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Cuisinart CPK17U

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    2 Reviews
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      24.06.2015 12:26
      Very helpful


      • "safety features included"
      • "good capacity"
      • "boils quickly"
      • "Nice looking"


      • none

      It's time to boil the kettle for another brew...

      This is not a bad kettle, even with its looks. It has a stainless steel look to it with a wide clear viewing window up the rear so you can see the amount of water in there. There are measurement lines up the window showing you how full the kettle is.
      The switch is on the good sized handle, making it easy to lift up and use.
      There is a filter in the spout with the spout being welded to the body of the kettle so that it won't fall off.
      It can hold up to 1.7 litres of water, bringing a full kettle of cold water to the boil in under three minutes using the 3KW hidden element that hidden under the body cover.
      It is classed as cordless, which basically means that the kettle itself sits on it own charging plate that plugs into the wall. The kettle is cordless but the charging plate isn't

      It is about average size when it comes to kettle, standing at about 24cm high and about 20cm in diameter.
      You can fill it up via the spout or you can lift the lid and pour the water into that, either way is good.
      It has the automatic cut off when water is boiled system, plus a safety feature that cuts the power off if there's not enough water in there. These together save the kettle from boiling dry and burning out.
      The base sits flat on the worktop, with the wire being able to be wrapped around the underside and slotted through the little wire gap so that the base sits flat. This saves the kettle wobbling everywhere when the water's boiling.
      This kettle cost about £40, which sounds a lot for a kettle but it was well worth the money


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      02.08.2012 12:23
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      If you see this half price then it's most certainly worth considering

      Cuisinart Kettle CPK 17U

      Why purchase this one?
      When our old faithful Kenwood kettle (stainless steel) came to the end of its life it was time to install a young pretender to the throne. We hoped that this new generation kettle would live up to the standards that we had enjoyed thus far. We couldn't find a suitable Kenwood replacement and initially opted for a reasonably priced appliance - this was soon sent back as the interior of the stainless steel kettle was plastic and it tainted the water with a strong plastic taste. Not wanting to spend over £40 we plumped for the Cuisinart model at half price from Tesco which meant that we paid £40. We had high hopes and awaited delivery.

      Appealing stats...
      As with any purchase we make we like to do a little (or sometimes a lot) of research first. Find out what others think of it and if it is worth the money. Will it stand the test of time like products used to do? This little fellow has lots to shout about and below is a concise run down:

      1.7 litre capacity
      Metal throughout - brushed finish
      Removable filter that can be reused once washed
      Concealed element
      Control panel with temperature options
      Nice blue light
      Automatic standby
      360 degree rotation for right or left hand grip
      Large spout
      3kw rapid boil
      Boil dry safe guard
      3 year guarantee

      Unboxed and ready to go...
      After doing the recommended full kettle boils and emptying used water the new guy was ready to go.
      First off I noticed the design which I have to say I like very much. It is a jug kettle style and simply has the Cuisinart name embossed across the lower width of the appliance and on the lid - this understated brushed steel was exactly what I wanted to fit in with the kitchen. Until the kettle is switched on for use it sits modestly on the worktop and takes up minimal space on its base - as it is cordless I can make the cable as short as necessary to look neat, this is done by wrapping it around the base and remains out of sight. Clutter free.

      When the power is on I am delighted by the really pretty blue light that shines from the the water guage and on the control panel - this sits just above the handle top and next to the lid. Initially I thought that I would never want to use the control feature as a) It may be tricky and I might need to read reams of techno related stuff that would send me to sleep. b) plain and simple - I thought it was a sales gimmick that sounded good but would remain redundant. Well how wrong I was - as I drink lots of herbal teas and my husband enjoys an occasional coffee this 85 degree facility is used daily and it is just perfect. Not only can you have that option, you can see the temperature from pouring the water in and all along the rapid boil time - so you have the option to stop at a range of temperatures if you wish. I have no need to use other temperatures at this time but it is sometimes fun to see the progress - not something I do often though!

      So, the kettle meets my aesthetic requirements and looks pretty cool in the dark when the blue twinkly light is left on - standby. The young pretender is talented and looks the part but how does he fair in everyday life being used often?

      I have to admit that I have my spontex (gentle cloth) at the ready every time the lid is operated. Lid operation is a doddle and is achieved by pressing the clearly marked button which sits at the top of the handle. This is the only niggle that I have with this appliance - when the lid opens it sends a stream of water down the side of the kettle. This is different each time and sometimes it is hardly noticeable but it often means that I need to wipe it otherwise a water mark will appear. I will mention here how very easy the kettle is to keep clean - easy as it is just a wipe with my spontex cloth (the kind used for glass) and all is as good as new. It's not a big deal but worth mentioning.

      I fill the kettle from a Brita water filter and I can see how much I need by the clear markings that run up the side of the kettle. This tells me how many cups I get - as we use mugs I top up a little extra otherwise I find it comes up short. It is a handy guide though and I have soon got used to how much is needed, so it is proving to be more economical in that respect and I'm not wasting water.

      To set the kettle boiling normally it is a simple press on the power button which sits below the control panel - if you want the 85 degree option then you press that button on the control panel and leave the rest to the kettle. I have not timed the boil but am aware that it seems to function faster than the old faithful and I was surprised to find that it produces less noise too - stainless steel kettles are normally noisy and whilst this one is probably a touch louder than a plastic model I am impressed by the difference compared to our old Kenwood. You will have little doubt about the kettle beginning its work as a short beep will alert you to this and also once the kettle is boiled it will beep again. This beep is not too intrusive and similar to a microwave beep. I don't mind it at all and have soon got used to it.

      Lifting the kettle from the base is straight forward but with an advantage over our old model - this one has a full rotation and means that you can lift with right or left hand. As my husband is left handed this makes life easier for him. I like to move the kettle into a good position for me to lift it from too so it is a beneficial for us both. I find the width of the handle much better for handling the kettle safely than we had on our old Kenwood. The design means that you have a snug hold and it feels much more secure even when full. The kettle, without water, is pretty lightweight (1.45 kg) - another feature I like as it doesn't ever feel like it gets too heavy.

      When pouring the water I have not noticed any drips escaping from the spout - this was a relief and also means that the kettle avoids splashing me and itself. No water stains to remove after pouring.

      A very important quality for us after having the tainted water experience with the other kettle was that the taste was not affected. From the very first cup of tea that this kettle provided the water tasted fine and that was a blessed relief I can tell you as the cups of tainted tea that we had from the 'in between' kettle were awful and had to be disposed of down the sink! No worries on that score, this kettle does not taint water.

      To replace the kettle on the base is very easy - well designed and sits straight on without any problems.

      John Lewis

      RRP £79.99

      Star Rating...

      One star has been knocked off quite reluctantly as I really like this kettle - but there are drips of water deposited on the kettle almost each time the lid is released, this means a quick wipe with a cloth. Not the end of the world but even so if it didn't happen this would get five stars.

      The young pretender is manufactured to a high standard, no flaws or sharp edges are evident. I like the minimalistic design and brushed steel. There is no plastic internally apart from below the lid. Water has not been tainted in any way from the first brew, impressive. Easy to operate and has a control panel which I do actually use - every day! So it is a novelty that you may just love too. I can take or leave a pretty blue light but this makes me smile when I see it on standby at night in the kitchen - it looks really pretty. Economy wise I'd say it is all common sense, just fill up what you need and no more and this is made relatively easy with the side panel even though you need to be mindful that these are cups and not mugs - I just top up a bit more and I'm fine. I like the 360 degree range that the appliance has - for left or right handed folk, I have noticed a difference in ease of use when handling it. The broad handle reassures me of my grip and I never feel like the kettle is tipping forward - safe handling. A nice broad spout remains drip free and pours boiled water with precision. Easy to keep clean and remains looking good - I use a spontex cloth daily as it is so quick. The base hides the excess cord - you can make it shorter to hide it and the actual kettle is cord free. At the end of the day it's a kettle but we wanted one that fit in with our kitchen, was easy to clean, didn't taint water and was easy to handle - this young pretender ticks all of those boxes. Would we pay full price? Well we wouldn't have to as we would use the Tesco vouchers again and get it half price! Would we pay £79.99 for this kettle? It is a lot more than we would wish to spend on a kettle but yes we most likely would - the 3 year guarantee is reassuring. We got it half price from Tesco though and that feels good.

      Published on Ciao

      Re quick rating - please ignore the picture and sound quality bars as I had to select something.

      *For the team 'British Lions.'*


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    • Product Details

      There's a science to making a perfect cup of tea or coffee and the Cuisinart Multi-Temp Kettle CPK17U in Brushed Steel turns it into an art / Achieving the correct water brewing temperature is essential for optimum flavour extraction of tea and coffee.Incredibly stylish and easy to use the new stainless steel Cuisinart Multi-Temp Jug Kettle lets you set the temperature between 85°C and 100°C for the perfect cup of tea and coffee.Simple to use control panel with preset temperature options 85°C and 100°C.Manual controls set the perfect temperature for herbal green and other speciality teas and coffee.Automatic eco feature turns kettle to stand-by when not in use.Easy view illuminated water level indicator & 360° cordless base for left or right hand use.Large spout design for safe and accurate filling and pouring.Easy to clean removable anti-scale filter & concealed element reduces lime-scale.3kw rapid boil element and safety boil dry cut out.3 Year Guarantee / Short name: Cuisinart CPK17U