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    2 Reviews
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      27.07.2013 02:16
      Very helpful



      A good long lasting and stylish kettle, but will often need a good clean!

      We've owned this particular kettle for a number of years now at my parents home, where I have been, well, temporarily stopping for a few, well, months. I myself have been through several kettles and enjoy the challenge of venturing into a new area of reviewing. I have already reviewed the kettle I currently have in my flat, which is probably on the other end of the scale to this one. So I think this would be an interesting one to contrast it with.

      I have been drinking coffee and tea since childhood and it is a part of our daily life. Since returningm to University and the need to actually be paying attention, I have found that having a cup of coffee has become part of my morning routine.

      Appearance and Aesthetics

      We clearly bought this kettle for its style and quality appearance. Mum was going for as many metallic or chrome designs as possible for all her gadgets in the kitchen, and this fitted the former category well. The body is a very shiny metal and does really stand out on the worktop. It has a smart black base and the handle and top of the lid are also black, with a texture that feels comfortable to grip. The jug handle also has a nice finger gripping shape which is nice, at least for small hands like mine. One thing we noticed pretty quickly, however, was that lime-scale would show up blatantly on the outer surface. This means that the kettle needs a regular clean or it quickly starts to look cheap and tacky. To be honest after a while it is just too much hassle to keep wiping down the kettle so it has started to look quite bad with white marks all over the outside and even on the base.

      The kettle is a little weighty when filling and I find it hard to carry with just one hand. Plus it is rather wide around the base so I have to angle it slightly when filling in order to hold it in the sink. This probably also makes the weight harder to lift and so it feels heavier than other tall kettles.

      The lid comes off completely rather than being hinged on. On the plus side this means it is not blocking your view and won't swing shut or risk being snapped off. Also it is easy to take off and clean. On the other hand I'm not a fan of having too many separate parts to have to find a clean work surface to put them on while filling the kettle. Not a big deal, though.


      This kettle is a cordless with a separate base to which it fits very easily. Once or twice I have found that it has not connected correctly when sat on the base and hence does not switch on straight away, but a little wiggle usually does the trick. The base is black, as with the handle and lid handle so it matches nicely. The cord is neither too long nor too short, at just over two thirds of a metre.


      The kettle is not very tall but quite wide, so it gives the appearance of a low capacity but actually what appears like a low fill level is always more than I expect. To start with this could be wasteful, but after time I started to figure out how far to fill for one cup, two cups, a saucepan etc.and so less water is wasted. I think it is just a case of getting used to the new shape. The kettle actually has a good capacity at 1.7 litres and there are markers at 0.75, 1.00, 1.5 and 1.7. For me, 0.75 is enough for two large cups or my flask.

      Boiling Point

      When you switch the kettle on there is a little blue light at the base which comes on. Sometimes you might need to turn the kettle to bring it in view, or in a dark room it shows quite well. This is helpful because if you are not sure you would otherwise have to wait for the water to start making sounds. Of course it also adds to the kettle's aesthetic qualities.

      Obviously the kettle takes longer to boil if fuller. However, it is not as slow as my cheap kettle and usually takes just under a minute to boil for my morning drinks. I'm pretty sure there is noticeably more steam when boiling this kettle than with others I have used, but I really would not know why this could be. Certainly the room conditions are about the same. The only other reason I could suggest is due to the fact that the kettle narrows so much towards the top that all the steam gets compressed and so looks like there is more than there is. Anyway, it is sensible to keep this kettle well away from any kitchen cupboards or other objects that might be damaged by the steam.

      The kettle seems to be very loud when started and this has worsened over the years, although it does not affect its function at all. I hear a lot of scary snapping and crackling sounds to start with and then you get the usual gurgling and bubbling as the kettle starts to boil and then tames down a bit. It is a fair bit noisier than my personal kettle but then it is useful to know when the kettle is done and we've put ours in the kitchen so don't mind too much about noise.

      Once the water boils, the kettle switches itself off, the blue light goes off and the switch moves back up. The water does not stay boiling hot for long and although I let it cool a little for my coffee (apparently boiling water burns the coffee - not that I ever knew the difference) other people tend to prefer to reboil even after five minutes. The water comes down from boiling quickly, but will stay relatively hot for a while. Again I can only guess that the shape has something to do with this.

      Safety Note

      As this kettle is mostly made of metal and metal is a good conductor of heat, the body of the kettle gets very hot. Obviously the handles are fine as they are made of a type of plastic. However, if you touch the body of the kettle after the water has been boiled you could get burnt. For this reason I do not think this kettle is ideal for family use.


      As I mentioned, the exterior does need a regular wipe to keep this kettle looking presentable. There is a small mesh filter at the spout which probably ought to be taken out and cleaned frequently too. You can get replacements but I doubt we will ever bother. Ours is currently covered with limescale. The lid can be removed and washed separately. We live in a hard water area and the inside of our kettle jug is now badly affected by limescale and I usually have to rinse it well before using each time. I can see at the base a lot of the limescale that has become stuck. My mum does not always rinse out the kettle as I do so I have noticed bits in my drinks when she's making! The base also needs a wipe now and then, and obviously this must be disconnected first for safety reasons.

      Apart from needing a good clean, we have had no real issues with this kettle. It has been fairly consistent and has required no further maintenance nor have we needed to refer to support information. It has been a number of years now and as yet we have no intention to replace it.


      Clearly this kettle is designed to look stylish in a home and is not the most practical around, especially with all the cleaning it needs. It has become noisier over the years and I do find it uncomfortable to lift. That said, it has been very reliable and is quick to boil water. We have become a bit lazy on cleaning so I guess appearances are not as important as we thought. Personally I would not go for this sort of shape of kettle again, but then it is just not quite my style. I'd also prefer a better insulated kettle, although the hot metal body is a quick, if not safe way to tell the water is still very hot!

      I think that today there are definitely better models available and if you were buying this kettle it would not be worth paying full price or more than £30. However, if on offer I think it is not a bad purchase. Given how long ours has lasted, we can't really regret buying it.

      One more thing...

      I have noted from others that the handle does not leave a lot of room for bigger hands and as I mentioned that the body is metal this means that you could hurt your fingers gripping it if they do not fit the handle well. For this reason I would strongly recommend trying before you buy. For us it has not been a problem, but we all have small hands!

      (Please ignore picture and audio quality ratings!)


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      27.02.2009 00:58
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great buy for £9.99!

      Hello everyone and welcome to this review!

      I found this kettle in my local B&Q for the very reasonable price of £9.99! We simply could not resist picking it up at that price. Our old kettle was working just fine but it did not match the other stainless steel appliances in our kitchen. We were so glad to find one so cheap, especially it being a Kenwood.

      We picked it up and off we went to have a cuppa... Luckily the box was small and easy to carry as we had the last one left and had a few other things to pick up in B&Q on the way. It was rather heavy though which told me it was a quality device.

      When we opened the kettle it was well wrapped to ensure it came in perfect condition. The quality of the stainless steel was amazing with not one mark or blemish on the whole kettle. We were very impressed with the quality, even though the box was rather heavy this did not reflect in the kettle. It was surprisingly light but felt well made, the base was the heaviest part which I will describe a little later. First impressions were great, the price was good for a Kenwood and especially a nice stainless steel kettle and it did not look cheap at all.

      Set up;
      The kettle was easy to set up. In the hand book provided it is recommended that you boil the new kettle three times as the water may taste odd for the first few uses. So we boiled it 4 times, just to be on the safe side! The boiling was effortless and it only took around 40 seconds to boil when full. The capacity is a nice 1.7 litres which is generally quite a large capacity for a kettle. That should give around 10 cups of tea brewing away! Or coffee of course.. All you had to do was plug the base in, fill the kettle wit water and plop it on.

      The kettle is easy to use. Simply fill to the amount you need, pop it on the base and press the button on the bottom under the handle... A little while later a little blue light will flash and your water is ready! Ha-ha you must thing I'm so dull telling you how to use a kettle?


      Filter - The spout of this kettle has a built-in filter, it claims to help remove lime scale from the water if you live in a hard water area. Too be honest the wholes in the filter are really big, it is basically a metal piece with holes drilled in it . I cannot see how it is useful in use but maybe it is... Not sure though.

      No over boil - The kettle detects when it is dry (Out of Water) and automatically shuts off to ensure no damage is done. This could include over-heating and damage to the element. Generally a great feature that is used by me daily, we always forget to add water and have a habit of just clicking the button when we want a cuppa. Not good! Always check if water is inside first.

      3000 Watts power - This is great, my last kettle was 2000 Watts and the difference between the two really can be seen in both boiling speed and our electricity bill!! This saves a lot of time but I am not too sure if it is eco - friendly, it does however boil slightly quicker so maybe it is!

      Cord rewind - Woo! No more dangling cord for someone to pull and have boiling water thrown all over them which is extremely dangerous. The bottom of the base has a cord rewind so unused cord can be stored for safety reasons. A really great idea and something my last kettle was lacking.

      Is this a durable kettle?
      I would say a bit YES! To this question. The kettle feels extremely strong and well made. The base is mostly made of metal and some plastic. The buttons on the kettle are also of great quality and I doubt it will be breaking any time soon. We have owned this 2 years already and it is still going.

      The amount of times we have dropped this kettle or accidentally thrown it across the kitchen while doing those swing your arms exercise's are countless! I am still waiting for it to dent, it still does not have one single mark on the body! Its indestructible to a certain extent.

      The handle is very strong, it is also ergonomically designed so that there is less strain on your wrist, great when it is full and having one of those 'Water the plants around the house' days! I know we probably should not use it for watering plants but it does the job well!

      Any moans or groans?
      One slight thing annoys us with this kettle... That being the fact that I keep burning myself and so are other members of the family. Its not that we sit there when its boiling with our hands over the spout! But its something annoying. Where the handle meets the top of the kettle is a little gap, when pouring our water steam likes to escape this gap and sometimes burn. Not good at all but I really thing it is our fault by dropping it so many times. I don't remember it steaming out of that hole when it was new!

      Overall this is a really fantastic kettle. It boils super quick and has lasted two years already which shows it is reliable. It looks very nice and the design is great taking up hardy any space on the counter, I highly recommend it. There is also a 2 year guarantee included which I don't believe you will be needing.

      Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped!


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