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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2009 17:01
      Very helpful



      A very handy Thermos flask cleaner

      Our Thermos flask is used regularly, we take it when we treat ourselves to a picnic and it is a regular visitor to our allotment.
      Cleaning a Thermos flask properly can be a bit of a nightmare, the hot tea always seems to stain the inside of the flask and you can soak it until the cows come home and those stains are still there.
      I have a good long handled bottle brush which does seem to cope reasonably well and I will often fill the flask with nearly boiling water and pop a Steradent tablet in and leave it to soak for a couple of hours.

      Of course the major problem is that you cannot see inside of the flask, you pour in your fresh hot tea and hope for the best. I have noticed that the inner rims are one of the worst places for collecting grime.
      Milton fluid is another popular flask cleaner and I have also filled my flask with hot soapy water and a drop of bleach but then you have to spend ages rinsing it out.

      I first noticed Thermoclean on the shelf in Wilkinson's, two sachets of cleaner for £1,49. When I first saw it I looked and then walked on, if it was going to cost me 75p to keep cleaning my Thermos flask then that was going to be a dear job.
      But after considering it again I decided to buy a couple of sachets to try out.

      When I read the instructions on the packet I realised that you only needed to use Thermoclean every couple of months, the vacuum flask should stay clean in between cleans.
      You use one sachet of Thermoclean to one litre of boiling water.
      The process is simple really, fill the flask with boiling water and then add the appropriate amount of Thermoclean powder. You can fill the flask up to the brim, it causes no damage to the plastic seal.
      Then leave the solution inside of the flask to soak for about half an hour.
      Thermoclean contains no bleaching agents.

      Make sure that you fill the flask right up to the rim so that the plastic seal gets soaked too, our flask took both sachets.
      Of course when the flask is filled with Thermoclean you see little, the powder is getting to grips with the cleaning. You do start to see small brown flakes appear on the top of the water inside of the flask, this is the stained scale inside of the flask coming off.

      After the half an hour then it is time to rinse away the Thermoclean, make doubly sure that you keep rinsing until you are sure that you have washed away all of the cleaner.As you rinse you will notice the water from the inside of the soaked flask is filled with brown bits.
      Thermoclean helps to clear the flask of stains, tannin build up and odour and when you have just soaked your Thermos Flask you will notice a big difference.
      I was fully aware that my Thermos flask looked and smelled clean.

      The idea behind Thermoclean is excellent, if you are only going to give your Thermos Flask a deep clean once every couple of months then it is ideal.
      Our flask kept clean and fresh for a few weeks then it could have benefited from another clean but as I mentioned earlier, we use the flask regularly.

      If you are happy to settle for the odd deep clean then Thermoclean is a good buy, use it more often and it would become expensive.
      The manufacturers also recommend using Thermoclean for soaking stained cups and saucers, cutlery, kitchen utensils and even ornaments.

      I would definitely use it again for cleaning the flask and in the future I may give some of my cutlery a good soak too. Stainless steel cutlery is very prone to marking.
      Even though Thermoclean suggest soaking china and ornaments in this solution this is something that I would more than likely not do, by the time you had filled a bowl with a few litres of hot water then it would take three of four sachets of cleaner so it would be far more economical to try another method.

      I would happily use Thermoclean every couple of months or so, there is no doubt in my mind that it does make a big difference.


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        08.11.2008 18:40
        Very helpful



        Thermoclean a convenient way to keep your thermos in top condition.

        I just wanted to mention a really great product which I came across in the Lakeland catalogue last year when I was off on holiday to Scotland. In the chaos of the packing I retrieved a large flask from the depths of a box of camping items and decided to fill it for the journey with steaming hot coffee. When I took off the lid the smell was not the best. I had cleaned the flask thoroughly before packing it away as it isn't something we use that often and when I opened it the aroma was distinctly unpleasant-certainly not the vehicle to house my delicious freshly brewed beverage!

        I quickly remembered I had some Milton tablets in the cupboard and decided to make up a solution to disinfect the flask, this normally works well and in a couple of hours the flask was clean again. I have also used the Milton fluid for this job especially when it was on hand during my baby rearing days which also worked fine.

        So off we went in the car for the long journey north and on the way I waded my way through many catalogues and magazines. I always find this passes the time quickly from the M6 to the north, by which time the views are widening out and the traffic thinning and I can once again concentrate on enjoying the scenery when hubby is driving. One of the catalogues I had with me was from Lakeland and I am sure you will have heard me praise them in previous reviews for their wonderful customer service and wide selection of household goodies for every situation. So just as we were passing their home ground in The Lake District I read about a product they were selling called Thermoclean. This made me read carefully as usually by this stage the letters on the page are merging and I am nodding off soothed by the drone of the relentless engine noise.

        Thermoclean is a non bleach cleaner which was designed to clean thermos flasks but since its production has now been used to clean all manner of things including pottery, china, stainless steel and glassware.

        It is also fantastic to clean the inside of flower vases- you know when the flowers have died and the vase is stained with mould and gunk!

        Sold in sachets it is simply a case of placing one sachet into a flask and filling with boiling water. This will clean a litre size, you just have to scale up or down for smaller or larger flasks. Then you can go off and do whatever you like for half an hour after which time all you have to do is rinse and the flask will be sweet smelling and clean.

        If you want to use it for other items you just use one sachet per litre of hot water in a bowl and you can then immerse the items. Don't put delicate items in boiling water as they may crack just use hot water and then leave to soak for half an hour. When rinsing again use warm water as you don't want temperature differences to crack valuable items.

        I bought some of the Thermoclean when I was home from holiday and used it as directed. The flask was really clean and better still when I used it several months later it still smelt fresh. I wouldn't use it every day if I was using the flask continuously but maybe once a week to keep it fresh.

        Available from Wilkinsons and all good camping shops as well as from the distributors MetalexUK Ltd- their website is www.metaltex.com and their phone number is 01908 262062.

        Thermoclean website is


        Lakeland Limited sells the product for £2.99 for 4 sachets


        In conclusion I would say it is useful product to have in the house. Milton works well too but this is convenient to have a few sachets ready for the holiday season or just to keep your flask free of odours every now and then if you use it regularly.


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        Removes stains and odours from cups, mugs and cookware, without any need to scrub.

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