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Simple Human Dish Rack

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Brand: SimpleHuman / Type: Dishrack

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2012 11:52
      Very helpful



      Looks great in my kitchen and is really useful!

      The kitchen in my flat is quite small and every inch of worktop space is a premium. When I moved in I was soon on the hunt for a dish rack. I wanted it to be quite small and not too tall, as my boiler is located in a cupboard to the side of the sink, which restricts the height of what I can slot underneath it. I also wanted something with a drainer so that water wouldn't accumulate on the worktop. You'd be surprised how difficult it was to find one that would fit all these requirements, mainly due to the size restrictions. I was therefore pleased to spot the Simple Human dish rack in the Tesco catalogue, which seemed to tick all the boxes, though at £27.99 it was a little on the expensive side. It was available in two colours; black or white and I opted for white simply because I thought that the black one would show up dried up water marks and I would be forever wiping it.

      The dish rack itself consists of a square shaped bowl and at 37cm x 33cm is probably about as compact as they come. Inside the bowl is a metal wire frame with slots to hold 12 plates. This wire is removable making it easier to clean the bowl and is made from soft coated steel which protects dishes against chips and scratches. There is also a removable utensils holder, which can be slotted onto one of the corners of the bowl. What I like about this is that you can choose which corner you want to slot the holder onto. The bowl also handily has handles on the sides, which allows me to move the rack around easily, for example when I need to wash it or to clean the worktop around it. The design is sturdy and made of high quality materials. When assembled the dishrack looks stylish and really quite sweet! The compact size also means that it fits easily into the sink, making cleaning a doddle.

      Most dishracks with drainers allow water to accumulate in a tray, which sits beneath the rack and so has to be rinsed periodically. However the Simple Human dishrack has an ingenious swivel spout, which channels the water away from the drainer and out into the sink, leaving the worktop dry. I should point out though that as I live in a hard water area the spout does tend to become white with limescale deposits, so I have to give it a good clean regularly. The dishrack sits on a set of collapsible metal legs, which raises the rack a good distance from the worktop, but not too high that water cannot drain from the spout. In my opinion it would be better is these metal legs were cushioned somehow as I am wary of them leaving marks on my worktop, even though they have smooth, rounded corners.

      As mentioned earlier there is enough room for 12 plates and room on the side for glasses and small bowls. I have also managed to stack a couple of pans and chopping boards on it. I was quite surprised, given its compact design, just how much this can hold. At times however it's simply not big enough, particularly when I have guests around and therefore extra dishes or when I have not been so organised when I have been cooking and used what seems like every bit of crockery I have to measure out ingredients or mix them together! Perhaps it will force me to be more organised with my cooking! One niggle is though that it can sometimes be difficult to stand plates up as they seem to topple over. I have found that the best way to overcome this is to stack them backwards which allows them to balance better. It's a little strange but it works for me.

      Overall I am really pleased with my purchase. It was a little on the expensive side but in my opinion worth every penny. It's both stylish and functional and doesn't take up much room on my worktop. After 8 months of daily use it still looks as good as new and I am sure it will last me for many years to come. Highly recommended!


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