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Russell Hobbs 18455

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2012 20:12
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Looks stylish but very small and a bit basic

      As previously mentioned in some of my other reviews I had A LOT of things to buy (appliance wise) when I moved into my current house after a relationship breakdown. I mentioned in my previous toaster review that for Christmas 2011 I recieved a box full of essential bits for the new house including this Russell Hobbs kettle (which matchs the toaster I have previously reviewed!).

      The kettle was purchased by my parents on the Tesco website with their clubcard points - althought Tesco are not longer selling this kettle you can pick this up through Russellhobbs.com at £49.99 - although my parents reassured me they paid less than £30 - and you can pick this up many places cheap online.



      I have gained the following information from Tesco.com to give you a better idea on the size of the kettle and weight - incase you have a small kitchen and need to be wary about the space your kettle will take up:

      Product Height : 24.5 CM
      Product Width : 16.5 CM
      Product Depth : 21.0 CM
      Product Weight : 1.05 KG

      As you can see its quite a small kettle - My kitchen is fairly large so the size of the kettle didn't bother me too much but this is a great model for little kitchens.

      The kettle runs off a 3KW power supply which is pretty basic for similar kettles.

      The total capacity for boiling is a total of 1.7L - its not a huge kettle but for me and a 6 year old child we don't need anything bigger than this... I'm usually boiling enough for one cuppa for myself or a little more if I have guests!



      The colour of the kettle is silver - the exact colour is described in the manual as brushed stainless steel - I think this looks a lot better than other kettles in this brushed colour as its not too shiny / open to damage if the material gets scratched - it won't be as noticable.

      The material on the kettle is plastic and this is all grey in colour. This includes the lid, the handle and the base.

      On the front you have the Russell Hobbs logo and there is a blue light under this which lights up blue when the kettle is being boiled.

      The kettle is also cordless which can be easily lifted from the electric base by holding the easy grip and very comfortable handle.

      The spout works very well whilst pouring and does not make a mess.



      * As previously mentioned the kettle is cordless which means you are not confined to one space and you can move round freely with this kettle which I love.

      * The kettle is described as having a rapid boil facility - I believe this is due to the small size and I never overfill anyway as this is a waste of water and electricity - I can confirm first hand it takes less than 2 minutes to boil for roughly 2 normal sized cups.

      * The kettle does not have a water level indicator which is the one thing I hate about the kettle - I like to see how full it is before boiling... you really need to use your better judgement with this kettle by the weight.

      * The style of the kettle is described as a "jug" - as it just looks like a jug in my opinion!

      * One thing I like regarding this kettle is the fact that the element (electric charger) is concealed - meaning its safe overall without fear of generally being electricuted whilst using the kettle and gives you that extra peace of mind that you are safe whilst cleaning it.

      * The kettle also comes with a removable filter (which can be easily cleaned) which is great for removing limescale in hard water area's. I live in the Lake District where the water is very soft but the filter has worked well for me and just needs a quick run under the tap on a regular basis to keep in good condition.

      * Unlike some other kettles you pull the lid off - it doesn't flip up. I think this can be better as some flip up lids can get in the way whilst trying to fill the kettle with water.


      Noise levels

      I will be honest when the kettle starts boiling it starts off with a very loud distracting "whistling" noise which then turns into an even louder deeper noise - in my experiance worse than some other kettles I have heard. It also tends to bang a lot on the worktop which is even worse... In my eyes the kettle loses marks here...


      My verdict

      Overall I love this kettle - it matchs all my other silver appliances in my kitchen and looks really cute!

      For me and my young daughter the size is perfect although I would recommend you look for something with a bigger capacity if your use for a kettle is more demanding than mine.

      Another good point for me is how quick it boils - as previously mentioned it is under 2 minutes for roughly 2 cups - which is brilliant because when I want a cup of tea I want it straight away! I don't want to be waiting a lifetime for it to boil like some other kettles do...

      Having the electric element concealed is a big bonus for me having a young child running round... some children are very curious about putting their fingers in places where they shouldn't such as electrical sockets ect. So this kettle gives you more peace of mind knowing that safety measure is there!

      The two things I absolutly hate about this kettle are that there is no fill indicator which is very annoying... and how much noise comes out of such a little thing! Very dissapointing... but I suppose you won't be able to pick up a cheaper kettle that makes less noise which also comes with a fill indicator...

      Russell Hobbs is a very reputable company and as with my toaster I have encountered no problems with this I am happy to say. Despite my little pet hates about how basic it is, it is reliable and very stylish looking so I would recommend to all!


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