange and at first I would press the print button rather than caps lock but I soon became used to the difference and it does make the computer simpler to use.

      If you are planning on writing a lot rather than searching the web you can lock the mouse pad as it can be oversensitive and if my hand even goes near the keypad while I am typing the mouse starts moving around the screen. Rather than having two separate buttons to click for the mouse it is all one button beneath the touchpad and you simply press down on each side to operate the click functions unfortunately these can be very stiff and although they have become a little better to press overtime sometimes it is more of a struggle than needed to right click the mouse buttons.

      I always use this laptop with multiple pages up as I usually have a few things on the go while working including yahoo messenger, work email and a bics system and the computer performs really well still running smoothly with no slowing down of the pages. I have hundreds of photos and files saved on the computer and there is still a lot of memory left available.
      There is a webcam built in to the laptop that is easy to use and takes surprisingly good photos which I was very pleased with. I have used this laptop a few times to Skype with my family in England and the picture quality is great and each time we have used it everything has worked perfectly.

      I have owned the laptop for around 13 months now and the casing around the charger port unfortunately has began to chip and crack and it worries me it may soon cause the laptop charger to stop working.

      This laptop is fairly reasonable at around £250 and it is widely available from a range of stores including larger supermarkets and Amazon.
      Some of the specifications
      AMD V140 2.3GHz,
      2GB RAM,
      250GB HDD,
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit,

      I only use this laptop for general browsing online and for work and it perform great for what I need it for. It is durable and simple and perfect for day to day use as it loads the internet pages quickly and other than a few problems with the touchpad it is easy to use.

      **Team GP relay review**


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