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Tesco Value First Sipper Cup

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Eating & Drinking

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2010 11:27
      Very helpful



      Great no frills toddler cup

      On a recent fumigating/de-germing extravaganza that I was having at home (I decided my kids were ill too often, and germs in the house were to blame!) I got rid of all items which could harbour nasty festering germs; including squeezy bath toys (yes it is true look it up on the internet!). During this event I also disposed of the the Tommee Tippee sippy cups we owned - the spouts are impossible to clean, unless you have a dishwasher, which we don't, so you get black mould growing inside the spout which you cannot remove. So it was either sterilise them every day before my daughter used the cup, or hunt for some easy to clean toddler cups.

      I spent at least 30 minutes down the baby aisle in Tesco studying each and every trainer cup, sippy cup, bottle to cup beaker, non-spill cup...blah blah blah, sheesh I never knew there were so many different complicated types of drinking vessel aimed at the under 5s!! It really is quite amazing. Anyway, I made a mental note to myself that most had complicated spouts which would be difficult to clean and to never buy such items, and the only one I could find that looked very easy to clean was this one - Tesco Value First Sipper Cup, costing £1.28 - which is not that cheap if you ask me, especially if it is mean to be part of their *Value* range.

      Anyway, the cup is very similar to a Tommee Tippee sippy cup in that it is the same shape, two handles, holds the same amount of fluid (190ml) and has a removable lid. The main difference between the two cups is the spout - the Tommee Tippee one folds down for travel and has a very small hole where the fluid passes through. Food (from your child's dirty chops) can get caught in the folding mechanism, and the small hole is impossible to clean.

      The Tesco version has a very wide spout which does not fold down (so you cannot use it as a travel beaker!) and has 3 holes at the top of the spout where the fluid passes through. The cavity inside the spout is large enough to get your fingers and a dishcloth in to clean it; this is especially handy if you use the cup for milk because milk can get congealed in small spaces. However, this lid always comes up sparkly clean with no residues left behind for germs to fester in.

      I must point out some other subtle differences as well. The plastic with the Tesco beaker is not quite as sturdy as the Tommee Tippe version, but this does not matter, but it just shows it is made from cheaper materials. There are no markings on the Tesco cup, the Tommee Tippee one has levels so you know the quantity of fluid you have in the cup. The lid is almost impossible to remove once fitted without spraying whatever contents are left in the beaker all over yourself, but I have now got this act down to a fine art (the Tommee Tippee lids have a lip which allows you to get a good leverage on the lid when removing).

      The Tesco lid has one air hole on the opposite side to the spout, this is quite a good (and bad - more on that later) feature because it allows my daughter to have a continuous flow when having a drink, she doesn't always need to take a breath as soon as she has sucked all the air out. With the Tommee Tippee beakers you may notice your child opening their mouths for air every few seconds when having a drink, that is because the air has to go back into the beaker through the spout, and if your kid's mouth it clamped around it, it becomes like a vacuum! I have tried it myself, and yes you do have to come up for air. With the Tesco one, you don't.

      This feature also works out not in my favour, although it provides my daughter with some mischievous enjoyment. Sometimes, I will sit her in her high chair with a drink while I am preparing tea, just to get her off my back. I can be in the kitchen for only a few seconds, but when I return to see what she is doing, to my horror the entire contents of her cup are now swilling about on her high chair tray, and her hands are splashing about in it spraying the water everywhere.

      I have since witnessed this act of naughtiness for myself, and when she tips the cup upside down the water just POURS out of the spout, just as it would from a watering can. It takes no time at all to empty the cup. With a Tommee Tippee cup this would take longer, it is still possible, but she would have to shake the cup constantly to completely empty it. This is also a problem if she leaves the cup upturned somewhere (as she so often does); the contents just pour out onto the floor.

      Anyway, I am ultimately pleased with my purchase, mainly because I can keep it clean, and my daughter seems to like it. I now just need to find an easy to clean travel solution!

      Recommended for 6 months plus.
      £1.28 from Tesco.


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